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HTC this evening has confirmed in a statement to Android Central (and everybody else, we imagine) that importation of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE handsets have been delayed at the U.S. border because of a customs review. As first reported by The Verge, this likely stems from the ITC exclusion order Apple was granted last December over hyperlinks in the messaging app and browser.

HTC's official statement:

The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.

HTC has said that the issues raised by Apple in front of the ITC were trivial and would be removed from their products, but customs must review the shipments coming in after the April 19 deadline set in place by the ITC. We hope HTC's confidence is warranted, and we see the phones on the shelf, where they belong.

Opines Rene Ritchie at our sister site,

Apple's lawsuits against HTC -- and Samsung and Motorola -- stem from Apple's feeling that Android was "grand theft" of iPhone intellectual property. Basically, they believe Google partnered with Apple, had their then-CEO Eric Schmidt on Apple's board, and then not only stole Apple's ideas about smartphone technology, but gave them away "promiscuously".

The late Steve Jobs reportedly vowed to go "thermonuclear" over Android, and spend every dime in Apple's tens of billions of dollars in the bank to reap horrible vengeance upon them.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has thus far been much calmer, but every bit as deadly about patent litigation, saying Apple shouldn't be the developers for the whole world.

Currently, the HTC One X is out of stock on AT&T's website, and it looks like it may stay that way for the near future. The EVO 4G LTE is due to go on sale at 8 a.m. Friday. The status of in-store stock is unclear. A Sprint spokesperson referred questions on the delay to HTC.

Can we fix the bullshit patent and trademark office yet?


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HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE imports stalled by U.S. customs


Would someone please bomb the Apple Store!!!

I would do it myself but I'm already on the governments People That Seriously Hate Apple list.

I don't hate Apple but this is wrong, and even if they do have a point, why would the judge give then a 3 month wait before a sit down between the two companies to iron things out. Even Samsung and Apple are doing something to work out patent disputes, and at least in the US, there has been no holds on Samsung products. I also don't think Apple is 100% wrong nor HTC 100% right. But what does sux is this effecting those who want these two products are they are the real victim in this dispute. Lets hope it gets lifted.

Samsung is also a mega corporation that can simply throw money at a problem until it goes away. HTC, relatively, a David among Goliaths in the smart phone game. I would like to see Apple compete in the market on the basis of product design again rather than through the charge of petty patent disputes that seems to be their strategy lately.

i know many hate on Apple around here, but the fact that Google did steal ideas from Apple in the creation of Android is undeniable. if you fail to see that you are blinded by fanboism or you cant think outside the box... we can dislike Apple all we want around here but the fact of the matter is; we wouldn't have as sweet of a smart phone in our pockets right now if it wasnt for Apple's innovation, whether it be an iphone, android phone, windows, webos (don't laugh, i loved my pre) or what have you.

that fancy scrolling effect that acts like a rolling wheel that springs back when it hits its limit, the way full html is handled on a mobile device (ARM), pinch-to-zoom... just to name a few

hahahahahaa... you know what's funny? the article clearly states at the end that Google was influenced by Apple's iphone when designing Android. thx for proving my point by trying to disprove it... i was mistaken by just saying "pinch to zoom," i should have said "perfected pinch to zoom"

Google was influenced by numerous sources and so was Apple. One company has not denied being influenced by others; one has and has gone so far as to patent ideas built on the works of others.

Many ideas you think are Apple originals are not. The title of the article says it all, "If Android is a 'stolen product,' then so was the iPhone."

Most things are influenced by similar products, no matter the industry and product. Goes for everything from cars to washing machines. And there is nothing wrong with that. It helps products improve even the ones you don't care to purchase.

So the Chevrolet was influenced by Ford's work. Everybody who made a rubberized tire after goodyear did should be sued, according to your lack of logic. Whoever made toilet paper should sue charmin and the rest... The list goes on.

To patent a gesture is the height of idiocy. Well, except for all of the blind little fanbois like you who are straddling the top of THAT mountain.

So the Chevrolet was influenced by Ford's work. Everybody who made a rubberized tire after goodyear did should be sued, according to your lack of logic. Whoever made toilet paper should sue charmin and the rest... The list goes on.

To patent a gesture is the height of idiocy. Well, except for all of the blind little fanbois like you who are straddling the top of THAT mountain.

Hi Dutchmasta! And Apple copied the slid screen unlock and the notification par too. But the point is, it`s just business.. Out there auto maker and many things made alike, why they`re not suing each others.. Or Apple different? Apple the first to start suing people, Motorola the first company to create a mobile phone! before Apple and anyone out there, why they not out suing everyone right and left like Apple?

Certainly iOS was an influence, but to say that they "stole ideas" is silly. People are influenced by each other; car manufacturers take design cues from others, computer OS's take cues from others, etc. iOS has taken some cues from Android - see the drop down notification center in iOS 5 for an obvious example. Even the original iOS took design cues from PalmOS, and the iPhone definitely took design cues from phones like the LG Prada. It's not malicious stealing. And yes, the iPhone was instrumental in creating the smartphone market, and did set many standards (pinch-to-zoom, etc). They're not the only ones, though. Each contributor has shaped the market in various ways, and to give Apple all the credit is to ignore the numerous contributions from other manufacturers.

Let's be real here - Apple doesn't have the stones to sue Google, so it's going after the manufacturers. This is part of Apple's war against Android (which ultimately benefits no one but the patent lawyers).

You would think HTC would've cleared this up prior to releasing the phones on AT&T and Sprint. It's hard to believe HTC would try to bulk import the majority of the EVO's the week of their release.

Exactly. There's absolutely zero reason these phones should have been passing through customs 3 days before release, rather than sitting on trucks or in a warehouse stateside for at least a week. This is merely ONE of the problems with outsourcing your manufacturing to other countries.

Actually, HTC is one of the few companies that make most of their phones not in China. Most HTC's are made in Taiwan, and I've personally only seen HTC's that are made in Taiwan, but some forums online say certain models can be made in China. However, the batteries are all made in China. Samsung seems similar in that they make most of their stuff in Korea

I got news for you. If you want them to sit in a warehouse for a week before release, then the company just has to push back the release by a week.

