We're getting ever closer to the public release of the HTC One, with the all-new Sense 5, and we're putting this guy through its paces. There's quite a lot to go over, and we're getting a lot of the same questions from many of you folks on Twitter, Google+ and in our HTC One forums.

Our full review is coming in due time, of course. For now, let's tackle a few burning questions regarding the HTC One and Sense 5. (Chances are you'll see another installment at some point, so don't fret if we haven't answered your question just yet.)

Here we go!

1. Do I have to use BlinkFeed? Can I uninstall it?

You absolutely do not have to use it if you don't want to. Just don't add any feeds to it, and it won't do anything. You might be able to hack it out of there, but we wouldn't bother. Just thumb over to the home screen and pretend that BlinkFeed never happened.

(Though we'd recommend giving it a shot. It's not bad.)

2. Wait - there's only one home screen? Can I add more?

Sure! By default there's only one. (Most people don't use more than that anyway.) But you can add as many as five home screen panels. Get to the "Customize home screen" section -- either from the "Personalize" section of the settings or by long-pressing a blank area on a home screen -- and then hit the "add panel" button.

You can then choose which home screen panel to set as the default when you hit the home button, or you can remove unwanted panels.

3. That app drawer seems a little funny. What's up with it?

First off, you're probably not used to seeing a clock and weather widget stuck to the top of the app drawer. But there it is. Start thumbing down and it'll disappear. The next odd thing is that apps are in a large, 3-by-4 configuration. (It'll look like 3-by-3 until you scroll down and get the clock widget to disappear.)

Also: Folders! Just below the clock widget is a line of icons. On the far left is the app drawer view -- you have "Custom," "Alphabetical" or "Most recent." When in custom view, you can drop apps on one another to create folders. If something obvious appears to be missing, change to alphabetical view and find it that way. Also note that if an app is docked at the bottom of the screen, it won't appear in the app drawer.

This all takes a little getting used to.

4. What does the HTC button on the bottom of the phone do?

Not a damn thing, because it's just a logo. Not a button.

5. So how do I get to the list of recent apps? (aka multitasking)

Double-tap the home button and you'll get a 3-by-3 grid of apps that are open. To close an app, just flick it upward with your finger.

6. And what about Google Now?

Hold down the home button on the HTC One to get to Google Now.

7. I miss that iconic HTC clock widget. Can I get it back?

Yep! It's available as a home screen widget. It looks like you have to have the new, sleek widget everywhere else, though.

8. Is there a notification light?

Sure is. It's hidden in the bottom row, on the third hole from the left, in the top speaker.

9. Can I customize the lock screen?

Just like in previous versions of Sense, you can choose whether to have a wallpaper displayed, a "productivity" scheme with notifications and calendar reminders, a photo album view or music player, or you can opt to go with no lock screen at all.

The application shortcuts are slaved to whatever apps you have docked to the bottom of the screens.

10. Are the speakers that good?

For a smartphone, yeah. They're about as good as anything we've used. You'll need to have Beats Audio turned on (and it is by default) to get the full effect. It's not that it'll replace a proper external speaker, but neither will you be embarrassed to play audio out of your phone.


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HTC One: Ten frequently asked questions


Thanks Phil, you've answered all of my Lingering questions(especially about not using Blinkfeed and Multiple home screen panels). I think this may just be my next phone.

Blinkfeed should be able to be disabled 100%! Also the button configuration is simply crazy, I don't know what they were smoking. But otherwise great job on getting as many questions answered ASAP. :)

So "don't add anything and it does nothing" isn't good enough? Get a Nexus if you want full control over the software.

I agree about the buttons, though.

No, it is NOT good enough. I can't believe the user can't turn that stuff off. I don't know about anyone else, but that alone is enough to take all future HTC products off the table for me.

Android is about the USER having control over what is on the screen. If we wanted that kind of crap, we would get iphones.

Phil, below, says when you unlock the phone, at least it remembers the screen you were last one. But that blink s*** is still there, taking up space. WHY DID HTC NOT ALLOW THE USER TO REMOVE IT LIKE ANY OTHER WIDGET.

You still don't understand. It's not "taking up space" any more than your rant still takes up space if I choose to ignore it. That make more sense, maybe?

And if you really think that's what Android "is about," you completely misunderstand Android.

Geez Phil, can you at least try and be a little objective about this device? You defend it like you gave birth to it. People are allowed to be critical and you have no need to flame them for it.

Hey Phil, couldn't people just install Nova or Apex launcher to get that Nexus feel and still have the incredible HTC hardware? I have no idea why people are getting all bent out of shape about the Blinkfeed. I personally like the idea of Blinkfeed and can't wait to try it out. I use Feedly probably more than any other app on my phone at this point. And if HTC can give me essentially Feedly on crack with deep integration and a great user experience, I'm all for it.

