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HTC has announced that it'll become the official smartphone partner of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, as part of a three-year deal that'll begin in January and span the 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons. The deal means fans will be seeing a lot more of HTC's branding and devices, and the company promises "to deliver new and innovative ways for fans around the world to get closer to the action," both in-stadium and remotely via mobile devices. 

As part of the deal, HTC will also become official smartphone partner of the UEFA Super Cup Final in 2013 and 2014, and the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Scoring a partnership with Europe's leading club football (or soccer, if you insist) competitions is a big deal for HTC, which has witnessed a downturn in its revenues over the past year. A recent executive switch-up brought in a new CMO, with the aim of re-vamping HTC's marketing efforts for its next round of smartphones, expected in early 2013. HTC will surely be hoping that its new UEFA partnership will bring some pizzazz to its brand.

More details and obligatory executive quotes in the presser after the break.


Three season partnership with Europe’s most elite club competitions kicking-off from January 2013

LONDON — 12 December, 2012 — HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announced a three-year agreement that will see it become the Official Global Phone Supplier partner of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Kicking off in January 2013, the partnership places HTC at the centre of two of the world’s most elite football competitions and will enable it to deliver new and innovative ways for fans around the world to get closer to the action. Whether in the stadium watching the game, or viewing content on a HTC device, fans will be there to share every moment.

“Football elicits so much passion around the world and we are excited to partner with one of the leading sporting brands in the world,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “We’ll be working closely with UEFA to offer football experiences to all fans in addition to providing a richer overall mobile experience.”

Gianni Infantino, UEFA General Secretary said: “I am pleased to welcome HTC to the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League family. Through this partnership UEFA and HTC will promote European club football to a worldwide audience and bring new opportunities for our fans to engage with the competitions. We value the support and commitment of HTC and anticipate their involvement with these competitions will increase the profile of their brand on a global scale

This partnership combines HTC’s tradition of working with global leaders in the world of music, imaging, design and sport with the interests and cultural passion points of consumers around the world.

As part of the partnership with the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, HTC will also be the Official Global Smartphone Supplier Partner of the UEFA Super Cup Final in 2013 and 2014, and the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Further details on the partnership will be announced in due course, for more information, please visit


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HTC announces three-year partnership with UEFA


Well they've released several excellent (and in my opinion the best in the One X/X+ ) handsets this past year which haven't achieved anywhere near the sales they deserved, which could partly be attributed to a lack of advertising, media presence and general public recognition (something that Apple and Samsung do pretty effectively at the moment) so if this helps them get back somewhere near the top then all power to them.

Take for example the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. They're both fine devices - some of the best Android devices ever released. They could be good enough to stand on their own and sell well with little to no marketing. These two devices are also the most heavily marketed Android devices ever. Samsung was a title sponsor to the Olympics. There are S III and Note 2 ads all over TV and print and I'm pretty sure almost every movie I watched in theaters this year had a Samsung ad play before the previews. Marketing, while not the sole reason, is a huge reason why Samsung is doing so well right now. 

I agree. The HTC One X, One X+, Evo LTE, One V, etc are all great phones. The lack of marketing it what has hurt HTC the most. For every ONE commercial or Ad I have seen for HTC, there were literally dozens and dozens I saw for the Samsung Galaxy series.

I feel like HTC read my post at They sure are sneaky people.

This was written early December and re-written again on the 8th.. IT's like HTC read my thoughts and acted upon it immediately.

"SPonsorship opportunities to endorse Manchester United, Barcelona FC, NE Patriots, Lionel Messi, Robert Downey Jr, Using youtube stars like Freddiediew or PSY, or Justin Bieber.. You guys missed the boat again on marketing 101 principles.

people love to emulate the best or the most popular. Attaching your name to
greatness automatically elicits acceptance of the brand as elite or cool.
the name of the brand adopts the personality of the famous celebrity.

For example, Attaching the SAMSUNG name to Chelsea has done wonders for that brand in the UK. Ever since that frenzied and epic Champions league victory, people go crazy for Chelsea. Guess who is on the front end of that jersey? it’s SAMSUNG. When people think of Chelsea, they think of
epic and utter madness for the underdog team that upset goliath in Barcelona. Samsung has ridden on the piggy backs of that momentum and people changed the way they think of Samsung.. Since Samsung was with Chelsea for many years."

find it here

I hope it works out... I think HTC could really do well if they advertised more. The Droid DNA has the potential to be great(if only it had micro USB... :P ) but it's just not really advertised that much.