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When we first saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in Barcelona, it came in one color. Marble White. While white is very much Samsung's thing these days -- all recent big name devices have launched in white -- it doesn't necessarily mean it's for everyone. So then, how about this? This press image sent to the team over at PhoneArena shows a sleek black colored Note 8.0, reportedly termed as Charcoal Black. 

The usual caveats apply here though, folks. Until it's official, it's not official, so park this one in the rumor basket for the time being. But, it's not all that unreasonable to expect there to be other color variants of the Note 8.0 when it goes on sale. Nor is that unreasonable to expect black to be one of those colors. How about you guys though? Jump into the comments below and let us know which you prefer. 

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Source: PhoneArena


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Leaked image shows Charcoal Black version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


Good to see. I much prefer a dark bezel to a bright, white one. Makes for less strain on the eyes when used outside.


Exactly! I want a 7-8" solution with 4g or LTE and the Nexus 7 is looking good. I would love the Note 8.0 but not going to wait until Summer to buy. I expect it to cost more than the Nexus but I would pay more, just don't want to wait 6 months!

I hope so. I'm really wanting to do the one device only thing using a small tablet. I have a great Jawbone earpiece I use already, but I have a crappy GS1 Captivate. Was thinking of the going with a Nexus 7, but it's data only, so I'd have to use GrooveIP to work with my GV account. With this Note 8, I could just pop in my Straight Talk SIM and off I go.

The black is a slight improvement, but I'd still rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than look at either one.

I'm thinking about picking up 1 or 2 of these but I just can't help but think Samsung is going to price these too high. If they are around $249 to $299 I will pick them up. If it's more, I will pass. I have a feeling it will be $399.

Needs a Metallic Grey option like the Note 10.1

My wife wants one of these. The button in the middle is just horrid though.

Agreed. The only thing I truly hate about my GS3 is that physical button in the middle. I want the 8.0 Note... but may hang unto my 10.1 for that reason.

Looks like Samsung is out as a manufacturer for me. With this, this S4 is going to be a 6" "phone" (using that term extremely loosely) now that the latest Note is 8".

I'm on Sprint and they mostly back Sammy so I'm basically screwed. I have a sweet grandfathered plan and even if I didn't AT&T, VZW, TMo, (who all have 4.3" superphones) have poor coverage\call quality for me. Going to have to ride out on my GNex I guess. :-/




I stopped taking you serious when you said the S4 is going to be a 6 incher..
That would make it larger than the Note 2 and it's safe to say that won't happen.

I think the way they name the note line is a bit confusing to some people. But, if you want a high-end non-sammy phone on Sprint, the LG Optimus G is pretty sweet.

I know, those LG flip covers can confuse ya...

The galaxy s4 will not be a 6 inch phone and this isn't the Note 3. This is a medium tablet. Dont get it wrong and over exaggerate the whole thing.

And black is nice.. Cool

Like the looks of this. Might get me to retire my android thinkpad tablet. More of a device that I will carry around, and still integrated stylus. Might just be perfect...just need a price.

Definitely looks better than the white one.

I don't understand why so many people think of this as a phone. It's a tablet with calling capability. Just like all Samsung international tablets.

Much preferred to the White one.

Now I'm waiting for the next version with updated hardware

1080P screen
Exynos 5 octa or better
64gb or 128 Gb internal storage
Much better battery life that offers at least 24 hours of on screen time
Much thinner and lighter
More premium look and feel
Better sound quality

I really like black phones and tablets. My one concern about the latest Samsung releases was that they all came in white or titanium gray. I've always avoided white (not sure why) & I thought the titanium gray looked kind of cheap. When I went to buy my Note 2, I had decided on the gray one... only one problem... everyone was sold out. Being impatient, I decided it was finally time to break down and get a white phone. Now that I've been using it for a month, I actually think the white looks sharp. It stays clean, it's bright (not annoyingly), and does not look cheap.

I'm actually glad I didn't get the gray one.

(I've got to admit that I'd still take black)

ok, tell me this wouldnt rock, if your rear cam could constantly take video with your apps superimposed on top so it looks see thru!!! I realize that would take alot of memory, but man thatd blow folks away in HD...