Do you want it as fast as possible, with the chance of unforeseen hangups? Or do you want it weeks later with a low chance of further delays?


Has anyone thought about the fact that maybe the phones wouldn't be ready to export to the US until now and that Sprint could have pushed the release date back but chose to make it coincide with actually receiving the phones?

Its not outsourcing HTC is a Taiwan based company who's fabricating their phones, well these phones in China. Apple is the one truly outsourcing.

Amen dude. Apple can rot in hell with their old pal Jobs. I hope the backlash on Apple gets completely blown out of proportion.

Other then a few die hard android fans on sites like this, there will be no backlash. Me thinks you are overestimating this issue for the average consumer.

Well, finally something all Android users can get behind. I prefer Samsung devices myself, but this still tees me off to no end.
HTC One X seems to be a great phone and this delay is HOGWASH!!

Jerry is right. They need to fix this patent system!!

Interesting. Well I guess we should look on the bright side, for every day longer our phones sit in customs means that many fewer days we have a 4G LTE phone in our hands with no LTE network to use it on. LOL.

Unless you live in an area which AT&T has LTE service, and that is expanding on a weekly or monthly basis. I do feel bad for those who were do for an upgrade and the One X was their choice. While not a Sprint user, even if they don't have LTE out for it at this time, its still as great phone. LTE is one aspect but not the whole benefit, sure their EVDO could be faster but for many uses it does meet most needs, plus wifi is all around.

Jerry said "bullshit" in a post! :-O uh you know he's mad! I'm with ya Jerry, go get 'em!

Well, I guess this means I can stop hitting F5 on the Sprint order tracking page now?
Good god, fix this system U.S.!!

Who does Apple think they are the smartphone police. Whenever they see a phone a million times better than theirs they cry and try to litigate.....

Seriously I called best buy today and they said all the preoders were in. Hmmm... I shall call again.

Now I spoke to another Rep at best buy and they said they don't have the phones in and that I was wrong about being held up in customs. Only the one x was the problem becausethat all they were notified on. I told him to check android central and htc's statement. He said they should have it but I'm just suppose to check before coming in. Total weak sauce.

Every lawyer at Apple needs to follow good 'ole Steve straight to the brimstone and fires and pick up their pitchforks on the way in. I hope they all burn for pulling this kind of stupid shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed an opportunity there. Let me fix that for you: "That was so cold but I 4 1 totally agree with u on that 1". You're welcome :D

So, is HTC going to refund our money for our pre-orders?!?!?

Come on HTC, this is as much your fault as it is Apple's -- YOU knew about the deadline, we the purchaser did not!

I don't think that this means that they DIDN'T remove it;I think it means that the phones can't cross the border until it's been verified that it has been.

Am I reading that wrong?

You're absolutely right. I think that HTC's confidence in their device is a great thing. I fully expect to still have my phone Friday. At worst maybe a week from today. No one is suggesting that the devices are not allowed. Simply stating that they need to be verified first.

You are right it could be investigated tonight and passed and shipped by tomorrow it just depends on how fast U.S. Customs works!!!

Look, this sucks. No doubt. But some of y'all are really wishing death upon people over a phone? Wow.

HTC will get a judge to sign off on an injunction releasing the phones. Patience, folks.

No, we're wishing death on lawyers and executives who are truly evil, vile excuses for people, who care for nothing but abusing loopholes and legal bullshit to get richer at the expense of everyone else around them. "It's business" only goes so far. Apple is disgusting.

These phones are clearly a violation of many patents. The corners are too rounded and they did not invent a new type of polygon to design the phone in. Who are they trying to kid with 4 vertices.

* this better not be the reason i can't find the new evo this weekend

I bet it won't. And I thin Samsung is loving every moment of this, they will get their phones out in June or whenever. Its HTC who's not really doing great financially who's being hurt. Apple and Samsung are going to work this out. Similar patent issues between Apple and Microsoft with cross licenses were settled in the 90's and hold to this day. I can tell you this from people I know in a different industry that the two big boys do more to keep others off the market then try to kill each other which they can't. Biggest offenders in this is Coke and Pepsi, look at the shelves in a supermarket, both basically control that aisle with very little seen by other companies.

Really the people that we should be mad at are the patent folks. How can you patent, "you touch something on the screen and it causes an action to take place."? It's a broken system as it deals with intellectual property rights.

You know what? You're right, and Phil should give a little shout out to Apple in it too. Something subtle to let them know that we don't like how they do business.

Lol sucks for y'all rotfl this is hilarious that y'all hate apple so much but no phone company is coming clos to beating them. Android should have been exclusive to the maker that google asigned to manufacture the phone since day one. I get tired of third party phone and having to root horrible desktop syncing not saying that apple doning right either but if a google phone was a google phone than the google nexus or whatever it would be would be better even it was for the sake of updates. There should have been a seperate market for UI selection. That way it is truly custom you get the phone specs you want and the UI you want it over

If the derp had been y'all derp, then the Ui derp would be derp herp derp hilarious derp Android herpity derp herp google phone derp google derp derp der depr deprdperpdperpdprpdpepderp.




Lmao^…I dont think this will affect the release dates. It'll pass through customs and the phones will be here but I agree, this patent lawsuit b/s is so juvenile and petty at times.

I'm glad Apple did this. Long live Apple. No sense people getting this phone and then being disappointed. Prevent that from happening. Hats off to Customs for stopping this debacle.

You're such a troll, bro. But I'll bite. I have the One X, it works amazingly, and it makes the iPhone like a cheap toy. The only reason Apple filed an injunction was to keep serious competition from arriving in the US, and stealing away their isheep.

iPhones are like fine jewelry: beautiful, delicate, fragile.....USELESS. Apple sees a real threat with the new HTC phones and i don't blame them. I hope HTC and Samsung continue to rape Apple.

I scrolled for quite a bit when I finally spotted the first trolling comment.
If you had been sarcastic, note that down. Otherwise, hi troll.
Long live Apple for being anti-competition.

