SGS4 leak

It's less than 24 hours until we hear everything there is to know about the Galaxy S4 at Samsung's Unpacked event in New York, but that isn't a reason to stop the leakage. The same dual-SIM variant that leaked out a few days ago is back, with plenty of details and some very clear high-res pictures.

The specs, according to the Chinese site it168 (and translated by Engadget Chinese):

  • 8-core Exynos 5410 at 1.8GHz
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU
  • 4.99-inch 1080p screen
  • 7.7mm thick, 138 grams
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB ROM
  • microSD slot
  • 2600mAh battery 

The unit is also said to have a cross-hatch textured plastic back cover, that has already cracked on this particular unit. We can't read too much into that, as the plastic on previous Galaxy S models has been pretty durable. In addition, the eye-tracking software and hover-selection feature is said to be included.

Is this what we'll see tomorrow evening? We have no idea, but doubt there would be too many complaints if it were the case. Hit the break for a picture of the back of the phone.

Source: it168; via Engadget

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Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 leak has high-res pictures, spec details


I'm not sure if mainstream buyers will be liking the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to look like the Galaxy S III if that is indeed how the phone will look like when it's unveiled tomorrow.

Highly likely that it will... that's what all their devices look like. I don't think most people will care. Apparently some people even like that look.

Personally I think this look has played out, and it's time for a complete refresh.

Personally i think it's a great idea that the Galaxy S4 looks like the current Galaxy Note 2. Great choice people will be purchasing the Galaxy S4 on day one.

Completely different from the 4 to the 5. I mean the headphone jack for the 5 is on the bottom now and the sensor is OVER the speaker now instead of next to it! Sheesh. Completely different phones.


Seriously? The iPhone 5 body was completely restructured with new material, ports were upgraded and shifted around, a brand new screen was implemented (besides size), the speakers were revamped, the internals were all upgraded and the overall device has been slimmed down. I guess anyone will say anything to discredit Apple in any way that they can.

Have you seen one in the wild? At first glance the 5 is easily mistakeable for the 4(s)especially if they have a case on it. FACT....

If so many people bought the Galaxy S3... why wouldn't the public want an improved version of the phone that has a similar aesthetic theme to it???

I don't really think it's going to be much of a problem. Apple, Motorola,and Samsung's core design of their smartphone hasn't changed much over the years. They still sell very well. HTC and LG are two companies that change designs a bit, but recent line of smartphones has looked very similar, until the HTC One for HTC.

I think the large upgrade internally would be a reason for people to buy this over a S3 or Note 2 that looks similar physically.

And something else people need to realize is that the reason HTC is being so bold with their designs is because they are struggling for sales... so they are trying to get attention. Samsung is now established... and have a certain design language... so they don't need to take big risks on the appearances of their "next" products.

So in other words, they can be more like Apple? But in this case, it's probably ok since it's Samsung and not Apple, huh? I'm just wondering. I don't care either way just wondering your thoughts. Hypocritical or not?


When it's Apple -- they have to completely reinvent the wheel every time they create a new device, otherwise they are just doing the "same old, same old" and out of ideas. But oh... an Android manufacturer releases essentially the same device with minor upgrades over and over like Apple does and it's suddenly "OK" and still "innovative".

Who the heck said that? You just seem butthurt about it. Everybody says it's the Galaxy S3s ANNND it will sell like hotcakes just like the 4/4s.

any one thought its just the galaxy grand released and some on just did that on purpose........................
just saying its possible

anyone thought its just the galaxy grand released and someone just did that on purpose........................
just saying its possible

That processor is going to be a beast. Hopefully they announce the Galaxy Tab 3 with that same processor and the Nexus 10 resolution.

This has to be serious misdirection. Its just more horsepower. Eye tracking would be nice, but its not going to get anyone excited to buy one.

After a year, they must be coming out with something better...right?

Businesses have 2 functions: marketing and innovation. If you look at Samsung's marketing spend, they are going absolutely nuts. They are outspending all other smartphone manufacturers combined. So...where is the innovation?

