Making the upfront cost of an unlocked handset a bit more attainable

Following tightly in the footsteps of Motorola, HTC will now offer $0 down 0% financing on the unlocked HTC One. The deal works out much the same as other financing offers — you agree to make 24 monthly payments for the handset, and if you complete the full $600 price of the phone at or before the two year mark, you pay no interest. If you fall behind on payments or don't pay off the $600 price within the financing period, you'll be charged at a whopping 29.99% interest (there's the catch).

The deal only applies to the unlocked (compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile) 32GB model HTC One for the moment, but you've gotta start somewhere.

Although it has been pretty easy to pick up an HTC One with financing from third-party retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, it's always good to see the manufacturer offering it directly. If you've been holding out to buy an unlocked HTC One and want to drop the pennies over the course of 24 months, head to the source link below to get started.

Source: HTC


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HTC now offering $0 down 0% interest financing for unlocked One handsets


This is the "better" way of doing things. This type of financing will push carrier plans down, hopefully....


That was a well-needed laugh =)

I wish that played when I walk around.

Personally, Super Mario plays when I walk around lol

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Better than pac man. That would drive me nuts

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I could definitely see myself doing something like this in the future. I always have money, but I never usually have a lot of money. And the payments for this phone would only be $25 a month which isn't bad at all as long as you make them. Of course, I'm not looking into it right now (I already have a One), but I would be happy if the mobile industry went this way in terms of payments.

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I'm paying for my HTC one through sprint one up $20 a month plus $65 for unlimited everything

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It's too bad this model doesn't support AWS HSPA+, or it would be perfect for prepaid. It's only useful on half of the MVNOs.

That's how much non-Nexus or budget phones cost. And, when financing it, you hardly notice the impact. Personally, having laid down $600 for a phone at one time before, I'd much rather slowly pay for it over a few months instead.

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Better than a sucker signing crappy contracts with phones having that ugly carrier logos and bloat.

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I wouldn't call people suckers, for signing a contract. People do what works for them: not everyone is willing to play the prepaid "game."

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I have a great contract, less than 60 a month. A phone with NO carrier branding. No bloat.

Oh and unlimited great LTE.

I just re upped my contract last month.

Am I winning then?

Ouch on the price. Should be the same price like motor x and N5

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I would do this for an HTC One Max since I already have an HTC One.

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