With the March 25th date on the horizon, it makes sense that 2013's flagship receives a price drop

HTC has shaved the price of the unlocked One by $100 down to $499, and it doesn't take much thought to wonder why it'd do such a thing. With an extremely-teased date of March 25th looming, it makes sense to drop the price of the unlocked One as it approaches a year old. Until today you were expected to drop a full $600 for the unlocked model, and while we think it was generally worth it the whole way, at this point you have to think twice.

The unlocked model is compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile officially, although we'd caution you to do a little research before you try to hook it up on the magenta network because of some radio band issues. If you really have no intention of holding out for whatever's on the horizon in just a couple of weeks and want to get the HTC One direct from the source, you can do so at the link below — shipping is even cheap.

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HTC drops unlocked One price to $499, but you should probably hold off on buying


That's nothing, I can get 33 Samsung (go phone) flip phones. They even have media net built in! At 14.99 a piece you can't beat it.
While I'm at it, I think I'll sell my house and move my family into a dumpster so I don't have to pay a mortgage payment. Food is also free!!!!

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I'm with you on this pricing. Would be a great price for a great phone - I'd put the GPe ROM on it myself.

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