The HTC One M8 is a great phone, but it's not perfect. And we, in our infinite wisdom, have some ideas.

There's no such thing as a perfect phone. You can justify this, defend that. Some flaws are subjective, others are like a bad scab in an unfortunate place, unable to be ignored. Fortunately, today's high-end phones are more good than bad. But, no, they're not perfect. And for as much as we love the HTC One M8 — and make no mistake, it's right up there with anything else we'll recommend this year — we've got some ideas about how HTC could "fix" its flagship device for 2014.

If you've yet to come across the phone — we're sure these people exist somewhere — here's the rub: The HTC One M8 continues the design trend we first saw 2013's HTC One M7. That is, aluminum unibody design with some sweeping curves. Large, 5-inch, 1080p display. It's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM and is running Android 4.4.2 with HTC's Sense 6 user interface atop it. It's got a relatively low resolution "Ultrapixel" camera — just 4 megapixels — but you get a bunch of cool features to play with after you've taken the shot.

And with that, here's how we'd "fix" the HTC One M8.

Alex Dobie, UK editor extraordinaire

There’s a lot to like about the M8. It’s a phone that demonstrates HTC’s strength in both hardware and software design. The ridiculously good battery life is a welcome improvement on last year’s model. And HTC, with Sense 6, has crafted the only Android UI I’d pick over “stock.” By any standard, it’s a great phone — but it’s not perfect.

Data may show that folks want larger devices, but HTC could have saved us from ourselves.

Let’s start with the sheer size of the device — or more specifically its height. The M8 is within half a millimeter of the original Samsung Galaxy Note. And while it’s nowhere near a “phablet” class device, it is tricker to one-hand than the 4.7-inch (display) M7. The front-facing speakers are one of the main reasons for this extra bulk at the top and bottom, but there’s also the matter of the bar beneath the screen displaying HTC's logo. Ask the company about this and they'll point out that it's not just blank space — there are electronics lurking below. Nevertheless, the phone was designed with this bar beneath the screen, and that means you've got farther to reach when tapping the top of the screen.

Jerry Hildenbrand, from the West Virginia front

I don’t have a lot of complaints about the M8. The two I do have make it a device I’m not using, though.

Whoops - HTC One M8

My biggest issue is the slippery coating. I hear that the lighter aluminum version has more texture, but that hardly helps me hold the darker gunmetal grey (which is neither gunmetal nor grey) one I have. Phil dropped it before it made it’s way to me. I’ve dropped it twice. While the construction has kept it from flying apart when it has been dropped, eventually the screen is going to take a hit if I keep dropping it. It’s a phone that will require a case if I were to carry it every day. Don’t tell my boss, but I hate using a case.

Butterfingers. If you don't use a case with the M8, you're taking a pretty big risk. This is a slippery sucker.

My other complaint is a bug that will get fixed, and one we saw on the M7 when it was new — the settings to keep data on, no matter how long the screen is off, are ignored. I don’t want my phone to turn off the data connection when it’s in my pocket. I’ve told it not to turn off the data connection while it’s in my pocket. But it still does. No bueno, please fix, thanks.

I’m OK with the camera. It’s fast, the pictures usually turn out clear and in focus, and I don’t take pictures that need printed or blown up with a cell phone. I’m more concerned with shutter speed — especially in a dim smoky room — and the M8 delivers. I also liked the M7 camera for the same reasons, so I’m not surprised. I do like the gallery effects, namely Zoes and Highlights, and still think HTC does it better than Google does with Auto-Awesome in Google+.

I do think the simplicity and elegance (yeah, I went there) of Sense 6 makes this the best current choice for a consumer looking for an Android phone. Just buy a case for it.

Phil Nickinson, fearless leader, Florida

Did anyone mention this tall, slick phone is sort of tough to hold onto? Good. And don't tell Jerry, but I'm using mine with a case. And I'm not a case guy. This is very weird for me.

We've covered the hard-to-handle factor. The camera's been talked about to death. I'm going to be unpopular and say HTC shouldn't have gone back to expandable storage. That's right, ditch the SD card. For one, it's insecure storage. For another, SD cards and Android 4.4 KitKat — well, they're not exactly the best of friends, but for good reason. Let's just keep things simple and make 32GB the minimum amount of internal storage. But 64GB is better. And offer a 128GB version for those of us who just can't say no.

HTC One M8

There's another reason getting rid of the SD card. HTC's done well to cut down on the number of moving parts of its devices, and that means fewer chances for manufacturing defects. Inconsistencies plagued 2013's M7. And the SD card tray on my second M8 sticks out ever so slightly. It shouldn't, and I could probably return the phone and have it replaced. But that's a bigger hassle than a minor manufacturing flaw. So let's take the SD card tray out of the equation and replace it with a good amount of proper internal storage.

You're not going to like this, but HTC should get rid of the SD card.

I'd also recommend HTC keep carriers from mucking up the ROM with preloaded crap. But HTC needs to sell phones, and there are ways around bloatware. (But seriously, carriers. Cut that crap out.)

And it's a small thing, but I miss the black hole that was the M7's speaker grille. On the M8, you can see where the actual speaker is and the false front begins. It's not a huge deal by any means, but it's a slip in the sort of attention to detail that HTC normally nails. Same goes for the Dot View Case, actually. Great idea. But it's pretty tough to use when flipped around to the back of the phone.

And one last small thing: It's great being able to double-tap the display to wake the phone, but it could still use a little tweaking for sensitivity. LG's still the king of that one. (To say nothing of the new Knock Code feature.)

And that, folks, is how we'd "fix" the HTC One M8. HTC has our number. Operators are standing by. Have your own thoughts on how to "fix" the HTC One M8? Let's hear 'em.


Reader comments

How we'd 'fix' the HTC One M8


1. single 8MP OIS Camera( 1.5 micron pixels), get rid of the second Camera
2. Move Power Button to the side, either same or opposite side of the Volume button.
3. go back to 32GB/64GB internal storage, remove the SD card tray
4. Get rid of the HTC logo, just etch it into the Speaker Grill instead.

