LG G2 QuickWindow Case.

LG's got a small line of accessories available with the G2, and chief among them is the QuickWindow Case. It follows the trend that LG actually started in 2012 with the Spectrum 2 on Verizon (what, you thought it was someone else?) — a folio-style case and cover that gives a peek at the display.

This latest iteration serves a couple purposes. First is to protect your phone. The QuickWindow Case is a thin shell that covers most of the G2 — and it does so with minimal thickness. It also protects most of the display, save for the window area. (That's another change from similar covers — this window is wide open, no plastic between you and the display.) And, finally, it brings a bit of functionality to the display without having to open the cover. 

Read on for a quick look at the LG G2 QuickWindow Case.

First, a caveat. This case is for the European version of the G2, and so it'll be slightly different than what you'll see on U.S. carrier versions. Perhaps not grossly so, but different nonetheless.

So, the QuickCover Case. LG's got itself a nice little shell here. The case itself is made up of a hard but thin glossy plastic. Depending on what color you get, you might not even notice fingerprints. (The same can't always be said for the phone, which is a big of a fingerprint magnet.)

LG G2 QuickWindow Case.

Getting the case onto the phone — or the phone into the case, perhaps — is as simple as pressing the phone into it. No weird clips or latches. It just fits. And once it's on, it's tight enough so that it's not going to go anywhere, but not so tight that it's a pain to remove. It's really nicely done. The top and bottom of the phone are left exposed, so you can get to the ports and speakers and mics and what not. Nearly the entire back of the phone is protected, save for the buttons and camera and flash. The thickness of the case (again, it's minimal) leaves the camera lens recessed ever so slightly, protecting it when left face-down, leaving about as much space as when the phone's propped up by the power button.

The hinge is simple. It's nearly identical to Samsung's Flip Case for the Galaxy S4, but Samsung's looks a little more sophisticated because there's no gap between the front cover and the body of the case. Hardly a deal-breaker, though.

The cover on the front of the phone is nicely done. It feels a tad thicker than Samsung's, with a tad more texture. We're on the fence about whether we prefer the window leading directly to the display, or whether we'd prefer a piece of transparent plastic between your pocket and the display. You lose some protection, but you also don't have something else to clean. (Samsung's is more for viewing, not quite as much for touching, but they do share some of that functionality.) There also are cutouts for the earpiece and notification light.

LG G2 QuickWindow Case.

As far as functionality goes, there are three options. You can view the time, date and weather; view a clock; or you can control the built-in music player. You swipe between the three at your leisure. (And swipe up and down in the clock mode to change faces.) It's quick, it's easy. OK, there's actually a fourth piece of functionality — you can accept and reject phone calls. And because there's a cutout for the earpiece, you can talk without having to flip open the cover. Nicely done.

The screen's not lit up all the time, of course. Opening and closing the case triggers it via the embedded magnet — and so does LG's Kock-On feature.

The bottom line

And, that's about it. The QuickCover Case is a great accessory for a great phone, period. It's unobtrusive, available in a number of colors — black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint and yellow — protects your phone, and does so while adding functionality. What more could you ask for?


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The LG G2 QuickWindow Case


Bet Apple is wishing they had a patent for cases with a window...

Nevermind, they probably have a patent for any case in the shape of a rectangle.

Only thing I hate about these cases is having to swing the top part around while using the phone. I know, its the whole point, but still drives me nuts holding it.

I wonder how this effects battery life? Since it's an LCD display wouldn't the whole display have to turn on just to show the square of information? Where as on an AMOLED display only the square portion would have to be activated? Just something I was thinking of when I first saw it, I could be wrong on the mechanics!

The graphical RAM helps a little. It keeps from having to refresh the entire screen, just the active area. But I would still think the entire backlight is on.

I believe they mentioned in the keynote they can shut off the bottom half of the screen so it's using a little less than half the normal screen on battrey usage due to the dram allowing it to only have to refresh part of the top half of the screen.

