T-Mobile Moto X leak

But still no indication of pricing structure or availability

Although AT&T and Verizon have both announced and launched their variants of the Moto X, T-Mobile customers are still waiting for the carrier to expand on its vague statements from the Moto X's initial launch day. Back when it was announced, T-Mobile's official statement was that the carrier wouldn't be selling the handset directly, but rather Motorola would be handling the distribution. The above training documentation obtained by TmoNews seems to indicate that Google Play, not Motorola, will be handling the sales instead.

A certain launch date or any other details aren't available at the moment, but this one makes us scratch our heads a little bit. Is T-Mobile expecting to just support an unlocked version of the Moto X? That could certainly be the case, but then we're unsure how pricing will break down. We haven't seen Google Play sell devices with contracts or financing — the main way T-Mobile sells phones — before, and we don't really see it starting now.

Hopefully we get a better feel for when the handset will be available for T-Mobile, as well as Sprint, in the coming weeks.

Source: TmoNews

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ljredeye says:

If this phone does not have WiFi Calling.......... I don't know what.

quailallstar says:

I feel your pain... :/

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NoNexus says:

Begin speculation of T-Mo getting bought by Google in 3...2...1...

the1m.polo says:

But what if Google bought T mobile????? Lol

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I had a dream, that Google bought T-Mobile; and Peter Griffin was president, and I ate cookies with Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny. No more mixing sleeping pills with Jack and Coke lol

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NoNexus says:

that dream is about as realistic as the chances of it Google actually doing it.


I can only imagine the lawsuits that would arise lol

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eahinrichsen says:

Why would you ruin a perfectly good Jack and sleeping pill cocktail by adding Coke?

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I asked myself the exact same question, the morning after lol

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jtc276 says:

Fingers crossed that the phone will be much cheaper through the Play store. But I'm ready to be disappointed.

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omarsalmin says:

I just want it to be released... SOON!

NoNexus says:

yeah don't even start with that. It isn't going to be. Motorola cannot afford to piss off anyone let alone three carriers.

jtc276 says:

I doubt the carriers would be pissed off. T-Mobile had no problem with selling the Nexus 4 for $500 and $200 on contract while it was priced for $350 off contract on the play store. That being said, it's totally not going to happen. At the lowest, maybe $500 for the 16gb.

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NoNexus says:

yeah but the carriers knew going into it that they would not be carrying the Nexus. If you put a phone out on all 4 carriers, and give one a deal to sell it 50% off, they others will be pissed.

Again, like you said. It will not happen. Not even at $500. It will be $579 like all the others.

How quickly it drops could be another story...

I would bet that this phone drops to $99 on contract by November. Maybe even $49. I don't know what that translates to when buying it from the play store but, September is going to be a bad month for Motorola.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah I think that is going to be about right. At worst it will be 129$.

I hope it doesn't do as bad as the atrix.

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Camilo4gomez says:

4.2.2? Really, no 4.3 This is sure reason why the Nexus 4 just got cut in price.

Makes perfect sense with their current plans but I'll wait for n5 or something else

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moosc says:

It was already mentioned by T-Mobile that they wherent going to carry it in store or through there web sight.

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Wish I had web sight. Like Spiderman.


hpham72 says:

Ugh, saw this days ago on Tmonews.com. I was hoping for news of an imminent sale on the Play store! Seems some people have bought the AT&T branded device through motomaker.com outright and unlocked it for use on T-Mobile. I would prefer no AT&T branding but how long must I wait?

Amir47 says:

But the AT&T one doesn't have T-MO LTE bands....

frankly1100 says:

AT&T's website does mention the Moto X having LTE bands 2, 4, 5, and 17. I do believe T-Mobile uses band 4. I know LTE works perfectly for Metro PCS customers who have gotten GSM devices, as they advise you to bring unlocked AT&T phone for proper 3G and 4G compatibility.

Amir47 says:

Good point. I think AT&T even uses the 4 band in select markets

From what I have heard, when you customize the phone there is no carrier branding.

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hpham72 says:

From the images of customized phones people have posted, there is an AT&T logo on the back.

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At&t phones will definitely have a logo on the back, custom or not. Is not bag though, look at Verizon's logos.

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K_O says:

Makes perfect sense. T-Mobile is no longer doing contracts so this is just another step of decoupling phones from carriers. Buy the phone and bring it to the carrier of your choice. Now I just need T-Mobile to get their network up to par with ATT and Verizon. If they covered my area with LTE I'd switch from Verizon as soon as unlocked Moto X was released.

Saturn1217 says:

This news (and its source) is a couple of days old now. Is there a particular reason that only now other sites like androidcentral and phandroid are picking up the story? Other inside info? Or just late to the party?

Still hoping some miracle software can remedy camera issues. I'd love to have that form factor as my next phone!

moises1204 says:

maybe tmobile feels that Motorola asking price is to high for this phone! and for what i seeing so far i have to agree.


As long as I still can try out the Moto X without having to go to the nearest AT&T or Verizon store, okay

Perhaps this has already been posted, but that's a Jive site, so I don't even know how this would be public/real? Jive is usually for internal company social networks...

bhatech says:

Hopefully just the unlocked without the carrier crap. Motorola release the darn unlocked version already.... How long you have to be in bed with the useless carriers.

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PRyan0417 says:

What if this is part of a secret move by T-Mobile to stop selling handsets all together. When you consider that they already don't subsidize phones anymore and are very supportive of Google Play/Nexus phones (aka: unlocked phones), I don't think it's that far fetched. T-Mobile has been known to make really bold moves in the past; bold moves that the larger carriers, and the industry as a whole, have started to take notice of.

Nate5661 says:

It's a little annoying the games the phone manufacturers play with the carriers. First, only AT&T, then Verizon, now Sprint... eventually T-Mobile. Accepting radio differences and FCC certification, this feels manipulative. Reminds me of when the movie companies used to stagger movie releases around the world, sometimes by as much as six months, until the Internet gave them a wake-up call that if they wouldn't release, consumers would just "acquire" the content on their own.

I would have bought this on day one, even at full price. The way things are going, my $$$ very well might slip to whoever comes up with a smaller quality smartphone first. Fortunately for Moto, the HTC plays the same games with the one mini... maybe the next iPhone?

Of course, my individual money doesn't matter to Moto's bottom line, but it makes me wonder how many customers they sacrifice for the back-room happy ending from carrier agreements.