Who's got the HTC One, and what to do with it once you've picked it up​

Today's the day many of us have been waiting for -- the HTC One is finally available. Folks in the UK and a couple other countries have had it for a week or two now, and even a few in the U.S. sneaked one out over the past few days. But today it's official. Three U.S. operators and others worldwide are now selling the phone that many believe is a must-win for HTC.

We've been using the HTC One for more than a month now -- be sure to read our full HTC One review --  and it's safe to say that this is a lot of phone. The hardware is certainly is something to crow about -- the display is gorgeous, the phone is fast and the new front-facing speakers have to be heard to be believed. The new camera has some excellent features and is capable of taking excellent photos. And HTC got some interesting new software features.

So if you're just getting started with the HTC One, or if you're just now looking at getting one, strap it. We'll explain it all for you.

Who's carrying the HTC One?

If you're looking to get one in the United States, you've got a few options.

  • AT&T has the 32-gigabyte HTC One for $199, and the 64GB version for $299
  • Sprint is selling it for $199 on contract, or $99 if you're a new customer who ports over a number.
  • T-Mobile's going to have the HTC One in a few days, on April 24. You can pick it up online starting today. It'll run you $99 down on a two-year plan.
  • No plans for Verizon to carry the HTC One. But remember that Verizon didn't get last year's HTC One X and instead got something better later in the year with the Droid DNA.

In Canada, you can get the HTC One on TELUS, Rogers and Bell for $149 on a three-year contract. 

HTC is also selling a 32GB SIM -unlocked version, and a 64GB "developer edition" with an unlockable bootloader. (At the time of this publication, those versions have been delayed a bit.)

Is there a difference between one HTC One and another?

Not really. AT&T's got a 64-gigabyte option. (And HTC is selling a 64GB "Developer Edition" directly.) You'll get some software variations between the phones -- AT&T has put more custom apps on its phone than Sprint -- but that's about it.

Hardware-wise, save for radio stuff that differs from carrier to carrier, the phones exactly the same.

What's in the box?

As you'll recall from our HTC One unboxing, expect the usual fare. Charger, earbuds and a microUSB cable. 

Will I need a new SIM card?

Sprint SIM card

Possibly. If you're getting an HTC One on Sprint, you'll most likely get a new one with the phone. Very likely on T-Mobile as well. If you're coming from an LTE device on AT&T, it's possible you'll keep the same SIM card.

The HTC One uses a micro SIM.

What do I need to do first with my HTC One?

HTC has done a really good job with the setup process. It walks you through adding your various accounts, and you can even import information from your old phone. Don't just skip over all this.

You also can do some setup of your phone online at HTC's Get Started website. It won't take care of everything, but it's worth a look.

What happened to the home screens?

HTC has changed things up in Sense 5 -- its customizations on top of Android. At the far left is "BlinkFeed," a neat way to quickly bring news and social features to the forefront. You can add news feeds, Facebook, Twitter, calendar items and more.

If you don't want to use BlinkFeed, you don't have to, and it won't be in the way. But if you do use it, be sure to add the Android Central feed!

See also:

What's all this about a special camera?

HTC One camera

Explore the hell out of the camera. There's a lot going on there. You need to know about Zoes and you need to know about Video Highlights. (Here's a great explainer.) Those are the two biggest features, and they may take a little getting used to. Zoes are little 3-second video clips that also give you 20 or so still images. Zoes, in turn, will be used in Video Highlights, which the HTC One makes automatically, in real time. 

Be sure to check out our HTC One Camera Tips post as well. Lots of good stuff in there.

You've also entered the world of the "Ultra Pixel." That HTC One technically has a 4-megapixel sensor, meaning images are shot at a maximum 2688 by 1520 resolution. For most folks, that's plenty big. The reason for the lower megapixel count is because the individual pixels on the sensor are larger, letting in more light. (Also remember that the phone is rendering Video Highlights in real time, so file size is of consideration.)

Just take a bunch of photos. And be sure to dive through the settings and editing features as well.

Holy crap this thing is loud! Those speakers!

Yep. That's called "Boom Sound," and it's a combination of those front-facing stereo speakers and software on the phone, including Beats Audio.

The HTC One often is too loud. Be sure to lower the ringer at night.

What about HTC One accessories?

We've already taken a look at a few of the more popular cases for the HTC One, including:

For more HTC One cases, check out the fine folks at

Jeez, that's a lot - anything else I need to know?