Um no. Sure Apple doesn't see as many iPhones as all the Android handsets out there, but Apple makes WAAAAAY more money on the iPhones then probably all the Android manufactures combined*

So I really don't think they Apple is losing as they are making money hand over fist on their iPhones and that is what matters the most to Apple and it's shareholders. And they will continue to make money no matter how many or how good the Android phones are. Accept that and then let go of the Android vs iPhone battle.

*While I have no facts to back up that statement, I am assuming it is true.

What's even more ironic is that this action will likely make Apple even more money simply due to some customers (it may be more than a few) who weren't 100% sold on getting an EVO LTE, for example, will not bother waiting and get a iPhone. Obviously, not people reading this blog, but I'd bet a number of casual smartphone customers will do so without understanding what's going on here.

Customer at Sprint store: "Oh, I was thinking about getting the new EVO today. It's not available yet? Okay, I'll take an iPhone. That looks good for me, too."

As much as I can not stand Apple products I would have to say if you are going to do something so foolish wait until the drop of the Iphone 5 which will be out in the next few months anyway. However I was at my local Best Buy yesterday and I was able to look and hold the HTC Evo 4G LTE dummy unit and let me tell you it is a stunning device looks and feels great. The two tone colored back that everyone is complaining about is awesome looking. (Even I had my doubts up until yesterday.)I say wait it out although this is frustrating I know that HTC and Sprint will deliver give it a little more time.


I work in best buy mobile where we have every carrier and all their top handsets. Majority of people that come in to buy phones want the iphone. It is not until i show them other handsets that even begin to consider another phone exists. I have to show them all the features and then finally, if they're not fanatics (or have an annoying fanatic friend or son with them),they will buy the Android phone i recommend. Then i have to make sure they know how to use the device, otherwise they WILL return it and they WILL get an iPhone, so i spend 30 minutes going over how to navigate through their device and use its feature. I have never received a return on an iphone (unless it was for another iPhone), but i have received many returns of android phones in exchange for iphones (sale not originally made by me)

The iphone name is just too strong for it to go away.


I work in best buy mobile where we have every carrier and all their top handsets. Majority of people that come in to buy phones want the iphone. It is not until i show them other handsets that even begin to consider another phone exists. I have to show them all the features and then finally, if they're not fanatics (or have an annoying fanatic friend or son with them),they will buy the Android phone i recommend. Then i have to make sure they know how to use the device, otherwise they WILL return it and they WILL get an iPhone, so i spend 30 minutes going over how to navigate through their device and use its feature. I have never received a return on an iphone (unless it was for another iPhone), but i have received many returns of android phones in exchange for iphones (sale not originally made by me)

The iphone name is just too strong for it to go away.

That's what really upsets me when people try and fight with me saying that their iphone is better than my android handset. No, it simply isn't and it probably never will be, flat out. You will always be able to do so much more with an android phone and that is the simple truth of it. That is just the nature of ios as compared to android. What Apple has done is created an iconic branding that everyone wants just because it's trendy without knowing why and an operating system that appeals to the lowest common denominator. The iphone can no longer compete on hardware and their operating system is based on infantile simplicity. If all your going to do is play Angry Birds and you're dumb enough to pay $300 for a pretty phone to do so, then by all means get an iphone. If you actually need a phone for productivity and to get REAL work done, android has NEVER failed me.

I suppose now we will see Samsung's television division (or Google TV lawyers) do the same for iTV.

Tit. Meet Tat.

Money isn't the source of all evil. In fact, money can be a great source of good. Now the LOVE of money beyond everything else is another story... And that's where Apple comes in.

Foreal. fuck apple. Not supporting anything they do anymore. Now google needs to come thru hard! They need to take apple out the picture with some premium exclusive hardware the software is already ages ahead of iOS.

The NY Times is now reporting that the US availability of Phil's review of the HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to U.S. Customs.

Or something to that extent. I may have misread it.

After reading this and almost having a heart attack I called sprint they said that my order still should b here by Thursday r Friday APPLE U SUCK

The Android phone is an internet connected full service browser (with flash support), something Apple is just a phone at. Because of this difference, hyperlink on the internet was not copyrighted by Apple. Apple has no case.

I swear my old Palm Treo had hyperlinks for phone numbers in the messaging app. I guess they were violating the patent too? It just seems like such BS. I like Apple products, but this is kind of stupid.


How stupid is this shit?! I JUST ordered my Evo 4G LTE, bought up to upgrade and then THIS bullshit.

I am legitimately angry towards Apple at the moment.

Just spoke with sprint for the 3rd time today. All this hubbub about it'd delays had me worried. Preorders are still scheduled to ship out at 11:01pm eastern time TONIGHT

So they keep saying, but I'd love to know how they're going to ship out phones that they don't have.

Sprint, like AT&T may have a bunch of EVO's that came in prior to the injunction and got through customs. And I hope you do get yours. AT&T handed a bunch out on American Idol, who knows how many they still have available, plus hold back on some for warranty swaps.

Are you totally lame? We are talking about software *PATENTS*, it doesn't matter which OS- it can and will happen to any, including WebOS, if it were popular enough to be a target.

nope, would not happen to webOS. Palm had the rest of the smartphone community by the balls with it's patents. now that HP owns those patents, it can blow Apple, and the iPhone out of the water with their intellectual property. hence why Apple sued Android manufacturers, but didn't dare come near Palm/HP and webOS.

This was only a suggestion for HTC to offer us for those that pre-ordered the phone and may no get theirs by the 18th. People can decide on the choice of the headphones or a $50 gift card. A good customer service PR move will only serve the company justice and make Apple look like some wannabe monopoly that is full of greed.

While Apple MAY have a legal leg to stand on, you have to wonder if their attorneys thought about the bad will the maneuver will bring.

Does Apple really think those of us who want an Android product are going to suddenly decide we really long for an Apple product? For me, at least, the Apple intellectual property disputes following Jobs "destroy Android" comments hardly make me warm to their products.

Today's consequence of those lawsuits is only stale frosting on the moldy cake.

