Case-Mate Barely There case

Case-Mate has a pretty good reputation for making solid, affordable smartphone cases, and its Barely There case for the HTC Thunderbolt is no exception. It offers protection from scratches, dings, and other miscellaneous boo-boos in a slim, stylish form factor.

The Barely There case lives up to its name-- covering only the back and corners of the Thunderbolt, the case is noticeably skimpier than the competition. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: Barely There looks great, and adds almost no distinguishable heft or girth to the smartphone. I love how simple it is to apply and to remove the case-- there's no voodoo here, and you're not going to kill yourself trying to pry this thing off. This simplicity comes with a downside, though, as one solid drop to the floor will send the Barely There case flying off your phone. If you're a true klutz, look elsewhere.

If you're looking for some added style for your Thunderbolt and aren't worried about maximum protection, the Barely There case is a slim, lightweight, and durable choice. It comes in your choice of Black, Pink, and Metallic Silver, all of which look really nice on the Bolt. The Barely There case is on-sale now in the Android Central store for $17.95.

Case-Mate Barely There case

Case-Mate Barely There caseCase-Mate Barely There case

Case-Mate Barely There caseCase-Mate Barely There case

Case-Mate Barely There caseCase-Mate Barely There case

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Jay005 says:

I had a Barely There case for my og EVO & it worked pretty good. Dropped my phone twice (once at an angle & once flat on its face) and the case took most of the damage on the angled fall. I enjoyed the case because it didn't add bulk to my phone & allowed me to get to my battery & sd card quickly.

ARich91 says:

I think some before and after/comparison shots on case reviews would be cool

SPD says:

I have this case and it is awesome. Can't even tell its on. Best case out there for sure.

bigddyz says:

So they make one for extended battery backs

LilTmac2003 says:

Phew. I'm glad this review came out before the review of the EVO 3D.

Hand_O_Death says:

How is it for protecting face down falls? is their enough to it to stop the screen from scratching?

Jay005 says:

No, there is nothing saving the screen from scratching if your phone takes a fall face first. I have a barely there case for my EVO 4G & dropped it once face first. Luckily I had a screen protector on to take all the damage instead of the screen.

cea1203 says:

Pretty worthless case. Who can actually use there Thunderbolt without an extended battery?