LG G3 camera

Our first look at the photographic capabilities of LG's flagship G3 smartphone

With 24 hours of LG G3 usage under our belt, we've had just enough time to get to grips with the phone's camera — a 13-megapixel optically-stabilized shooter with a faster laser-powered autofocus. LG is one of the few manufacturers using OIS as a major point of differentiation, and with high-end smartphones increasingly competing on focus times, LG's updated AF system brings something new to the table. A fun aside — according to LG's head of smartphone planning, Dr. Ramchan Woo, the autofocus tech draws on LG's expertise in other areas, having been adapted from laser-based sensors in LG's robot vacuum cleaners.

Enough about lasers and robots for the moment, though. The G3's main camera is a 13-megapixel unit, the same size (and pixel size) as the G2, however LG tells us the sensor itself is more advanced than last year's model. What's more, the G3 has grown "OIS+," and the new stabilization system with a wider angle of compensation than its predecessor. Meanwhile the front-facing camera has been revamped, with larger pixels on its sensor, for better low-light performance.

LG G3 photo sample

An important note before we go any further — all our pictures were taken on a pre-production Korean G3, so bear in mind what you see here might not be representative of image quality from final, production devices when they arrive over the next month. That said, we haven't come across any bugs or glitches in the camera setup so far, and we've been generally impressed by the G3's photographic chops.

LG's push towards a simpler user interface has resulted in a camera UI devoid of options the first time you load it up. Instead, Moto X-style, you simply tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. But getting back to a more traditional camera UI is easy too — just tap the menu icon in the top left corner, and you'll get the usual array of controls — flash, front/rear switching, mode and settings. By default you'll take 10-megapixel shots in widescreen orientation. If you want to the full benefit of the phone's 13-megapixel shooter you'll need to switch to 4:3. It's also interesting to note the addition of an "auto HDR" mode this time around, and helpfully, it's enabled by default. Like Motorola's Auto HDR setting, the camera will toggle into HDR mode as and when it's needed. You can of course manually toggle HDR on and off in the usual way if you prefer. And HDR exposures themselves look excellent, blending bright skies seamlessly into landscapes, and bringing out highlights in darker areas. As on the Nexus 5, the G3's HDR mode seems to bring out richer colors in what might otherwise be washed-out pictures.

LG G3 photo sample

On the whole, the G3 is shaping up to be a great all-round cameraphone. In daylight, it's pretty close to the quality of Samsung's ISOCELL-toting Galaxy S5, the main difference being slightly softer edges in shots from LG's flagship. Regardless, the G3 produces some enviable daylight shots, with accurate colors and very little noise. As we saw on the G2, LG's camera tends to be a little over-aggressive when it comes to noise reduction, which might be contributing to the slight softness we're seeing in some pictures.

Capture speeds are extremely quick; there's a short but noticeable delay when taking HDR shots, as you'd expect. We've also been impressed with the the camera's laser-based autofocus, which has been extremely quick to lock on in most instances. Should the G3's barrage of lasers be unable to give it a firm fix on its subject, we're told the camera falls back on traditional contrast detection autofocus.

Camera app

In low light, the G3's optical stabilization gives it an edge, compensating somewhat for the relatively small (1.12µm) pixel size. Whereas competitors like the Sony Xperia Z2 tend towards noisy low-light pictures, LG's aggressive noise reduction leaves images a little blotchy, but this effect is nowhere near as bad as night shots on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The GS5's software stabilization also means you'll spend a few seconds holding the camera in place before taking a photo, whereas the G3's optically-stabilized captures are much quicker. Edges in night shots also seemed better defined on the G3 than the GS5 in our casual testing.

Elsewhere in the camera app you've got panorama and dual-capture modes, as well as "Magic Focus" — LG's take on a background defocus effect. And in selfie mode there's a novel way of taking captures without pressing the shutter key — simply hold up your hand, then close it into a fist to trigger a countdown timer.

When it comes to video, there are a few options at your disposal — standard recording at up to 4K resolution, though the app defaults to 1080p. There's also a "fast HD" mode which captures 720p footage at 120fps.

In daylight, the G3 produces great-looking 4K And 1080p video, with bright colors, even exposure and no noticeable artefacts — not to mention smooth panning thanks to the built-in OIS. In low light, the phone seems to boost sensitivity, creating sharper but grainier images than we've seen from rivals, while maintaining a consistent 30 frames per second.

So far the LG G3 is looking like a strong competitor in the Android cameraphone space. We'll have more to say on the phone's imaging performance in our full review. Until then, check out a selection of our sample and comparison shots below.

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JcJames26 says:

I think they look really good ☺

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v3rdict says:

Bright yellow Lumia!