If we could only get into the mind of Tim Cook, I am willing to be a month's pay that the lawsuits are not really about intellectual property, but solely about keeping (unsuccessfully) Android at bay.

This will be resolved in short order and those of us that pre-ordered will get our phones.

And many of us will remember this as we walk BY, not into, the Apple store.

The problem for Android users like us is that Apple doesn't really need our business since there are millions of non-geeks that are walking into Apple stores as we speak to drop loads of cash on their products.

Luckily, Google has very deep pockets and good lawyers, too.

Oh, no doubt Apple doesn't need our business... for now.

However, as Android gains market share, Apple will need new customers.

One of them won't be me.

Me either, but honestly, I travel a ton for work and all I see these days are iPhones in the hands of every grandparent and college kid. The feature phone set is large and quickly adopting iPhone. There are a lot more of them than there are of us.

I'm not 100% sure on this but I think you're mistaken worldwide Android out numbers the iPhone. Again not really sure I just remember reading it on android central once I think

Since the vast majority of smart phones are now Android and NOT Apple, it seems Apple might need as much business it can get.

I think they are interested in how much they EARN from smartphone sales and customers, not necessarily how many phones. Apple's margins are pretty high in comparison.

Yes. Somebody else that gets it.

Also this doesn't hurt Google at all, only the handset manufactures. Google make more money off iPhone then Android, if the stories are true about the ad revenue generate from mobile browsing on iPhone vs Android. And why else would Google pay Apple a reported $1 Billion dollars to be the default search engine on the iOS devices? Google knows where it bread is buttered and until they start making some money off Android, I don't see them hating Apple any time soon.

So in reality all of the Google fans are really Apple fans since the money you give to Google, they end up giving to Apple* :)

*Obvious troll is obvious.

You have to remember that the VAST majority of smartphone users are not brand loyalists that carry deep hatred for the other side (I'm not sure why anyone has that mindset, but that's another topic for another day). So when Average Joe and Average Jane walk into their local AT&T Store to shop for phones they are going to look at whats on the shelf and make a decision right there.

So yeah...if they are down to the One X and the iPhone and the One X is out of stock, guess which one they are going home with?

We can argue the merits of the case until we're blue in the face. But the fact of the matter is that Apple feels their ideas and innovations were infringed upon and are doing everything in their power to right their perceived wrong. Life is too short for folks to keep getting so red faced mad every time this comes up. Just the cost of doing business if you are going to use an Android device.

Keep in mind that Samsung was also sued by Apple for the previous S version for looking too much like the iPhone 4/4s.

Samsung must be laughing, because they're the next great thing to come out. And honestly the only thing thats in its class is the One X (and the Evo). More then Apple, they will make out on this even more then Apple.

Here's the reason for delay

"the ITC found that Android's messaging app and browser infringed upon Apple patent #5,946,647, which covers automatically converting things like phone numbers and email addresses into actionable links that open a menu of options. The ban was delayed so HTC could engineer around Apple's patent claims, but it went into effect on April 19th — and although HTC claimed so-called "data tapping" was a "small UI experience" that would be completely removed from its US Android devices, Customs is now reviewing the One X and Evo 4G LTE"

Bizarre. Apple sued over a convenience issue? Good Lord. Even my Wordpress-based blog auto converts links (including email) on the interface and pops up a box that gives me options for formatting and display.

While I know Apple is suing over this happening in the context of a smartphone, to claim that Apple thought of this process of phone numbers and email addresses turning into "actionable links" is absurd.

In the recent past I have considered buying an Apple product or two. After this, I sure am glad I never did and now, I will never even consider any Apple product under any circumstances. I HATE YOU APPLE!!!!

(Scene: Sprint headquarters marketing strategy room, present day)

MCrosky : Roger, Elaine, Roger. I read you. This is Steve McCrosky at Chicago air control, Back to you in a minute ( To Tower ) Hold all takeoffs, I don't want another plane in the air. When the 508 reports, bring it straight in. Put out a general bulletin to suspend meal service on flights out of Los Angeles. Tell all dispatchers to remain at their posts, its gonna be long night. How bout some coffee Johnny?
Johnny : NO THANKS!

Ahh, the chaos of the movie "Airplane"!
Ahh, the chaos of HTC, Sprint, & AT&T about now?

As an owner of an iPhone 4S, HTC Vivid & HTC Amaze, I can't help but enjoy all 3 of them. However, I believe Apple has stated that the iPhone is an iPod with a phone added. So, isn't there a workaround with that?

I don't believe Apple should be so cocky, after all, didn't they take Android's Notification shade & use it in iOS 5? And the use of "Widgets" in the same Notification shade? I'm pretty sure there is some ammo that can be used here.

I personally wish each side would quit this attack on each other, & allow the consumer to choose for themselves.

If, in fact, this is true, Apple is fast becoming the new Oracle: we can't compete on merits, so we'll compete in the courts.

Durrrr what does this mean will my htc hero still be here soon ? Or will I have to by a iPhone and join the leagues of itards? Durrrr ....maybe there is cocaine in the htc phones ..secret stash ...I can just imagine the chubby guy Jerry beating up his boyfriend or girlfriend over this news funny

I hate to be this guy, but you insulted Jerry, so you leave me no choice.
Grammar: Learn it.
Also, I have no idea what the fuck you were trying to say with this comment. It's all over the place. Try again.

I believe she (Stephine) was trying to be hilarious...

Seems as though she was mocking Apple, trying to act dumb enough to buy into Apples failed attempt to stop the Android masses!

Wait how did apple get those patents they threw a ship load cash and bought them. Apple ha sent invited any thing they just release it in there name with there new patent

I'm just waiting for the day when all of the Android manufacturers decide to hit Apple back. Just a matter of time now.

Okay Apple. We're all adults here and we can all agree that 1. Properties, intellectual or otherwise, must be protected and 2. A price must be paid for the theft of those properties, if in fact, the alleged theft did occur.

However, preventing consumers from having access to their handset of choice is deeply petty and DOES NOT make your iPhone look any more attractive to the consumers whose cereal you're pissing in.

Keep this shit in the courts, Apple.

Keep it in the courts...