Of course! :)

I'm still feeling out BlinkFeed. I think the key is going to be not to expect it to be like a real feed reader and not to feed too much stuff into it.

Thanks for the feedback. I still can't wait to try it out. It looks incredibly slick. I've already convinced one co-worker to get the One as their next upgrade based on the physical hardware alone. I think it'll be a good fit for him. He'll be upgrading from the original Motorola Atrix. It's going to blow his mind when he finally makes the jump. :)

Funny, I have the original Atrix myself and am trying to decide between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 to upgrade with.

As always, go see for yourself. Go to a store, feel the phone. Hold it. Play with it. See if the look and feel are good for you. Is the screen too large, too small. And always to see it all. Don't settle for anything based on specs alone. Make sure you like the device since we all use our devices so much nowadays.

Honestly if installing a third-party launcher removes blinkfeed then I don't really care whether it takes up 1, 10 or 100 home screens.

I'm not 100% sure but installing a third party launcher only lets you use another launcher but the HTC launcher still runs in the background so in-fact your using even more RAM and memory so blinkfeed would still be running. I'm not 100% on this but I'm pretty sure if you're not rooted you can't disable the HTC Sense launcher. I know that was the way when I did it on my old Samsung as touchwiz still ran in my tasks in the background. Am I right?

Oh and I can escalate it up in heres reals quicks like da fires! What you gots Phils, whats you gots booyyyyyyyyy!

No, it doesn't run in the background. If you choose another Launcher to be the default launcher and reboot the phone, it will NOT run in the background.

That's true only if you launch the second launcher after you have already launched the stock launcher. If you reboot your device after installing the secondary launcher, when Android tries to launch the launcher you'll get a launchpad asking you to choose which launcher to launch as the default launcher. From that point onwards the stock launcher shouldn't really run (but that doesn't mean the other HTC services will be disabled as well).

Also, you should be able to still disable stock background apps (even if you can't uninstall them completely) from the application settings - this was introduced in Android 4.x

Regardless though - assuming you haven't added anything to blinkfeed it really shouldn't be "doing" anything.

So with a 3rd-party launcher it's out of sight AND it's not doing anything. I can live with that.

Can you remove the clock and weather from the app drawer? It doesn't seem to do anything except take up space, plus everyone can see the time in the status bar so why is this here? Can it be removed from the drawer?

I think this phone looks really cool (so I'm not trying to be negative). But, I've got to ask, how does being the one
using and reviewing the phone make you more objective? I raise my kids and see them every day. If I were to write an article on them, it would be very subjective.

You have opinions that bleed into your writing, I assume.

Are you actually comparing using a smartphone a company sent you to raising your own children??? Wow.

And yes, maybe it doesn't make him more objective, but it does give his opinion more weight than someone who hasn't used it. And Phil in the past has always been fairly objective, so I would expect that tradition continues.

It's called an analogy. People are getting a bit defensive. I love how you acknowledge my point & then attack my methods. It's not a personal attack on Phil (as if I or most people here actually know the guy enough to make a truly informed personal statement on him).

Everyone needs to chill. This reminds me of when an article able the iPhone posts on this site and all the apple fanboys come flying out to blast any and all criticism.

I think this is a cool phone. That doesn't mean I don't want to read fair criticism. I simply think blink Feed was poorly explained, at first, so dismissing the criticism only fed the fire.

Seriously? He has the phone in his hands and is answering the questions (and rants) of people who have never seen it or touched it and yet people are still questioning his answers. If you don't want to know about the phone then don't read the articles. If you want to know about the phone and read the articles then why question the answers from the guy who has the phone???

Phil, thank you for the good review. I've one question for you, in your opinion, which better camera you prefer! This Phone or the Samsung galaxy Note 2? Or, the LG Optimus G.

Not even close... I sell them all (Sprint) and the Optimus G has the best camera out. Zoomed in, out, flash on or off... it beats them all.

Doesn't make me wonder at all...Google has pretty much established the design model for Nexus devices: top-of-the-line processor, RAM, and display with latest and greatest Android OS. Past that, however, Nexus devices are pretty much a no-frills experience. OEM's like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc, will use a camera's specs to help set themselves apart and drive sales, but that's never been a focus of Google with it's Nexus line.

Perhaps I am complaining too loudly, especially for something I have not actually used yet. But to me it preliminarily looks like another case of a manufacturer deciding, unilaterally, what users want to see and not giving full control.

Android *has* been about more user control and choice... About the user being able to lay out their screens how they want using icons, widgets, and controls. If this "Blinkfeed" is something that taking up a whole screen and can't be removed, to me, that goes against what I think of as the "Android way".

"Perhaps I am complaining too loudly, especially for something I have not actually used yet."
Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You seem to have a lot of Nerd-Rage over a phone you have yet to even see in person, much less use.

"Android *has* been about more user control and choice... About the user being able to lay out their screens how they want using icons, widgets, and controls."

