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1.p.m ET: retail launch on Verizon, online launch on AT&T, Sprint; available in the U.K. from 4 p.m. GMT

The all-new HTC One (M8) has been officially announced, and we're now able to bring you details of retail and online availability for the device in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. As previously announced, the new HTC One will go on sale at select Carphone Warehouse locations in London from 4 p.m. GMT. In the U.S. the device will go on sale in Verizon retail stores at 1 p.m. ET, and at that time it'll also be available online from AT&T and Sprint. Meanwhile T-Mobile will launch the M8 in April. In Canada, Rogers, Bell, and TELUS are also kicking off pre-sales today with in-store availability later on.

You can buy HTC's new flagship on launch day on both sides of the Atlantic.

On-contract prices with a two-year plan will vary between $199 and $249 depending on the carrier, HTC tells us — we'll bring you carrier-specific announcements as soon as details are made available. The company says all four major U.S. carriers will be selling the M8 at retail by April 11. (Which also just happens to be the global launch day for the Galaxy S5.)

If you're buying off-contract, the new HTC One will set you back $649, and that's also the price of the Unlocked and Developer editions, which will be made available directly from HTC's website. In addition, there'll be a Google Play edition HTC One (M8) available to pre-order from today. The Google Play Edition will take 2 - 3 weeks to ship and costs $699, available here (only in the U.S. for now).

We'll add specific carrier information to this post as we get it.

  • Sprint (US) — Sprint will be selling the M8 for no money down and 24 monthly payments of $27.09. Otherwise, it's $199.99 down on contract once it hits stores in early April. You could go "All In" for $110/month or settle with 1 GB for $70/month.

  • T-Mobile (US) — T-Mobile will be offering the M8 on April 11 sans contract for $0-down, and $26.50/month over two years. T-Mobile plans start at $50.

  • AT&T (US) — AT&T's M8 is available here. You'll be shelling out $199 on contract, and plans start at $65/month.

  • Verizon (US) — Verizon has finagled exclusive availability until April 10, so they're where you need to go if you just can't wait to pick one up. In-store availability kicks off tomorrow, March 26. The real sell here is Verizon's BOGO deal; buy one, get the second for free, so long as both are activated on a two-year term. Verizon is having a Google Hangout event at 3 PM ET today if you want to get in on that. Verizon also notes that the M8 is Isis-friendly for contactless payments. Get your hands on it over here for $199 with plans starting at $60/month.

  • EE (UK) — The 4G-centric network will have the M8 on sale online and via telesales tomorrow, March 26, and in stores on March 27. Customers buying on a £37.99/pm "Extra" plan (£29.99 upfront cost) before April 10 will receive twice the amount of data of EE’s standard 4G plans — taking their monthly limit up to 4GB — for the duration of their contract. To sweeten the deal, EE is also offering customers who buy online between March 28 and April 10 free return flights to one of 12 European destinations.

  • Carphone Warhouse (UK) — Apparently Carphone Warehouse has been having events at their stores for the M8 launch, though you can check out the offer online here. You'll be looking at £549.95 SIM-free or £42/month for no up-front cost.

  • Three (UK) — You can buy the M8 from Three UK today, but you can't snag it for pay-as-you-go just yet. No gold version, but the other colors are in stock. Expect to pay £459.99 up-front, or £49 up-front and at least £38/month.

  • Vodafone (UK) — Vodafone UK is getting their stock of M8s in store on March 27th. It'll cost £42 for zero-down. Vodafone is also tossing in a free HTC BoomBass speaker for the first 3000 shoppers. A handful of stores in London will have them in stock tomorrow, if you're really antsy. Get shopping online over here.

  • O2 (UK) — O2 has the M8 available now for £49.99 up-front and a £38 monthly plan, or £609.99 with no strings attached. Order (online over here)[].

  • Phones4u (UK) —Phones4u is offering the M8 in the UK and tossing in $25 Google Play credit, a case, and a BoomBass speaker as a bonus. You can get it for free here for 24 months on a £42.00/month plan.

  • Unlocked-Mobiles (UK) — If you're looking to go SIM-free and unlocked, Unlocked-Mobiles will have it on March 28 for £534.98.

  • TELUS (Canada) — TELUS is offering a nice little accessory bundle worth $120 with their M8. It includes a double dip case, HTC Fetch keychain fob, and a juicy 9000 mAh battery bank. You'll be able to snag one for $229 on a two-year plan, or $700 outright from this page at 1 PM ET. It looks like TELUS is the only one with the silver model in Canada, if that's a deal-breaker. Plans start at $80/month. Prepaid subsidiary Koodo will also be offering the M8. Their data plans start at $34/month.

  • Bell (Canada) — Bell's M8 is available for sale right now online! Like TELUS, it's $229 on contract, and Bell's plans start at $80/month.

