LG G3 vs HTC One M8

Metal or plastic? Ultrapixels or lasers? QHD or 1080p? It's time to choose between two of the hottest Android phones out there

This is one of the big questions we find ourselves being asked by smartphone buyers — which is better, the LG G3 or the HTC One M8? Both of these high-end Android phones have captured the imagination of enthusiasts and technology fans since their announcement, and now both are widely available to buy in the U.S. So there's no avoiding the issue any longer — the Android Central editors are going to have to choose between the G3 and the M8.

Join us as we break things down and make our decisions ...

LG G3 vs HTC One M8

Physical hardware and build quality

Q: Both of these devices are physically remarkable. The G3's sheer size lets it pack a 5.5-inch screen, but the HTC One M8 boasts the boasts a uniquely premium metal frame. Superficially speaking, whose design do you prefer?

Alex Dobie: LG's done a fantastic job creating a 5.5-inch phone that's just as holdable and pocketable as its 5-inch competitors. But it's really tough to beat the curved metal unibody of the M8, tall and slippery though it may be. While LG's content imitating premium materials with its "metallic," rear, HTC has the real deal, and the in-hand feels is unlike any other smartphone.

There are disadvantages, of course. You're never going to get wireless charging in a metal-backed phone, and HTC's solid unibody precludes any possibility of swapping your battery. But the M8's fantastic metal exterior more than makes up for this.

This is almost like having to pick a favorite child.

Phil Nickinson: This is almost like having to pick a favorite child. (And to sleep at night, I'd need to throw the Moto X into the mix.) For a phone of its size, the LG G3 wins out on in-hand feel. I've got small hands, so big phones have never really been my thing. But the difference between the G3 and the M8 is completely obvious. The G3 simply is easier and more comfortable hold. The M8 might look a little nicer — and I'm not convinced most civilians would be able to tell the difference between the M8's aluminum and the G3's plastic metal at a glance — but the G3 simply is easier to hang onto, full stop. The buttons on the back are still (surprisingly) easy to use. (Though HTC was right to "borrow" the Knock-On feature.

The One M8 looks fantastic when sitting on a table, but the rounded body presents usability issues.

Andrew Martonik: While the One M8 looks pretty — okay, absolutely — fantastic when it's sitting on a table, usability suffers somewhat with how smooth and rounded the entire body of the phone is. There's not a whole lot to grip onto, and when you add in the fact that the M8 is notably taller than the M7 and the power button is still on the top, it's a recipe for unfortunate drops.

LG has done it again with the G3 when it comes to packing a gigantic screen into a phone that doesn't feel that big. Make no mistake though, this is still a huge phone. The metal-looking plastic treatment is in a different class compared to the glossy stuff covering the G2, which looks better and definitely helps you hold onto the thing. I still haven't gotten over the back buttons from a usability standpoint, but I think the G3 has the advantage here in terms of all-things-considered user experience and looks.

Jerry Hildenbrand: Am I allowed to prefer the HTC One M7? I am going to have to pick the G3 here. Both phones look very similar from the back, but once in your hand the G3 just feels better. It's not the size, because both phones are a little "long-feeling" but it's the shape — especially at the very edge of the phone. There seems to be more meat to grab onto there, and I don't get the feeling that I'm going to drop the G3 like I have whenever I hold the M8.

I don't think the G3 has the "perfect" design. I would have preferred a good soft-touch plastic over the faux metal thing LG has going on, and I wish the speaker placement was different, because the way I hold my phone covers the cutout on the back of the phone. But since I have to choose, I'll have to choose the G3 in this one.


Reader comments

LG G3 versus HTC One M8


Have both... Planning to sell the G3 and keep the M8. Personally M8 feels better in hand for longer durations, and the software is much more polished. Also I don't think LG can push updates fast thru US carriers and they don't have unlocked or Dev editions like M8. One thing which G3 blows M8 is the camera. Ideally I would want everything in the M8 plus the G3 camera but for now I'll settle with M8 until the Moto X+1.

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Same here bro. I have had only HTC phones (OG EVO, EVO 4G LTE) and upgraded to the G3 a week ago. While I like the G3 it's just no where as solid or smooth as my 2.5 year old EVO 4G LTE. I expected the screen to be better but it's hard to read from the G3 and I feel I'm going to break it. The power button clicks when you turn it on or off and there's a whole bunch of other little annoying things about it I don't like.
With that said, I'm by no means an HTC fanboy. I switched to the G3 cause of all the great things said about it and its little brother (G2). I feel like I really understand why people love HTC so much now. Maybe I'm just super used to Sense.... Returning the G3 today, though.

I have owned only one HTC phone - Nexus One. Followed by Note 2. Got G3 a month ago. What a difference in user experience over my former phones... Everything just runs better (more responsive), makes sense and feels right. ABSOLUTELY LOVE the buttons on the back - the power button feels like clitoris (makes you wanna stroke every time you hold the phone) and knock-on feature is just out of this world!! M8 smaller screen and bigger body kills it for me. I watch youtube and twitch on my phone in bed - gotta have bigger screen.

