HTC One in red.

Third color option launches in the UK from mid-July

HTC has announced the launch of the HTC One in a new color option — 'glamor red.' It's the same phone we know and love in a fancy new color, and in the UK it'll be available from mid-July exclusively at Phones 4u. Currently there's no word as to whether any U.S. carriers will pick up the red version.

The red variant, which leaked out briefly a few months back, will join the existing silver and (somewhat more elusive) black versions of HTC's flagship. We've got more pictures, along with today's presser, after the break.


LONDON, June 27, 2013 — HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announces that the award-winning HTC One will be available in a distinctive, new colour. Available exclusively to customers of Phones 4u from mid-July, the new HTC One in Glamour Red packs the blistering performance and premium features that have garnered global acclaim since its launch earlier this year, into a body that makes a striking yet sophisticated statement.

Philip Blair, President of EMEA, HTC, commented, “We have always been committed to offering consumers the flexibility to share their personalities through their choice of mobile phone, whether through colour, customisation or features. The new HTC One in Glamour Red showcases the power of our flagship model in a colour that demands attention, whilst maintaining the high standards set for sophisticated design and build quality.”

Sitting at the top of HTC’s portfolio, the HTC One combines the latest in mobile innovation and design to offer the company’s most powerful experience to date. BlinkFeed aggregates multiple feeds from selected news sources, social networks and other in-phone features like the calendar or HTC Sense TV to create a customisable, real-time stream of relevant information direct to the home screen. HTC revolutionised photography with the introduction of the UltraPixel camera, for superior images in low light, and HTC Zoe, allowing you to capture the moment, not just a split-second snapshot. BoomSound brings your music to life with front-facing speakers and Beats Audio™ optimisation, placing you at the heart of the action, whether listening to music, playing a game or watching a movie on the stunning, 4.7”, Full HD screen.

Since its launch, the HTC One has attracted a host of editorial and industry awards which recognise its superior performance and benchmark design. Highlights include the GSMA’s Global Mobile Award for Best New Mobile Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2013 and Computex Taipei’s Gold Medal in Design and Innovation.

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miwaca says:

It's a lovely colour not one I'd buy for myself.

I think it looks nice but absolutely, I'd stick with my Glacial Silver htc One even still.

coronaboy10 says:

Same here. I'd prefer it black with red accents. I could rock that.

Fairclough says:

Looks beautiful

Posted via the mystical forest creatures that power this Nexus 4.

willdog12345 says:


moosc says:

That should b on vzw dam it

Posted via Android Central App

bllackkman says:

Now if they could just make it in blue

bloodbond3 says:

Should have been red/yellow as an Iron Man Edition. Think about it.

benhmadison says:

That would make sense. Normally I'm not crazy about red but this ONE looks sweet:)

bam0130 says:


that's a lovely color! The official red color of the Chinese communist party.

Eclectech says:

Wow, it is striking in red. I'm still loving my silver one though

CasterCm says:

Such a nice phone..still waiting for 4.2 update

Posted using HTC ONE via Android Central App

jeffreytz says:

I like the red back but personally I would have made the front speaker grills black, so as you look at the front of the phone it's all black and the sides and back are red. I find the red metal front parts to be jaring (I actually think that about the silver pieces of my HTC One Developers Edition as well). Sony did "red" perfectly with the Xperia ZL, an entirely black front (all screen, basically) and then the sides and back in red.

DJxDARIENx says:

HTC probably did the speakers red so people wouldn't complain about only the back being colored like they did when the white HTC EVO was released. Its really a personal opinion. I'd prefer to have the rumored blue HTC ONE more than the red one. If this releases in the US no doubt it'll be Verizon exclusive for a few months while the others get the blue (if the rumors are true)

paul-c says:

Yep, Sony does red better.

kinster02 says:

Not that I would buy a red phone but this looks nice and classy unlike that bright kiddie red on Nokia Windows phones.

MarkSeven says:

ooooh purdy..

wpavlik2 says:

That was my first thought!

duoFurious says:

Want this but already have silver... Free giveaway?

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tarund says:

If this becomes available to purchase in the U.S., I'm selling my Silver one

I would love to hope and say that this is going to Verizon!

miknxn says:

Ughhh! Pass!

Posted via Android Central App

Mobius360 says:

Still waiting for the Butterfly S to come to the U.S. come on T-Mobile, make it happen.

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automaddux says:

Oh look. Something else that isn't going to Verizon.

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RaiderWill says:

Nice phone for a Female. I'm sure no Man would be caught dead with this color.

Yaboi_Butch says:

Had HTC left the front of it black and only made the back of it red, it would have been more of a male yearning device. The decision to not only put both sides a shocking red, but to also label the particular color something so gender specific as "Glamour" begs to limit its market spectrum. I think it's a nice looking device, but, as a male, I wouldn't get it..

Posted via Android Central App

keithz says:

Total rip from the Product Red campaign and HTC isn't even donating anything. Disgusting.

artlu629 says:

Still waiting for a tie dye one. It'll be groovy.

Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

Gearu says:

They shouldn't have called it 'glamor' red... so childish.

marktrott says:

Mine is black and I think black is the best.

BobR1908 says:

Not a fan of the red. I like the black HTC One best so far however will say a yellow model would be pretty cool. I have an S4 but also own a yellow Lumia 920 and it is constantly being comolimented when I use it. Setting the compliments aside, it simply looks different and I like it.

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