Jobs trained his minions well.
The legacy of evil and lawsuits to compete instead of innovation will continue.

I agree with rpmorri. Apple is the next Oracle...I was so excited when we switched from Oracle to Sql Server at work! I pressed hard for that for a long time! Screw Apple and Oracle. They will live only long enough to reap the rage they have earned by their bad deeds!

Oracle's database *IS* SQL Server, as are many other products. I think you mean "Microsoft SQL Server". Microsoft does not own the word "SQL" nor the word "Server".

Do yourself a favor and do something RIGHT- use an open source, free, multiplatform SQL Server instead:


Apple Computer is a great American company. I REALLY REALLY want to get behind them. I've tried iOS and though its an excellent mobile OS, it simply doesn't "DO IT" for me. Even so, I have nothing against it and I figured I'd just move along to some of their other products and support them with my very, VERY hard earned dollars.

However, in light of Apple preventing me spending the aforementioned dollars on the mobile device and OS of my informed choice, I REALLY don't think I'm gonna be able to stomach handing them my money for anything at all.

Right now, I'm almost disgusted that my wife will be carrying an iPhone 4S for the next 16 months.

Nobody is getting their phone anytime soon. Pissed off.

Jessica: The U.S. availability of the HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed. HTC is working to resolve this issue and appreciates your patience as they work to get products into Sprint channels.
You: WHAT?
Jessica: The arrival of your HTC EVO 4G LTE will be delayed until HTC is able to resolve this issue.
Jessica: HTC is working with U.S. Customs for a speedy resolution and your pre-order fee still holds the device.
Jessica: We will provide a shipping date as soon as possible.
You: this is bs. 3 days before the launch, you drop this on us the customer
Jessica: This is a customs issue.
You: its due to release friday
Jessica: We can’t provide specific timing for product availability at this time and we appreciate your patience as HTC works to get products on store shelves as soon as possible. Please check the HTC EVO LTE microsite ( for the new launch date.
Jessica: Correct. The original release date was Friday, May 18th 2012.
You: i'm so done with sprint
Jessica: However, a customs issue has delayed the official release date.

The fault very clearly lies with Apple and HTC. Sprint isn't in charge of shipping the phone to themselves, that just doesn't make sense. HTC is a foreign company, they control when the devices ship from their manufacturing plant to the US. I understand you're frustrated, but the customers on AT&T who pre-ordered the One X are in the same position as you. It's not something the carriers had any control over. HTC should've either removed the offending patented feature prior to shipping, or shipped them earlier in anticipation of this happening. Also, Apple shouldn't be pulling the bully card. Quit yelling at the wrong people, and focus your complaints on the entities who actually put you and your pre-order in this position. It's like yelling at the dude at the party who ordered the late pizzas. Blame Pizza Hut or the delivery boy, not the guy who placed the order. It's common sense.

The feature at fault here isn't even in Sense 4.0 and HTC removed it a long time ago..The people we should be pissed at is the ITC and stupid Patent Laws and Apple just for the sake of getting a patent on a damn Hyperlink

Well it's still Sprint's fault that they have the naming rights to Nascar. I can't stand googling something about Sprint and being greeted with stories of Jr.

(Sorry I just wanted to find a reason to blame Sprint for SOMETHING, this way Byblackberry doesn't feel all alone in their uneducated ramblings)

Seriously? You think they set the release date first then said "Oh we'll have'em imported on the 14th."

I'm pretty sure the actual chain of events was more like "OK the shipment of EVO's will be here the 14th what's the soonest we can get them in stores and fill pre-orders? 18th sounds good, barring any unexpected delays."

I love how the apple faithful try to justify and condone this b.s. apple actually has their users convinced this is good practice. This, as well as removal of Google services from their products does not help their users. It will most certainly give them less feature rich products and the money spent on lobbying and litigation could go toward making products that could compete on functionality and not just prim and polish.

I recently purchased an iPad, and i admit i am embarassed to contribute a dime to this company..

Tell Rene Ritchie and imore to,,,, how did blackberry say it? WAKE UP!!!!

As someone who has the EVO 4G LTE on order, I hate to say it, but I don't think you can really blame Apple for this (at least not in a direct way):

The way I'm reading all of it is that, due to a patent dispute/arbitration/whatever in December, HTC had to remove a certain method/function from phones before April 19. HTC likely did this immediately after the decision was handed down late last year, as it was a trivial bit of programming. However, now that the ban is firmly in place, the U.S government has to verify that all new potentially infringing phones coming into the country don't violate the injunction (or whatever... not a lawyer here).

So customs is seizing some shipments to do this. I understand that it might not be all shipments, but because no one can FOIA the Customs Department on this matter, it's completely opaque to anyone outside to know what exactly is going on.

So the real culprit/villain here is really the broken trademark/patent system we have, mainly for allowing for a situation where the Customs Department is put in charge of policing intellectual property disputes. It's disgraceful, and yes - you can probably blame Apple (and HTC and Sprint) for the delay (if there does indeed wind up being a delay) in getting the new EVO - but they're really not the main villain here.

Apple's an easy target for any Android partisan's rage over this. They're just not the right one.

Thank you for bringing some sanity to this thread. The "Anti Apple" crusade should have happened in Dec, not now. HTC had over 5 months to resolve this but they didn't. The ship sailed in Dec, HTC lost and looked the other way.

You say that HTC had over 5 months to get this resolved. Who is to say that they did not? U.S. Customs did not hold the shipments because it found an issue it held the shipments to verify that there is no issue. Everyone is getting this twisted when we do not even know all of the facts. Yes it sucks I know I too pre-ordered on opening day. There is nothing that could have been done to fix this because Customs never told HTC we are going to pull your devices for a check up so the only place to blame is Customs for the delay if there is one!!!


Only thing I would say that in a perfect world should have been done proactively is that HTC should have tried to run this through the channels "just in case"

As far as Sprint...well maybe the cosmos just aren't happy with them breaking their June release cycle lol.