It's a little depressing HTC seems to be dying a quick death because the people that aren't like us (i.e. the people that think iPhones are awesome) don't know how nice HTC phones are because they don't have commercials.

I won't touch an HTC device for multiple reasons, NONE of which have to do with commercials. I don't watch TV, so I don't EVER consider commercials as a factor. The HTC ONE is a gorgeous device though! I'll give you that :). But Plastic isn't a bad thing. It's all about personal preference. I'd rather have a plastic body and tons of updates, (look at the SGSII, still getting updates ^.^) and great features than just a "solid body"

You didn't really tell us the reasons, but I take your reasoning is not enough updates and features will keep you from HTC correct?

That has EVERYTHING to do with Verizon and NOTHING to do with HTC. Thats the problem with people spreading false statements that everyone else reads and then continues to spread.

Really? So is it Verizon's fault when I have several Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile HTC Devices that never get updates, always have something wrong (usually the battery) and while the material is durable, the coatings aren't? It must be a conspiracy by Verizon. I mean, Verizon is the reason my Evo 4G, MyTouch 4G, Sensation 4G, Amaze 4G, One S and One X all had issues! Well, the One X was MOSTLY issue free, aside from a sub par battery and lack of storage options (which I did need because of data caps and lack of wifi because I was a traveling tech at the time).

After the One X I traded it and I switched to Samsung because my fiance's Samsung Phones had much better luck.
Hell, her friend's Verizon Droid Charge had better luck, and that phone is utter crap!

Surprise to say that I know people who prefer the solid plastic construction than have an aluminium and especially glass construction.

Plastic's not bad, to be honest, plastic's just as good, most phones before the smartphone era are all made of plastic, and most are still made of plastic.

You know, I don't understand why I am so attached to phones that are made of aluminium or other high end materials, but I am.

I can't stand plastic phones. I just don't see how a $600 piece of equipment could be made from plastic. Plastic is cheap. I don't like cheap, especially on a device that I will sue very heavily every day.

HTC Finally has it down. The one thing I have always given credit to Apple for is build quality. They understand that it is important, and they are anti-cheap. Finally, we have an Android manufacturer that is willing to look at it the same way. I am purchasing an HTC One for sure. Even if the S4 turns out more powerful with a better camera, I will still go for the HCT simply because of build quality.

Htc has good build quality but htc still has to work on the fact that the newest phones from htc still don't have an sd slot, removable battery, and locked bootloaders, sure there is a developer edition but why should a person pay full price for a developer edition just to be able to unlock what a person already owns

HTC is more worried about the average person buying their phones than developers or at least people who know what a bootloader is. plus most people don't need an sd slot (especially with 32GB and 64GB options) and hardly anyone carries around an extra battery

But don't they charge 100 dollar increments per GB upgrade? 32-->64, like apple? Well, an SD card that holds 32GB is DAMN CHEAP! and that's ON TOP of the 16 I have on my phone. I use the internal 16 for pictures, and the SD card for music or videos. I'd buy the 32 or 64gb model if they were REASONABLY cheap! But we all know that they didn't pay 100 more to produce the extra 16gb in that phone... So until they're reasonably priced, I'm not touching a phone without an expandable SD card slot OR that it's reasonably priced for the 32/64gb model.

It's good you explained you don't understand why you are so attached to phones that only have 'high end' materials. Just so you know, there is more technology and intelligence behind creating polycarbonate plastic than there is in anodized aluminum.

Plastic is far more durable. Sure it is weaker than aluminum, that's the point. It's meant to absorb drops, meant to be easily replaceable etc.

Plastic is not 'cheap' by any means. It's cheaper to use plastic because not only can you get great designs and colors, it doesn't cost a small fortune to mass produce 30 million of them.