  • Rogers (Canada) — Rogers will have the HTC M8 in stores on April 10 for the same $229 as the other carriers. You can lock down your order through the Rogers Reservation system.

For an exhaustive list of carriers getting the new HTC One, check out the list at the end of HTC's press release, which covers all carriers and regions.

If you plan to pick up a new HTC One (M8), hit the comments and let us know how and where you're buying!


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HTC One (M8) available in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. from today


Waste of material with such a useless box that's bigger than it needs to be.

Posted via Android Central App

"Waste of material with such a useless box that's bigger than it needs to be."

That's what he said.

With most everyone charging full retail in payments anyway I'm opting instead to go with the GPE that'll work with all the carriers so I can switch anytime and use the same phone.

No bloat, no branding, no weird blocking of frequencies, same price.

Posted via Android Central App

Does the GPe really work with all carriers and all frequencies??? You don't "pick" the one you need?
New to this Google Play edition thing so help me.........

Posted via Android Central App

At $699 on the Google Play site it's kinda pricey. Buuuuuutt considering that you can take to ANY carrier, it's worth it.

It does show 32GB on Sprint, but it also sports a $249 price after eligible upgrade, not the $199 mentioned in the article?!?!
Any idea if this Sprint version will be $199 on Amazon....and WHEN?

It's $249 for an upgrade online, but if you call in to telesales there is an additional $50 rebate (not available online) to bring it down to $199 for upgrades. However, if you order online there is a $12 shipping charge (shipping from the website is free), but I was able to get a manager to waive it and price match the shipping on the website. Between the price matches, having to hear the sales pitch for TEP, cases, screen protectors, buy back, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc and having to have them read the Terms and Conditions it took me 30 minutes to order (not including time on hold).

They only have the dark gray 32GB version, but they said that additional colors will be coming the second week of April.

Phone and accessory subtotal: $249.99
Activation/Upgrade fee: $0.00
Estimated shipping: $12.00
Estimated tax: $30.25
Total: $292.24 -$50 rebate in 6+weeks in Amex gift card.

Same 30 minute process....

My company discount to my plan applies, and waives the activation fee..claiming this made it "impossible" to also waive the shipping. I decided to roll with it.

Thanks for the tip...I was on with Telesales when your response showed up.

BTW..It would have been $199 from Amazon without waiting for rebate and free Prime shipping, but I had my normal burning desire to get new phone ASAP and no idea when Amazon would ship.

I think you better look at the specs again.....


Internal memory storage Up to 32GB

Expandable memory storage Up to 128GB

Memory format microSD™


Yeah, got confused by the "Up to 32GB" description. Guess it's AT&T's legalese to avoid having to explain OS usage. I took it to mean either 16 or 32 gb options.

I was waiting to see the final announcement. I've been holding off until I saw the GS5 and One '14. But now I feel I'll just save the hundred bucks and go with a Nexus. The One looks awesome but I don't want that kind of buyers remorse. Which I suffer from way too much.

Posted via Android Central App

Hmmm.. Sprint Specs says it comes with a headset... I wonder if it is of any quality or just some sort of cheap buds that sound slike crap. Not that I really care I have a set that I am happy with. But would be nice to see some quality headsets included instead of the craptacular ones manufactures throw in the box. Does not have to be Beats Audio or similar quality, just decent once with good sound.

Direct links let me add it to my cart but as soon as I try to move forward and upgrade my line to Next it removes it from my cart. Sucks.
It also seems to show me the premier site, maybe due to my company discount ?

Excellent launch. This even beats out Apple's timing. Kudos to HTC. I hope they keep up with timely software updates, carrier is the bottleneck though.

Posted via Android Central App

So you're telling me I've been waiting for this day forever now only to find out T-mo wont have it till April. ayyyyye.

And just like that developer edition on back order until 4/3. I ordered at 1:06 (site was up at 1:05). Checked my order and it requested I call. Waited on hold for 20 min and was told the phone was on backorder. I guess it's destiny, I already ordered a Z2.

I don't see any mention of the unlocked or developer version on their website.

"If you're buying off-contract, the new HTC One will set you back $649, and that's also the price of the Unlocked and Developer editions, which will be made available directly from HTC's website. In addition, there'll be a Google Play edition HTC One (M8) available to pre-order from today."

Yeah they pulled it because it's on "backorder". The developer option was underneath the 3 carriers on that page.

Confirmed. AT&T Premier customers can't order it via the website right now. No ETA. Apparently Premier customers are second class citizens due to all the money that businesses spend.

Posted via Android Central App

I was having trouble finding this phone using the AT&T Premier site. I called in and then was transferred around a few times (big surprise with a new phone and general AT&T silliness) and I finally was able to order it. I think when I first went on there, they hadn't uploaded the M8 to the Premier site just yet. One-day ship is only $14.95. That's much less than I thought it would've been.

Ordered on O2 in the UK. Hope the hype is justified, it certainly sounds as if it is.

Posted via Android Central App