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According to forum reports, the unlocked, international HTC One X (that's the One rocking Tegra 3 as opposed to Snapdragon S4) has received another small over-the-air update this morning, bringing the device up to version 1.29.401.11. This one's smaller than some previous One X OTAs, at just 14MB, and according to early reports it fixes issues with screen flickering and USB storage, though the dreaded Wifi disconnection bug apparently remains.

If you're running an unlocked One X, be sure to grab the latest update (Settings > About phone > Software updates), and let us know in the comments if you're noticing any major differences.

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Reader comments

International HTC One X gets minor bug fixes in new OTA


after this update i get hiccups when scrolling thru a email in the mail app!!
anybody else have this?

Aside from the nonSD card and non removable battery I really like this phone but with wifi problems and multitasking working differently, I'm having doubts and considering either GNote or sgS3. I'm coming from a Captvte. My wifi and multitasking I use everyday at the office and home.., I had plan on getting a new phone in July. Hope this gets fixed shortly... :-(

Haven't seen this update and haven't seen the prior one either.
My phone was from the far east market area, not the EU area.

Just like icebike I have the same version of the HOX and haven't gotten a update either. I am on 1.19.707.1 seems we got left out again