Ideally, I'd love to have a phone made out of titanium alloy, but it's not happening anytime soon. I'm also tired of the anecdotal evidence given for apples supposed build quality. Apple has great design, but their build quality isn't great. You can read millions of problems everyday. It's why so many saps shell out hundreds of dollars for Apple care. There are numerous problems that everyone overlooks. When's the last time anybody had any major problems with a one x or gs3, that the iPhone didn't have?

Do I think the HTC one is great? Hell yeah. Do I think just because it's aluminum it's automatically better than their one x was? No.

Yet "Cheap plastic" didn't hinder the iPhone 3G/S one bit. Honestly coming from an iPhone, it's really a non issue. And judging by Samsungs sales numbers it seems to be a non issue with them as well.

"Plastic is cheap"... Aluminium is the cheapest Metal on Earth! Who would have know? Right! I dropped my plastic Galaxy S1 a least 5 times and guess what, 2.5 years later its still working.

It's also the most abundant metal on earth, easily resists corrosion and highly durable AND lightweight at the same time. So it's not just about "cheap", it's about quality and durability in the same way someone mentioned above about how the plastic on these phones isn't just any ol plastic. Just like Samsung isn't putting plastic bag battery covers on our phone, Apple and HTC isn't using aluminum foil. Lastly, the manufacturing process of aluminum can be quite expensive. Just an FYI.

It doesn't have to be glass or metal to feel high end. Have you ever held the Droid DNA? That has a polycarbonate back but doesn't feel cheap at all.

Based on my one Samsung phone experience, I will never own another one. They are about as well built as a Dell Inspiron laptop. Pure garbage, flimsy just like you said. Every single time I placed the phone on a table, the battery cover popped off and the batter popped out.

I call user error on that one. The back has never fallen off mine, EVER. The S3 is VERY solidly made indeed.

are you for real, haha, the gs3 is the worth built phone from any Samsung smartphone made it the last few years.

How is it? It doesnt flex, it doesnt creek, the shut lines are tight, it survives falls, bits dont fall off, the buttons dont break. Its bad because the back is plastic?? Get over it..

yeah, i get right on telling samsung that people dont want plastic phones and they should stop making them that way. i mean, something has to change if they ever want to make a popular phone that actually sells...

Well I guess this will be the Samsung's S version of the Galaxy S3. Don't get me wrong, The S3 was the best phone of 2012.

Nexus 4 came out in 2012 so I would say that would be the better phone. Don;t confuse marketing and sales with best quality handset.

I have the Nexus 4 & I love it, Nothing beter than Stock & better design. But I had the GS3 since released & also loved until It suffered liquid damage and replaced it for the Nexus 4.

The Nexus 4 was mediocre at best, let's not confuse fact with fiction here. The camera is garbage, and the phone itself gets hot as the sun after a few minutes of browsing the web. I went back to my GS3 after only a few weeks with the N4, as I couldn't find any reason other than the stock Android experience to keep using it.

I agree. Its nicely made, but glass is a fail whether the device runs Android or iOS. The soft keys are a fail, stock android is featureless, the updates aren't even guaranteed on some variants. Oh yeah the Camera SUCKS.

are you for reall, I can't believe people like you exist, you are saying you like fisher-price plastic better the high quality plastic and glass, If glass is so bad I wonder why the iphone has stuck with it for 3 years now. Its bc there is no squicking and phone feels like a premium device and not some toysrus product like the gs3. Not to mention that the nexus 4 beast the gs3 in almost every other spec, has better screen, stock android and wireless charging. Unbelivable. I have owned every single high end product and recently went back from a Note 2 to Nexus 4 and can easily say that the only phone that I have used thats better then the Nexus 4 thus far is the HTC Droid DNA.

The S3 back is glazed polycarbonate, the SAME material as other plastic high end devices. Its tougher than glass and easily replaced if it is damaged. Its the best thing to make a phone out of end of story. If Samsung went all glass for the S4 it would be no less dumb than Apple or LG going it.

Who knows why Apple does anything? Why is their screen still a shitty little thing, why is iOS so ugly?

