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How has HTC's 2014 flagship stood up to a couple of months in the hands of AC's editors?

It's been just over two months since HTC announced and launched the One M8, its flagship smartphone for 2014, across two continents. An unprecedented Day 1 retail launch allowed buyers in the UK and U.S. to pick up the M8 just hours after its global unveiling, though only after an extended campaign of leaks had already spilled many of the phone's secrets.

The same day we took the wraps off our HTC One M8 review, praising the phone's performance and build quality, as well as HTC's flatter, more colorful Sense 6 UI. But we questioned the decision to stick with an "Ultrapixel" camera — an upgraded sensor, but one with the same 4-megapixel resolution as last year — while also pointing out its ergonomic issues, which is a another way of saying the M8 is sometimes a bit too tall and slippery for its own good.

We've used a great many Android phones over the past couple of months, as rival devices from Samsung, Sony and LG have emerged, but the M8 has never been far from our side. So how has two months with HTC's leading handset colored our opinion of it? Join us after the break for a two-month retrospective on the HTC One M8.

HTC One M8

Shiny and slippery

One of the most surprising effects of the HTC One M8's launch was how quickly it aged last year's HTC One. That device was one of the best-looking phones of 2013, but put it next to the M8, with its elegant metal curves, and it's striking just how old it seems by comparison. With a wraparound aluminum unibody, the 2014 HTC One is without question the prettiest phone of the year so far, and no other handset quite matches the in-hand feel of the M8's cold, rounded metal. Sure, the LG G3's "metallic skin" coated plastic looks similar from a distance, but the in-hand feel is miles apart. LG offers a close imitation, but HTC has the real deal.

In a sea of nondescript plastic slabs, the M8 feels like something unique and special.

In a sea of nondescript plastic slabs, the HTC One M8 feels like something unique and special — a phone ahead of its time. But its futuristic look and feel comes at a price. The M8 is a lofty phone in every sense of the word. Its front-facing speakers give it sufficient height to measure up to 5.2 and 5.5-inchers like the Sony Xperia Z2 and LG G3, and that makes it trickier to one-hand than many phones of the same size. And while the M8's curved metal unibody feels great in-hand, it's also fairly slick, and trickier to hold onto than the high-end competition.

LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8

Having used the M8 in both silver and gunmetal flavors, the former is, in my opinion, the easier model to hold onto. The matte finish of the bare brushed metal is just a little rougher, making for a more secure grip. That said, neither feels as secure in the hand as plastic competitors. So it's a trade-off between build quality ease of use, and which side of that argument you come down on will depend on the kind of smartphone user you are. Personally, it's taken me some time to get used one-handing the large, slippery M8, but I'm now comfortable enough wielding it without worry. That said, I still feel like I'm babying the phone a little more than the GS5 or G3.

Using the HTC One Mini 2, the M8's clumsily-named sibling, has also been a revealing experience. Sure, the Mini 2 can't boast the same wraparound aluminum chassis as its big brother. It's screen isn't as vibrant as the M8's, nor is its BoomSound speaker setup quite as boomy. But the in-hand feel is as close to perfect as any metal handset since the original Nexus One. As much as I like the 5-inch M8, I can't help thinking the Mini is closer to my ideal size for this sort of phone.

Like its predecessor, the metal body of the M8 has held up pretty well in day-to-day use. The most visible areas of wear and tear on my gunmetal gray M8 have appeared around its chamfered edges, and I've also noticed a little fraying on the plastic seal that joins the display to the metal casing. On my device in particular, I've picked up one small scratch on the back of the phone, and another on the glass around the camera lens — though fortunately not directly over the lens. None of these imperfections stand out too much, but they are noticeable on closer inspection.

HTC One M8HTC One M8


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HTC One M8, two months on


Having used an HTC One M7 and a friend's M8, I can safely say that it's an outstanding smartphone and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who isn't an avid smartphone photographer.

I would go the other way and say if you're an avid photographer, you can get the shots you want. There's so much control in the app and there are so many good editing tools. Auto mode doesn't always work on the HTC One M8, but there is a mode that's right.

If you want a good camera that doesn't take tweaking for various shots, maybe the M8 isn't perfect...