HTC one came out in 2008? You'd see a huge difference between the m8 and the HTC one.

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Dude, that's pure crazy talk. I went from the HTC EVO lte to the G2 and the difference is huge. The lg is so much more smooth, fast, responsive. The G3 is even more so than the G2. Not sure what you are talking about.

The G3 was definitely faster and smoother but I meant.... When I type real fast on my E4L it can usually keep up. I noticed too much of a delay with the G3. When I touch the screen of my E4L it immediately responds while the G3 wasn't near as responsive. The screen wasn't as bright either. At night when my E4L is at its lowest brightness setting I can still see everything fine. The G3 doesn't get as dark as the E4L but is still more difficult to see. I'm not sure why. I loved the buttons on the back but hate that the power button clicks. The G3 also creeks a lot and doesn't feel half as solid as my E4L. The G3 is real nice but it made me appreciate HTC more than ever.

I did love the form factor and build of my E4L (except for the glossy camera cover) I think it was one of the first phones to round off the back of the bezels. Doggone thing felt balanced as a throwing knife in the hand. Sense ran smooth but since my Sprint signal struggled my phone would get super hot and the GPS never worked right in Maps. I jumped a year early (last Nov) for the LG G2. I like it a lot better, but the LG UI is no where near as responsive as Sense. I also miss the premium feel of the soft touch back and real metal bezel that the HTC had. You are totally correct there.

Removable battery. I don't look at anything else. Glad I was able to drop Samsung finally and go with the LG G3. Don't get it why OEM's don't get it yet that there are countless people looking for that.

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After attempting to replace a battery on an HTC 8x, I'm NEVER going to get a non-removable battery device again. Too much Las Vegas summer heat kills off batteries. Non-replaceable basically means disposable it they're that hard to replace. Usually the kids get a hand-me-down, but this prevents it. If it still works, they're stuck with degraded battery life.

Um im in Phoenix and i never heard of that being an issue... Lmao.. Wft do you do for a living that you sit outside in the heat all day.. If a phone can't handle u walking from a building to an air conditioned car... U have a problem.. Ur not in Vegas ur in hell and u just don't know it

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Landscape maintenance. It's in my hot work truck most of the day while I'm outside in the heat. Too hot to leave it against my leg in my pocket. Many people work outside, if you hadn't noticed.

HTC One M8 all the way. A better software user experience and a premium design make it the obvious choice. Faux plastic that misleads others into thinking the phone is encased in aluminum does not do it for me.

I agree that I think it's pointless to try t make a plastic phone look metal. For durability purposes I'd rather just get a plastic phone that has a soft-touch feel to it. Metal is super fancy and pretty, but I don't need it. That's just my personal preference, of course.

I refuse to buy a phone that doesn't have a replaceable (swappable) battery. I play #Ingress regularly, and while even I carry an external battery at times, I much prefer changing out to an extra. Personally I'm a big fan of the Note series.

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Dumped the G3 for the Z2. G3 software just feels rushed or it could be the carriers screwing it up. GPS issued was the final issue for me. It's a very good phone but QC issues prevent it from being a great phone for me. My M8 and Z2 experience was vastly better out the box. M8 lighter and more polished UI made it a great experience. Hardware on point IMO. Out the three I love the Z2 the best but the M8 is hard to beat. I just personally hate that fake brushed metal plastic G3 did but it was done tastefully and don't look bad at all. Just wished they actually made it real.

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Yes I have. It's hard being a phone junkie with no phones to junkie with.

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Returned the G3 but in all honesty I just wanted to try it out. I liked it, but feel the screen causes more issues than it is worth, kinda dull, heat and battery. My daughter's S5 screen is better IMO. Picking a Z2 today to try out. In any event, my Nexus 5 is still doing fine in case the Z2 does not work out.
Posted via Nexus 5

I have no choice but to keep enjoying my HTC One (M7) primarily because of Optical Image Stabilization for stills and particularly video, the magnificent design and build quality, the front facing stereo Boomsound speakers, and of course the brilliant Sense UI.

Wish I had the Snapdragon 801 battery management and the 13MP camera of the EVO LTE because cropping is less constrained. UltraPixels allow me to take excellent pictures in the greatest variety of my usual shooting situations. Nevertheless, if the HTC One E8 had OIS, I'd trade up. I'm unable to take a smooth (non shakey) video with the M8 and the HDR option seems to limit other camera features.

While the LG G3 is a great alternative it's just uncomfortably too wide for me, really love the camera with rapid focus and shoot including OIS, would miss Sense and front facing Boomsound speakers.

If I had no choice but to only choose between the M8 and G3, I'd have to give up what I love about HTC's build quality, comfortable size, and features for the G3 camera.

