HTC Ville

On Monday we met the HTC Edge, the first quadcore device that is destined for the states, and today we meet the HTC Ville, an Ice Cream Sandwich device packing all the standard specs we can expect to see next year. The HTC Ville (which is the codename) is said to be packing a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon Series 4 processor, which will power ICS on the 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED screen. The device will have a 1650mAh battery with it, and is said to run on HSPA+, and will measure less than 8mm thick. Yet another device for us to drool about for the coming months until it is announced!

Source: BGR


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HTC Ville gets detailed, another device coming next year with next year's specs


You now, if I keep reading this and other sites, I might NEVER choose a devise to replace my aging EVO 4G!!!

Too many choices...and that is a good thing!!

Haha, this is true. They keep reporting new rumored devices. At some point, you have to "bank" features and get a new phone, but you will probably regret it the next month or so after you do.

HAHAHA! I totally agree. That's the exact same boat that I'm in. I keep seeing awesome phones and think "Well, I know a bada$$ phone is just around the corner and my EVO 4G has been great to me...." And then I'm just about ready to get a new phone and then this type of thing happens. I'm pretty sure I'll just end up getting a phone early next year. I want ICS for sure so that is at least what I'm holding out for. I'm just glad that my EVO has been the amazing phone that it has been. It's not like we've been dealing with a piece of crap waiting for something better to come along.

Poor a glance it looks like Vile.

"Are you going to get the new Ville?"

"No, I'm going to wait for the Horrid or the Filthy."

I'd wait for HTC Septic, or HTC Abscess. I don't think HTC Cadaver or Regurgitate will be released next year though, I doubt their specs would be juicy enough.

At least with the cadaver you would know it would have a removable Sd card and a removable battery...

And yet (assuming it is removable) someone like Seidio will probably release an aftermarket version that is the same size but has 150% capacity.

1650 is actually smaller than some other HTC devices, but BGR said it would have an 1800 size battery.

Nice try, HTC, But my EVO3D is my first and last HTC phone. The camera is a disaster and Sense is a sick joke.... I love the 3D though. Going Nexus from now on, why not? Phones get released every 3 weeks now, might as well get the best/pure/most customizable phone and hold that for 2 years with gauranteed (almost) upates.

ok... I do not understand... The article says first quad Core device.. then it goes to say duel core snapdragon... Am I missing something?

I don't think they list all the specs. It could have one for sure. The pic is a mock-up (surely), so we can't tell from it.

The Droid Incredible had an AMOLED display initially, but they switched to S-LCD because they reportedly couldn't get enough AMOLEDs and were having the supply chain choke because of it.

It's super funny that all HTC devices looks the same - so much so that the mock-up above of the typical HTC device with the rounded corners and the Sense "bubbles" wallpaper will probably end up looking pretty close to the real device. LOL

I don't care about next year phones, what I don't understand is that how HTC is going with the Holiday season without a New Android flagship phone, The sensation XE is only a revamp so meh

I guess the Nexus Prime will be my next phone if HTC Doesn't annouce something for europe

Small battery. Bad enough Sense UI will drain it even faster. HTC - Give us the option to remove Sense if we choose to!!!

Sprint LTE is my buzz word to get me to pull the trigger. In the says of two year upgrades you have to look to the future.

While I wouldn't classify myself as an HTC 'fanboy', however, I am a fan of both their form factor and of Sense. So:

How do those against the form factor expect them to deviate from it? Is it not a part of their brand identity and really, what's wrong with it? My DInc is a solid phone both in the look and feel while I consider Moto to just be ugly and Sammy feels cheap.

I realize Sense is a heavy UI/UX/theme, whatever you want to call it, but it really is much better looking than stock and provides some well designed widgets. Why the hate on Sense pre-Android 4.0?

All those things considered, I am getting the G Nex (I think) to hold me over until I see what HTC comes with in 2012 and am currently running CM7 on the Dinc so please consider that in your response.

This is more like it. 4.3" I can handle, anything beyond that is just too much, 720p or not.