Jeyrus says:

I caught that too! lol

Stang68 says:

Poor guy.

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aitt says:

The fact that he has the 1020 and is the absolute best smartphone camera out there's nothing poor about him at all.

Hero Calibo says:

that's how you make people stand out if ur using a lumia....love that phone!

Ali Faris says:

I have Lumia 1020 and it has really great camera with great detail that I never seen in any other smartphone camera

low-light pictures too grainy.... :(

but everything else look great!

geoff5093 says:

Huh? They look awesome to me

erwaso says:

Where? And versus what?

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Veyron2 says:

No competitor to my galaxy s2....not!
i would love to have such a camera on my phone :)

cj100570 says:

I want to like this phone but much like the G2 I'm not a fan of those buttons on the back.

droidhead_1 says:

You would like it if you tried it then.

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cctpitts01 says:

I agree at first when the G2 came out I was not a fan of those buttons at all but after using it for a couple mins I fell in love with them if people want these phones with as thin as possible bezels there going to have to put those buttons somewhere :)

oldschoolsig says:


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Euclid88 says:

The Galaxy s4 had bezels that were the same as the G2, with side buttons. I think if all bezels were like the GS4 and no back buttons needed, that would be ideal.

Posted via Android Central App

S4 bezels were thicker I thought. My friends G2 looks gorgeous next to the S4.

Euclid88 says:

Thicker top and bottom bezels, not side bezels

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Mac58 says:

S4 was definitely thicker...

rovex says:

Not even close the S4 bezels are over 50% thicker.

Euclid88 says:

S4 has thicker top/bottom bezels definitely, but side bezels were exactly the same, which was my point against the other guy who claimed you needed to place the buttons at the back in order to have thin side bezels.

Look up the GS4 vs G2 review on YouTube by mobiletechreview and see for yourself (the g2 bezels even look thicker there, but I think they're equal)

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Euclid88 says:

Just did some calculations, S4 side bezel is 0.3735cm, G2 side bezel is 0.3065 cm. S4 is only 21.8% thicker (like 0.6mm), but is it worth the stupid button placement?

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deku13 says:

Yes. I've had the g2 for months. You very used to it.

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Johnny Dwyer says:

Are you kidding, why would you post something like that just because your a samboy! Maybe you better get your eyes checked if you think the S4 had the same bezels as the G2. It never ceased to amaze me the comments that come out of samboys thinking. I learned my lesson almost 2 years ago when I listened to Sammy fans of how powerful and smooth the Note2 was. That might have been the buggiest LAG operating phone I ever owned

geoff5093 says:

Once you start using it you learn to love it.

NoNexus says:

Not really, I had the G2 for a month and never got used to it. I am in no way saying it is bad, but it is not something that I found all that easy to adapt to. I am sure that if I used it as a daily driver I would have gotten used to it quicker but I doubt that I would have loved it...

rampage1979 says:

With knock on /off you really don't need them and when you want to adjust the volume you can access the slider from the notification shade.

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NoNexus says:

Or move my thumb the the left and press

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jimbo says:

I played with the G2 in a Sprint store and got the hang of using the volume rocker in less than a minute. It's easier than fishing around the side and smoother also. Knock on /off is fantastic.

Of course for the fat case fanatics who may also be Samsung excusers, these controls are likely problematic. Physical home and bass acwards go back capacitive buttons, et al. I suppose muscle memory is difficult to reprogram for some.

ibmbc says:

I hate side located power buttons. I agree with knock on I never use the physical buttons on the back. My phone is on vibrate almost all the time and when I need to change it I cange it in the quick menu in the notification tray. Added plus is I never accidentally hit my power or volume buttons.

Dizfunctions says:

Their actually quite nice! Give it a shot.

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I want this g3 so bad!

noire says:

I hope I get luck this time around

vicw926a4 says:

Impressive. If I could just a Google Play version I would be very happy.

thatguy97 says:

Lgs skin really isn't that bad in fact I like their new skin

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5


Posted via the Android Central App on my Nexus 5

droidfamus says:

Its just ok. They used the same Sony module for the camera that they used last year such a disappointment tho. Still not better than the M8, maybe the camera in well lite areas but over the M8 is still better. I do have to admit I do like the thin bezel...

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jakeuten says:

okay, but crop an image on the M8.

Posted via an AT&T Galaxy S III LTE

This ^^^

lrrowley says:


thatguy97 says:


Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Euclid88 says:

Does the M8 have a real camera? I thought it was made of potato

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NoNexus says:

Potato would be better

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sublimaze says:


Alex Dobie says:

I asked about the sensor, they told me it's not the same one that's in the G2.

lrrowley says:

Good to know!

newboyx says:

Same megapixel does not mean same module.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

prediscover says:

Really? M8 is better?
Even the GS2 captures better daylight pictures than the M8.

lrrowley says:

Lol zing!