OMG that's exactly what I thought about the speaker, I thought I was the only one. They should add another row of speaker holes on both sides, so they could fill in a few to form the hTC logo. Like this:

....|-----...... | ....... |...........
....|.... |....... | ....... ------.....

(I know it's hard to tell but it's there)

The HTC logo isn't there just to have it there. They needed the space for components and used it to advertise their brand so it wouldn't just be a black bar. What they COULD have done was put the navigation buttons back there (standard configuration) and then everyone would have stopped crying. I actually like the on-screen buttons, but it wouldn't have looked like wasted space if they had just placed them there instead.

They could have also put the black bar on top, there by moving the screen down and making it slightly easier to use one handed. And with the bar on top, they could have hid the camera and sensors behind it and kept the speaker symmetrical.

Or perhaps they could have turned the black bar into screen? There are better ways to hide components than to add length in the form of useless bezel... asymmetry is unsightly and the HTC One sells on design.


I'd develop a 9 uberpixel camera and advertise that it can capture figments of your imagination.
I'd make that black bezel disappear... and replace it with a white one.
I'd extend the speaker grills farther to each side, and have a row of notification leds that flash across the grill like kit from Knight Rider.
I'd install a mini parachute that auto-deployed during drops, and On-star for major accidents.

I like the parachute idea, yet I'm thinking airbag that surrounds the phone when it detects falling. Also a laser that can burn through rope and a small harpoon that can questionably support a mid sized man's weight.

Not a bad idea... that's how it is on my Evo LTE, the logo is on top and the sensors are nicely hidden under the black glass. I'm really surprised with all HTC's experience and emphasis on premium design, beauty, etc. there seem to be so many steps backward on this model. I like my current phone so much I don't even want to change it for this one. Maybe for the speakers. If they come out with a nice red one on Sprint, maybe I'll go for it. I would put it in a black TPU and it would look and feel awesome with the tough hard rubber and red parts showing.

You pretty much nailed my thoughts. I would also add trimming the left/right/top bezels down a bit, and then after #4, matching the bottom bezel in size. That way, you can have a bigger screen in a smaller chassis.

I'd also 1) add a black model with the finish of the M7's black model, and 2) get rid of the NFC icon in the top notification bar.

While it wasn't perfect, the M7 felt like HTC set out to make the best smartphone without making compromises. The M8 feels like it has many compromises, which 1) isn't the way to do things period and 2) HTC can't afford.

Notification bar icon clutter has been a Sense annoyance for a long time, easily fixed if rooted but that's one area their stock build could use improvement still. The average Joe doesn't care or need to know if NFC or location services are turned on

Either or, there's a reason stock Android doesn't have notification icons for either regardless of state, they're unnecessary. HTC decided to waste space with them tho...

1) Improve camera software, don't abandon new tech and throw the baby out with the bathwater.
2) Power button on the side, NO. I like it where is is.
3) Keep the Big internal storage and also keep the SD Card. You can force photos, music (even google music) to use it. Its just not the problem everyone is making it out to be. Insecure? Really? If someone can steal my SD card they already have my phone!
4) I'll give you the HTC logo. It Doesn't have to be there.

I use Adownloader. How do you force files to not only save to the SD (which I've figured out) but for the Music app to read them there as well without having to use a file manager and rearrange?

The app developer needs to update the app to take advantage of some APIs. It's not that apps can't save to the SD card. It's that they are only allowed to save to their own directories (usually /android/ ) unless it takes advantage of those defaults.

Posted via Android Central App

1) Second Lens on the back and all the new camera features is the exact reason why M8 can't have OIS, one of the best features for M7's Camera.
2) Top power button is very hard to reach on a long phone, also makes it difficult to boot into recovery mode/take screen shots.
3) The case against SD card and SD card tray have been made over and over again, don't feel the need to list them.

1. 8UP camera and keep the second camera. Implement corephotonics stuff.
2. Reduce length. Speakers should be the ones found on the desire 816, those look much more space conservative.
3. Reduce length. Onscreen home button should become the htc logo. Bar can now be removed
4. Reduce phone width, feels too wide.
5. Make sure to properly drill the speaker grills.
6. Power button on the side.
7. Implement new phone wakeup and sleep situations like how its done with Gravity screen app. Make this stuff optional of course.
8. Have translucent status bar along with colored status bar.
9. Consider translucent navigation bar (like on blink feed) to be systemwide. Only if it looks good thought out all apps.
10. Center clock on status bar.
11. Make it possible to hide boom sound, headset, signal strength, battery, etc. Icons on status bar.
12. Implement notification hiding like notify clean(xposed app).

Keep the SD card tray
Less bezel

Up the CPU & offer a 6" version

Posted via Android Central App

Less bezel & keep the SD slot while offering more on-board memory

Offer a 6" version with a 2k display and a Snapdragon 810

Posted via Android Central App

this is EXACTLY what i would say as well. You NAILED it! But i just want to be clear that by getting rid of the logo, you get rid of the .25" of wasted space as well!! ;)

As somebody who owns the M8, I would say to fix the sensitivity of the tap to wake, improve the camera in daylight use, and eliminate the bezel at the bottom for more screen real estate. Other than that, I love my M8.

Oddly, I have no problem with tap to wake. I suspect the hand you are holding it in is overlapping the screen. That is the only thing that defeats tap to wake. I'd like to see them add, via software, two finger double tap to put it to sleep.

One more thing, (actually the only real complaint I have), is like the HTC One X before it, the speaker grills are so small that they fill with pocket lint, or skin cells, and are very difficult to clean. These holes have vertical walls, if they had conical walls (think drill bit) debris would simply tend to fall out.

SOooo.. the G3 it is.

i wonder if the phone could be made lots smaller if the speakers had been a tad less powerful yet still the best there is out there.