I have been severely disapointed with my wife's M8. My S5 blows it away and I'm not an HTC hater. I absolutely love the phone and my wife wouldn't trade it for anything. I just think they need to figure the camera out

Agreed. When I was choosing between the M8 and the S5, it was a very tough decision. However more pixels pushed to me get the S5 as I sometimes use the camera for work, and when I manipulate photos, the big I have the easier it is. I do miss boomsound and blinkfeed though.

I upgraded to the M8 from the M7, it's only been a few days now. There are only 2 changes to the M8 that I'm having difficulty getting use to .. the awkward sleep button and the raised volume buttons. I keep accidentally pressing the volume buttons when reaching for the power button. As far as design and performance, I'm loving this phone more than the M7. Fast, responsive, and just absolutely gorgeous! The camera is not that big a deal to me and this is why I decided on the M8 and not the Galaxy S5.

I recommend that you root your m8 and install a custom kernel that supports sweep to sleep. This way you can use motion launch to wake the device and sweep your thumb across the navigation bar to sleep. This is what I do.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm pretty sure you might have just sold me on getting an M8. Samsung has basically allowed the carriers to dictate (and essentially block) rooting and development. It appears that the M8 has a fantastic development. My only hesitation is camera. I'm NOT a photography guy but I use my phone for most pictures. I like to zoom and crop from them, and it sounds like ultrapixels is not really cut out for that.

The HTC M8 has a huge development community, especially if you are on a GSM carrier. The camera is pretty bad IMHO.

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There is a developer that is working on the camera app on the M8 and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it out. You of course have to be rooted in order to use it

Or, if you aren't interested in voiding your warranty, there is a handy-dandy app called Power Toggles that will allow you to set a ton of toggles on a home screen including *gasp* screen lock. I freakin' love this app and use it on every device I own regardless of the location of the power button. It is simply a must-have.

I agree the phone is a bit slippery BUT it is by far the best device on the market. I have the iFansBoyz drooling over my new Red M8. It is quite striking. I am impressed with how snappy quick this device continues to be. The speakers are incomparable versus any other smartphone. I was a moto guy for several years after having the HTC Incredible which was a great device, too. The HTC One M8 is a beast.I will love this device for a long time!!

I also loved the phone, but not the camera. However, I learned that the biggist issue is outdoor exposure metering which is pretty easy to fix. Now I pay more attention to the image being previewed on screen and if necessary I tap on different areas of the image until I get the look I want. this forces the camera to use the spot I tapped as it's metering area.
It takes only slightly longer and works really well. Once I learned this, I am actually very happy with the camera. The overall experience is so good, I can't imagine using any other Android phone.
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I just tried taking a picture of a florescent light and doing this by tapping a darker area of the works really well! Thanks!!!

Edit - meant lighter area...

Great article! The M8 is my next phone depending on what Google does with the next NEXUS phone. I'm hoping for a nice royal blue metal color!

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Great review. I been using the M8 less than a week now and even though the camera no where nears my Lumia 1520, I'm also no photo junkie. Literally have gone back and forth thinking about getting the S5 but at the end I feel I'm getting a better experience with the M8. The battery had been great and this phone actually makes me enjoy Android again after using Window Phones for two years.

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Mainly lack of app. I plan to go back when it develops more. But that's a big if. More phone options and accessories are here now for Android.

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Same thing for me. I seriously love the design and day to day use of Windows Phone, but I've become so involved in the tinkering in Android, I don't think I can go back now :(

Converted my M7 to a GPE and still love it. No need to change for me.

And the camera is perfectly fine for snapshots, for everything else I got my DSLR.

Good use of words..... Phone is good for "snap shots", as are most. Photography is not a word that should be used in camera phone jargon

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I've had my M8 for roughly two months as well and LOVE it! I don't need a high-end camera and the overall design is awesome! I would highly recommend this phone to anyone looking to upgrade their Android phone!!!

such a great phone. just don't understand why they wouldn't make a better camera for it

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I also found that if you double tap and then swipe it will wake the phone up when it's laying down .
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I just tried this, and the double tap part isn't necessary, at least for will wake up on a swipe.