The N4 screen is average at best, dont try to talk it up it makes you look stupid. Stock Android is over rated, its Googles take on an interface, just because its stock it doesn't make it best, i think it lacks features and is bland, I disagree with the softkeys immensely.

The S3 doesn't squeak or creek, its just as solid as any open backed phone. Sure the N4 is more solid, but you pay for it with no SD card or Battery slot. Thats not quality, thats a heavy compromise i do not want to make.

Exynos delivers a better experience than the S4 Pro. While the S4 wins most benchmarks they dont tell how it FEELS to use. Samsungs optimisation are superior and it shows.

You seem unable to accept someone else opinion. Nexus is a niche product, beta at best, deeply flawed at worst. Its not even a guarantee of timely updates any more!

enjoy waiting till the phone is obsolete for some proper hardware support from aosp based roms. thanks for an impressive hardware package once again samsung, but no thanks for the trash you sell on top of it.

I prefer modded stock ROMs to AOSP ROMs. Never seen a good one on ANY device.. included the Nexus'.

Christ I hope this isn't it. How uninspiring. The s3 was a sweet design, but this..with the massive gaping cam hole in the back is just..not....not premium enough. I'd like to go from s2 to s4 but if that's it ill seriously consider n4 or the one

If you want a premium device, HTC is your friend. There is nothing more premium then the HTC One, neither there will be this year. Simply nothing on the Android market can come close to HTC's build quality and precision. And that was speaking only from the hardware point of view. When it comes down to software, Samsung is so far behing with their cartoonish, 2d graphics, gingerbread colours and animations!

Looks like a smaller note 2, not the s3. I like it to be honest. If the US version has the 8 core CPU ill buy it.

Why not? First off, you assume an 8 core chip means no LTE, which may not be the case. Second off, where would the S4 launch without LTE and an 8 core chip? Europe is getting LTE slowly but surely, so it makes no sense to release an S4 without LTE when they will have to make another one with it. Hell, the European S3 has LTE now. I don't seem them making it without LTE. I have my doubts about this phone having that 8 core chip in it. It could be possible, but I think that the Note 3 will be the first phone with it and this will get the quad core one originally thought to be in it.

It looks like a mix between the s3 and the note 2. If this really is the s4i will hold off and keep my note 2 longer. I would probably go with the htc one but I'm too used to the big screen on my note 2. Was just catching up on arrow... how I love the sclove the metal body of the htc one but I love my note 2 more. ove my note 2 more. If the note 3 is really going to be bigger I hope it's only screen size and not the whole phone. The note 2 is perfect right now in size.

I am a fan of all on-screen buttons personally, so unless this phone has some incredible features, I may stick with my Nexus 4. On another note, I've had many HTC phones and they all had the same problems: power button eventually stopped working, crappy rear speaker, and dust under the screen. While the design may be nice, I don't see what the big deal about them is.

I have the Thunderbolt still (Just waiting for the right phone to come along). I have never had a problem with the power button or with dust under the screen. Crappy rear speaker, yes. Connection problems before the ICS update yes.

I work out at the gym three times a week and use it to record the weight-lifting info. I turn the phone on and off between each and every set. Sometimes several times between sets to read emails or messages. No problem with the power button.

No shit! LMFAO! I could care less, for the most part, about the plastic vs. metal argument. It really depends on the type of plastic and a personal preference. But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a cracked HTC One yet.

Yeah, its funny because if it was a glass back it would be shattered and not user replaceable.. Or if aluminium scratched to hell and dented.. and not user replaceable.

At least alluminum can absorb and take repeated hits. My going on 3 years Nexus one has survived 2792 drops so far, including such events as being tossed out a window of a moving car, used as a kickball, and dropped out a third story window. Most drops have hit the alluminum frame, and I have only needed to replace my screen once.

Yeah nice troll there.. Oh and if you had'nt noticed car bumpers are plastic these days not metal.. I wonder why??

