LG Optimus S

The LG Optimus S, a solid, entry-level offering from Sprint, will be available on Sunday.

The Optimus S sports:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 3.2-inch screen
  • 3.2MP camera
  • microSD card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Mobile hotspot capability

It will only be available in Charcoal on Sunday; if you want the Purple version you'll have to wait until November 21st. The Optimus S is a low-end offering that is aimed at consumers transitioning to their first smartphone. Here is a quote from LG:

“LG partnered with Sprint to deliver a handset that would empower first-time smartphone users to discover the changing mobile phone marketplace.”

The phone will be $49.99 with a 2-year contract (after a $100 mail-in rebate). If you've been waiting for the Optimus S, the wait is over on Sunday. [Sprint]

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ruel24 says:

LG is on to something, but the contract price would drive users away from this. If they're gonna pony up another $30 a month for internet access, why wouldn't they simply pony up for a better phone? LG is way behind in the smartphone race...

HTC Hero Replacement? . . . I liked my 3.2inch screen but I can't go back from the EVO now though... maybe a 4.1incher may do the trick depending on the specs and GINGERBREAD

Dude the evo is the hero's replacement...
This phone is just for people who want a small phone and have android... lg like that other guy said is waaay behind...

OMG you idiot. . . I'm speaking about (Screen)Size and form factor. People who don't want a Gigantic phone and like their hero can upgrade to this.

Side by side, the Evo, a Galaxy S phone, and an Optimus -- the Optimus opens apps faster, has better battery life (by a longshot), has a more responsive UI, and fits in my pocket much better. That's exactly what I want in a phone, and this will replace my Hero.

People who dismiss this without trying it are only hurting themselves.


Yeah it's a no go!

nrtv20 says:

I am just hoping it has a decent off contract price, $250ish would be a nice price to upgrade without signing a contract! Plus if you dont want the $10 4g premium and dont need a hardware keyboard its their best android phone.

Smokexz says:

Nice devices but out of all the Android devices I have tried from T-Mobile, the comet was simply the best.... small, stock and pretty fast. The defy blows compared to the Optimus devices

KSmithInNY says:

That's not the optimus OS in the screen shot!!!! Show the real OS so people can see how beautiful that LG launcher is!

Gee says:

The Optimus S on Sprint is stock Android + the ID launcher.

KSmithInNY says:

Of course cause who would want that beautifully crafted launcher when they can have preset screens setup by sprint. sigh ..... home selector + lglauncher.apk = my optimus S looks better than yours!!! lol :)

Go Android! says:

Are you 10?

Gee says:

I own a EVO but if I were getting this I'd just load Launcher Pro and get rid of the ID launcher. Problem solved.

mike340t says:

Entry level device with 2.2?? WTF??? The supposed higher end Samsung Epic is on 2.1 STILL !!!!

reddragon72 says:

Don't feel bad I have the Vibrant, and T-mobile just released two new entry, sub $250 phones, and I am stuck with 2.1

Not having a good time with the who Samsung ordeal.

qst4 says:

This is really disappointing. I thought Samsung had learned their lesson, especially with a flagship phone like the Galaxy. I'm really starting to wonder whats going to happen with the Nexus 2, given Samsung's propensity to be slow with updates. Yeah its unlocked, but still.

jbluther says:

#!$*& I just reluctantly purchased a Samsung Intercept this morning for my daughter. Grrrr.....

Take it back Sunday morning. Trust me :)

Not everyone wants a big phone, or is concerned about the details that determine the high end from the entry level. Sprint, and other wireless carriers have a much, MUCH broader audience to appeal to than the tech blog crowd.

icebike says:

I agree. We tend to get too carried away with the hign end and forget that not everyone can afford it. Especial jr and sr high school kids riding on their parents plan, or working short hour jobs trying to afford what we take for granted.

Apple won't serve that market, so I glad Android will.

This blog's readership is something like 92-96% male. We get a pretty jaded outlook here.