I agree with most of the comments said before and the contents of the article. The M8 is a great device, and would have been perfect if it weren't for these small details.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is going back to a symmetric design for the speaker grilles. I just cannot get over the fact that the bottom one is larger than the one at the top. Small detail but it really bugs me

About the speaker grills, YES. That bothers me too. I hate the uneven look.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

Oddly this doesn't bother me at all. The logo could be elsewhere, but seriously, I've never had any smartphone that was symmetric top to bottom. Not one. Google up images of smart phones, point out one that is symmetrical top to bottom.

The camera must go! Much like the M7 before it, I played with it for 2 weeks and then put it back in its box, put in my gadget drawer, and went back to my Nexus.

I had...because I am getting my new phone today...a software bug that made Google Play All Access not sound quite right UNTIL I activated Google Now and then the sound would fill out. Having to activate it with each new song is annoying therefore I am switching to the LG G2 on Verizon because Sprint would not exchange the phone for a different model phone.

I love my M8 if I were on the M9 team I'd say:
1. Find a work around for the htc bezel on front.
2. Work on daylight performance on camera (I don't even mind the 4mp part of it).
3. In sense allow quick replies to texts with the stock messaging app.
4. Clean up the notification bar. If I can show battery Percentage why the hell do I need a battery icon as well?
6 Allow customizable tap/swipe-to-wakes

I agree with 1 - 4 and 6. I would like the roaming triangle to go away.
Things I would fix is so I can double tap to awake while its on my desk.
I like the power button where it is, I like the IR feature.
Would like an adjustable LED on the front. All colors.

Wanted to add my sd card is flush, my micro Sim card is a little inward and wasn't working right out of the box and had to get that fixed. I still think HTC has a winner with this phone.

I'm certain that 1 is one of their top priorities as well. Those speakers take up so much freakin space internally its unreal. If you get rid of the lower speaker assembly, it ends up being smaller than the GS5, and that's including the upper speaker keeping its resonance chamber. Get rid of that and you can really squeeze it down.

My biggest issue with the M8, and HTC phones in general, is the 5 minute timer on their notification light. If you don't check a notification the light shuts off in 5 minutes by design. It's been the same on all of their phones since at least 2010. I rely on that light at work so HTC phones are a no go for me.

Specific to the M8 is that useless black bar with the HTC logo. That just looks lazy to me like they couldn't be bothered to alter their design to account for the onscreen buttons. The design of the phone with the front speakers is enough for people to recognize it is an HTC phone. There doesn't need to be advertising on the front of it and if components need to be under it use capacitive buttons instead.

My m8 doesn't have a 5 minute timer on the notification light. It will keep blinking and won't shut off until I check it

Posted via Android Central App

Really? If that is true I would definitely look into HTC phones again. Both my EVO Shift and EVO LTE had that issue and it was well known that HTC did it on purpose. That's great if they have reversed course on that issue. I asked somewhere around release time about it and was told the timer is still present. Maybe I was told incorrect information.

In fact here is where I read about it with multiple people confirming it toward the bottom on page 3:

You should stop spreading false info. Yes, it DOES turn off after 5 minutes. This guy is basing buying a phone on that one thing and you're feeding him false information.

The LED notification light DOES turn off after 5 minutes.

Mine doesn't. I tested it the other night, blinked for 20 minutes while I was watching tv. I checked it and it turned off.

Posted via Android Central App

I've got the EVO 4G LTE and notifications blink and blink and blink forever.

My OG EVO didn't have a 5 minute notification timer either. Those suckers blink until you check your notifications.

I have the phone. I've been suprised that the led notification blinks indefinitely on mine as well. AT&T version. Go figure.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not wasted space. It is glass over internal electronics. Lots of people seem to be confused about that wasted frontal real estate.

The problem is that it is an inferior design to devices by LG & Samsung, which have reduced wasted space of the front of their devices dramatically. The user gets a bigger screen and/or a smaller device to hold in the hand. It's a win win. HTC has been soundly beaten in this area. The front facing speakers being a trade off that user preference determines the value of.

I use the Note 3 with 5.7" screen and it's the max size I want to use. Were it using a 5.7" inch display and a design philosophy like the M8, it would be massive and simply unmanageable for me. HTC said they had trouble getting everything in without this wasted space. This is where they need to step up IMO.

Having two cameras didn't help matters. Everyone dislikes the black bar, most know it's not simply wasted space, but WHY did HTC need more space? Dual speakers are obviously one reason, the One had those tho. Dual cameras is the next biggest component imo.

Meh, I have two problems with this article... First, the link bait article sorta implies there's something wrong or broken with the phone. I know that's not usually AC's style tho. More importantly, a lot of what some of you are suggesting as "fixes" are fairly subjective things. Factors like size or even build aren't something you can conclusively prove would be better one way or the other, let alone test.

Yeah you can get several people to agree it's slippery, but a lot of metal devices are that way unless you go with a brushed finish, for a lot of other people it's a worthwhile tradeoff. Don't get me wrong, I mostly agree that it could be more compact, and personally I couldn't care less about a metal build unless it's a big performance/heat dissipation factor.

My reason for using a case is usually protection, particularly of the screen, the only phone out there I'd use without a case would be the Moto X cause of the small top/bottom lip that protects the display when you put it face down. I'm surprised that hasn't been copied more, specially by the likes of HTC who built in gestures to flip the phone years ago.

Taking the mSD back out seems silly to me (tho I can live without it, see below), it shouldn't even need a lid tbh, my old ASUS TF never needed one. The biggest gaffe on the One continues to be the camera IMO, HTC was on right path with the M7, they just needed a better balance of res vs sensor size... They lost the plot with the M8 and the return of dual cameras tho. No OIS is a HUGE omission, specially for anyone that takes videos, and their controllable focus gimmick isn't any better than others done purely on software.

