Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition

Following on the heals of it's more terrestrial brother, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition on Verizon is getting an update to Android 4.4 KitKat. It was just five days ago that the Wi-Fi-only version was updated, and today Verizon has released that same update for their cellular radio-equipped version of the tablet.

The update brings everything we know and love about KitKat, including immersive mode for full screen apps, improved multi-tasking, print services, and multi-user mode for, well, multiple users. Additionally, Samsung improvements on top of that bring tweaks to S Note, Chrome, setup wizard, and more.

The update for the Wi-Fi version weighed in at a whopping 550MB, and we'd expect about the same here. Those of you that happen to own a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - 2014 Edition, go ahead and download away and let us know what you think about your shiny new OS.

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KitKat update arriving on Verizon's Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition, too


I'm not even going to complain anymore. All I have to say VZ hurry up with Note 3! Ok I'm done.

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Amen, brother. How can the Note 10.1 have it and all VZW Note 3 owners are still waiting?! I never thought I'd go back to AT&T, but AT&T's LTE build out catch-up and these ridiculous VZW update delays are becoming reasons enough to consider switching.

I know it won't help, but it'll probably make you feel better: I have a FACTORY UNLOCKED Note 3, and guess what? No KitKat update for me, either. The region my phone came from hasn't received the update yet ¬¬' And this is straight form Samsung. I did get the Note 10.1 2014 update, though... So far, so good. Except for the new multi-window toolbar. I just don't like how it's implemented now; it's fixed (you can't move it from one side to the other), always active, and I keep making it appear by accident when touching the side of the screen, especially when scrolling pages while reading or using Flipboard.

Just slide down the notifications bar, swipe the easy switch toggles to the left, and turn of the multi-window. that should solve your problem.

Thanks, but I DO use the multi window feature, so I don't want to turn it off, I just liked that I was able to hide/unhide it before with a button and, especially, that I could choose where on the screen I had the toolbar. Now, it's always on the right but I must admit I kinda like it being a HotSpot rather than having the small tab visible all the time. I just wish you could move it to the left and adjust the HotSpot to a 'less popular' area of the device.

I read the first part " KitKat update arriving on Verizon's Galaxy Note..." and I got excited for my poor Note 3. Then I kept on reading and I got bummed. Oh well, the wait continues!

By my bad experience with the kitkat download, Immediately following my screen started freezing and going black and my phone stopped working all together I had to factory reset. Please check out what I say. In Google Search type in Update kitkat screen freezing and turning black and read all the issues.

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We are T-Mobile received the Kit Kat Update about a month ago. Be careful what you ask for. Hope it's VZW working the bugs out.

This comment rings so true to me right now. I was laying down and wanted to watch something from my Playstore collection and after just a few minutes of casting to Chromecast it started telling me that my system UI had stopped working. I had to hard reset to get it to fix itself then it just did it again after I started up Chromecast, im not sure if this has anything to do with the screen mirroring issue or what but its certainly whats causing the crashes as once I stopped using Chromecast it didnt happen again.

What about the regular version? (SCH-I925) how can one tablet get it while the other does, there is no real difference in the two, wtf Verizon

Ok, lets try this.....I command you Verizon not to release kitkat for the Note 3 this Friday. Maybe reverse psychology will work on Verizon :P

I've got the Smp600 ( Note 10.1 2014 wifi) but live in Australia. Nothing about upgrades here yet

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For the record I loved this update, until I wanted to use movies from my Playstore and broadcast them to Chromecast. Now I am getting this strange "system UI has stopped working" message and you have to hard reset it everytime it pops up. I am running a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 WIFI edition and I havent been able to broadcast to Chromecast without this error since the update.

I want to tell everyone that I downloaded the new update kitkat and everyone can look it up to mm are sure what I am saying is happening to a lot of people already. As soon as I downloaded the kitkat update my Galaxy Note 3 stopped working all together. Issue were the screen froze up and the screen was black would not do anything. I had to take out the Battery 3 times. Since I went and took my phone b ask to factory settings and it was like brand new I have had no issues since. I just do not want people to go through what I did. It was a Horrible experience. I was truly upset because I have only had my Not 3 for a few months and it freaked me out. Today April,29,2014 I w r not to Google searched typed the issue and what do u know a lot of people reported the same problem. This is exactly what happened to me after update, Screen started freezing up and turned pitch black after I swiped down to look at notifications. After 29 of minutes past by I had no other choice but take put the battery to restart my galaxy note 3. After this happened multiple times to see if it would continue I had to ta I enjoy my phone back to factory reset like it was from the first day I got it, I am Happy to report no further issues. Please I warn you check out what I have said before you update. Once you see that what I said is true, please pass this on to everyone u know that is so concerned about why they gave not gotten their update to download. This is not a update that everyone should be in a hurry to download and cause u upset and anger and u end up not knowing what is wrong with u r phone or tablet. I b Ave learned a valuable lesson. I told my Husband about not downl I axing and he said he is not going to download it eithet

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the update works fine on the tablets (mine included). most of the problems being reported are on the note 3. I'm sorry for your inconveniences thought hopefully this problem is fix soon

My note 3 is horrible since the kit kat update and Samsung does NOT care at all. I will NOT be updating my tablet. I cannot afford to ruin two expensive items. My Note 3 is pretty much a cute paper weight now. Samsung apparently has no clue how to test an update. I'm not buying Samsung products anymore that is for sure.

Stay away from the kit kat update. It ruined my Note 3 and Samsung doesn't care at all. I will NOT be doing any updates on my tablet ever.