I only say that when the phone is laying down for a extended period of time.

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I own the Verizon M8. bought it straight out cold hard earned cash, that way i could keep my unlimited Data. Before the M8 i had the HTC DNA. All the Android Smartphones i have ever Bought have been HTC Devices... I love the M8 its one of the best phones i've ever Owned.

I have both the S5 and m8, and I'm in love with both devices, they're both amazing devices.

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I like these follow-up reviews a few months down the line. It's good to see which negative aspects of the phone continue to be problems and which ones you easily get used to.

The M8 is a gr8 phone!! The camera aint really that bad. If i want to take great pictures i aint using a camera from any phone!! Id rather use my DSLR or even my tiny Canon Elph camera.

Unless you are a professional photographer or are taking shots that need optical zoom you shouldn't need to use a real (dedicated) camera if you are on a current gen high end phone, well of course unless that phone is a HTC One (M8).

My friend has a Nexus 5 and loves it, but he has complained about the battery life and camera quality. Your mileage may vary though! I otherwise really like my M8 and recommend it but the camera performance could be better. I have no experience with the S5 so I can't make any recommendations there. I'd also recommend seeing if you like the LG G3 when that comes out. Looks pretty intriguing to me and I plan on taking a look at it myself!

the camera is better now I get great photos 80% of the time after the updates and new camera app were made available. Battery life is kind of weak though :(

IMO camera (in hdr mode!!) is fine on the N5 with the updates (not amazeballs, but fine) and battery on wifi is not an issue. At work mine often hunts between lte & hspa and it beats up the battery; thinking of just switching to hspa during the day.

If I were in the market I'd wait and look at the G3 since it's so close. M8 is a sweet phone though; and I second an above comment about loving these 'revisits'. Sometimes it's surprising what does and doesn't annoy you down the road...

I love my nexus 5 but I would go with the M8 even with its 4mp the camera is just as good as the Nexus 5, its build quality is better than the s5 and N5 and its battery is better than both as well, not to mention headphone jack is on the bottom insane speaker quality and the closes skin to stock android.

I suggest the M8 personally.

I have had the phone for two weeks now. Upgrading from the HTC EVO 4G LTE was a huge improvement. At first, I was excited about it, but some minor items left me cold.
1. The Motion Launch (to me) seemed waaay too sensitive. I was waking it up often times by simply taking it out of my pocket or grabbing it off my desk to put in my pocket. And when I unlocked it accidentally, it brought up a new issue..
2. Screen sensitivity. Alex mentions it above - and I do love it. But, it is almost too easy to move widgets around. Since waaaaaay back when I had the HTC Hero (then EVO and then EVO LTE), I have always had the classic clock widget, power control bar (toggles for wi-fi, bluetooth, etc) and my 4 most frequent apps on the home screen. I have lost count on how many times, in just daily moving of the phone, I have unlocked it by accident and moved a widget to a new screen. Once I disabled Motion Launch, this problem has all but gone away as well.
3. It is slippery as hell. I got the Harman Kardon M8 and it is supposed to be even less slippery than other M8s. I am getting a clear, thin case today to help alleviate this.
4. I was very disappointed with the Dot View case. That has nothing to do with the phone per se. I had read all the reviews (mostly MKBHD and Android Central) and decided to try it anyway. The cover doesn't lie flat against the back of the phone when opened (because of the curved back) and that is a bigger issue than I thought it would be. Plus, if you are taking a photo (in landscape, for instance) and you would like the cover to just lie down out of the way - it wants to spring back and cover the phone, getting in the way. This may resolve itself over time with regular use, but I do not feel like waiting.

Having said all that, I love the phone. The build quality alone is enough.. but I have been an HTC fan for a long time, and that easily continues with the new M8.

I use the Dot View case and had the same concerns as you, but I've kept using it for the past 3 weeks and am actually pretty happy with it now. I wish they'd have more alerts than just email and text, though; twitter, hangouts, etc. would be nice.

Ha! I realized it did go a little long - after I submitted it.. but I guess it is inline with the length of the article.