Why is having an article to generate discussion "link bait"?
There is something wrong with the M8, and every other phone out there, there is no perfect phone, so let's talk about it.

The article has built-in controversy that is bound to attract haters and defenders generating clicks.

Nothing wrong with the article itself. My issue was with the title, the wording or use of the term fix implies something's broken. How we'd improve or how we'd make the HTC One M8 better seems a lot more accurate to me, might attract less clicks tho.

I have a Nexus 5 atm btw, and had all three EVOs before it, so I'm hardly biased one way or the other against the One/HTC... And a great phone camera isn't even paramount to me as it's not my primary or even secondary camera, but I know it's lots of people's primary camera.

My household/immediate family bought a One X and a One on my recommendation too (tho the latest purchase was a Moto X), I'd very much like to see HTC succeed...

I'm not sure sinking R&D money into a dual camera arrangement is gonna help with that, you can make the argument a metal build makes their devices stand out even if it raises the BoM and doesn't provide any technical benefit, but the dual camera is looking pretty tough to justify.

I'm sure the second camera contributed to the size, and we KNOW it was one of the reasons they dropped OIS.

I believe that the HTC one m8 has a very tiny lip. I'd prefer this to be sloped to avoid grime build up but I don't think that is achievable.

I agree, especially about the mSD card. I've had phones without it, and always had to buy the larger memory just to make the phone useful for the amount of pictures I want to store, and music I want to carry in when in the boonies out of cell range. Its not an absolute requirement for me, but since HTC integrates it so well, it works perfectly for music, images, (even google Music) and other things that tend to collect over the life of the phone.

Why would a phone need an Officer Involved Shooting incident? ;-)

For all the other grousing about the camera, it doesn't really have a daylight problem, only a dynamic range problem. It works great in daylight, but sacrifices shadows. The HDR software doesn't quite handle that perfectly (yet).
(Third party HDR apps might do better job.)

I don't get Phil's "double tap to wake" complaint. I just swipe up to turn my phone on and it always works. I never double-tab unless I'm just checking notifications, but it's my most rarely used gesture.

because the M8 double-tap to wake requires you to pick up the phone. The double-tap motion is not enough. If you double tap it while flat on a table it may work but usually it does not or very inconsistent.. Lift it and it will always work.

[In order of importance]
1. SuperAMOLED HD+ screen instead of LCD.
2. Better camera -- something like the iFone 5S or Galaxy Note 3.
3. 32GB minimal internal storage (i.e., no 16GB model).

Super AMOLED is not necessarily better. You get better blacks and infinite contrast but lose brightness and realistic colors.

Not to mention that AMOLED seems more susceptible to burn-in. I'd rather have an LCD screen and eliminate the risk of that entirely.

I wouldn't want a SAMOLED display unless they invest time in properly calibrating it (they CAN display accurate colors, they're just worse than the better LCD displays without calibration) AND copy Moto's active notifications. Otherwise it's kinda pointless, despite not using power for black SAMOLED sometimes ends up consuming more power overall.

The S5 has a mode (can't remember which one) that has the most accurate color reproduction on a phone yet.

Posted via Android Central App

According to some guy that stated this:

The Galaxy S5 Cinema Mode provides very nice, pleasing and accurate colors, and picture quality. Although the Image Contrast and Color Saturation are slightly too high (due to a slightly too steep Intensity Scale),

I'm not sure how colors can be oversaturated and accurate at the same time though. /S

Posted via Android Central App

You're the one that called me "chump" for simply asking for you to link to corroborating evidence.

Yeah, it's a big improvement over earlier Galaxy display implementations. Factory calibration could still be better tho. HTC is one company that could tackle that, they already spend a bunch milling metal bodies... The average buyer doesn't really care about accurate colors tho, least not when they buy the phone.

No way, I hate S-AMOLED displays. The SLCD3 is much nicer to look at and it was a major deciding factor in my purchase.
The better camera would have been nice.
I agreed the 16GB model is too small, 32GB or even 64GB should have been the starting poiny. Mobile NAND RAM is not that expensive in relative terms, expecially for a manufacturer buying trade, in bulk, and HTC should have been bold enough to go for it on such a luxurious high end model.

I wish it was designed without the extra space below the screen, then it could be a centimeter shorter and make more design sense.

From the absence of analogue articles for the S5 and/or the Note 3, I have to assume that you believe Samsung phones are beyond fixing ;-).

Also an M8 owner; wish it were easier to turn off motion launch (so you can clean the screen without doing something accidentally.) Would never have bought the unit if it *didn't* have removable storage. And, while the devs came up with a sweep to sleep mod, it should have been built into the motion launch gestures.

1 64GB minimum + 128GB internal storage versions, but keep the SD slot

2 enable it to stay switched off in pocket, in work, without switching itself on.

3 remove single tap option to come out of 'do not disturb' mode and powersave mode. They are ridiculously too easy to hit by accident.

3a do not allow any possibility of coming out of 'do not disturb' mode without at least first unlocking the handset.

4 enable more rows and columns on desktops in sense 6 (with smaller icons of course), and enable removal of desktop app name text.

5 add customisation and creation of motion launch gestures.

6 enable editing and creation of colour themes.

oh, and at least 8.1MP camera would have been nice

I think the 64GB min with SD slot is kind of pushing it. It would be a great feature, though HTC also gives 50 gb of google drive space.

"don't ask, don't get!" I've found. :D
Seriously though, given the way Google has rendered the SD Card into almost a ROM status and given how incredibly cheap mobile NAND Ram is, having a decent amount of internal storage as well as external is essential. It's supposed to be their flagship phone after all.
Heck only today I installed a single game that requires 1.9GB of internal storage (Modern Combat 4 69p on special Easter offer at Google Play) That leaves me with about 5.75GB, and I'm not the kind of person that has hundreds of apps installed all the time.
16GB and even 32GB are really sub-par on a modern flagship smartphone.