Yes, yes it is. You, the user, has plenty of control and choice about being able to lay out the interface however you want it, BlinkFeed or not. If you don't like what HTC is doing with Sense 5:
1. Run a launcher - Apex, Nova, whatever.
2. Root it and do whatever the hell you want with it.
3. Buy another phone.

What's so "un-Android" about that?

That's a non response. It's one of the main reasons why Windows Phone and iPhone just can't compare to Android. The more OEM's try to force the user into a box the worse the experience gets.

How is that a non response? You're not "forced into a box" by the OEM unless you choose not to exercise your options.

Android is about the user being able to customize what they want, yes. That is why, unlike the iPhone, it lets you use different home screen launchers. The "Android experience," as you call it, is about having that kind of freedom. It is also, however, about the freedom the OEMs are entitled to when creating their own versions of Android, when implementing features that they think may help their bottom line.

Blinkfeed is interesting and I do agree that not being able to remove it is a point of discomfort, but I would like to point out one thing that even these so-called "answers" have not addressed: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SET BLINKFEED AS YOUR DEFAULT HOME SCREEN. No, I am not talking about using another launcher. You can set one of the regular screens (to the right) as your default, go-to home screen. Then you can swipe to the left if you WANT to use Blinkfeed. I feel this article should be amended with that tidbit of information.

Agreed ... and he can't even see how HTC is becoming more like ifruity in their attempt to control user experience instead of giving them choice to make it their own experience.

Listen to Phil, if you don't want to use it you don't have to and if you don't then it doesn't populate the screen. So what if it is always available to you, you DON'T HAVE TO USE IT.

Maybe people aren't understanding Blink Feed because no one's adequately explained how it's different than a widget. Not intended as a criticism, I just keep hearing how it's different and doesn't matter, without explanations as to why.

Let's be clear... I don't care what any software designer says, Android is actually about making revenue for Google & it's share holders (and secondarily the OEMs).

Phil, you are overlooking something that could put a good amount of these complaints to rest and I would recommend updating the article with this point of knowledge. Blinkfeed is interesting and I do agree that not being able to remove it is a point of discomfort, but I would like to point out one thing that even these so-called "answers" have not addressed: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SET BLINKFEED AS YOUR DEFAULT HOME SCREEN. No, I am not talking about using another launcher. You can set one of the regular screens (to the right) as your default, go-to home screen. Then you can swipe to the left if you WANT to use Blinkfeed. I feel this article should be amended with that tidbit of information.

Ironically enough, this comes from your own YouTube channel:
**How to use the HTC One without BlinkFeed**

The fact is that it is STILL taking up one of the mealy 5 home page that Sense 5 allows and contrary to your assertion people do use more than just one home page.

And most of all, there is no rational explanation as to why HTC simply DOES NOT allow the blinkfeed to be removed .. and noticed that they say they WILL ALLOW it to be removed in the new update? If everyone is a as compliant as you and do not raise objections to things that just do NOt make sense, there will never be any improvement in the UI.

Start reading some interviews with Matias Duarte, lead designer of Android, then you will understand what Android is about. Based on his past interviews, Matias most likely supports what HTC is doing right now. Matias wants manufacturers to put their own spin on things and innovate in unique ways. If Google wanted one single solitary company to make every single decision about the OS, they could have let Apple make the iPhone and made their Google apps for iOS.

Innovation does not have to occur at the expense of user control/choice/freedom. I have no objection to "Blinkfeed" at all.... as long as it acts like a widget. Something the user can choose to use or choose to move or choose to remove.

I like sense better than google's skin and that's the reason I buy HTC phones. The easy way would be to buy a non-htc device.

I am concerned about multitasking, battery life, speed, camera quality, wireless and headphone sound quality, rooting capabilities, games incompatibilities.

Phil, Could you try some of the top pay games? The HTC ONE X from ATT was incompatible with all the top games.


I agree. It's still there whether you "use" it or not taking up space. If you don't want it, it should be able to be removed. Period. It's a slick phone no doubt but I for one will not purchase it and will stick with Samsung. That's the great thing about android and the free market....being able to purchase a phone that suits your needs and to your liking.

So you mean to tell me you can't make the other 6 screens and the rest of the device suit your needs? You aren't gonna buy this device because of one little screen? Sounds pretty ridiculous

No. I'm saying I'll stick with Samsung because that is the phone manufacturer of "choice" for me. I was just agreeing that that one screen should be able to be removed. Period. And not rammed down any ones throat.

Cause he is sharing his opinion and i totally agree that this is a really bad way of forcing users to have something they dont want. I also like touchwiz much more since its pretty clean and dont force "much" BS to me. I think people should stop justifying this sort of stuff.

Anyway S4 is around the corner so i bet most people will be choosing S4 over this thanks to Sense and no SD card anyway. Shame cause this phone could have been a real contender if it had chosen the iPhone/Apple path.