I have the M8 and I truly love this phone. The performance is phenomenal & currently unmatched. I know it's your job to be critical but some things seem overly. I don't find the phone slippery at all / gunmetal Grey version or 2 tall. The secret I found was you have to actually grip the phone in your hand & not hold it like an infant I suppose. Also dude I loathe the power button on the side!! It bothered me on every Galaxy device I've had. Reason is I always end up hitting it doing the most mundane things. A big draw for me was the power button at the top. Just use motion launch and be done with it. As far the camera goes... I've taken tremendous shots period. With both the M7 & M8 I've taken amazing camera phone shots/low light shots. I've taken incredible restaurant pics, food, animal, nature, and family shots. Both handsets will give you the absolute best selfie hands down... I've noticed most reviewers don't bring that fact up. Also photos are more based on the photographer & not on the camera. It's an artistic form that takes patient. If everyone had this gift believe me it would be way more professional photographers in the world. HTC gives you a plethora of camera adjusting features if you are a professional /or think you are... To adjust until your hearts content. My M8 camera has outperformed friends iPhone 5s, Galaxy s4, G2... In most scenarios. At night it outperformed my boys GS5...but in the day time shots GS5 are way sharper real talk. But the Ultra pixels do what they set out to do... Excel in lowlights situations which for me is more common. Plus wasn't that the biggest complaint about camera phone not to long ago?? I think it was

I also can't stand to have the power button on the side. That is where I grab and hold the phone, I don't need even more buttons getting in the way.

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I had an iPhone 5S and really have no regrets with switching to the M8 EXCEPT for the camera. The 5S takes some legitimately good pictures but the lower resolution of the M8's camera does show. Note: I'm not a fanboy either way. I'm generally a gadget enthusiast and would love to have a Windows Phone, Android, and iOS device and just switch between them freely, but that simply isn't practical.

Everything else about the M8 is fantastic. Build quality, speakers, screen, speed, etc. I really enjoy this phone but the camera leaves room for improvement. If the UltraPixel tech had just even a couple more megapixels, I think it'd make all the difference needed. Minimum 8 MP would be great. We'll see how the next generation looks. I do hope though that the size of the phone doesn't increase too much more though, if at all. This is about as big of a phone as I'd ever want. If anything, I wouldn't mind if the phone was a bit smaller.

I'm all for HTC succeeding and sticking around as a competitor because the customer always benefits from competition. The M8 comes so close, yet so far when it comes to being an all around great device.

bought the M8(international ver. 2.5ghz 801 cpu) two days ago.... its super fast in every aspects, even the camera works pretty much fast and photos are looks quite good in low light and day light(not the best anywy), lots of great features also available. battery life is also possible to go through a day or may be two if u r a light user. :) um recommending this phone to everyone who willing to buy a high end smartphone. size if also perfect for me and mostly can handle with a single hand. you already know about frontal speakers, they are big and produce a massive sound too. compared with the previous predecessor M7, louder can deeper bass makes the audio quite amazing. may be the battery has to be much improved, so do the camera. :)

um using this phone as my daily device and looking forward to write another review after a month or two. :)

cheerrzz (Y)

Best phone I've ever had the pleasure of owning, I can't knock a thing about it including the camera. I believe that the camera is the second best unit available in a smart phone - trailing the iPhone 5S. No you can't get ultra close up detail but outside of that "drawback" it takes outstanding photos in all conditions and takes them quickly with no need to fiddle about with the settings.

the iphone 5s? really? People keep praising it but I can name 3 or 4 devices with a better camera than the 5s and not just because of MP but because of actual picture quality. The LG G3, Galaxy S5, Nokia Icon, Xperia Z2 also the 5s lacks iso.

I love my Nexus 5 but The HTC One M8 is such a beautiful device and Sense 6 is the only non stock Skin that I actually like. If there is no Nexus 6 I hope HTC Will be Making an Android Silver device because I would most likely buy it in a heartbeat as they have proven themselves with the M7 and M8.

I am also a proud owner of this phone and absolutly love it. I come from a Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy S4 and its a different league.
I use a clear Baseus ultra thin TPU case and yesterday I dropped it in my bedroom, it landed on the side and hit a corner of my closet. Because the area hit was on the volume rocker I now have a big dent and the button sticks, which is terrible. I baby my phones so I am very sad with all this. So, take notice, the phone is soft aluminium, be carefull. I just orderd the clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid on Amazon.

