HTC Sense 6 status

HTC has come forward to let everyone know the status of the HTC Sense 6.0 update for original HTC One (M7) phones in the U.S. and Canada. A look at the pretty graphic tells us that everyone, everywhere — except T-Mobile USA — has a status of "integration." This means that folks are working to get the new software working as intended on the actual hardware itself. T-Mobile's status of "development" is likely a by-product of Wifi calling integration into the new OS.

These charts and graphics are a way for HTC to be transparent with the upgrade process for the users who care. There are plenty of good reasons for this, including being able to pass the buck along to carriers who drag their feet during their portion of it all. We'll keep you updated on the progress as HTC updates their progress page with updates on the progress. We heard you like updates ...

Source: HTC USA; Canada


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HTC posts Sense 6.0 update progress page to keep you updated on update progress


this is so awesome of HTC. I love the fact that they do this now!! Wish everyone would follow their no BS approach.

OEM's, that's how you do it. Show us that youre ready on your end and let the carriers explain about why updates aren't ready on our end.

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Well, I've just got the .11 update a week ago (CID 001), so even if an "integration" graphics will be shown it'd still take a while.
Just be patient, it'll be worth it. By the end of June we'll definitely have it on our phones officially.

I'll be excited to see if this fixes problems on my Unlocked At&t One using T-mobile. I've had MMS issues on 4.4.2 and don't really want to go back down to 4.3, even though I understand that's an option. Anyone else experiencing similar?

Nice to be informed. I going to say this jokingly. If a certain Android OEM tried to display their device software update status akin to HTC's layout, I'd probably catch a cramp in my finger from scrolling through a long list of the many devices they pump out.

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Up until late last year, their update track record has been less than abysmal.

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Did you miss the thread about we will have in January, then they announced a delay? Lots of complaints there

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You're misleading again, NoNsense.

The Sprint HTC One was updated on Jan 31 and the rest followed shortly thereafter due to carrier delay with a heads up from HTC. The only one carping was you probably because of jealousy since HTC was the first OEM to update with schedule announcements like this one other than Google.

Haven't you realized everyone's on to your deceptive BS and frankly getting quite annoyed with you from the responses you've been eliciting.