I agree and I don't see myself using Blinkfeed at all if I were to get this phone (though I don't see any reason to leave my EVO LTE for now).

If I did get it, I would want to option to completely remove Blinkfeed as a working widget. I certainly wouldn't want to swipe it away every time I picked up my phone, as Phil suggests. That would get annoying really quickly and I'd opt for a Nexus instead. But, I certainly think HTC keyboards are the best and the small things they do in contacts and calendar management are much more efficient than stock Android.

I think that's the point that crxssi is also making.

You don't have to swipe it away every time. You still have the option to add more home screens, and you have the option to make any of those other screens your default screen. You can put the blink feed screen the last one to the left and forget that it even exists, just like the iOS search screen.

It will still take up one valuable homepage out of the measly 5. And now that HTC has recant, it shows that there are ENOUGH complaints and that their initial attempt to control the user and remove the options is very misguided.

You're acting like they locked the whole device down and they won't let you download any apps or widgets. You still have plenty of customizations you can do to it. Just be glad they made it so that you can change what the default home screen. If every time you unlocked your phone you saw Blink feed, then it would be a tad more of an issue, but you can literally make it the last screen all the way to the left and just forget its there. Its not that serious dude.

If that were the case then you should never buy a device in the United States of America, because every carrier adds a bunch of bloatware to these devices that you can't remove, and remove a bunch of functionality that the phone is capable of and is limiting the "user control/choice/freedom" that you so desperately need. This is not strictly an HTC issue and I find it unfair that you vow against HTC for Blink Feed but you don't feel the same way against carriers when they decide they want to add all these superfluous apps, and hinder functionality on their devices.

All I'm getting at is that you shouldn't write off this great device over something so silly and at least give it a shot. Wait for the reviews, play around with one (no pun intended) for yourself in the store, try to find ways to work around blinkfeed if you don't want it, etc. I wouldn't want you to potentially miss out on a great device.

Well put. HTC is not out to trounce on your freedom anymore than Google is when they decided the Nexus 4 would not have a removable battery nor SD. HTC is just trying something new like they usually do. And let's face it, if HTC didn't try out new things, there would not have been a G1 and Android might possibly not be enjoying the popularity that it has now.

#8. Please clarify if the notification light is only green/amber as usual or is it truly multi-color adding blue, etc.

So nice to hear about the notification light, but why inside the top speaker? I was hoping it would be one of those holes on the left of the speaker instead of inside. I guess I'll have to wait til i get my hands on the phone when it's released to check it out and see how it works out for me. Either way its not a deal breaker.

To the left of the speaker grill is a proximity sensor and ambient light sensor which is pretty standard on every phone available. Almost in the same configuration too.

Yeah I figured. But I was really hoping the LED to be one of them, but oh well. I hope it doesn't make the entire speaker grill glow just because of the LED being inside. Doesn't matter though.

This will be helpful to a lot of people.

Btw Phil, "...just flick it upward with your finger." Finger? Guess that's another way of fulfilling the task.. :p

I've been using my tongue all along, but this will help me cut down on screen protectors :)

Btw Phil, did they send you guys any accessories to play around with and review? interested mainly in the car dock and how it is to use in landscape since it only seems to secure half of the phone in this orientation. I am kind of anti "phone flying out while I am making a quick U turn" kind of guy. Thanks.

"I am kind of anti 'phone flying out while I am making a quick U turn' kind of guy."

I agree with you, but we are, unfortunately, in the minority.

Jeez, I wish someone had told me that you can operate these things with your fingers *before* I was banned from Target for life.

Yeah I've never understood the claim that most people use only 1. Every person I've ever seen with an Android phone has at least 2 or 3 (and many of those aren't what I consider "power users")

Many of those people don't actually removed stock apps and widgets that come with the devices. That's why they always seem to default to 3 screens.

Then most people must have more than one home screen...right? None of my friends that have android smart phones, only have one home screen. It was a strange assumption to me. Seems rare...

So you are saying that most people who have more than one home screen, only have widgets or shortcuts on one of them? They just have them there and don't know how to delete them? Come on man...that's a even stranger assumption. Like I said seems rare...

Yeah, I thought that was strange, too. Most people I know with android phones are NOT technical geeks that browse android blogs, yet they still manage to make use of multiple home screens (because it's a simple concept).

Doesn't sound to subjective to me! ;-)

Can you Tell anything about battery life.. stand by as well as on screen time... its always battery dept where HTC failed badly..

I'm a little unclear about what happens if you don't "use" Blinkfeed. Does it still exist as a mandatory empty panel cluttering up where your home screens normally are? Or does it disappear?

It's just "there." If you don't want to see it, don't scroll over to it. When you hit the power button, it takes you to wherever you last were. If that was the normal home screen, you go back to the normal home screen.

Can you change which screen is your actual home screen? As in if you hit the home button on the bottom would take you to the blank blinkfeed screen or would it take you to another home screen that you designate to be your home screen?