Yep. You can watch TV while using your HTC One as a remote control. It's pretty cool. Take a second and try it out.

There's also an included Kid Mode, for those times your kids are screaming to play with your phone and you finally give in and let them have it.

And, by the way, this may be the best-designed Android smartphone we've used.

What if I still need more help?


This answer's easy. Our HTC One forums are full of folks looking to help. Chances are someone has the same questions you do. We'll get 'em answered.


Reader comments

HTC One gains greater availability today - here's what you need to know


I had pre-ordered for the Dev 64GB edition on April 7th. Today got a mail from HTC saying it would be further delayed:
We have an important update about your order. Due to shipping issues with the 32G unlocked and 64G Developers Editions of the New HTC One®, there will be a slight delay in shipping your HTC One® to you. We expect to have your phone delivered to you, via overnight shipping, before the end of April. We’ll do everything we can to get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

I got the same thing today and I ordered on the 17th. I don't know how much of this is on HTC, but even as someone who's only owned Nexus devices before this I haven't heard a single good thing over time about the "LetsTalk" store that handles HTC's online orders.

But if nothing else, I'm patient. I wasn't expecting to get my One until the end of next week anyway, and now I've got free overnight shipping. : P

I can confirm this. Received the e-mail after no updates at all on launch day and the week prior.

HTC and Letstalk really screwed the pooch on this dev edition launch. I will not be dealing with Letstalk again.

You may want to add that the AT&T edition does not allow you to run Google Wallet nor receive the 25gb Dropbox offer. AT&T also "tags" the phone all over the place; logo on back, custom start up animation, custom ringtones, and a logo on notification pull down.

@richard451 are these issues going to be fixed in the future? One of the main selling points for me was NFC and I can't imagine not being able use Google Wallet.

As far as officially, who knows. However, you'll likely be able to sideload it eventually. And custom ROM's will possibly (probably) be available that make installing it even easier.

UPDATE: actually i have a buddy who got in on sprint and it is not available on his device other; we are thinking Google Wallet will eventually release the app for all carriers.

I went with the Incipio Gel Case because if you're gonna cover that gorgeous skin with a case, might as well have the nice look and feel of brushed metal on the back;-) (Oh and if your new phone gets laggy, check Google Play Store - probably have 2 dozen auto- and manual updates that are cloggin' the pipes;-) BlinkFeed wasn't opening to Facebook posts right, but did all the updates and it's as right as rain;-)

Sadly HTC will not be getting my money on this sweet device as it is not available thru Verizon. I refuse to jump to a second tier network like Sprint either.

That's the most inane comment I've ever seen... Verizon is widely recognized as having one of the best, if not THE best network of all US carriers. It's the REST of their services that are garbage.

Does anybody know if the Dev Edition will work on Verizon?, I know Sprint is CDMA also and as far as data I would not mind only having 3G

At first I was all about having the bigger screen and removable battery on the S4. But, I saw one of these guys at their booth in San Francisco. The look, fit, and feel may have won me over. I think I can live w/ minus 0.3" on the screen for those awesome speakers. Battery is still a bit of an issue as I tend to hand down my old phones to people and just buy a new battery for them.

its a shame was hoping to get this from my work place but they decided samsung z10 or iphone 5 only since i got a z10 for my personal this would have been nice side by side

Are there any features (besides BlinkFeed) that do not work if you install a third-party launcher?

Had an opportunity to play with the One at the Best Buy near my job and it is a fantastic device. The look and feel in hand are amazing. The speed and the clarity of the screen are outstanding!! Now just waiting on my delivery.

the HTC ONE is a beast. Tested it out in store today and the 468ppi screen in the real deal! No lag whatsoever on the phone either. This device takes form factor to a whole new level. Hurry up USPS!!

Heading to the Sprint store as soon as I get off work in an hour. They've got one on hold for me. I haven't been this excited since my mom got me a bike for Christmas, 20+ years ago.

"Hardware-wise, save for radio stuff that differs from carrier to carrier, the phones exactly the same."

I'd say that is a pretty big differentiator. Especially for those considering the Dev Edition. Does it support any US carrier besides AT&T?


Just called AT&T to see if they would let me upgrade early to get the One, and they did. Not only am I getting the phone ahead of my upgrade time, but the sold me a Black HTC One with 64GB for $99.00.

No removable battery = deal breaker. It amazes me that HTC went that route again despite the number of people complaining about it last year and the corresponding poor device sales last year.