If the HTC One (E8) ever makes it to North America, then its definably going to hinder the decision making process. Could I get by with a polycarbonate body and a 13MP camera? Time will tell.

I've owned the HTC One M8, since a week after it was released, and I simply love my phone. I didn't have the heart to sell my HTC One M7, so I still own that too, but I'm really happy with with the performance upgrade and better battery life. ...and just looking at it, as it lays on my desk with its dot view case. It's just downright sexy. It's definitely a keeper.

Couldn't sell my M7 either and I'm glad I didn't because my M8 is way too tall and slippery. As much as I enjoy the upgraded processor, motion gestures, touch sensitivity and more on my M8, I tend to stick to my M7 as my regular phone. It's more comfortable to hold and use. Plus I prefer the placement of the power button and how the volume buttons are flushed.

And it still maybe without it... I agree it needs a better camera but there are things other phones dont have like BoomSound and great in ✋ feel. No phone is perfect, point being dont be surprised if its still voted best phone of 2014 although i feel the G3 may win that idk... Its close

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"...increasingly I've found myself leaving the M8 behind if I know I'm going to be taking photos."

This describes me perfectly. My M8 Dev Edition is my daily driver and it's been a long time since I've been this all-around happy with a phone (and I've had just about every flagship shy of any of the Sony offerings in the last couple of years). While the camera definitely is "good enough" 95% of the time, I find that if I'm heading out somewhere that I think I'll be wanting to really capture some nice shots, I'll opt for my iPhone 5S (or my G2 when I still had it). Sure, I could take my DSLR, but there are times you don't want to have to lug around a large camera just to get candid shots.

In every other way, my M8 is absolutely the best Android phone (strike that...cell phone) I've ever used. It's disappointing that HTC continues to think the Ultrapixel idea is a good one. Even if they only bumped it to 8mp (or 8 Ultrapixels), that would alleviate some of the pain M8 owners feel when it comes to the camera. Here's hoping they eventually live and learn and make the right decision.

Camera is super important to me. I own a Nexus 5 and it's just OK but I want better than OK. Especially for evening and indoor events. When I'm going to a concert I really want to have confidence I can grab some great shots and I don't, at all.

I would likely consider the M8 if the camera destroyed the Nexus 5 camera. Beyond that, having a phone that looks and feels more expensive with little else to offer is trivial at best.

When a phone comes out with better display, better battery and a killer camera I'm all in. I really hoped that was going to be the OnePlus One with it's 13mp, 6 lense Sony camera but I've read it's a mediocre experience as well.

So I continue to wait for one of these billion dollar companies to get something seemingly so simple, right.

These "2 months on" articles are the BEST features on this website. The full reviews are fantastic, along with my favorite Editor's Desk on Sundays.

Hopefully people will buy enough HTC Ones that there will be a new one every year.

Thanks guys!

Got my M8 the day it came out on VZW... First smartphone was an HTC Incredible. Couldn't stand the horrible battery life but I still have and love the Incredible because of HTC sense - love this interface. Migrated to an iPhone 4s for about 2 years for simplicity but battery life wasn't much better than my incredible.

M8 - freaggin LOVE this phone. Gun metal with a Spigen clear cover so I can still see the beauty of the phone.

Battery life - best I've ever seen used or heard. 2+ hours of talking a day, many texts, fair amount of internet both WiFi and LTE and at the end of the day... At least 55 percent left - usually 60 plus percent - I'm actually thinking I should run the battery down just to see how long it takes to totally drain.

Feel - love it - fits my hands perfect, buttons are perfect, love the metal body. Top notch quality, best in class hands down.

Camera - sorry but I love this camera! Like peeps posted above, tap in other areas when taking picture to increase lighting or adjust accordingly if you want to take really nice shots. Otherwise honestly just shooting straight up
pics they come out fantastic! I think peeps get too hung up on the pixel thing.

OS/interface - rock solid, easy to use, I love HTC Sense. I've bought and installed several launchers and ripped them off my phone - no way to improve perfection.

