Verizon Galaxy S3

A resourceful poster over at XDA has gotten his hands on a pre-release version of the Jelly Bean update destined to eventually make its way onto the Verizon Galaxy SIII (S3). The device received an incremental 4.0.4 OTA just a couple of weeks ago, and its brother on Sprint has started officially receiving the 4.1 OTA, so the timeframe on this makes sense. The poster is quick to point out that this build is not finalized, with a build date of October 8th, and that he believes the official OTA will hit in the coming weeks.

Take that with a couple boulders of salt, but at least for now those of you on Verizon with the Galaxy S3 can get a little taste of the pre-release build if you're so inclined. A couple of custom ROMs based on the leaked images have already hit the forums, but as always, flash at your own risk.

Source: XDA

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Jelly Bean for the Verizon Galaxy S3 leaks out


Well there are good and bad points of this; 1 (kind of being a good point) is it beats the "Will be out in a couple of months" remark, but 2 (kind of being a bad point) is that this isn't coming from Samsungs official website. So, take that for what it's worth and not 2 boulders of salt peeps.

Is anyone else sick of "Take it with [some exaggerated amount] of salt?" Every time I see that phrase I wanna scream.

yeah but then you can't have the ROM you are using and one you want to try on the phone without running out of room

some new things that i have noticed since installing it.

- S Voice is improved. better responses. but sometimes hangs on responses.
- holding the home button brings up the same old multitasking menu but now offers a direct button to google search
- under developer options they have brought back the "Stay Awake" function. i have missed it and happy i dont need an app for that any more.

those are the things i have noticed besides whats in the change log.