HTC Desire 8

Details tip versions compatible with Sprint and AT&T

We know the HTC Desire 8 is headed to China, super-super camera and all. But it looks like it could be headed stateside, too.

The folks that get this sort of information and early software builds at LlabToofer have uncovered some details that point to compatibility with Sprint and AT&T. There's a very good chance that regional and MVNO carriers, like Virgin Mobile, Boost or Aio could end up carrying the Desire 8 for folks who want a premium-styled midrange device.

Granted, nothing is official here, but the Desire line has seen some life in the states on regional carriers and Virgin Mobile before. Hopefully, we know more at Mobile World Congress when HTC is expected to show us what they have lined up for the first half of the year.

Source: LlabToofer


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HTC Desire 8 may be headed to the US


Likely a great option for regional carriers and MVNOs like Jerry said. Whereas the HTC One (2014) will be available on all major carriers and perhaps some regionals, not MVNOs.

I agree. Its actually the first plastic phone that has ever stood out to me with a real sense of a quality and sleek look. Here's to hoping it actually makes it to AT&T.

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For some reason I never got a good feel from the DNA but I know that's just me

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I have a feeling this HTC Desire 8 smartphone's attractive design, incredible display, high quality responsive camera with Zoes and Highlights, Boomsound speakers and distinctive Blinkfeed and Sense UI is going to be a big seller in the midrange and US MVNO market. It will be a standout compared to all others on display.

Now call that marketing.
Congrats HTC.