Having owned both, I prefer the G3. The M8 is very, very well-designed, both in terms of UI and hardware. The speakers are great (although personally I think they could certainly be louder especially with "dedicated amplifiers"). There's a lot to like. However, for me, the screen was too narrow. I was coming from on older 5" device and this 5" felt a lot smaller...too tall and too narrow. Although it is very smooth in the hand, I agree it's hard to hold onto and feels like it will easily drop. Also, once you put a case on it, there goes all that ID planning and execution...another plastic-cased phone.
The camera is the breaking point for me. It is not adequate for most uses. Period. HTC needs to abandon this Ultrapixel experiment and produce a decent camera like every other major manufacturer. It does poorly in average to bright light and I do not like the stupid duo-focus party-tricks. The images cannot sustain any significant level of enlargement and there's no OIS to boot.
As someone said, "It's great if you're a vampire".
However, HTC will warranty the glass display against breakage unconditionally for the first 6 months. that's a big plus and indicates a company that's willing to stand behind their product.

The G3 is just the right size for me. Personally I could care less about the 2560 res screen; it's just overkill. but it is a good screen and the size is just right for me. The camera is good and the UI is good. the skin is plastic but looks good. And most of us are going to slap a case on it anyway, right? The battery seems good to me, and I like that it's replaceable. There are audio issues with use of headphone out to AUX connection and junk noise in the left audio channel when using AUX.
Overall, for me, the size and the camera made the most difference between the two.
It's also nice that HTC sells direct to consumer and you can procure a developer edition (SIM unlocked (no carrier) AND bootloader-unlocked). LG of course does not do this so we must accept a mucked-up version from AT&T, Verizon or the other guys. That's another plus for HTC.

For now, I'm liking the G3 overall but will very likely jump ship when HTC releases the M9 if it's larger and they change the crazy camera. (maybe its even waterproof and has a removable battery?!)

So an even number of writers judging 2 phones and the bottom line resulted in a tie? How thoroughly disappointing.

People come to sites like this for your opinions because they care. This kind of site isn’t for the average Joe who walks into an ATT store, who has no clue what a flagship is and only has the contracted price to tell him if his phone’s about equal to an iPhone his wife has.

The people that come here also know that the differences in the flagships is detail and minutia…would it have killed you to break the tie with someone…anyone…Joan Rivers maybe?

I was thinking the exact same thing, save for Joan Rivers of course. Why have a tie when we were looking forward to a specific winner? Complete garbage. I guess I'll have to throw my vote in, the HTC M8 that I am typing this on of course. Best phone I have ever owned hands down. For reference here are the phones I have owned in this order, iPhone 3Gs, Samsung Infuse, iPhone 4, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and now the M8, all on AT&T. M8 FTW!!

I like this better. Picking an overall winner is nothing more than saying "3 out of 5 Android Central editors chose this phone." Instead, pick an editor whose use case you can identify with and value that opinion more than the others.

I have no problem with a tie because noone else can tell me what device is good for me. Only I can do that. I review phones for myself and come to my own conclusions. If I can't figure it out playing with the phone at the store, I'll purchase it and put it through its paces. Neither Phil nor Andrew can do that for me.

Just because all of these guys write for the same blog does not mean they must always agree. They shared their own personal opinions, which is just that -- an opinion. You have 4 editors discussing 2 phones. Simple statistics would predict opinions would be split evenly.

I would wager money, that these comparisons and reviews get more visitors from people who don't read the site regularly. Most of those people are looking for information about a phone or app they are interested in purchasing, they don't usually comment.
You, avid readers, and I are the minority audience for articles like these. Besides this is an aggregated opinion piece about two great phones, there is little point (except inflammatory trolling) in doing this kind of article in which the opinions are a landslide for one phone.
DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions because I wanted to explain why I think this type of opinion piece is a good thing, and aimed at people looking for information for their next purchase.

I love everything about the M8. I was the owner of Galaxy Note 2 and 3 and glad to be away from Samsung. HTC did everything right with with the M8. If they continue to things right, then they will continue to have my business. As for the camera, I think it's good enough as I prefer a stand alone camera.

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Personally I laugh at the Htc One M-Aint and the Lg G3 but at least Lg trumps Htc so easily it's comical.

If you enjoy poor battery life for a 1080p handset with crappy cameras, and a straight up dull day to day user experience with no true multitasking abilities then you buy the Htc M-Aint.

Cosmetics mean nothing in reality what matters is software solutions and feature enhancements/implementations LG understand what customers want cause they follow the android platform leader in SAMSUNG MOBILE Lg is in a better place Htc will never get to today.

At the end of the day it's SAMSUNG who paces the Worldwide industry they are the GOLD standard of technology today.

The Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 make the Htc M-Aint useless and the Galaxy S5 trumps the silly Htc M-Aint so easily it's comical.

