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As more and more people switch to using smartphones the need for improved streaming increases. HTC have today announced '"HTC Connect," a new program designed to offer people a seamless visual and audio experience when using a HTC device, whether at home or in their car.

Pioneer Electronics are the first company to partner with HTC on the new project and will provide HTC Connect certified devices. The HTC One series of phones will be among the first devices to support the new feature but I sense (no pun intended) that this new program could be around for years to come.

You can see the full press release below:

HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announced its HTC Connect™ certification program designed to offer consumer electronics manufacturers the opportunity to create an improved sound and visual standard for seamless connectivity between HTC® devices and consumer electronics.  For consumers, HTC Connect will mean high-quality, wireless audio and video sent through their HTC smartphones to their compatible in-home and in-car electronics.

Smartphones are changing the way individuals listen to music and watch video, making it easier than ever before to enjoy rich multimedia content almost anywhere. HTC is working to bring the benefits and ease-of-use of mobile connected devices into the home through the HTC Connect initiative. HTC Connect certification introduces new connectivity standards for partners, and gives consumers using an HTC Connect certified device a new level of convenience through seamless integration with their other compatible consumer electronics. The HTC One™ series of smartphones is slated to receive HTC Connect certification through a software update in the coming months.

“The vision for HTC Connect is to allow our customers to easily stream their favorite high-quality video and audio from their smartphone into their home or car.  This new initiative will build upon HTC’s innovation in smartphones with leading consumer electronics brands,” said Kouji Kodera, chief product officer, HTC Corporation. “We’re also excited to announce Pioneer Electronics, a leader in the audio and video industry, as our first partner to demonstrate the initial HTC Connect certified audio experience for consumers.”

Pioneer Electronics – First HTC Connect Partner

Pioneer Electronics is the first and leading partner to bring HTC Connect certified devices to market.  HTC Connect will be featured as part of Pioneer’s 2012 lineup of DLNA capable audio/video receivers and wireless speakers delivering a seamless and consistent audio streaming and control experience.

“We're very pleased to be working with HTC on this important evolution of audio technology, which fits very well with Pioneer's strong commitment to embracing the smartphone movement in our home entertainment products,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president, Home Electronics Division, Pioneer Electronics.

“The use of smartphones as primary content sources in the home is a trend that's developing very quickly, and HTC is helping to provide a much-needed solution for a very significant and growing part of the market.” 

The HTC Connect certification will also be extended to future Pioneer products.


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HTC Connect: seamless audio and visual streaming coming to the 'One Series'


Exactly. We need this stuff like a hole in the head. I only want things that are based on open standards. I am not AT ALL excited about some proprietary HTC-only streaming protocol.


What about the HTC Rezound, The Rezound has better specks then the new HTC devices, the phone is faster and has a great processor. I have used the new HTC phones and sent it back because I thought the Rezound was better. It has a sd card, removable battery and on and on. Just my Opinion.

Rezound is a great phone... I owned the Rezound for a few months.. It was my favorite phone on Verizon. I've also owned the charge.. Razor and Nexus, but you do have one thing wrong, the Rezound is not faster it is using an S3 processor and HTC one x and EVO are using S4. There is no One series phone on Verizon,,,the incredible lte is not a ONE series. I now own the EVO after switching back to sprint from Verizon and it's definitely faster and the screen is amazing. As for sd card support, you can use dropbox or any other cloud storage but evo has card support. Battery life is night and day difference on evo compared to any of the Verizon phones I owned. Also Rezound is a brick compared to new one series :-)

Sounds good. maybe. Just waiting for the EVO LTE's price drop at (they announced yesterday it was dropped to 150, yet somehow AC missed it).

A $150 down-payment is what it has been all along from most vendors, because they were giving a $50 instant "rebate".