You are just a very naive, non mature and sorry to admit it, stupid person who rants and creates no value. And you certainly have no idea what Android is about.
Get a nexus, be happy and stop commenting on something that you do not even understand

Wow, that really sucks. Your only option is just to ignore it? You should be able to nix it by either dragging it off the screen or removing that screen all together such as I'm able to do on my Note 2 where all but three screens have been deleted (default was five) and each are customized with widgets or apps of MY choosing. Similar setup on my Nexus 7, albeit I can't natively delete any of the extra/unneeded screens.

I wonder why they wouldn't have just implemented Blinkfeed as a full screen widget so as to give the most flexibility.

Perhaps they have some sort of financial agreement with companies or sites within the feed and don't want you to be able to get rid of it. Just guessing here.

Calvin35...either you didn't read or perhaos didn’t comprehend the first two sentences under section 1.

"You absolutely do not have to use it if you don't want to. Just don't add any feeds to it, and it won't do anything."

Yea i get that but it does have some feeds that are there to be added on boot and cant be deleted or removed from the list.

Calvin35, if feeds can be removed that means feeds can be removed for those of you who disdained well researched usability enhancements.

Several of Google's enhancements with their new opsys releases originated as HTC Sense innovations.

Kevin, my wife's S3 lasts for 2 days with 4-5 hrs screen time... and I have heard very bad reviews about HTC battery stand by time...

My EVO LTE beats that time by at least a quarter and the longest I've gotten is over three days! That is with a 2000mah battery.

I don't know what ATT's going to do with this phone? Where will they put their logo? They'll force HTC to create a permanent ATT wallpaper watermark to fix the issue! Sad part is I could actually see that happening! ATT loves to have "ATT" in the notification tray!

In AOSP Android and HTC Sense, it's standard to put the service provider's name in the notification drawer. AT&T isn't special in this regard.

Correct leozno1. You see the carrier's name "Sprint" on the bottom of your notification pull down on your EVO, not a logo. And unlike the ATT example, the Sprint name is NOT in the notification bar located at the top. As a matter of fact, the Sprint name or logo or Beats appear nowhere on Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE. Hence I doubt the Sprint logo will appear on the new HTC One superphone.

Actually, there is a faint monochromatic Sprint logo on the back of the EVO LTE. It is very discreet though. I do applaud Sprint for the tasteful branding on the phone. I do like the small company name on the pull bar of the notification blind. I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it.

I would think that at least one top ten question would be about camera performance. Regardless of what has been shown so far and regardless if its not running on final software, which I doubt would make that much of a diffence, I think the camera will be average at best.

13 MP shooter on smartphones take lousy low light photos - grainy and blurry.

The cameras on the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the.OG HTC One are great. This one should be outstanding.

I've compared the EVO, GS3, and LG cameras in the Sprint store and among those the latter two are crap compared with HTC's technology.

I'm really excited about this new technology including creative possibilities with Zoe. I just wish they had a camera button, perhaps the volume up, which is helpful for me to steady the camera.

Actually the Camera on the OneX/DNA is not very good at all and sits below the iPhone5/GS3 in quality, It's pretty much universally known by now.

. Hey sparklingcyanide, professional reviewers and my own experience have me convinced you are the one of the few in the universe who agree with you about the GS3's shooter relative to HTC's 2012 releases. As for the iPhone ecosystem, I definitely find it lacking in so many ways to make the camera irrelevant. And of course HTC's 2012 cameras perform better than the Nexus and Sprint's LG.

As for the new HTC One superphone shooter's latest innovation for photography . Perhaps the following information might be helpful for educating your universe.

Key components of ImageSense technology:

UltraPixel Sensor - Engineered with larger pixels, it enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than most leading 13 megapixel cameras.

HTC ImageChip - Offers continuous autofocus, color shading, and noise reduction, as well as more realistic High Dynamic Range.

F/2.0 Aperture - The largest available smartphone camera aperture, it lets in 44% more light than the iPhone 5.

Optical Image Stabilization - Drastically reduces blur in still photos and shaky video footage.

Yes, seems very gingerbread and prior android to me. Took me awhile to get used to left and right for app drawer and now going back to up and down...ugh

Lol I just wish HTC would make up their mind, the HTC Evo and the Evo 3D were up and down, then the HTC One X was left to right and now they are going back to up and down, I know I'm gonna try scrolling left the right the first few times lol

If the only thing that bugs you is how few icons there are, you can change it to a 4x5 grid. Saw it in another video of the phone.

Really wish, with the two speakers, they would take a flip approach. Maybe, one logo on top, one logo on bottom (upside down), speakers and mics on both sides and virtual buttons with a 180 degree flip. No true top no true bottom.

