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After it began rolling out on certain British carriers last week, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has this morning started to hit unlocked handsets. Those whose phones are parts of the "BTU" (British unlocked) region can now grab the 284MB update over-the-air or through Kies.

In addition to bumping Samsung's flagship smartphone up to the latest version of Android, this software update also adds a number of new features to TouchWiz. These include "blocking mode" for better control over notifications, alerts and callers, and an optional new "easy mode" for the home screen launcher, which automatically populates it with useful widgets. And, as it's Android 4.1, you get features like the new Google Search app with Google Now, and performance enhancements thanks to Google's "Project Butter."

If you've picked up your update, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on. If you're still waiting, head to Settings > About device > Software update to see if your Jelly Bean upgrade is ready yet.

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Jelly Bean update hits unlocked UK Samsung Galaxy S3


Can someone upload the complete firmware file? i bought my galaxy s3 from the UK but live in Australia and have flashed it with the polish jelly bean which has afew bugs. i was hoping to flash it with the U.K one. Would be great =)))

Try, they've got a full list of firmwares depending on your country, carrier and whether your phone is unlocked or not.
Great tool if you often mess with your phone like I do :)

When is the middle east update coming? They have been mainly been updating Europe and a couple of east asia countries ...

Too bad that after the update to 4.1.1, if you root your phone and search for updates directly on the phone, it says that you're not eligible for updates.
You can still update it through Kies but everyone knows how painful it is ...

Is it really that painful? All two to three minor updates I did with Kies for my S3 and there were no problems. Is this a regional problem, a hardware problem (phone/pc) or what. Maybe people exaggerate more these days.

Well, since the phone won't update automatically because it's rooted, I have to rely on Kies to update my phone and most of the time, it's a resource hog and it always bothers me to open that application just for that while I could do it from the phone.
But I can't :(

Believe it or not, Smart Stay works in 4.1.1! I never got it to work on 4.0.4, the screen always went black after the alloted 15 seconds but now, it checks and stays on as it's supposed to.

hey. my friend bought a used unlocked s3 in the uk, but cannot upgrade to jelly bean. Where can we see if it's British Unlocked or not?