Talk about rotten Apple??? Smh this also sounds like what happened with Facebook. Anyways i swear i would never buy another Apple product again if they keep behaving like this-_-

Great, I hope this doesn't affect me getting it on Friday in the store. this should increase demand though. Whenever people think they cannot get something that is supposed to be out you get a panic and then you get people really wanting a piece of the action. I have a feeling a lot of handsets are already in Sprint stores or in the country. They almost have to be to get here by Friday.

All that, makes people loves the Android phones more and more, and hate the Apple phones. Shows how Apple fail to compete with the big DOGS. In the end the phones it`ll be release, and Apple get it bone like the hungry dog. And everything will be good. Apple pissed because Google making money from IOS and Android.
Google should let Apple use there mapping for few months free, may be Apple will be okay.

Forget anything else but I bet Jerry is beating up his boyfriend over this news ...way funny that he got that upset , poor poor boyfriend of his that's gonna get it tonight lol

You know, the response is so very predictable...

Guys: the delay is due to a decision handed down in December. Apple didn't single out HTC One phones, because it didn't even know they existed at the time the relevant ruling came down. Be upset at the patent system or the earlier verdicts, but don't act as though it has complete control.

I hate Apple with a passion! Why are they being granted all these patents in the first place? They recently patented face unlock. How did they get that patent when there are already phones with that feature! Like the one in my hand right now.

Odds are that Apple had filed the patent well before Google even showed Face Unlock -- most USPTO filings take years to process.

That's the thing. Say what you will, but Apple got in early on touch UI patents (remember, Android wasn't touch-ready at all until after Google had seen the iPhone in 2007) and had many of them in the hopper before anyone thought to use them. Google has been idealistic, but also a bit naive, in not really either patenting its work or being careful to avoid others' more obvious patents. You might not like the game, but if you have no choice but to play, the one who knows the rules best will win.

I didn't know about smartphones until Android. I took one look at the first iPhone and thought: "no"

Not looked at onesince.

I didn't know about smartphones until Android. I took one look at the first iPhone and thought: "no"

Not looked at onesince.

I didn't know about smartphones until Android. I took one look at the first iPhone and thought: "no"

Not looked at one since.

Apple should just innovate like a tech company it is. Nothing to shout about in their recent releases because they're too busy in the courts instead of focusing on improving their devices. Siri is the best thing they can think of? I can call a number and send messages faster than that useless app.

lol its like the Android customers suddenly say : OMG apple is correct its their patent so we need to buy apple phones.. nobody actually care about patents they want the phone..

Damn you Apple, more reason I hate that company, this is some bullshit and I hope this pisses Sprint off enough that they'll decide to stop selling the iPhone. A lot of customers who ordered the EVO or the One X are going to be mad and yes we should protest at Apple stores. These lawsuits are stupid and its just a case of Apple being a big bully.

Well that is just crazy. Seems a little excessive for a software feature. Was HTC showing proof of change beforehand not good enough? Seems archaic for a feature that could easily have been added via update, if HTC chose to continue violating the patent. It is not like it is a physical issue so inspecting it seems pointless. Also from what I gather, this seems like standard procedure after a violation. So why did HTC and carriers not anticipate this? Is it taking longer than they thought? Hold up in customs?

Yeah I don't really understand how a) customs is gonna inspect the phones, at least a few will go down as losses/refurb I guess b) how is it possible that Sprint & 3rd party stores nation wide aren't already stocked when the phone's set to be released in two days. There's way they would've been able to distribute them effectively in two days. Maybe this held up shipment is simply the second batch or whatever, does that still prevent sales of existing stock?

A lot of companies use JIT manufacturing processes, which allows them to produce hardware based on demand and ship very close to a release date, rather than store thousands or millions of phones in a warehouse months prior to release. It is not cost effective to keep tons of stock in a building somewhere. It just happens that this worked against HTC because of the customs issue. This doesn't mean that their products are infringing, but rather that customs must validate that they are not infringing due to the ITC ruling. This is precisely why the ITC has become a more popular forum than the courts because instead of lengthy litigation, they can secure import bans, which Apple achieved. HTC said they removed the infringing feature (I disagree that it was infringing to begin with due to numerous cases of prior art, but apparently the ITC disagrees or saw something different), but this type of shipping and manufacturing process is common in this and many other electronics industries.

Apple should've verified this at Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE Launch Event or at CTIA. Not at the freakin' last minute.

Will be returning my evo lte now and sticking with my evo 3d and meanRom....
No lte... No reason to upgrade when no lte until 2013 for columbus, ohio. I used near 5.5 gb wimax last month. Going to keep 3d until announcement of lte in or around my area(43215).

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news like this makes me happy....It makes you HTC fanboy douches cry. I hope customs finds something and has to send them back.

No wonder ive been sitting wondering where my shipment # is. Coming from someone who was expecting to have a new phone in a couple days I am super disappointed. The only person who loses here is the consumer and people who have already paid their limited $$$$ for a new phone. We unlike HTC and Apple dont have billions of dollars to squander on nonsense. If my Macbook Air wasnt so great I would stop using it in protest.

So, they let in a few hundreds/thousands in and then stop the rest! I got one for my wife last week! I hope HTC can get this worked out real fast because this is just a great phone and people who want it should get it sooner than later, at least give HTC a head start before the GSIII lands in the US.

I'm so sad, my father just died and I got a threatening letter from Apple... Apparently, since Steve Jobs died, apple patented death, and now I must re-animate my father or be sued by apple :-(. And to top it all off, death is now called iDeath. FML

Wow I say that android phone's are the best hands down
I can't wait intil apple gets what they have coming to them
karma is a bitch who dosent care about you
done ranting

Don't blame Apple blame Our Patent System because if Samsung/HTC had the patent they would be using it on someone else or each other. The business is cut throat and all of them are now using the patent system to get an edge instead of using research and development to make something new and great that could help their companies.

Well I do blame Apple and yes you^^ are correct, but I think Samsung and HTC should have had something in place to stop this from happening. As for my above statement, I stand corrected, there will be delays...evil apple.

All the info that is out there now suggests nothing is happening this week with the EVO LTE. Even the pre-orders that by all accounts were ready to ship yesterday will not going out. (@$&*#(@)

Not the answer I wanted.