It's pretty plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period they are Android nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Note 3 here too, I've used both the m8, m7, g2 and g3, they just don't do it for me, still don't want to switch from the note 3. Note 4 will be my next phone.

yup, doesn't everybody know? whatever yarrell uses is the best... even if he has zero experience with anything else... if it's his, it's the best thing ever


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Had the M8 and while it was great phone, ultimately, it wasn't for me. I just could not get over the height of the thing. Even looking at these pictures, its just as tall as the G3 with a full half inch smaller screen. Coupled with the power button on top it just became a chore to use. Shame though. Sense is really great. Best skin out there IMO. I love boom sound, but I don't want to have so much wasted space on the front of the phone.

I agree! I can't get over the the large bezels (side and top/bottom) on the HTC. Metal finish means nothing to me and if I have to give up removable battery for it then it's actually a huge negative! I've had all the Samsung S series and happy to have another high end phone with removable battery. I really can't find anything I don't like about the G3 other then a few really minor software design issues (minor).

Same here. Front speakers are awesome, but when they make a tower out of the phone and shrink the screen size by 10% it's just ridiculous.

- Happy G3 owner.

I'm with Phil; if nothing else, I'd always chose the One M8, because HTC has improved so much with software updates and are generally very transparent about it now. With LG I honestly have no clue when or if I'd ever get anything.

Yay another g3 versus the world article. How much is lg paying for all of this? Better yet, when is the g3 versus a toaster oven article coming?

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Why do you talk so much as to the physical appearance of the phones, or how easy they are to hold? Doesn't most everyone put a case on their phone? Actually, I never did until recently, but I dropped the G2 and there is a tiny crack in the corner. So now I use a case. Metal or plastic, rounded corners or not; makes no difference to me. I would trade my G2 for M8, because I listen to a great deal of music and every time I check it seems HTC sounds better than LG IMHO. I know Andrew is not "an audiophile", so I just discount what he says about anything. Harsh, I know.

The G3 sounds significantly better with IEM's plugged in, but of course the M8 sounds the best if you're listening through the small phone speakers. Audiophiles, IMHO, tend to not care about the external speakers as much as they do about the abilities to reproduce clean and clear sounds through IEMs.

If you are a true audiophile. You should be more concerned about the right headphones. Boomsound is great. But it's garbage compared to a true audiophiles pair of headphones.


I thought it would be understood that I am not talking about the speakers, but am referring to the headphone output. I wouldn't use Boomsound, I would use the parametric equalizer in Neutron. I travel with Hifiman RE400 IEM.

The M8 drives cans better than any other smartphone on the market. So either way it wins.

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Have you tried driving cans from the G3? My experience has the G3 having more ability to drive cans much better than the M8.

No I haven't yet. Regardless, I stand corrected. I've seen a review that provided measurements showing that the G3 and M8 are virtually tied. (GSMarena). Now I'm dying to test it out. :-)

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Yeah definitely try them out if you get a chance. They both sound great, but the G3 has more clarity...not using the scientific method, but based on sound to my ears(very subjective of course.) I think the sound output of the G3(via headphones) is something many reviewers fail to mention.

It you are a true audiophile you're not trying to find quality sound from a mobile device just as a photographer doesn't take any mobile device's camera too seriously.

Plenty of audiophiles use cell phones as their primary device .it is a device we carry with us day and night, and not many people like bringing a phone and a 1000 dollar hifiman 802 player to the gym. Maybe I am not a true audiophile though...lol.

Those aren't true audiophiles. Just enthusiasts. No mobile phone can replicate the sounds from a stand alone stereo. You'll not see a DJ being hired for a wedding reception who uses his mobile phone and external speakers no more than you'd see a photographer hired to use his mobile phone to photograph a wedding.

Are DJ's considered true audiophiles because they play music for people for money?

And what do you define as a stand alone stereo? Does a mobile phone need a tube amp attached to it to be considered true audiophile? Or are you just talking out of your butt?

I beg to differ. Within reason I expect to hear music as well as possible, even when moving. No one said they had to be mutually exclusive. I simply want to take music with me and not be put off by crap sound.

I have the G3. The clean front display vs metal at the top and bottom of the M8 made the difference for me.
I like glass screen savers and the M8 has a ridge top and bottom when you install one.

Either of these phones, just the G3 had the clean front screen for me.

Can anyone tell the difference in screen resolution from the G3 vs the M8? I have owned both and I cannot tell the difference between the resolution on both screens. Also the colors, brightness and contrast all lack on the G3.
M8 in gold looks spectacular but I tend to look at the front of my phone much more often than the back lol so I don't care too much about looks(it's what's on the inside that counts lol).

If I had to pick...Note 3.