Now that would have been cool

Double tap home for multitasking and hold home for Google Now? So they copied the iPhone exactly? Funny. I stopped using an iPhone because I got tired of having to mash a home button for everything. HTC apparently thought it was the way to go.

Seriously. What do they have against a dedicated recent apps button? And why do they always have to screw with fundamental functions of the phone that worked perfectly fine before? Moving the home button to the right? Why? Putting the power button on the top has always been stupid, especially on bigger phones (Droid DNA) but now they're putting it in an even more awkward place? I should be able to turn my phone on with one hand without juggling it.

It won't be any surprise when their financials continue to spiral down because this phone isn't selling, especially when the GS4 comes and and takes a much more conventional (and practical) approach to Android that customers are familiar with. I was initially intrigued by the front-facing speakers and camera feature, but it seems like they opted to do everything else wrong.

Yeah I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind having the Home button on the right. When I hold my phone in one hand the most comfortable place to hit the home button with my thumb is the centre. Maybe it wouldn't be as awkward as I think it would be but I've spent some time here playing with my device pretending the Home button was on the right and it does in fact feel inconvenient. Maybe that's just me.

I agree with that - LG does the back button on the left and that makes complete sense - It's the HTC's right offset Home button that I disagree with.

For a right handed person a commonly used button shouldn't be on the right because it's awkward for your thumb.

I'm not getting all "let's trash this place" about it or anything - I don't even think I'd pass on a device because of it... Just making a personal observation.

It's a whole lot easier to long press/double tap a capacitive button than the iPhone's physical button.

Also, it's not like Samsung did the right thing on their latest devices. That menu button really needs to go, and the back button should be on the left, not the right. That's not conventional.

Finally, putting the power button on the top left is certainly an improvement over the top right. There it is easily accessible to one's right index finger. I tried the position out on my EVO (which is about the same size), and it should work just fine.

I think you're thinking the power button is on the top of the left side of the phone. It's not. It's actually on the left of the top edge of the phone (think reversed iPhone placement). In that position, it's rather unnatural and uncomfortable to reach.

It appears HTC is attempting to use Sense 5.0 to further differentiate their product from other Android OEMs. As with any OS overlay there will be awesome things that get fixed and there will be glaring holes. My original EVO 4G still performs well enough to get me buy until this years batch of new phones come out. As long as Sense 5.0 doesn't delay the major software upgrades Google releases, I'd say the Sense debate is a wash. Most Android phone owners I know have never rooted their phones and don't really care how to do it. Those users just want to pick up the phone and have it work. If Sense does this, HTC will sell a good amount of phones.

Sounds a lot like when the Evo 3D came out people crying about the 3d which you never had to use if you didn't want to. to be honest I liked it wish the 3d thing didnt die so fast wish my Note2 had a 3d screen. So the feeds thing dont use it there will be roms that get rid of it

Phil - can you provide feedback on the One's phone call volume/loudness/quality (preferably compared to the Galaxy S3 or Note 2)? thanks!

Am I missing something here? Will we not be able to run different launchers on this phone? Everybody is pissin' and moanin' about things that are so easily changed while at the same time arguing that the beauty of Android is full customization... well, running Nova launcher or GO launcher or whatever seems like a pretty reasonable solution to customize your HTC ONE if you don't like what Sense 5 has to offer. and the cool thing, you can go back and forth and keep trying both until you decide if you love or hate Sense 5's interaction!! woahhh....

But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we can't run launchers or maybe every phone should just be a Nexus with hardware being the only differences.

You embarrass yourself w/ the beats comment. Beat ANYTHING is nothing but a software tweak. Beats headphones are $300 too much.

Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone, Grados, Stax, Ultimate Ears, Westone...these are PROPER HEADPHONE COMPANIES THAT ACTUALLY MAKE THINGS WORTH PUTTING ON YOUR EARS.

/off soap box

I totally agree with you, though I do have to admit that the software tweeks of beats really improved the overall sound quality... It is just a very well balanced equalizer that would probably be too difficult if even possible to configure by yourself.

We aren't here to discuss headphones, but Beats headphones are too expensive for me. However, Beats Audio (the software) is mostly a bass booster, and personally, I like the added bass in my music.

Jodiuh...To whom are you directing this comment? "You embarrass yourself w/ the beats comment."

Phil said "You'll need to have Beats Audio turned on (and it is by default) to get the full effect."

FYI: Beats audio was NOT an available option to turn on for the internal speaker with previous HTC smartphones that didn't have HTC's new innovative technology -- HTC BoomSound -- Dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers that deliver bigger sound with less distortion and more detail.

Everyone is bitchin because its an HTC phone. If Samsung had the same features it would be called brilliant. Didn't you get the memo. Samsung is the best. HTC sucks

Especially you crxssi.
Many of your comments seem to really miss the point. Why don't you either keep or buy a Nexus and complain in their forum about non swappable battery, fixed memory, lousy camera and sound even though you have the advantage of KLPie first for a little while for whatever that may be worthy of your crowing about.