Yeah I don't see the m8 being better from samples I have seen. But I don't own either phone. I'll wait for judgement when the production g3 is released and compared shot by shot to the m8.


NoNexus says:

LOL that is a good one....

THe M8 is not even in the same state let alone ballpark as the G2/3, Z2, S5 ....

jimbo says:

Fortunately, your comment brightly illustrates to all AC forum participants why your grandous self important opinions are irrelevant. Total nonsense.

And you can't sluff it off, again, as a joke or sarcasm or with a half assed make nice follow up.

NoNexus says:

Nope it is an honest assessment from someone who had had and compared the g2, s5 and m8. I do not get the sony ones because they are not as readily available

Sorry, but many other reviewers concur. If you like it that is great. I speak from experience

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jimbo says:

You're obviously full of yourself.

NoNexus says:

No, just honest. I know that you are a huge fan of HTC and that is great. Just do not let that loyalty blind you. All phones have flaws, it is OK to admit them.

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rovex says:

Is the M8 worse than the M7? Apart from ultimate resolution no phone ive had has produced better pictures.

jimbo says:

For me the mechanical Optical Image Stabilization in the M7 produces better pictures. If you have steady hands, the M8 produces as good and with the front facing "selfie" camera the results are better than essentially all others because of the wide angle and greater resolution.

Moreover, the M8 battery lasts a long full day and all functions are instaneous. For some, the SD card not available in the M7 may be useful yet with the music, photos, videos, apps, and attachments et al I've saved I, as well as most others, don't come close to using up the 32 GB internal in either model.

Bottom line for photography. If you cannot hold the phone's camera steady especially when shooting video, mechanical Optical Image Stabilization provided in the M7 is a necessary requirement.

udazavlanje says:

My friend is in love w his M8 - battery life, fastest performance, built quality, etc., but extremely disappointed w camera. He is coming from g2.
I guess people judge by different standards.
G3 might have a winner here, unless Samsung steps up the game and get OIS on note 4 or s5 prime. In low light, Note 3 falls short to G2 for the same reason.
VZW Moto X

Stacy Huerta says:


TenshiNo says:

On the comparison shots, the G3's look dull compared to the GS5's. I actually like the GS5's better, but that's just me.

lrrowley says:

REALLY hoping the auto focus is faster on the G3 than on the G2. I had a G2 for about a month and that's the only thing I couldn't tolerate. Almost all of my pictured came out blurry, especially night shots because it would take at least a full second to to focus and fire the flash. I really wanted to keep the G2 but I use the camera too much.

Mine focuses quite fast. Possibly it was addressed with an OTA.


They look really natural and crisp. I am impressed.


eastcoastowl says:

same issue like G2 with washed out colors in low light

Voxophone says:

120fps at 720p?! Damn. I'm impressed.

Can you turn off autofocus in video mode?

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Green_Laser says:

Pictures look really good.

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Mobius360 says:

Look pretty good to me. I must admit I want my phone to shoot laser beams.

Posted via Android Central App w/G2

wmtoandroid says:

Wow, I'm looking at these photo's and the word "muddy" comes to mind.

Pauley says:

Pictures look nice to me. Still wondering if you can see the screen wearing polarized sunglasses though.

chipper7 says:

LG G3 is a beast!

chipper7 says:

i hope ive got many to buy this phone!! :(

chipper7 says:

money* its pricey! but i think it will be the smartphone of the year!! the camera is its best asset!! and software has improved a lot!

lng101010 says:

Yeah, I'm not going to judge a camera's performance based on tiny jpegs.

Khalid Jamil says:

My first ever cell phone was LG, found best in quality

Khalid Jamil says:

Hope it will beat all competitor

Mac58 says:

Please no carrier exclusives LG. I want this bad but I dont want to have to go to Verizon for wireless charging

ysbg says:

I miss the UK..

Don Cota says:

This phone looks promising! Would love the opportunity to test one out. But, will enter for a chance to win one instead.

James Rubino says:

Fuckin great phone... Great Pics..... I NEED ONE NOW!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Great looking sleek would love to have one LG is great any ways but this one is a must have !!!

jimbo says:

LG has finally got serious game. LG is now a top class contender because photo capabilities are extremely important to me as well as vast majority of smartphone users.

If LG comes up with a smaller version (mini?) with the exact same specs and functionality, I may finally abandon my fond relationship with HTC build and the awesome Sense UI. From what I've read LG's new UI may be more than acceptable.