I don't own either but u have played with both extensively in store and have read/watch many reviews. If I was going to pick one up, I'd go for the G3. Although the metal build isn't there, it has a larger screen size and higher resolution packed into an almost identical form factor. The main reason I would choose the G3 is the fact that the M8 is too tall. This wouldn't be a problem if the power button wasn't at the top. I have relatively large hands, but I still have to do the little hand shuffle to reach the power button. And with a phone as slippery as the M8,I know that it would just be a matter of time before I dropped it! And since I don't use a case, that would be bad! Both great phones, but my pick is the G3

Typed on tiny keys just for you

Phil, love ya buddy. But I'm a call u Steve p jobs.... "Ask me whether I want more pixels in my eye I can discern or whether I want sound to sound better I'll give you the same answer every time nothing beats boom sound " I'm a pixel freak.. Some people can discern the pixels... And us pixel freaks will take our pixels over sound any day.
There is a test we do out here for what we call " scope eye" take a check, the signature line is not actually a line, it is a security line that is actually words printed so small most can't see it. Some can and if u can read it your eyes are good enough to be "discerning"... I have a HTC m7 Def one of the sharpest screens but the g3 is noticeably sharper to me. Everybody get ur checks out and start discerning first person to read the line gets new LG g3 on Phil. Lol

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The G3 so far for me but they both have ups and downs. I would take the G3 over the S5 as well but it would be close.

The Note 4 will be my next phone though if it has YOUM. If not I will just have to play with my work test phones until something really compelling comes along.

I loved my M7, but the M8 seemed like a big mess up to me. Visually its just ugly, the extra rounding makes it look silly. The camera seems like a step backwards to. Although the M8 feels better, the G3 wins on style.

Software wise, yeah Sense 6 is the best, its much smarter than the G3, more consistent, and more selectively functional. Nothing beats it, including AOSP, which to me is creaky, boring and old.

I dont buy that the dropped frames on the G3 are due to the extra pixels. Most of the interface is 2D and even an old GPU could pump around 1440P 2D in hardware with no problem. Indeed a ported G3 rom still stutters on the G2, which has the same GPU and less pixels. I personally think its just LGs optimisation that lacks. Custom ROMs and kernels fix it.

I agree. As i said in my post, if the Snapdragon S4 Pro can easily run a 1920x1200 Nexus 7, theres no way the 801 can't handle 2560x1440. It's gotta be the software

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Phil, what launcher do you use? Have you done an article on it that I might have missed?
I used to be partial to Nova, but now I'm using GEL. Thinking about switching things up again...

With Google's unreasonable push to eliminate external memory, the deciding factor for me is (on Sprint anyway) G3 at 32gb.

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I like everything about the G3 but I prefer the software of the HTC (The UI is just that much better).

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Came from an M7 to the gunmetal M8, and while I am unqualified to give a real comparison to the LG, I am ready to question why SO much focus on how hard it is to hold the M8. I don't get it. It does slip out of my pocket a little more easily than the M7, but at no time am I concerned that I might drop the thing. Nor is it at all uncomfortable to hold. I do not use a case as I do love the look of the latest phones, and a case just ruins that (as it does on my daughters iPhone..all that attention to detail covered up by a pink plastic case..nuts). I am not a big guy..5' 10" and always wear a medium in gloves. It fits my hand well, I can still reach with my thumb to all of the screen, and the metal case is a secure hold to me...and I don't have lizard sticky fingers.
Sense is pretty nice, HTC has come with updates on the Sprint version pretty quickly and it is smooth and fast. Great phone....

I have yet to subscribe to the notion that a phone has to be metal to achieve a “premium feel”. Somehow, BGR and the rest of the iPhone community have made the Android community apprehensive about using phones built with plastic. I am perfectly fine with the build quality of my LG G3.

I’ve owned the G3 for a little of two weeks and I am completely satisfied with it thus far. I test drove the M8. Good phone but it does not fit my needs and the camera was disappointing. In my opinion, I can take better photos with my GS2 Skyrocket or my GS4.

Between the two phones the G3 was easier to hold and felt better in my hands. As an example of size, I do not feel a difference between my S4 with a Seidio Active case on it and my G3 wrapped in a SUPCASE. As many have mentioned, the M8 felt long and slippery to me making it awkward to hold. With that said, I always put a case on my phone so that would have minimized my M8 concerns with grip.

I believe the choice between which phone Android users will purchase comes down to what you value most in a phone. If metal is your thing and you don’t take a lot of photos go with the M8. If the option of a removable battery and a great camera top your priorities for picking a device you’ll probably choose the G3. There’s mention of the software on the M8 being better than the G3. While that may be true, my last two devices were Samsung products. After living la vida loca with Touchwiz, I have no complaints about LG’s UI experience. Either way, it’s great to have options!

Anyone know why HTC chose the camera they did for the M8? In my opinion, it seems like they screwed the pooch with that. With better camera performance this might not even be a contest, the M8 would be head and shoulders above the rest. I've always been a Samsung guy, but my loyalty is starting to fade. I've always been intrigued by the BoomSound on the HTC One, but the G3 is pretty interesting too. Unless there's a real Galaxy S5 "Prime", I think my next phone choice will be between HTC and LG.

I used to be a huge Samsung fan. I owned every Galaxy S except for the 5. Traded my S4 for an M7 last year and haven't looked back. I was playing with my sister's S5 the other day and was bored within minutes. Lol

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Spent last week with the M8 and for the most part, really enjoyed it. Returned it yesterday and grabbed the G3. I just prefer what LG's doing right now.