I'm still not getting any iOS device, and I'll wait for the Evo. Thanks Apple

"HTC says it created a work-around almost immediately. But before the phones can be sold to customers they must be cleared by U.S. Customs.

That should be perfunctory, but apparently the lawyers at Customs who need to clear the device have not finished their review. A source close to HTC says Customs has had months to make a decision but still isn’t done.

In a statement, HTC said: “We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.

Apple has been waging a huge legal war against Android phone makers, including Samsung and HTC. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, once vowed to wage “thermonuclear war” on Android, which he considered to be a ripoff of the software in Apple’s iPhone.

HTC’s hassles with Customs might not be the equivalent of a nuclear strike—more like a small victory in a minor skirmish. But it’s one more thing that Apple can do to hurt Android. People in Cupertino must be happy tonight."

---So in a nutshell. the blame game the blame can be spread equally... ITC, Customs, HTC, Apple, US Patent law etc...

FINALLY Sprint is not at fault for this one, still must suck to be Sprint though. I will say that I am typing this on my 27 inch iMac. As silly as I think Apple can be we can't talk about consumer choice from one side of our mouth and want Apple to die from the other. I love my Mac, I love my iPod, in my OPINION in computing and in music those devices are yet to be beat. However in the phone Arena it's Android all the way... this is me, a consumer making the choices I want to make. THe guy with his Samsung TV connected to a JVC Sound system, why? Because it was my choice and it just works.

Let's get real people, this sucks, but let's give credit where it's due. Without Apple we may very well have no Android, at least not the poished and much coveted versions we see today. Someone had to start the ball rolling and in great American tradition someone will come along and make it better. Thank you Apple for inspiring this ecosystem, now play nice with your cousin, you can't choose your bloodline!

Give credit where credit is due? Without Palm we would have had no iPhone. They were doing all this years before Apple. Apple polished it up and put it in a nice shiny case and we should give them credit? Apple caused them to go mainstream but copied a lot of the work of others as well.

"As silly as I think Apple can be we can't talk about consumer choice from one side of our mouth and want Apple to die from the other."

You can choose not to support a company that acts like a predator. You love your iCrap. Cool. But the fact that you've chosen to give tons of money to Apple means that you're biased, and have lost the ability to criticize Apple in any meaningful fashion. You're implicitly supporting their bad behavior, and no amount of rationalization on your part will ever change that. Go touch your iPod Touch or something.

I guess all you just proved was that you dont have the mental capacity to remain objective beyond your own close mindedness. I see this scenario play out in both of my lines of work. Choosing a product that works best for me has no impact of my view of a company. As a 12 year IT Director I simply feel that for my needs the Mac is a better solution, not once did I bash Windows to make that statement.

As a pastor i fight this same foolishness. I have friends in the clergy who declare to their churches that watching shows like Ellen, Glee or Grey's Anatomy is somehow promoting homosexuality. When those same clergy find out that I wholeheartedly disagree with them they come out with the foolishness that you just did.

Even if I felt being gay was a sin (which i don't) watching them for entertainment value doesn't imply that i'm FOR or AGAINST anything. I think it makes me the MOST objective. I'm not going to boycott something because drones say I should or fail to see my reasoning.

I have been and will continue to be unbiased in just about every area of my life. You choose to think that my mac is Crap, and guess what? To you it is... so what? You're not the one using it nor will I come and force it upon you.

I was one of the foremen at pressuring Asus to fix the TF201 debacle. The head of communication on the legal issue and the legitimate petitions. They messed up, I called them out, but not once did I fall int o the category of unrealistic expectations and not once did I bash their product only their practices and foresight.

Logic is logic my friend. Too many consumers want it both ways and it just can't be. I'm sorry if my very rational thinking has shorted your circuits but your response to my posts puts you in the same boat as the so called "iSheep" trolls that feel it's "my way or no way at all"

For the record I am absolutely upset at Apple's bullying tactics and their inability to spur competition in it's true form. However i am not BLAMING Apple for this... they are simply exploiting a broken system and they sure won't be the last company to do this in our lifetimes.

Ok yes you make very valid points and I for one agree with you. I'm real sick of this product is better then this product argument. No one "new" product is that much better then another because you have to choose what product is best for you. Being in IT I know that Macs, especially for graphic artists, are the best machine by far. I don't like them but because I don't like the Mac doesn't make me bash them. The Iphone though I don't like it is a very capable piece of equipment just not for me. The problem we have is both sides giving their opinion like facts. The fact is this Apple has used a flawed system to exploit other companies and as we know MONEY is king in our society. Will this come back to hurt Apple at some point I believe it will. Look at Microsoft when they basically did the same thing to get rid of competition the government stepped in and well you know the rest. Although I also blame Apple for this but it is good business just ethically questionable. No way will Apple be allowed to corner the smartphone market. This just hurts us the consumers as a whole. It is now public knowledge that Apple bought patents for things they didn't themselves invent, there is where the problem starts. Apple is not the first to do it and won't be the last. Right now Apple has the money to go after people. At some point the Judiciary system will say enough is enough. The problem is we will be the ones not happy until the situation is finally fixed.


Oh, I can see a pastor who enables bad behavior. That's what I can see. You can buy whatever you want. But know that by spending that money with a company that's actively attempting to stifle competition in the market.

I think that the Mac products are high quality, but vastly overpriced. I also think that the i products are crap. Good build on a lot of them (Lousy on the iPhone 4... glass front & back? Seriously?) but they're not innovators, and are actively trying to thwart those who are.

You don't know logic. You say you're not blaming Apple for behaving badly. That's not logical. You might as well not blame the guy on the street corner for doing crack. He's the guilty party and any other stance is nothing more than enablement. And you seem to have THAT down pat.

Nice Christian stance by the way. I love how you somehow think that your tiny little brain is superior. Keep hoping, monkey-boy. You've failed on 2 attempts to justify your enabling attitude. And insulting me won't change that.