Because properly engineered polycarbonates when mixed correctly offer ligheter weight, greater shock absorbance, and lower manufacturing costs than metals? This does not however mean every plastic of every thickness is going to be better than aluminum or titanium. It comes down to the chemical nature and manufacturing process used. If the material is to ridgid, the shock moves through the device and components may shatter. Not ridged enough and while the casing will be fibe, your glass screen and PCB are still going bust. Alluminum happens to be one of the better materials for that sweet spot in phones, along with medim density polycarbonates. The problem with many phones id they stray really close or beyyond that 'too flexible' side of things, and to top things off have poor texturing choices, making them feel as others have stated, "cheap"

Thats the issue though, the S3 is NOT flexible. The back is because its thin and it absorbs inpact very well, but the actual unit itself is very strong. The S3 actually does have an Aluminium frame, like any other premium phone, which is the best thing to use, but on the outside? No really, no.

It looks nice, but it marks up terribly. It feels nice for a month then looks awful.

Wow, pretty clueless comment there. Car bumpers are plastic/composite for many reasons, precisely because they are weaker than metal. They are designed to crush ON PURPOSE, absorbing the energy of an impact and greatly reducing the amount that gets transmitted to the passenger.

It's amazing how people with 0 knowledge of something try to translate something being used for totally different reasons for something else in order to justify or add credibility for it being used in their favorite smartphone. So many of these "geniuses" say the dumbest things. They'll support whatever materials of the phone they are using. The use useless facts, inaccurate or misleading information to get it over on people. The joy of being an Internet geek.

Wow, pretty clueless comment there. Car bumpers are not made out out of plastic that are designed to crush. the real bumper of a car is still strong metal wrapped in styrofoam. the connection to the body and the ends of the body itself are whats designed to crumple and absorb energy.

the bumpers are plastics because they can actually hide damage. they are now just bumper covers. that way, if you hit something slow enough, they will pop back into place minimizing the appearance of damage even if the real bumper got moved a little bit


Apple has quite a good Camera but HTC's One Camera is better. .

Even Nokia's 920 gets a 66 at DxOMark .

Sony's Camera is not better, in any way. A few People have purchased the HTC One and are using it already, first impressions are positive and more extensive Reviews are coming soon.

Let us keep HTC's Camera (and not replace it as you suggest) the Sony Phone Camera was nowhere near as good as we had hoped that a Sony Camera would be.

Actually the One cam is great in low light, really great, but in good light its soft and pretty average, if even that.

Didnt they fool us last year with these leaks last year and it was totally different?
This design look ok but im not dropping my note 2 for it.
I think we are at a point now where its about features not just the look of the phone?

I hope Samsung are the ones doing the "leaking" and performing some impressive misdirection with fake leaks or else tomorrow's event will be quite boring.

the "octa-core" processor is definitely over-kill. I hope no other phone has one. Even if the battery is better than the competition. I would really like to know how the 8 core battery life compares to 4 cores so i can choose between the one and the S4. leaning towards the one tho

I dunno I think we're all being played and will be shocked tomorrow night. i don't think they would go all out for a s3 refresh.

The S3 is a great phone but I wasn't expecting the S4 to look so alike...sigh. Never owned another phone other than a Nexus but I would go with the HTC one in this case =)

Samsung is just above mediocre as far as phones go "IN MY OPINION". They give you a lot of menu options which is great, but for most of us who are going to be rooting them in the same week we bought the phone....The menu options quickly become obsolete. For best new flagship of 2013 so far it looks like HTC has it in the bag. People will hate on the HTC One of course but only because they feel it's the new trend. I personally wouldn't buy the same looking phone with new internals. If it's new then I want it all new.

Hands down as soon as The HTC One is released in the U.S I am selling my Nexus 4 (Still has factory plastic on front, back & on the charger....Any takers? Make me an offer) and will be purchasing that sexy phone. Can't wait to use the dual front speakers (been waiting for this feature since Windows phones were on top) and see the amazing pictures that 4mp camera will produce. I have always been an HTC fan, but I admit Samsung did pretty good in 2012 with a "FEW THINGS", but HTC has learned and will have a better year.