AC has daily articles about how to best utilize the S5 features, but today you have an article how the M8 needs fixing? I detect favoritism on phones.

Posted via Android Central App

When the M8 came out, there was a slew of "how-to's" and feature articles for it. The phones were released at different times. Pay attention.

Disagree. The problem is with the terrible title, not the article. The One has been out longer and they've covered it in depth, so this is the tail end of that coverage after several editors have used it for a while. The S5 is still halfway thru that process.

It's obvious if you're even remotely familiar with AC, and even if you're not it's inconsequential. Problem is the title, if it were titled "how we'd improve the One" or "how we'd make the M8 better" it'd be a lot less inflammatory. Might get less clicks that way tho...

agree. The title was somewhat arrogant and inflammatory. It doesn't hurt to hear what people who've had the device a while would have liked done slightly differently.
My main gripes are that I would have liked more internal storage and a couple of software irritations (which can be easily fixed with a firmware update).

Many posters on AC think the editors here favor HTC a little, not Samsung. I think it's true but I don't mind because I do too... LOL

If you go back a few weeks when the M8 came out, some readers were howling about their non-stop coverage of it. The S5 hit the scene a little later so we're still seeing the intense coverage of that one.

You people and the sd card hating. Leave it alone. Its still cheaper than getting a phone with 128gb.

I agree. Most people don't need all that space but having the option is good, as is having the option to use it as a flash drive. And if you don't use it at all it's the same as not having it. Having the tray not fit well is a defect not a side effect.

Exactly, don't get the idea of not having the option of sd card at all. If you don't use it, you won't even know and won't make any changes to the way or using your device but if you do then it's there. I would much rather have the option of expanding even if I don't plan too use sd card but how is not having the option anything but a positive.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Hey guys you need to get over that black bar and the height of the phone in general per Phil, just letting y'all know.

Posted via Android Central App

- add OIS, dump the second camera, pointless gimmick
- add Qi wireless charging
- relocate the power button

Subjective preference: make it smaller, I'd be happy with just one really good speaker tbh, it's not like speakers 3"apart can create true stereo imaging. The speakers are great cause they're large and relatively good, not cause there's two.

I agree with you on the size. I was disappointed with both the S5 and M8 getting slightly larger overall. But it is not a deal breaker.

It's a good reason for me to skip this gen tho... Maybe I've just gotten complacent tho. Last year I wasn't tempted to upgrade to the M7 or SGS4 over my EVO LTE, eventually got a N5 because I wanted to try a nexus and have an unlocked GSM/CDMA phone (was tempted by the Moto X, ironically, but the nexus appeal/pricing plus lack of Spark band support kept me away).

I'm very unlikely to be tempted by anything this year either, short of a revolutionary N5 (2014) or something truly unique from Moto. The M8 isn't aimed at me tho, or even at M7 owners, it's aimed at people coming off One X & SGS3 contracts. I do wonder how HTC's pricey builds could survive in a contract-less market tho.

I mean, even under contract you often see HTC phones $50-100 cheaper than Samsung ones cause carriers know the Galaxy line sells itself thanks to Samsung PR... Is that reflected in places like Europe? What's the Moto X (if it's even selling there) vs SGS5 vs M8 pricing like right now in EU?

As a previous owner of an Evo 4G LTE, I can say that upgrading to the HTC One (M7) was worth it for the software, alone (which was much better). Other considerations were the better battery life and better display. The HTC One (M8) which I've had for a week is much faster than the M7, so it absolutely blows the socks off the Evo and the battery life is much better.

I think not having the on-screen buttons would have been best for the design. I would have kept the capacitive buttons and made the logo act as a "Home" button, since the black bar is necessary.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

The HTC logo wasn't a home button on the M7 tho, and the two capacitive button arrangement with no direct multitasking button was a step back last year IMO... I'm glad they dumped that arrangement on the M8.

Anyway, capacitive buttons take space too you know... Whatever they've got going on internally might've FORCED them to move to on screen buttons.

Know what else takes up space compared to other phones? Dual speakers and cameras, and the latter has provided little reason to vindicate itself.

Wow really favoritism ok from everything I've seen they prefer the m8 to the s5. But as they have said no phone is perfect and they just wanted to air their gripes and ways to improve the m8. Who knows maybe HTC is listening and will utilize some of these suggestions for the m9.

1) Symmetry.. Make those speaker grills even again like on the M7. Why go a step backwards? Also the infamous black HTC logo bar.. Electronics my ass. Find somewhere else to put it HTC. This phone could have been smaller.
2) Camera.. Nobody asked for a dual camera, the ppl asked for higher resolution. Even normal non-techie folks passed on the M7 for a Galaxy over the camera resolution. No salesman will ever be able to explain to or convince a customer that 4 Ultrapixels is better than 8-13 Megapixels.. It won't happen. The camera isn't horrible, but c'mon.
As for the SD card.. I'm all for it. I don't understand how it's "unstable storage" when u can save ur music, photos & videos on there and save precious internal space. I miss having an SD card slot.
Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

The quibble I have with the M8 is the volume button is too sensitive every time I seem to touch the phone I turn the volume down or off. A more positive click rocker would be better.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree about the SD card slot. Not needed. Also, the phone is simply too big. There are enough quibbles with this one for me to hang onto my M7 and see what other manufacturers come out with in the upcoming months. It seems that HTC is simply trying to copy the market leader, Samsung, without giving any thought about whether the bigger Samsung phones with SD slots are better than last year's HTC One.

It's too big for it's screen size. Cutting the size of the speakers and making them face the rear would be a good start. Give it a better camera, don't ditch the Ultrapixel idea, but 4 MP is not enough to get detailed shots, 8 is barely adequate for that job. For those of you saying "carry a digital camera", I could easily tell the people who want the big forward speakers to "carry a music device", but I don't. I don't care about the slippery, aluminum exterior because I won't take any new phone outside the house without a cover to protect it from drops. Those drop marks on Jerry's phone just cut the resale value by at least 20%. Not a big deal to some, but if you plan on selling it in a year to upgrade to a new phone 20% or more is a big hit to take. I compared both phones carefully and ended up getting the GS5 despite not being a big fan of Samsung phones. In a year I may sell it and get the M9, (or more likely the Moto X refresh if they upgrade the hardware and camera), so I'd like to see HTC improve it.