Had the same thought, unless some new LCD tech has been developed here that allows just that rectangle of info to be displayed.

Posted via Android Central App

Stupid question: how does it know this case is on there vs any other case with a magnet? Is it where the magnet is placed? Does it actually send data to the phone? I have the same question for the other cases like this on other phones.

Thanks. I guess thinking about it more it could just recognize that the case is closed when the power button is hit and display whatever needs to go into the little window without unlocking.

No Verizon changed the backing for the wireless charging. They are shaped differently

Posted via Android Central App

Verizon had them at the store for their phones when I picked mine up yesterday.

Posted via Android Central App

I saw a video on YouTube that when you lift the case off the display slightly you can see that only the window area is lit and the rest of the display stays black.

Posted via Android Central App

But since it's not AMOLED this is not like Motorola's trick of just lighting up part of the display. It's IPS LCD, so the whole thing is lit up and therefore doesn't use less battery this way. A bit of a shame really. LCD is super sharp, but AMOLED does save juice.

How does this do with Verizon's modified buttons? I'm going to be getting a G2 on VZW, so I'm starting to look for cases. These buttons have me worried.

Totally wrong, Verizon had them in the store for their version yesterday.

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I have the ATT model, and just picked up this case at Verizon, still on the fence about it....classy looking case, but still not sold completely...better than the Samsung once at least imo.

I put one on my G2 yesterday and it's great. I much prefer it to the OEM case on the Note 2.

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This type of case just looks awkward to hold while open.
Does the flap fold behind the case?

Not familiar with flip covers in general, but the ability to answer a call with it on is sweet. Is that unique to this phone/accessory?

Now if the Nexus 5 has a similar flip cover, there you go.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

I am hoping we see something similar for the next Nexus phone as well, heck I wish I had one for my N4.

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"(Samsung's is just for viewing, not touching, so there's that.)"

Uh, that's not entirely true - you get options for answering calls or dismissing notifications (like an event on your calendar) - both can be accomplished through the window with touch. One of the great advantages of the case is not having to open up the case (and power on the whole screen) to answer a call or dismiss an appointment - saves TONS of battery life for someone (like me) who does both all day

How does it look/feel when open and talking with the top flipped over? My current case only covers the back and leaves the display open because I think it would be a pain having to flip something over the back or just hanging there when playing a game

You can talk on the phone with the cover closed. There are cutouts for the earpiece and the Mic is on bottom.

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I might buy into these cases if they found a method to stop the flap from flailing and it doesn't block the camera lense.

Just FYI for Verizon customers, they have them for their version in the stores, at least my Verizon store had them when I picked up my phone yesterday.

I like everything except that nothing holds out closed, wish the magnet did that. So I didn't buy one.

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Can you use the camera and the buttons with the case completely flipped around the back?

Hmm, I don't think I want a phone that has a "Kock-on" feature. Lol @ that awesome typo!

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So does LG just hang out near the Samsung HQ and rummage through their trash for tossed out ideas and to ripoff. Samsung had these first then LG copies them directly. But in S.Korea they don't seem to sue each other over such trivial matters.

Colors? The European version has half a dozen bright colors including the really nice blue one shown here; however, when I went to the LG/USA site, I only saw black, gray and burgundy. Verizon and ATT seem to only have black for online sale. Has anyone seen any colors around?

I'm not sure if notifications will show in the window such as emails. If not, would love to see that feature added. Would make up for not being able to use Active Notifications as on the Moto X because of the IPS display. I think they could adapt nearly all the functionality to the window that active notifications brings to the Moto X. In fact, I would love to see the window work even without the case by simply using some gesture (perhaps 3 knocks).

I am hoping we see something like this for the next Nexus, especially if it's as based off the G2 as leaks suggest. I like the idea of these cases and the functionality while closed its great, less battery usage and less -finger- face smudges.

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