Samsung Skyrocket

If you're hanging onto a Galaxy S II Skyrocket and wishing it had some Ice Cream Sandwich love on it, you're in luck. A new leak has now appeared and is available for download for those of you out there who are willing to give it a shot. The build date for this one is listed as March 14th, 2012 with the file confirming some form of officialness to it: 4.0.3 IML74K 107 release-keys

Update: False alarm for the T-Mobile SGSII (T989). Look for a working method in short order, but for now fall back.

For the adventurous, it is noted to also work on the T-Mobile Galaxy S II variation as well but like all things, you'll have to use caution when loading this thing up. The potential for things to go wrong is there, so keep that in mind. For the moment, Windows users only can make use of the file but hopefully that'll be sorted for Mac and Linux folks soon. Hit the source link for the download.

Source: RootzWiki


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Ice Cream Sandwich for the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket leaks out


WTF??? Where the hell is ICS for phones like oh, I don't know the NEXUS S or the EVO 3D MAYBE!!! iPhone is looking better and better. I'm about done with this release a new OS a year later shit!!!

My understanding is that the LTE drivers were the one thing keeping CM9 away from Skyrocket users. Hopefully we will get a working CM9 up this week.

Dude if you really want the new update just buy the phone that releases with it. That's what you have to do with iPhone as well. Sure apple releases their updates all at once but the update is always watered down for the last gen device. Ask Tim cook about siri for iPhone 4 or iPad (any of them)

ICS baby.. This works awesome.. Odin flashable. Way to easy. Works great so far after reboot.. Will post back my findings.. Great day for skyrocket owners

Cool pghboy...let us know your thoughts on the ICS upgrade. I'll be curious to see what you think before I download it later today.

Noob question - does my skyrocket need to be rooted for this to work? Curious. Thanks.

Never mind - just read some posts over at XDA about how to flash it and some installation issues.....

I had one issue when the phone rebooted with ICS on it. The 'home' and 'search' tap buttons did not work at all. I did a Factory Data Reset and that fixed the issue for me. Besides that, the phone works great with ICS on it.

i have the same use and i do the factory reset like u told but the bug stay in the buttons dont work u :( help

I also had issues with the home and search buttons not working, as well as my lock screen didn't seem to work either. The factory reset fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!

I have never rooted or used a custom ROM for fear of bricking my phone. I have owned it since December 3rd. In 20 minutes this had ICS 4.0.3 UCALC4 running on my AT&T i727 Skyrocket. Wifi, bluetooth and phone calls are ok. Only complaint I have is too heavy multitasking force closes stuff. So far VERY useable as a daily driver.

OK.. After playing for the past 12 hours here is what I know..

Had a few app crashes after initial install. did factory reset and working fine.. Great modem on this build signal strength and data are awesome.. I am not in a LTE area but data is consistent unlike the 2.3.6 debacle. I am a fan of touchwiz so having on top of ICS is fone with me. It is touckwiz with ICS colors and layout. Scrolling and navigating though settings and options are smooth. Internet browser is much better in ICS than GB. GB browser was crab. One thing I noticed is that the phone app lost the contacts tab in this build. I really liked that in the GB/TW setup, didn't need to use other contact app to make a call.. may not be big deal for most..

This build is solid and I will leave it until offical comes out.. probably only small tweaks in offical if any.. Playing with the build all day this build seems heavy moving around. GB used to fly around and would show hiccups here and there. This ICS plows through without issue even with 20 apps open. nothing ni particular just opened everything in site to test.. It is wierd

I just installed it, after running out of patience for the final release. It is significantly better IMO. The only issues I have seen so far are with the actual phone app: If I touch a contact, it dials them now, rather than requiring me to swipe to do so. That also means I can't edit a contact unless I go into the contacts app separately to do so. I would like that to be fixed, and hopefully it will be changed with the final release. This part looks genuinely unfinished compared to the rest.

I had to go back and reinstall all of my apps, since this wasn't an OTA update. That took some time. WidgetLocker works well with ICS. I have ICS on my Xoom, and CM9 on a Touchpad. I thought the Browser would be the same on the I727, but it is a little different. I can't tell if that's due to the Touchwiz overlay, or if it is simply the phone version of ICS.

I like to be able to individually swipe notifications away, instead of needing to clear them all at once under Gingerbread.

What remains to be seen is if I will be able to do the OTA update to 4.04 when they release that, or whatever final release ATT does in the end.

No issues with lagging keyboard, Home key not working, or other issues I have seen far.

It is still speedy, but different.. I am kind of ok with it..

Facelock is completly overrated.. Not that is one feature I was excited about but I wanted to check it out.. Data Monitor is definatley nice. Over all this is solid and my skyrocket a different device. Internet is fast and renders pages well.. Screen is much more accurate in many levels.. I am done.. Sorry I rambled.

I noticed my screen capture isn't working after ICS. I had the normal issues with the Home and Search button, but reboot and or factory reset fixed that issue. Not that I really played it, but the Need 4 Speed factory game wouldn't launch either.