Considering the speakers are one of the features that are universally praised and also a huge selling point I doubt they're going anywhere soon. Some people would rather have functionality than the smallest phone possible.

Posted via Android Central App

great phone if u ask me..the camera debate makes me laugh works just fine..if htc lied and said it was 20 megapixels then what? how many pixel counters are there? really come on its all in the human brain on how you interpret things..with the a stupid number already known you say hey this camera sux if u had no knowledge at all about the numbers it would be different

... HTC couldn't possibly lie, a jpeg file clearly states resolution under properties, even within Android. Even if they were able to lie about it, lack of detail vs similarly spec'd phones would be obvious. MOAR MP isn't always a big deal, but it does give you more leeway to get decent crops.

i dont really having ant big issues with the m8 . i think they shouldve put the power button on the right side, but i just you double tap to wake anyways. And i think HTC should keep the sd card tray. if you dont wanna use it, dont ! but there are plenty of people that like it.

I had mine in my pocket a little over 2 hours today...During that time, I received 3 different emails. (Slow day) My data doesn't turn off apaarently, so what's up with the phone Jerry had?

Oh better make 32gb minimum and keep sd card as option, win win for all, if you don't use sd card, you won't know any better and if you do ever want to expand the option is there.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I'd say:

1. 6MP Ultrapixel camera /w a second camera to capture depth or the ability to use both to increase the pixel count.
2. Give me a separate LTE Radio for surfing and talking at the same time on sprints network. CSFB is a pain in the ass
3. Wifi MIMO
4. 32GB flat
5. Keep SD card
6. 3000Mah battery
7. 2-4mm thicker to rid us of that black bar at the bottom and stick the goods inside the phone.

Change nothing else

Ok, Phil...enough is enough already....please just STFU about this damn phone, already!! We get it, you want to have the lovechild of everyone who had a hand in designing the phone....but it's getting old. Have you noticed AC is the only website still talking about it?? Nobody cares anymore!

And how many other people do you think will actually post that they don't care? Right. If people don't care about the post, most won't reply. Gauging feedback, based solely on comments in a post is about as inaccurate as it gets. That's like put up a poll on AC asking how many people prefer iOS, then saying well, the world loves android, because 80% of those polled preferred it.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me "it's just a phone and its okay that other people like it even though I don't".

Posted via Android Central App

It's not a matter of other people liking it or not. It's the fact that the chief editor of this website blows his load every time a new HTC launches, then won't shut the hell up about it for about 6 months. You NEVER see this with any other manufacturer on this site. I'll bet if I go back 3 years I would find no less than double the articles for HTC flagship devices than I do any other manufacturer, and this is MOSTLY from Phil. Just once I'd love to see him write about a Sony device for 6 months....FFS, write about a damn xiaomi for 6 months....anything but HTC, for once!!! I'll let you know that though I didn't have any particular in terest in HTC prior to joining AC. Since joining, I've developed a deep, deep hatred for them, almost solely because of the absurd amount of disparity towards every other OEM, in comparisson, on this website. Every time I see an HTC article now I can feel my skin cringe, then I look at the top, and 99% of the time I see Phil's name. I get it...we all have a favorite. Phil's is HTC...whatever. But please stop the bias, already!!! It's blatantly obvious, and it's getting really old! I mean, what are you going to write about when HTC implodes from their astronomical financial downward spiral, Phil? I'll bet things get really quiet around here at that point with nothing to talk about.

1, put a better camera. 2, change the material to polycarbonate like on the One X. This metal is too slippery and if you drop it well, so does the resale value....big time.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't get the part about the speaker grill from the m7 in Phil's review.. Both devices look like they have the same speaker grills and placement. What is Phil talking about there?

Mine is the opposite...I could see it clearly on my black M7, and have no clue on my gunmetal M8...Okay...I see it on the bottom speaker, but not the top.

well you all know what to do then dont you.
set your own company up and design and build your own.
nice one phil.yeah lets do away with the sd card,only several million people whined like professionals at htc for NOT fitting,but lets slap in 64gb as minimum,that should only drive the price up by another £50,making it even harder for those on a smallerpersonal budget than bloggers who get theirs for sweet f.a.
lets have a spot for how readers would change

and then we can have a spot for readers on how they would improve android central.
a change of staffers is about due,most of can the name on a storyvand not have to bother reading it cos we already knowv exactly what each of you is going to say abouttmost devices or jkit.

solid platignum,fold out 72 inch screen,16 core cpu/3·5ghz 16gb ddr5 ram,lifetime warrenty on everything,oh and they have to pay us to use it.
and free beer and jam.tomorrow.

I wanted to finally own a flagship phone to see if it was all that the reviewers claim they are. So, far I'm not disappointed, but I'm not going to quibble over fractions of ounces and millimeters of dimensions. I basically want a phone that looks presentable, works well, runs fast, and above all, works the way I want it to.

I agree that the phone is slippery, so the first thing I did was buy a rubber case with a matching holster cover. I can slip the phone on my belt while I'm out walking. I have never had data cut on me while in the holster case, and I'm streaming music all the time. I figured out how to disable the annoying Google Now (or whatever it's called), and the Blink Feed (whatever it's called). It would be useful, if they combined news sources and actually updated it. If I don't like something I tend not to remember it. Thank God, it's gone, whatever it is.

I held off on on the HTC M7 and bought the M8, specifically because of the SD Card slot. I like the extra storage, and I have a lot of music loaded up to listen to when I can't get an outside connection.

