Galaxy S III

According to the fine folks at Sammobile, we might be seeing the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III as soon as August. We're certain that Samsung is in the process of figuring out the update schedule, but it's always nice to see the insiders mention that things are moving along. Of course, Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III will not look like the Jelly Bean we've seen so far, but that's not a bad thing. Samsung has a pretty good handle on their TouchWiz operating system, and whether you love it or hate it you can't deny it's feature rich and runs pretty damn well on the SGSIII's blazing hardware.

We're excited to try Android 4.1 and "the butter" on some handsets with better hardware under the hood. The Galaxy S III is sure to impress us even more with the new features and polish that comes with Jelly Bean. We'll keep an eye on this one closely.

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Internet rumor mill says Jelly Bean coming to Samsung Galaxy S III 'soon'


I wouldn't be surprised if the Galaxy S III was updated to Jelly Bean soon. With the hardware being almost identical across all variants that means Samsung can significantly reduce the amount of time it needs to develop an update.

You forget, once Samsung is done they hand it to the carrier in which we'll each have to wait on as well. That is IF Samsung actually is doing this in a timely fashion.

I'll believe it when I see it. Samsung has a bad track record on updating their devices. I purchased the S3 with no expectation of any update, including Jelly Bean.

Why do people say still say this? It's a reason that they have become the biggest cell phone manufacture! And all majority top flight phones have been updated accordingly!

For very good reasons .. you see, YES, Samsung is ringing out Jelly Bean for the SGSIII .. however, what SUCKS about it is that this release is ONLY for the International Quad-Core version .. for ALL the other variants out there .. we have to WAIT for our carriers to step up and get there asses moving .. THATS WHAT THE FELLA IS COMPLANING ABOUT. Yippeee SGSIII is getting Jelly Bean .. possible August .. as history has it with ALL our carriers, we'll be lucky if we see it AUGUST 2013.

So don't blame the manufacturer, blame the carriers. If the manufacturer makes the tech available, it's up to the carriers to implement it in a timely manner. I have a feeling this has been in the works with the carriers and the wait won't be very long.

ICS never came to the Epic 4G unless you flashed CM9. By the time they released gingerbread, ics was already out. It was complete BS. Not to mention, the Epic 4g was a "top flight" phone - it was THE galaxy s on Sprint.

I bought a GS3 but I have no allusions about this being a 24 month phone - which is sad. It makes me a little mad that the carriers sell phones on 24 month contracts that don't get 24 months of support.

My Galaxy Tab 10.1 begs to differ. It still hasn't received any ICS update yet. And being a wi-fi version, there is no carrier involved.

I'd bet you will see JB on GS4 first before you see it in GS3, at least that's how it always works in the past in US.

"As early as August" means August 31st. And after a few "delays", it will get pushed back about a month or so to September 31st. That's the soonest I'd expect it.

"As early as August" means late August for Europe, late September for some US carriers, and May 2013 for Verizon Galaxy S3

... and the Verizon Siii will get the update "soon" after all of the other Siii versions get Jelly Bean. Verizon "soon" is like calling a few lightyears of distance, close.

Sounds about right. Went from a vibrant to the nexus (Verizon) because I wanted the timely updates. Don't know if I'm going to laugh or cry if the S3 gets the update before my nexus. International version or not. Love my N7 btw!

The Developer community will have a Android 4.1 rom available for all the S3 variants by early August. Doubt Samsung gets it to the phones by August, especially Verizon.

Is a quick update a hint that they've been working on an S III equivalent Nexus device?
Like the Nexus S was a similar animal to a Galaxy S, and the Galaxy Nexus was similar to an SII?

The Verizon GS3, with its locked & encrypted bootloader, might see it come end of Q1 2013. Maybe.
Damn you Verizon, for having the best network and the worst device-support track record.

Anyone really believe this with Samsung's past history with updates? I do not. I do believe the GS3 will get it but there will be many delays.

Galaxy Note should get first then G3 and I do not like favortism to which Samsung devices gets and all samsung devices with dual core proessors should all get the same time.

It really doesn't matter when SGS3 will get Jelly Bean...I feel ICS definitely does the job and handles pretty well on this phone. Jelly Bean will come, but I don't see why people get bent out of shape or frazzled about an update that really is more of luxury rather than a necessity.

SGS3 for me easily the best phone I've ever had...Samsung and the carriers will bring out the updates as they patience or mod

Samsung will get the jelly bean update pushed out to all by September to solidify their position and also slow down the launch of the new iPhone 5. That would be a great strategy IMO. Galaxy S2 & 3 with jelly bean will put some heat on Apple. Also can't forget Razor Maxx, HTC One S and One X. Let the Android onslaught commence.

Samsung doing great they gave s2 ics as promissed now s2 & s3 to get there jelly bean unlike HTC promissing there Desire HD ics then cancelling it leaving angry owners jumping ship to a s3 or nexus. HTC have shown how they play with there customers & there lack of support there losses this year is showing customers have lost any loyalty to them. The one series with no memory card & internal battary is another factor along with there phones having lack of memory. Among other issues customers of them already complaining about. Just dont buy HTC :) big up to Samsung well done :)

Oh, people are so adorable.

Samsung dangles a carrot and everyone all of a sudden has short term memory issues. Never change Sammy.

I have a hard time believing Aug or Sept. It takes time to fuck up and bog down a perfectly good OS with something like Touchpiss.

Hope it is better quality than the Ice Cream Sandwich update they recently released for the GS2. That release has so many problems, the bug list is longer than the feature list !!

Actually, Touchwiz is the how Samsung Formats the operating system. If you are running AOSP it actually runs on a system like, MTD. This is a way the OS stores and accesses the processes of the system. MTD or even EXT4 are a lot faster at operation. If I remember that correctly.

samsung is a piece of sh*t.....august is next month people! do you really believe they'll took them almost 8 months to deliver ics to galaxy notes. in south africa(and im sure other regions) we still dont have ics. i have it on mine cause i flashed a german ics rom which is hella bugy.switches on and off on and off when it feels needs to learn software

Honestly I am very satisfied with my Galaxy S3 on ice cream sandwich it's truly an amazing device. When I purchased this device I was happy to leave it on jellybean. My intentions where to get the Galaxy Note 2 or New Nexus all by November. Either way I know jellybean will arrive on the Galaxy Note 2 without fail and Samsung will launch that device on all carriers just like they did with the Galaxy S3 this summer. As for the New Nexus specs wise it won't compare to the Galaxy Note 2. Looks like my next device to go along with my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile will be the Note 2. This is going to be the best holiday season in a long time and Samsung will be leading the way.....

Is anyone else reluctant to upgrade to Jelly Bean because of the loss of Adobe Flash??

Also, sometimes having to wait to update to the new Android is a good thing. It gives developers time to "develop" so when you get your 4.1 you're not having to wait on your favorite apps to support it.

Nope. I've used flash maybe 5 times in the last year. I simply don't care anymore. Adobe has stopped supporting it. Time to get off it before it really starts to hurt.