The rest of us will enjoy the beauty and outstanding features of HTC's new superphone.

Um, I have not called anyone stupid. That was Lukas' trademark.

Why don't I buy a Nexus? Because I want it all. Artificial restrictions (carrier, storage, non-removable blinkstuff, etc) are not cool. But it does look like my path is pointed in that direction or to a reflash of something else.

OK want it absolutely all your way despite what highly skilled designers, engineers, and programmers divine as their best work and if it isn't all the way you think it should be then you whine about it. You defined your modus operandi.

Personally I'm thankful HTC seems to be out innovating the prime innovator of smartphones with their new HTC One superphone - a meticulously crafted work of technological art. Competition yields spectacular results.

I don't agree that Samsung would be praised for this. Samsung took lots of grief really on for their updates, touchwiz, screens with blue tint. They still get criticized for Touchwiz, people criticize their build quality (plastic phones, cheap radios). There are people who just go of on AMOLED displays.

I'm sure that he spends his time reading asinine comments on internet forums. Feel proud of yourself, you may have just changed HTC's entire business model with your incredibly deep and articulate thoughts.

The problem for HTC is that they think that by changing the look of what people are used to seeing that they will be able to sell more phones. That's not the way we are wired. People don't like change even its for the better. Skin the phone all you want but make it function and look the same. Touchwiz is a far uglier skin than Sense but at least i can see android through it. Blink feed could be great for some but why not make it a setting in the menu that cam be turned on or off? Do you want a constant weather and clock widget? Go to the settings and turn it on, or off if you like. Regarding the app drawer, why make it scroll vertically? That's just change for the sake of change and HTC is the only OEM that does this.

Innovation is progress and change.

Some have difficulty adapting to new environs. It's known as natural selection - the Darwin Theory.

HTC is known for innovation. This year HTC has another blockbuster.

Hi Phil, Looking forward to hearing your review. I have already preordered the HTC One and am keen to know how well it works with the media link HD. I am actually changing to this from iPhone 5 as had enough of being tied to Apple. I haven't had an Android phone since HTC Magic so think will probably feel very strange. Hope it's a sencible move.

Can't wait till AT&T gets it. I still got love for my One X(or XL), but I'm down for an HTC One device. Coming from a S-AMOLED phone, the SLCD is so much better.

"most people don't use more than [one home screen ] anyway"

Hello? Is this android central? Is this how badly you guys have bought into HTC Sense pointless hype? Come on, please respect your reader's intelligence.

Also, a fine solution to all that is wrong with the stock launcher as always is to use an alternative launcher. Wonder how that wasn't your first port of call.

HTC might as well license iOS for their next handset

talhamid... there's a little misunderstanding. A home screen can consist of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 panels.

According to Phil, "you can then choose which home screen panel to set as the default when you hit the home button, or you can remove unwanted panels."

That much I understand. What I had objected was the implicaiton that most people don't use more than one or two panels by HTC aNd AndroidCentral's wholehearted endorsement of it. This is the same site that gives extensive coverage to every new widget and launcher of note.

Yeah, some like fine jewelry while others prefer Swatches and Livestrong wristbands, for example. It's a personal preference.

Thanks for getting this up so quickly, you answered a lot of my questions. I'm glad you can turn Blinkfeed off and also that I can bury it behind other screens and designate a new Homescreen. I have Flipboard now, which is similar to Blinkfeed, and so the novelty of this sort of thing has had its run and worn off already.

Still, with all the other features it looks like a great phone.

I hate to say it, buy blinkfeed reminds me a lot of something motoblur would try to do. I know it's not a big deal, but it's still irritating.

I hate to say it, buy blinkfeed reminds me a lot of something motoblur would try to do. I know it's not a big deal, but it's still irritating.

Only 5 screens? That may be a deal breaker for me... I've used 7 for 2 years now and don't want to lose that home screen capacity. Otherwise, it looks amazing.

Hey Phil. Just because you go to trade shows and try to buddy up with OEM's, doesn't mean you have to show such blatant partiality.

Give us your opinions and thoughts, but stop telling us that we should like something, that we don't. Stop flaming opinions that don't agree with yours. Your attitude towards users makes you sound like you know it all. Your opinion is not the end all, be all. You come across as brown-nosing. I respect your opinion, please respect ours.

tim242...nowhere have I read Phil telling us we should like something.

As for you tim242, not all, yet many of your comments (opinions) seem so far off base, irrelevant, caustic, annoying, and disrespectful example above, you just bring out the ire from others and have been cited by several as making the forum discussion in which you participate an uncomfortable experience. Do you get a kick out of the reaction you get? I think you may be what is defined as a troll.

Does the aluminum construction have any negative affect on GPS performance?

Would appreciate if you could check this for your review.