I took the phone on a week-long trip. I had just bought the phone and hadn't played around with it much. I also brought along a Surface Pro 2, so I would have a "real PC" to access the Internet. Surprise, the HTC performed so well, I only for the Surface Pro 2 out of the bag a couple of times, and I didn't really need to.

I wouldn't know what to add to this phone to tell you the truth. I am quite happy with it. I had an M7 (Black) and loved it, and when I switched carriers I almost got another. That is saying something. I went with the G2 instead, and while that is a great phone also, it doesn't compare (In MY book) to the new One. The speakers alone make it worthy for me because I listen to a lot of music at work. Throw in Sense 6 and I don't need Nova Launcher anymore to get rid of the cartoon look of Samsung or LG. The camera works great for what I shoot with it, and I love the look of the phone. I'm keeping it naked, and yes, I know I'm brave.

"I want to use the Emojis from Google Hangouts!! Not the one from HTC/Samsung!!"

Dedicated to Josias!! LOL!!

What if they had moved the HTC black bland to the top, would that have been better??

I would say my only gripe is the size, little hard to handle with one hand. Besides that I am still in love with my M8. Hands down the best phone of 2014.

Posted via Android Central App

I have no gripes at all with this phone. A slightly larger UltraPixel camera would be nice but is in no way detracts from the phone. Higher megapixels means the image is larger nothing more. Absolutely nothing to do with the actual quality of the pic. It's nice to be able to blow up and crop your pics but honestly that's made people get lazy about framing your shot. It's been shown time and again that this phone excells in low light photography and the vast majority of cel phone pics are taken in low light.

And as for the logo first world problems. It's not wasted space since there are components behind it.

The power button is fine on top. It's not something you should need to tap that often. Tap the screen to bring it to life (I agree sensitivity needs improvement).

Posted via Android Central App

I went to the "help" section of the AC app. Including Sense 6 articles, I counted 5 HTC One "how to" stories, compared to 17 S5 "how to" stories. This is within the past month.

Either S5 users need a lot more hand holding to set up their phones (which I doubt), or there is definitely bias regarding AC's phone coverage.

Posted via Android Central App

That's probably not the best place to judge story count by (I'm pretty sure not everything ends up where it's supposed to), but I can easily say this:

We covered the hell out of the M8 as best we could before the GS5 came out. (Which I've said out loud and in print any number of times.) The GS5 will sell a metric buttload more. So we shifted our focus. We haven't forgotten the M8. We don't like the M8 any less. And we're working to pick back up on our M8 tutorials. (I whipped out a new video today, actually.)

Funny how many folks ignored the quotation marks around "fix." (Which, by the way, will be the same headline when we list what we'd "fix" in the GS5. And in other phones after that. This isn't a one-off thing here.)

Folks need to relax. They're just phones, and we're all friends here.

And you three came up with like three things that need fixed...I'm looking forward to the same article on the buddy is actually returning his tomorrow after four days with it.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't see any quotation marks ("), I see apostrophes ('), which for the record are easier to miss and harder to interpret than quotation marks... I still think the title sucks and smacks of inflammatory click bait, but I still love you and AC. ;p

The SD slot is well worth it. Forget power users. Simply allowing the SD card to be the default spot to save pics and videos taken with the stock camera app covers 90+% (unscientific, natch) of user needs for an SD.

I got my M8 over the weekend and so far I'm really happy with it.

Agree on a lot of this and I think it's a shame so much real estate is taken up by the HTC on the front.

I'm happy about the SD card inclusion. Pocket cast uses it just fine, so does Google music and that's all I need it for.

Agree it's way to slick to hold I had to get a case on it quickly.

Posted via Android Central App

I couldn't disagree more about getting rid of SD card tray. It's one of the best features of phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Change the camera to an 8-20MP (anywhere in between), and use the 2nd camera as a 4 ultra pixel camera to capture the lighting to enhance low light pictures.

Keep the SD card, I have no issue with that.

Get rid of the HTC logo bar, it's wasted space.


There's more metal on the M8, too. But I agree. Would love to have Qi charging. (On every phone, out of the box, for that matter.)

People used to say NFC couldn't POSSIBLY work across a metal shell (Anandtech had that whole article debunking NFC for the iPhone cause of this...), yet HTC figured it out (they put the receiver near the camera port or something like that no?).

Granted, Qi coils are much much bigger and it probably IS impossible, maybe...

Jerry, I'm wondering why you are concerned about taking pictures so quickly in a dim, smoky room. It wouldn't involve a bunch of $1 bills, would it?

Sorry, couldn't help it. ;-)

Posted via Android Central App

Hi there.
Come on guys, why do you hate the SD-Card? Just add a simple Full-Backup-feature and you know it's not crap!
8UP-camera would be a progress and reduce size to M7-level. More customization -ability and a non-slippery finish and also get rid of the provider-must-have-crap. That would make the M8 my next phone. As it is, the M8 can't top my M7.

Ditch the SD you people are really out of touch. 32 or 64 internal storage is nowhere near enough. People have large media collections now and even 64 gb is not enough (especially when you consider how much is taken up from the OS). Now before you start throwing around words like flikr and Google music keep in mind these take data and last time I checked most of us didn't have unlimited data (not to mention its a bigger drain than playing local files and when you have a large music collection Google music will NOT display all of your music no matter how many times you refresh) . more storage not less is needed. And when you take into account that adding storage via SD card ALWAYS turns out to be cheaper for the consumer than when manufacturers add more internal storage (which is never in a decent amount),adding the SD card was what probably prevent led this device from being totally ignored. Forget the fact that sense is without a doubt (I can say this because I have the m7) the absolute WORST skin of any android oem the features on the M8 are what hould be changed. The number one search in relation to blink feed (the feature that HTC says eveyone wants) is how to remove, disable, or otherwise turn it off.
You guys at Android Central really seem to be out of touch

have an android phone of any variety?
here is my 2 step guide to ensure you have the best most innovative phone available.