This DOESNT look like the S3 at all. whatever it is it look at leasts as different to the S3 as any HTC has to any other.

Its more square than the S3, its uses different textures, its slides and front are flatter, and the surround is different. Whatever this is S4 or not, it looks much nicer than the S3, not so rounded and pebble like.

It does look slightly better than the S3, but there is not much difference. Looks like they went the way of the iPhone as far yearly phone release with minimal changes to the exterior.

I think the Chinese are a little confused we're waiting for pictures of the S4 not the S3 they've displayed here.

Impressive internals but come on - the same old design. I loved the specs/screen of the S3 also but hated the plastic feel of the phone plus it never felt secure or comfortable to hold hence I only had it 2 months before selling it on. I'm well aware that my opinion is in the minority as the public seemed to love it (going by sales). Is this is indeed the actual design, i'll be giving it a miss. I think HTC (One) and Sony (Z) have nailed it this year but i'm sceptical about their flagship phones being made redundant every 6 months or so

I completely disagree about the comfort. The iPhone and the One X were nothing like as comfortable to hold as the S3, the One will be cold because its metal, and its too square, so will dig in.

There is another overlooked facet of the choice of design for this phone should it actually be the Galaxy S4. By utilizing a very familiar & similar design language, Samsung is creating a 'look identity' that can be almost as valuable as any marketing. Think of the iPhone. They are near instantly recognizable by even average people. And of course the accessory makers have shelves full of various cases, speakers, skins, docks, etc etc etc. The Galaxy S3 captured some of that attention last year & as a phone was really the first based on Android to remotely come close to having that kind of aftermarket adoption/availability or brand identity. All due to the consistent design language across all carriers worldwide & that got the aftermarket partners on board.

Whether we like it or not Apple got this right with the iPhone as well. HTC could take a lesson here & follow suit as well. The days of putting out dozens of phones to sell a handful here & there & try to offer support for them afterwords are over.

Agree. Exactly what BMW does with their signature kidney grille look so anyone instantly recognizes it as a BMW.

It's good that HTC is bleeding money like a river and all 5 of their fans are here posting. Good thing it's machined out of a hunk of aluminum with a locked bootloader, a battery that can't be removed and no sd slot. Yep, HTC really gets it...

Agreed, most people put a case on the phone anyway.........maybe Samsung and the other OEM's should design a really nice slim case and include it with the phone. Haha.

The average user doesn't switch out there battery, they just charge it and most people don't even know what a bootloader is...

That is the biggest point on a geek site like this that we all forget. Poll 97 out of 100 Galaxy variant users (or any popular smartphone line) and they don't know or care. They plug it in when needed and use it. A tiny minority of us actually care about specs compared to the user base.
All but a small percentage would think a bootloader works on a cowboy ranch in Montana.

Everyone i know with an S3 appreciates the SD card, and no most don't know what a locked bootloader is.. because they don't need to know.. Think about it.

I agree that people (like me) like an SD card slot. But a removable battery or bootloader access is a non-issue for the vast majority.

True, but there is no doubt that the Samsung dev community is bigger and better than the recent HTC ones. HTC make it far too hard. If customers dont care, why bother to lock down so hard? The argument goes both ways.

I see your point. I'm just playing the huge percentages in favor of the average user when you're dealing with a giant corporate strategy like a Samsung.

Incidentally, CNBC noted yesterday that Samsung is one-fifth of Korean GDP. Wow. That is amazing. It is such a diversified company, but it's just so much bigger than people realize.

I think this design is much smarter than the S3, so if this is the S4 then im ok with it. However Samsung could be pulling a joke on us.

Why do geeks cry so much about sd cards and removable batteries? Most people could care less. The S4 will be a good phone but I'm going with the HTC One.