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Ive had my M8 for a little while now, i love swapping back and forth from GPE to Sense, one of my fave reasons for owning a One as you can make it like owning a new phone each week. But, i prefer the M7 for some reason. Held the G3 and it feels great but my ageing eyes really dont notice the difference between 1440 and 1080 and for the reason alone i wouldnt go for the G3.

Last years M7 is still my fave phone

And one of the most important points for someone like me...The carrier branded G3 is bootloader locked and HTC actually gives you the unlock code for their phones on all carriers. The XDA forum for the G3 is a wasteland and the HTC M8 is one of the busiest on the site and has been since the device's launch. Want to run Cyanogenmod or AOKP without a bunch of hacked up bootloader poop? Get the HTC One M8 :-)

Smooth, error free operation vs heating up, stuttering, redrawing, screen dimming and pop up warnings when device is too hot

Hey Jerry, what reading app do you use. I'm looking to upgrade from my note 2 soon and I do a lot of reading so your comment about it made me wonder. Do all reading apps look as good? I mostly use aldiko.

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I use Aldiko for my drm-free books, but also have books in Kindle and G P Books.

I don't see much difference in the way the text is shown. I imagine they all use a standard text view component.

I will always give any OEM a chance if they provide me with what I need in my device for daily use. HTC forgot to provide removable battery while Samsung forgot to provide its users with a 32gb option. LG provided me what I like and need in a device and I gave them my money!

I have only owned HTC smart phones (M7 currently) so I'm sure I'm a little biased. I've never had a chance to play around with a LG so I don't claim to know much about them. I have, however, spent quite a bit of time with the latest Samsungs and Motorolas that my friends have and if the the LG software is on par with the Samsungs and Motorolas then I would have to stick with HTC. I'm the first to admit that Sense on my OG Evo had quite a few problems, but HTC listens and they make the improvements that their software needs. Sense is so easy to use, fast, and intuitive that I would feel like I was using a lesser phone if I switched. I do hope the M9 (or whatever they call it) gets rid of the wasted space top and bottom though. I don't have a problem with the camera as I don't print my pics, they are simply viewed digitally. I have one of my pics I took on a sunny day at the golf course as my background on a 30" monitor and I get all kinds of compliments on it.

I went with the G3. It has the feel of premium with out needing to be metal. I looked at the M8 and it just wasn't me. I did look at the S5 but i wanted something different I have had the S3 since launch. So far the G3 is great and have not ran into any of the issues some others have.

I give it to the LG g3 overall better phone and most reviewers agree that the the g3 is the current Android champ. I also have the HTC m8 also awesome phone but wish camera was better but camera still decent. HTC sense my have a bit of an edge but LG did a great job too.

Great article....although I still can't decide.
I think it will come down to when I can actually hold a G3, when it's released here (Canada). If a 5.5" screen can be usable with 1 hand, like they claim, I'll probably go that route. On the other hand, I love my M7 currently with their slick launcher.

i have the m7 and the g3.the m7 looks so thin in width compared to the g3.i have found the m7 to have far a better white background on a lot of web pages.its a different type of screen.on the g3,the white often looks more like a creamy colour.having said all that,you will love the size of the g3.the width in particular makes it so comfortable for web browsing.its wider and taller than the m7.both these phones are very fast on the 4g network in australia.as for choosing between the g3 and the m8,youve seen all the comments.in my opinion,if you like the bigger screen,get the g3.if the 5 inch screen on the m8 is big enough for you,then get that.you really cant go wrong either way

This was a good article. I've been looking at both phones and even waited until the G3 came out before trying to make a decision. I've read this and I still don't know which one, but leaning more towards the HTC M8. Decisions..........

Lg should have waited a little longer and shipped it with snap805. I think it would have done wonders to power the QHD display and eliminated the hints of lag in the system. Oh well maybe next year with the g4 QHD will be all ironed out and lg will have the true best phone

I've had the M7 since it was introduced and thought I would go with the M8 as a replacement but couldn't get passed the exterior dimensions and camera. The Ultrapixel camera did not instill confidence from my days with the M7. I definitely did not want to sign up for a repeat of the same hit or miss performance from that system. Also, while HTC's materials have always been good (it kills me how people paid no mind to HTC's build quality until the M7), their design plainly sucks on the M8. It's way too tall, narrow and slippery. The wasted space from the excess borders is exaggerated further than the M7 while on screen buttons mean the added .3" of screen gets eaten right back up. Overall, i didnt really notice much of an upgrade over the M7 besides the battery life. Sense flies on a Snapdragon 600 the same way it does on the 801. So I sent it back to try out the G3. The G3's screen is worse, by every measure and it lags here and there but using it day to day, I like it over the M8. Both phones feel premium, metal or not and I listen to music through headphones anyway so boomsound is not worth the size trade off (to me). Overall, the G3 is a better designed phone in terms of real world use while the M8 is a sculpture. Function over form won me over.
PS, I kind of reject the notion that 2560x1440 is too much for the 801 since the 600 could do 1920x1080 so well. I simply think LG's software is not optimized. Heck, the S4 Pro pushes 1920x1200 just fine on my Nexus 7 (2013).
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I wanted the G3 so badly but just cant bring myself to go the LG route simply for the speed at which they update the software. I had a GPE M7 before getting my M8 and have no regret at all. If they would have released a G3 in a GPE I would have been all over it. Sure I could have unlocked the boot loader and put on a custom ROM, but I went the GPE route with the M7 and now the M8 to avoid having to do all that. Depending on a 3rd party developer is never a perfect solution.