Overall A+ + + + best phone EVER IMHO.

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I bought my M8 a little over two months ago as my Galaxy S3 suddenly died and although that ran a SuperNexus Rom from day one so far i just haven't felt the need to even root my M8 never mind install a custom Rom. The only things I've really done with the M8 re its software is to remove the Blinkfeed Home Screen and set up Google Now to work from a swipe up of the Home button and add the Screen Off & Lock widget to my Home screen for easy turning off of the phone. For me the Camera is the least used and least important feature of my phone and i have to say that when i have used it it has performed perfectly and produced some great shots with easy editing and i really am more than happy with it.

This is easily the fastest and smoothest device i have owned and used and the battery life is also the best i have experienced from any device i really can't believe just how happy i am with my choice of buying the M8 and am looking forward to using for a long time to come.


I feel like we've reached a point of parity in smartphones such that personal preference is becoming the overriding factor in choosing favorites.

I loved the M7, but wouldn't even consider the M8 because of that camera (I also don't like the look of the phone, the specific roundness of the corners is very aesthetically unpleasing to me).

Also, I haven't used Sense 6, but Sense 5 made me want to write a strongly worded email to HTC everyday. The design was abhorrent (to me).

I find this phone to be the best in market regardless of camera capability, but rightly pointed out in this article why oh why are we in Europe getting 16 gig standard storage! I refuse to spend any money on any smart phone that offers measly storage capacity, especially compared to other countries that have 32 gig as standard. Honestly what is the big deal with all these companies offering low storage, and please don't mention the SD card offering is the reason behind this!

Picked up my M8 within an hour of launch and still love it. Haven't fully figured out the camera, but have thrown it once or twice into pure manual mode and gotten some fantastic night-time shots I could never have gotten from another device. And I firmly believe that it makes no sense to buy a phone based solely upon the camera.

I gave up on M8 because of two reasons:

1. Blown skies - I really think that most of times, 4 MP Ultrapixel makes a great photos. Many of my friens commented that M8 took very good pics for social media purposes and so on.. And that kind of camera would be good enought for me, but then there's problems with burned skies. I seriously think that in flagship with this kind of price ( in Finland about 620, and when I bought it, 700 €) I really should get better photos in broad daylight. It is unacceptable with this kind of prices that camera is SO weak in bright conditions.

Oh, and that HDR mode really really sucks.

2. Scratches in camera coverlens - And the second thing that is unacceptable, I cannot possibly understand why lens scratches so easily. I used M7 in same conditions for 5 months and it didn't got any scratches to lenscover whatsoever. Some serious drop in durability. And that was the real dealbreaker for me. In HTC they said that because they cannot know that from where the scratches came from, warranty shouldn't be option. And I'm not going to pay 100-150 € for lenscover issues.

Otherwise I really loved and love M8, but I'm waiting for Prime or next year One to come, and see if there is some better options. And better camera from HTC.

So I moved down to Galaxy S5. Of course I have issues with build- (and sound) quality when compared, but hey, atleast I can now put my phone to the table without the fear of scratches :)

I beleive the camera is good on the phone, and it takes quick on-the-go snaps when you need them. Low light is nice as well. To be honest, I am not into taking photos. I can say I've taken like 400-500 photos since 2007. So, that's 7 years and maybe 400 pics. Don't even remember the last time I touched a digital camera or even non-digital. So, if you don't take so many photos, but maybe not quite as rare as me, but in general. The phone is definitely a good purchase.
Also, J had my gunmetal grey M8 stolen, so got the gold one, which is less slippery, and looks fantastic.

When you talk about big phones I couldn't even manage the M7, let alone the M8. The top mounted power button isn't even an easy push with two hands, let alone one. I guess HTC's version of Knock On makes it a little better. Having a phone that large with "only" a 5.0" screen is disappointing (especially when you compare it to the G2). I almost never use the speaker on my phone (for calls or music) so Boomsound is wasted and my phone is my primary camera and a 4 MP Ultrapixel would just not hack it for me. I know I'm in the minority but I really don't care about how my phone looks in an industrial design sense so could care less about the metal look. It's easy to see why HTC is having great success in the tech press and little commercial success in the marketplace because for me (even though I am a techie) the ergonomics of both the M7 and M8 are complete non starters for me so I believe they will continue to be "niche" phones with minimal commercial success versus the S5 and G3. I think the G2 (on sale for free on most carriers) is still a better buy than the M7 or M8.