I'm awaiting to see if the HTC Ace has OIS. Sense and Boomsound are second to none. Zoes and Video Highlights are fun to share. And Blinkfeed is a very functional aggregater of my interests.

NoNexus says:

If the camera were important to you, you would not be using a M8.

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jimbo says:

I'm not using an M8.

My preference is the HTC EVO LTE but since Sprint offered me a free no contract replacement M7, I took it since it has mechanical Optical Image Stabilization I've been able to capture excellent naturally lit indoor videos without the wobble and individual frames can be grabbed as photos. Slow motion video is also excellent. It also has fast focus and rapid fire and reset and produces unique Zoes and Video Highlights. Outdoor daylight shots are good and there are various photo scene modes available such as back-lit, landscape, panorama, macro, night, HDR. I figured if I missed my EVO LTE, I could always buy another one, perhaps on Swappa for $100.

As everyone knows, the HTC One (M7) was overwhelmingly rated best in class by reviewers and received multiple awards in 2013 and early 2014.

Nice phone

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Lg is a beast

Posted via Android Central App

I wanna win

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Renzzzz says:

Wow, the video is TERRIBLE. It's like they've put surface blur over everything. Am I watching a cartoon?

jimbo says:

The video was crisp on my HTC One. Perhaps it's your display. Most computer screens do not have the resolutions even close to smartphones.

Jassim Salem says:

nice images from G3

Mannyx23 says:

I loved the G2 and still using it I would love to get the G3 especially now that u have a removable battery and better camera I love it I hope I win the new one.

lrnano says:

Awesome phone... it is a strong contender to be number one in 2014.

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rovex says:

Looks good. I still think LG have a thing for making blacks a little crushed, images are just too dark in the dark regions on both the G2 and the N5, its slightly better on the G3, but its still there.

Having said that there are worse problems for a camera phone to have, its easily corrected, whereas blur and colour aberrations aren't, especially when they aren't even across the whole frame.

Jopets says:

LG hav always been known for their quality products. I have always been admirer of the quality of their picture.

fullofkarma says:

I want it. i need a phone im still stuck with a nokia brick

fullofkarma says:

want this so much

fullofkarma says:


Mo ZedEl says:

Why do they they still not have
HDR Video recording :/

Posted via Andrex Toilet Roll (2-ply)

MasterElwood says:

Why is it always the same with AC articles regarding cameras?

1. No full res samples
2. No original video file.

Is it really SO HARD to upload a few pics full res incl. EXIF and provide a link for the original video file?

You cant judge pics by a down-sampled version nor can you judge video quality after youtube compressed the shit out of it!

colin cook1 says:

Can't wait to use one

colin cook1 says:

Will switch from HTC

colin cook1 says:

Third time lucky

sublimaze says:

The G3 photo samples are impressive. HDR photos are fantastic. The S5 photos have a bit more detail overall. In the plaza photo, the S5 has more contrast and the G3 is underexposed. But the other S5/G3 comparison photos are very close.

You could buy a DSLR for the price of this phone. It's ridiculou that people want this phone for it's camera.

The Tick077 says:

So you can fit your DSLR in your pocket? I don't know about you, but when I'm out and about with my kids, I don't always have my DSLR, but I do always have my phone. The better quality pictures I can get out it the better. No one is wanting to replace their DSLR with this phone, but they do want it to take the best pictures possible. The old saying that the best camera is the one you have with you holds true.

The camera takes better pictures than the Samsung galaxy s 5, HTC m8 or some other popular ones.

Posted via Android Central App

sevenwords says:

I would love to see some camera tests at concerts and such where there's low light contrasted with stage lighting. I'm looking for something to replace my old Canon point and shoot that was only 4mp, but have not been able to find a good point and shoot camera to replace it. I would love to upgrade my phone and get a decent concert photography camera at the same time.

LB LB says:

Images look great. Video not so much.

coldfire_99 says:

I think it's an awesome cameraphone

ConTejas says:

I'm a big fan of what LG is doing these days (since OG/N4), but I have to say I found plenty of those pictures underwhelming. I was thinking it was just caused by the gloomy day until the comparison shot with the GS5. Probably not the finalized software either. Will hold out for more/better reviews and to use one myself.

gzzzz says:

LG seems better with HDR, very poor with HDR off compared to GS5.
however it looks better in low light which is nice

I really don't want to wait another year and a half to upgrade again so I really hope I win this!

Because the LG G2 is fantastic, an absolutely amazing device that I fell in love with since day one. And now I want to fall in love with the G3.

And this is just an extra comment in case my first one didn't post.