M8 is a mature iteration in the evolution of the HTC One. The only issues brought up are the slickness of the shell, the bezel width or lack of removable battery. Rarely is the performance or skin negatively criticized in the m8.
The opposite is true of the G3. Design wise, while it may not look as nice as the m8 and the attempt to "fool" with the fake brushed aluminum back is off putting, the G3 is ergonomically more comfortable to hold. But in terms of performance, the G3 has issues. Reports of fast battery drain, overheating quickly, warning boxes popping up on the screen when the device overheats, screen dimming automatically when device is warm, dull screen, difficult outdoor visibility, redrawing, delay in app opening, stuttering when scrolling. These all point to poor performance.
At the end of the day it's most important that my device perform well.
Performance trumps pretty any day.
LG is on the right track, much as HTC was with the HTC EVO LTE a couple years ago, but it had work to do terms of performance. That's where LG is today. I'm waiting on the G4.

The G3 is great and all that, and I still have a slight bit of worry feeling that I made a bad decision in choosing the lower spec'd yet higher priced One M8 over the former, but at the end of the day (keeping in mind LG's blunder with the charging pins on the G Watch and HTC's recent PR action on Reddit) I think LG should stick to making aircons, fridges and washing machines, and let HTC take care of making consistently premium quality and reliable smartphones.

+1 to that. I absolutely love LG home appliances. My fridge, AC units, dish washer and washer/drier are all LG in my home. As far as phones go I have never seen one I like from them.

The M8 is a beautiful device but the G3 is the device that best fits my needs! At the end of the day....its whichever phone works best for your needs!

So Andrew he picked the M8 Speakers over the G3 higer rez screen, hates the G3 buttons, Sprint G3 struggles in performance, and the M8 takes the cake for software. Yet he still chose the G3 over the M8?? Makes no sense!! lol

I’m an iPhone 5s user, been using iPhones for a long time. I’ve tried different Android phones over the last few years (HTC EVO, HTC Incredible 1&2, HTC Droid DNA most recently) but I keep finding myself coming back to the iPhone. My brother had an HTC One m7 which I thought was great so I’ve been looking at the M8 a lot recently. I think the G3 is a great phone but the size of the DNA kind of bugged me (I’ve got medium sized hands but I’ve got used to one-hand usability because of Apple brain washing lol) so I don’t think I’d like the G3 very much. I like the M8 a lot but I’m wondering if the community here has any thoughts for me concerning going from iPhone 5s to an M8 or maybe even a case for why I should go G3 instead? I’m a long time reader, first time for commenting, any thoughts are appreciated guys!

Side note: Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve basically only owned HTC phones lol hadn’t thought about it until now!

If you dont like the size of the G3 you wont like the size of the M8 as they are both almost identical in size. The m8 is also slightly heavier than the G3 which will make it harder to use one handed...

The other android phones you have tried before were nothing like the flagships today. The G3 and M8 are significantly better than the iphone IMO, but you need to give them a good month of getting used to the size.
You should also keep the S5 in mind too as that is a great phone as well. Both the M8 and S5 are far less buggy than the G3.

I have never used or owned one. I think they look good and feel good, based on the store model i looked at, but my preference is a full HD display which the Moto X does not have, the moto x sports a 720p display. Seeing pixels bugs me...
If budget was a concern I would get the Nexus 5 from the play store for 350 which is comparable to the moto x or I would get the OnePlus One if I could get one of the very limited invites they have available.

Moto X is fantastic - got one for a family member. Great battery life, great weight and feel. So so camera, but everything else seems AOK about it.

I have the G3. Upgraded from a G2
My wife has the M8. Upgraded from a S4
I'd rather have either over the S5.
I really like my G3. Great camera. Thin bezels. Awesome screen. Bigger screen while physically being almost the same size as the M8.
That bar between the bottom speaker and the screen is such a waste of space on the M8.
Ideally I'd like a G3 pro but since it doesn't exist I'll settle for the G3

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LG G 3 for me. Picked it up on AT&T release date and I love it. Great screen, smooth performance, fast charging and great battery life. I love the in hand ergonomics of the phone. To me It's the epitome of what a 2014 flagship phone should be.

I hate it when americans use "full stop" the way they use "period" to emphasize a point. Any anglophile, which I have to assume the author is and not an actual Briton, would know this is not how the word is used in British English. They don't say "blah blah bloody blah, full stop!"