"Geeks" have been whining about these things for years over the iPhone. So I think they're consistent just HTC is now included in their moaning. I'd imagine that some of the HTC fans that once also criticized Apple for not having these things now approve of them. Of course now all, but many. Either way, I don't care about the removable battery as long as I can make it through the day with my usage and SD if I have storage options.

Does the front appear to have many more sensors top right and bottom left/right than the S3? That all looks new, yes?

One again HTC you have screwed yourself. Many people will skip the One because of the processor in the SIV. The One should have been on sale a month ago.

I think you mean "Many phone spec geeks may skip the One because of the processor in the SIV." Any of the current processors are plenty fast for daily use for the masses. The S3, this SIV, the iPhone 5, HTC One X/EVO, HTC One are all plenty quick for almost anyone that doesn't geek out on Speedtest stats. (I'm not saying you don't want it fast, but many people will be happy with either)

LOL, guess what? If you live in the US the processor will be the EXACT same one as the one in the HTC One. So ummm care you edit your statement?

Thats a rumour still, and I don't know if you have noticed but 96% of the world DOESN'T live in the US.

Yes, just like the S4 existing was a rumor at one point to, but judging who the quote came from, you can pretty much stamp it. US is getting the snapdragon whether you like it or not.

What? The Snapdragon 600 in the One has faster cores than the Exynos 5410, so it should feel faster in day to day use. Having 4 faster cores is far superior to having 8 slower cores on Android. Plus it should use less battery. The people that think more cores and higher frequency are always better can enjoy their inferior device.

You guys aren't getting my point. Non phone geeks will be told by the salesperson that the SIV is an 8 core where the One is a quad and that will sell phones. We know better than to just look at that processor label.

They need to kill touchwiz...Look at the massive waste of screen space caused by the crazy margins around the dock. Looks like more reason to keep using nova/apex.

As much as I love me EVO 4G LTE, I think I'm going to have to seriously consider going back to Sammy... The lack of a micro SD slot is a dealbreaker in the HTC One. So unless Sprint convinces them to retool it into another EVO, it's going to be Samsung for this little black duck.

For what though? What does our EVO LTE not do well in daily use? I'm certainly not leaving it for Blinkfeed.

after reading just about all the posts here it seems to me that the general consensus is that the htc was close but fell short in a few major areas. like myself, a new owner of the S3, and previous owner of a S1, and S2, can and will swear by them. I am excited about the arrival of the S4, as well, checking out the leak of the possible or actual specs, and some of the new featuresand simikar design. with that said, I do agree with Rob White, wit the importance of brand identity and the ability to acquire all the aftermarket add ons and updates one wants. it is true that Samsung's main product is the Galaxy family. I do have to agree with Apples marketing and consistency in the Iphone and the international recognisability of the product. Galaxyy just about has it, no lets tru and keep it. Faithfully yours, one of the many android deciples

HTC One for me. Especially with the trade in deal. After the rebate the 64gb will only be $199. Who cares about a removable sd when you have 64gb of space.

If this is really the final design, HTC One Here I come. I get sick of phones quickly. I had the GS3 and was ready for a new device in less than a year and got a Nexus 4 to tide me over. Getting the GS4 will remind me too much of the GS3 and won't really feel like a new phone. I might just stick with my Nexus 4 for a while. The SW features don't matter to me as I always flash AOKP on my devices (I'm biased since I'm on the AOKP team :P)

Wonderful gs3 gs4 or iph4s /5 I gota buy one of these they all do my needs and wants just lost on Which one money is not an issue

If the Galaxy S4 has the physical home button, hopefully they will do the same as with the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. The Skyrocket LTE version didn't have a physical button. I know the S4 has LTE, but hopefully they will put out a second version.

I wish I could like HTC. I think they are better phones than GS3 however I just can't. I own the S3 because i am willing to take ugler and cheaper feeling phone that has SD card and Replaceable battery. Those are my trade offs. If HTC would have those two features they would have outsold the S3. It is simple.