1) throw your laggy, spyware-riddled andoird os phone in the trash where it belongs
2) buy an iphone.

you are welcome

2 years the most! I'm at the 1 year, 8 month mark with my current S3 original battery and isn't holding its charge like when it was new. I will most likely be needing a new battery by the end of the month.

I personally LOVE the SD storage... I went with HTC because Samsung has continued to lock their bootloaders, and the SD card makes it much easier to backup and move stuff. I almost made the switch last year, but I didn't because there wasn't an SD card slot.

If you don't want to upload all your personal pictures to the cloud, then I think you NEED the SD card... I don't personally like uploading all of my pictures for privacy reasons, and when my Nexus 7 had a failed update and couldn't boot, (no mods there or anything) I sent it in and they flashed it, wiping EVERYTHING on the device. I lost ALL my pictures and home movies that I can't get back now. Not saying SD cards are perfect, but I love being able to simply remove them when I need to.

Also, I got 128gb of ADDITIONAL storage for only $110, the onboard storage would have costs at last 2 times that.

Posted via Android Central App

Now that I've thought it over, I can't see why removing the SD slot would be a good thing.

The writing here indicates that moving apps is more of a pain, but I use SD storage for music, images, and videos, not other apps. My SD tray doesn't even stick out on mine, either. It sits perfectly flush on my phone. I don't want to shill out over 100 dollars more for a 64GB internal storage model when I could buy a 128GB micro SD on Amazon for a little over 100.

Also, before anyone says it, not all of us are fortunate enough to have "the cloud" perfectly utilized. I don't live in a major city with lighting fast upload speeds that I could actually afford to sit down and upload all 35GB+ of my music, and I don't really have all that much data I can use because I have tiered data.

I have the M7 and I plan to keep this phone another year. I am under contract but I do want to go with an unlocked phone next time. Possibly the M9. I do agree with a lot that has been said about the HTC bezel and camera improvements for future updates over the current M8. So my 2 cents...

Move the power button to the side below the volume rocker.
Make the speakers grills symmetrical again like the M7.
Black as a color option and possibly other colors, maybe even a light pink or green.
64GB as the minimum storage size. It's time...

er, says nothing at end of post about how folk would change android central...
would have made more sense if this tablet had not forced me to do 3 posts.

It's an astonishing insight into human nature that we'd rather criticize something that's almost perfect than we would something far more average.

Truthfully I don't understand stories like this. The net result is to steer people away from what is probably the best phone on the market right now.

Posted via Android Central App

Having never used the device, I'd be more likely to leave my Nexus 5 behind if:

1) Qi Wireless Charging - I'm used to it now and have a couple charging pads
2) 8 "Ultrapixel" sensor.
3) I don't really about HTCs branding on the front, put it on the back, reduce the bezel and screen size so the device is not too big.
4) Power button on the side.

Posted via Android Central App

Speaker grills don't bother me. The sound is amazing for a phone and I usually use my beats pill when I really want it cranked up.
Everything else is personal preference.
This is easily the best phone I have ever owned. There is so much you can do to/with it. And that's only after owning it for a month.

Posted via Android Central App

Keep in mind, if you work as a designer for HTC, one of your continuous jobs includes keeping the products desirable, making the consumer happy with the purchase, but also keep them wanting to get their update to the product in 18-24 months. Even if they could make something that was perfect in each and every way, if the user wanted to keep it for 5 years, that would work against them too! (All that being stated, I feel the forward facing camera should have been better in this flagship phone, otherwise I'm content).

I flippin' hate this phone. I had the M7, and it was awesome, went to the G2, sold it to buy this and am regretting EVERY day with this thing. It's like a long skinny thing that fits no one. And don't get me started on how bad the swipe, knock thing is. Moves around a bit and my phone is on in my pocket. And yes, power button, lol, why. And why a headphone jack on the bottom when my head is always above my phone? I could go on and on, but I'd rather just dump it on E-Bay and forget I paid retail for this thing.

1. Bring the charging port back to the side as with the HTC EVO LTE!!
a) I want Landscape Docking/Charging again!! :(
b) Charging when mobile in the car using the cup holder is very awkward now and will kill the port in due time
2. Move Headphone Jack away from the bottom!! What's the thought processes here?? IR blaster in the way? Shrink it, no one uses it and it doesn't need to be that large! Lol... common....
3. Move the Power button to the rear of the phone so index finger can actuate (think LG G3)
4. Ironic real estate issues on this phone regarding the logo placement and screen not being edge-to-edge.
5. incorporate a kickstand as with the HTC EVO LTE, it’s sturdy, aluminum, sooooooooooo handy, and blows ppl’s minds when you show them media using the landscape mode. Loved this about HTC and is what set them apart, what happened here?? HTC shouldn’t copy other designs to a fault, but improve on others’ designs as they have done – so well!! Keep your innovations HTC, you rock for those GREAT ideas.
6. Minor, but noticeable…. If you have this amazing body on the rear, please match those two speaker grills accordingly. They’re not the same material and it shows :)

Other than these items guys... this phone is the BEST ever made!

I would:
1. Add a better rear camera just to shut everybody up about the camera.
2. Get rid of the big black HTC logo bar at the bottom.
And that's it. I wouldn't have bought it without the SD card slot.

All the issues are really obvious, and should have been obvious to htc before they ever finalized the design.

1. Less slippery. What's the point of a cool aluminum phone if you need to cover it with a case
2. If that black bar is truly, absolutely necessary, move it to the TOP of the screen where it doesn't interfere with actually using the touchscreen. But LG manages to have smaller bezels, so the real answer is to redesign the internals, even if it means making the phone slightly thicker.
3. A camera that's actually usable in daylight, makes images large enough to view full screen on a typical laptop and can stand at least a little bit of cropping.

I might argue for a replaceable battery, but that's probably not possible with the oh so slippery aluminum unibody.

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