As to watching Ellen, you're giving money to something that supports a lifestyle that you see as a sin. You're generating profit for them. I personally don't see homosexuality as a sin, but then again, I don't watch any of those shows because Ellen is about as funny as Chris Farley (Not at all). Glee? Grey's Anatomy? I'd rather read a book. But that's not the issue. The issue is that if you DO have a problem with homosexuality, you're being lukewarm in your stance. I personally am getting the idea that you don't really have much character. You'll jump on any bandwagon because it's easier than actually making a stance against something you claim to think is wrong. I don't really think you DO think that anything happening here is wrong. I think you're lying through your teeth. So far, you talk a good game, but the minute you actually have to stand up for what's right, you start spewing excuses.

Fail, "pastor". Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to preach.

Once again your brilliance shines through. I said clearly that I don't think homosexuality is a sin. Your inability to read and comprehend simple statements makes everything else you say pretty pointless to me and if you think for one minute being a straight Christian Pastor trying to fight for the rights of the LGBT community is NOT taking a stance or standing for anything you need to crawl back under that rock.

Why can't you just respect someone else's opinion oh great one? Good God.

Before I let this pointless banter continue, let me just man up and concede. You win. I have some brick walls to go talk to.

Google spends a reported $1 billion to be the default search engine on iOS. So by your logic Google is enabling Apple to sue Android.

This isn't about making consumers suddenly decide "Oh! I guess I'll get an Apple since the One X isn't available!"

No, it's about the carriers: "Damn, we just lost a shit-ton of cash by attempting to sell a product that isn't 100% 'legal'. Maybe we'll rethink our relationship with HTC/Samsung/Motorola/Google."

In the long run, I doubt it'll work, but if Apple can make it enough of a pain in the ass for the Carriers, well... You never know.

I have no doubt the carriers completely understand this is simply Apple patent-grubbing. With any luck, they'll lose their taste for the fruit itself.

If Apple won all it's lawsuits and Android had to shut down, I still wouldn't buy an Apple. I would go back to a flip phone with no data first!!

why go back to a flip phone?? I'd just go with an aosp rom on the same android I'm currently using lol It would suck to see google stop developing android, but it's not like the community can't pick the ball up and keep it going. Just because apple says no doesn't mean anyone will listen. Microsoft, nintendo and sony all say no developing on our hardware.....but there are still places out there to find info on how to get the job done, as well as places to find the finished products ;)

The problem comes in when the last generation of supported devices is no longer compatible with the networks. When we're all rocking 5G, and networks are no longer compatible, because backwards-compatible devices can't be the size of a credit card, you can flash all the roms you want. Unless the community were to start developing hardware, we'd be boned before too long.

Whether you like it or not, house rules determine what gets posted. No matter where you post, though, plugging your own stuff on somebody else's stuff is generally considered bad business, unless somebody legitimately asked you for that information. Every link that takes people to another site takes traffic away from this site, whether it's intended or not, and I think these people make most of their living based on ad revenues, which may also explain why every now and again there's an article that you really could have done without.

Makes sense if it was just a link to something completely unrelated. My original comment was a couple of thoughts about this whole patent nonsense and a link to my own blog post about patent litigation in the mobile industry. Relevant comment with a relevant link.

Wow, Apple is really proving to the world that they are as greedy as there wallets will afford them. Apple is like a dictator and Android are the people. Android users are now revolutionaries fighting against this dictatorship. Apple is realizing that droid OS and hardware are superior in every way. Let them bring there petty patents, android will not be denied. Apple will get a black eye for this, just see the posts. Even iphone people think this is wrong. I for one will never buy anything from Apple and I will tell my friends and whomever ask me about apple to stay away. Apple you screwed yourselves with this low blow!!!

wxman2003, your a clown! Don't be jealous cause you have an Iphone. To bad...your just making the case for Apple. wxman your petty and you know it. To bad, no way these powerhouse phones get delayed a long period of time. Go back into your apple forums and rejoice with the rest of your troll brethren. The gig is up!

I feel so bad right now my friend is calling me a jinx because on Tuesday afternoon I played a joke on him. I texted him and was like did you get the message? Sprint sent out a text to all users informing them the release date has changed due to a new import law. He was like yeah right dont try to worry me . Just for this situation to happen the very next day. OOPS!

I was just contacted by Best Buy and they informed me that the EVO 4G LTE will not be available tomorrow and they have no ETA on them.

For those of us who are getting too impatient, would the Samsung Galaxy Nexus be a good alternative to the HTC EVO 4g lte? The Samsung phone looks to be a close enough match, but we are new to smart phones and don't really have much experience. Our area will be stuck with 3g service for at least another year so maybe it doesn't matter anyway?

Here are the main differences...The galaxy nexus has a bad camera(not just compared to the new EVO but in general), no sd card slot, pentile screen(probably wouldn't matter unless you had both next to each other or had used a pentile screen before but the screen in the EVO is better), no kickstand (hey it matters to a lot of people), old graphics chip (probably only matters in specs or benchmarks), no FM radio. The processor isn't as good either but probably not noticeable.

I think for me the biggest things are lack of sd card slot, no FM radio and the pentile screen(I am so sick of the pixely looking pentile screen on my nexus s vs the really smooth sharp looking screen my evo shift used to have). Other than that the galaxy nexus is probably a great phone.

Then there is stock Android vs Sense. That's really personal preference but Sense is probably more user friendly for someone new to smartphones. I like both depending on my mood really. Just do a google search if you want to find out more about Sense vs stock. Mostly it is how everything looks and how menus are set up.

If I was you I would wait. For the same price you are going to get a phone that is 7 months newer (than the original galaxy nexus) and has pretty much all newer, up to date technology in it which may matter in a year more than it does now. With the new EVO you will be getting a phone meant for a consumer rather than a developer.

Thanks hmmm

That helps a lot! We definitely want good cameras and the real deal breaker for me is the lack of SD card. Also, since we want to stream music to our bluetooth helmets, an FM radio would be cool too. We will wait for a few days longer...

What prevents a company like HTC from filing a patent for a 4inch screen in a mobile device? So many of these patents seem ridiculous so why can't a patent like that one exist?

This is the reason all phones should be made here in the states or at least have all the parts sent here to be assembled.