Knock it off.

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I had an HTC M8, and picked up the G3 a week ago. Took the G3 back to Best Buy (Elite Plus) today. The G3 is an outstanding device, but I couldn't justify the $749.00 for a slight, or none significant difference. If I didn't already have the HTC M8, I would have kept it. G3 has a better screen and a better camera.

Was on the fence between these two and the S5. Ultimately decided on the G3. If the M8 had a better camera it would've been an instant win though. HTC needs to really fix this one glaring issue.

Although it's not fair, once rooted with the G3 (done very easily), eliminating some of the stock bloat has done away with any small stutters. Coming from a unlocked Note 2 running AOSP, which I wouldn't exactly call slow, the G3 absolutely flies through everything in comparison

Sorry guys.....but until the note 4 is launched, it's the S5 all day!!! Don't believe what the haters say , the S5 is the best flagship on the market at this point....period!!!

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I wouldn't say that everyone who doesn't like the s5 over the m8 or g3 are haters. The g3 in particular is just a better experience.


I have the G3 also. Once you remove the bloatware like any other phone, its buttery smooth. With the 801, and 3gb of ram. Its definitely the software. I'm running the nova launcher, no bloatware, & I'm loving the experience!!

HTC is in a good place on the one hand...on the other hand the two biggest obstacles haven't been addressed properly yet: the camera and the marketing.

I'm curious as to whether or not they will go twin camera but a stitched image next year. So you get a combined 8MP ultrapixel because the one camera does the foregorubd only, the other the background and they get stitched together...

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off topic-- but Does anyone remember the HTC thunder bolt or is is that just me it was the best phone ever in my mind

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HTC rehashed the ONE design so much, I don't feel like chipping in for their laziness. I'd choose G3 just for their balls to try to do something different with the keys.

I like the keys on the back. Like 'em a lot. IMO all phones should use them. LG might squeal "our idea, our idea!" But there was time when autos didn't have lights and one did that first.

Anyone else notice how extremely easy it is to scratch the lens on the HTC one M8 camera ? I've only had the phone for a few months and have noticed a ton of scratches on it and I've never dropped the phone before and when I place the phone on a table I'm pretty careful. My nexus 5 has been thrown around , dropped and does not have not one scratch on the camera lens. Ugh it's really annoying. I'm having to use toothpaste to remove the scratches all the time.

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G3 for me! Had the EVO and EVO 4GLTE before this. LOved Sense but, HTC let me down with the camera which is a major factor for me. This is my first LG phone and I love it so far.

The speed issue seems like it could have been fixed if they would have taken a page from the PC and given a choice to change the resolution. Have a pull down menu that lets you choose between QHD, 1080p...etc and let people choose what they want. Some will keep it QHD but some would probably down the screen to 1080p because some people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

I went with the LG G3. If I am going to play music I use headphones or a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Why would I ever want all that space wasted up front?
I would call myself a slightly above average phone user and I have yet to see any lag, screen redraws, heat, or sharpness issues.
I would recommend this phone to anyone.
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Both very nice devices Android has come a long way! I picked up a G3 and couldn't be happier.

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Every LG product I've ever bought was low quality junk that died 1 week after the warranty expired. I'll NEVER buy another LG anything.

I like them both, especially the G3 screen size fit into a 5-inch chassis, and the laser sounds great. However, I wonder if I'd get annoyed with the LG software after using Sense. Also, I'm quite happy with HTC's 1080p screen, and certainly wouldn't want QHD if it even slightly impacts performance. And, as much I like the gunmetal-like look on the G3, I'd probably lean toward the actual metal.

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When I compared the 2 the m8 I was drawn to the sounds the speed and the screen and the feel of the phone. The LG just didn't do anything for me.

Since I don't keep mine naked the bezel differences don't matter a great deal to me, but knowing what it looks like under the covers do..... its just a very sexy looking phone.... Lol

I'm happy with my choice and have no buyers remorse for getting it over the LG

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When people say the M8 is "slippery", are they only talking about the gunmetal grey or all colors? I would think the matte silver and gold variants would be a little easier to hold.

I haven't used the M8 but I did play around with the G3 for a bit in Best Buy. I immediately noticed the UI stuttering and did not like it.. I get annoyed enough with apps like G+ on Googles flagship stuttering.. Having the UI itself acting up would annoy me to no end.

I'm facing the decision of making the decision myself soon, unless Motorola can change my mind (I currently have the Droid Maxx. Love it except for the lack of accessory support as a Verizon exclusive). I think the final summary from Jerry summed up my feelings best:
"What I want is a phone the size of the Moto X, with a screen as good as the G3, and BoomSound like the M7 and M8. But I can settle for just the 5.5-inch screen in the 5-inch body."

A little larger than the Moto X would be preferable, but wireless charging is important for me, so HTC is at a disadvantage there.

...Also, in my ideal phone I would have the dark wood backing of the Moto X Motomaker. So pretty...