Bob has been almost two years since Google announced the change. If an app developer hasn't built in the 3 dot menu button (if needed) then shame on them. Over the past 11 months I haven't encountered this issue with my EVO LTE (no menu button) and I use a variety of apps. I don't think this represents a problem - no worry.

Question Eleven, 12 and 13.

Is the power button just as hard to use as the one and one x + ???

Does it rise up enough out of the frame so you can actually feel and use it easily ?

And oh yes, did htc solve the muffled audio on phone calls that tons of folks complained about in the forums??

Yeah, it's really weird on my EVO LTE if I hold my mouth away from my head like a few inches the mic has a problem picking up my voice and people say I sound muffled? I have to keep my mouth really close to the mic! It's very annoying!

Fifth...In the US, HTC has a 12 month warranty for defects. Contact your authorized dealer for replacement.

I like the design of the phone and unlike most I was never one of those Sense haters. But I'm not sold on this phone yet. I'm not a big fan of feeds and every HTC phone I ever had I usually took all types of face book feeds or twitter feed widgets off my screen. So to not be able to remove blink feed would be annoying to me even if its not doing anything. The clock in the app draw I wouldn't like neither. What I would really like to know is what does the battery life look like. I'm a heavy user and all though my S3 battery life is decent in most instances I like knowing that I have my extra batter in my pocket if I need it. So how is the Battery life Phil?

For heavy users like yourself craigrn16 and others with similar concerns about the non swappable (yet replaceable) battery.

With the "HTC 6,000 mAh DoubleCharge" battery bar accessory you’ll get such a massive amount of battery life that you’ll be able to charge your HTC One superphone twice over if you find yourself inconveniently away from power for an extended period of time. No more stranded in nowhereland with no uptime for you!

Also, since you say you're currently a GS3 user you probably didn't take note that Qualcomm recently made available in the Play Store a free battery optimizer app (still in beta) called BatteryGuru for those using recent Snapdragon processors. At this stage of development BatteryGuru has extended the battery life by about 20% on my HTC EVO 4G LTE. Since the optimization is directly related to the Snapdragon SOC I'm confident Qualcomm is technically capable of delivering an integrated improvement. Most will never need the HTC DoubleCharge accessory.

What amazes me is the anger being displayed by people who don't even have the phone. I could understand it if it was the only product available.

I bet 90% of those people trying to bring it down are just jealous because they don't have an upgrade coming soon and can't get the One!

The other 10% are just a-holes and trolls!

Poor guy thought he was doing us a favor by giving us an early review of the phone and answering the top questions posed, for which I am appreciative. I don't think Phil had any idea his article would degrade into the slugfest it has. Or maybe he did; after all this is the internets ;)

Yes, the Internets, where we have access to the entirty of human knowledge, but we use it to argue with strangers and worship cats! :)

Thanks for your insights Phil. I'm seriously considering this phone.

Also, there are a lot of a-holes posting here so I applaud your patience :)

I'm very excited for the HTC ONE. I am also pretty intrigued by the Blink Feed feature. so for all the haters, if you want an HTC smart phone, without Blink Feed.... I have a 2 year old cracked screened Evo 3d you can have. Bunch of whiny bi**hes

How are pictures from the new camera?
We've heard the size, etc stuff. I get that, but where the rubber hits the road is the quality of the images.

Phil, Are you able to share pictures?

I for one am really excited about this phone. I have had a Samsung Infuse, Iphone 4 and now have a Nokia 920. LOVE the home screen of the windows phone but VERY disappointed in the lack of apps. Regarding the Blink Feed, it is obvious to me HTC is going after windows and are going after apple with the sleek, metal/glass body.

My only wait is comparing it to the new Sony...I live in Florida and a dust/water-proof phone would be awesome (relax, I know you can buy a case ;)

Was wondering if the app "Action Launcher" would be good on the One? I already plan on getting the phone over the summer around my birthday, upgrading from my OneX (finally got Jelly Bean and the phone is a lot more smoother!!!) and the app is really useful. Just wondering if it would be a good fit with the BlinkFeed.

Why do you say most people only use one homescreen? I should have unlimited options if so choose.

Excuse me, but the first point was do you have to use BlinkFeed "AND" can you remove it.

Here's your lame answer. You can "hide" it to the left and don't put anything in it, but you have to have it taking up one of the limited few screens you get.

And also, we don't feel like answering the fact that you can't remove or disable it. We'll just ignore that part of the question.

Thanks Android Central. Getting paid by HTC to cover for them?

Hi Phil, this might be one of the ridiculous question but I just got S4 but I'm so fascinated by htc zoe's feature. I took a lot of videos and photos for my family and it seems like I can make so many video albums in just one easy click. I'm considering swap my S4 with htc one. what would you advise for me?

which mobile phone i should buy wheather htc 816G or htc 620G . i m ver confused i want to buy according to the performance of the mobile .the size and camera dosent matter . plz.. suggest me what i should buy ?