I wholeheartedly agree with the review. The sound, screen and battery life are so good that I'll put up with the crappy camera. (The 128 GB SD card slot helps, too.) For the most part, I don't need the extra resolution in the camera. Of course, the first week I had it, I wanted to take a picture of a license plate frame on a car just ahead of me while stopped at a light, and the camera couldn't come close to seeing it. But other than that, the camera works ok for my needs.

A fair review with appropriate comments. I value a fast UI, great screen, and great speaker sound over a better smartphone camera, so the HTC One M8 is great for me! I don't always carry headphones, so the great speakers are a key to have for music, podcast etc. The battery life has been amazing also- blowing away my iPhone 5S...

I love the M8 and sense 6. But is there anyone else besides me that wishes HTC would bring back the awesome kickstand from the Evo lte? That with the boom sound would be perfect.

Or maybe it's just me.

Posted via Android Central App

I've never thought about it before, but the kickstand on my old Evo 4G got a lot of use. It was a great feature, Ruebourbon.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

thank you for this article, i loved every word and in general i agree about the camera however there are few known tricks to get better pictures:

Auto mode: just rely on auto focus point and shoot, since the phone measures exposure a lot better this way

HDR: hold and lock focus into the brightest area

Low light general: set max ISO to 800, which prevents the phone from going up to 3200, this way it actually beats the M7 in low, the auto tone corrected flash is great as well

Manual mode: for decoupling exposure from focus and setting up the highest quality still life photo with long exposure window (up to 4 seconds)

Very well written... Thank you.

Looking forward to getting the M8 in a couple weeks.

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The M8 is simply brilliant. I don't know what everyone is talking about as far as camera quality, it works great. My only gripe is the decision to put the power button and volume keys on the same side of the device. It seems like HTC took a swipe at lefties on this decision.

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Slippery phones should be a non-issue. All these phones need to go into TPU/rubber cases. My HTC One M7 has been in one since I bought it. I don't think I have ever dropped it. It is very grippy!

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It's just too dang BIG. The amount of wasted space on the front of the phone is almost criminal. OK, the speakers are a trade-off that may be worthwhile, but that huge black bar is not only ugly, it's an ergonomic nightmare, pushing the part of the screen you can actually use even further from where your fingers can easily reach. Unless you have LeBron sized hands, this is a 2-handed device 100% of the time. Between the huge size and slippery material, HTC concentrated on style to the point where it interferes with function.

Put it in a case? Not only does that make the phone even bigger, and harder to use one-handed, it defeats the whole purpose of that "cool" industrial design. No more will you get the glorious look and feel of the M8. You might as well have a plastic fantastic Samsung under that rubber.

I think everyone is making the camera issue a much bigger deal then it really is. I have the M8 and it takes pretty good pics in my opinion. If you are wanting to be a photographer then you should buy a true camera. Remember that this is a phone!

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I got my M8 a few weeks ago, and as a previous owner of an S4 and Nexus 5 I must say I adore every aspect including the camera. I have never had so much fun with a smartphone camera and find that the simple manual controls and great light to noise ratio perfectly suitable for my needs. The only limitation is I have to frame a little more carefully because at 4mp, cropping is not an option. But that tends to work in my favour as I frame my photos more carefully with the M8. I am actually using instagram for the first time in years and the quality of photos are excellent in all conditions (w/o cropping).with little noise and great colour. I happen to think this is the first phone I have used that ticks all the boxes and I'm greatful for it! Good work HTC.

Took the plunge and got the M8. Unfortunately, it's not a very comfortable phone to hold due to how tall the phone is plus it's ridiculously slippery. There are a lot of significant upgrades from the M7 specs wise, but overall the M7 is still a capable device. Luckily I still have my M7 so I've reverted and will be using my M7 and selling the M8. Hopefully, HTC will figure out a way to reduce the height of the phone and making it easier to grip. The M7's footprint was almost perfect.