It's been a glorious past week for EVO 3D owners.  It started off with HTC releasing the kernel source followed up by unrevoked and AlphaRev releasing their Revolutionary tool to obtain S-OFF and install a custom recovery.  They call it a "developer preview" as it's meant for developers and power users alike to get started hacking away on the month old device.  Although their site states that it's not perfectly easy to use for everyone, it actually isn't too bad.  If you feel like taking the dive, follow me after the break.

I'll take you through the steps involved in this process, but be warned, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!  We're not responsible for anything that happens to your phone.

  • You'll want to make sure your phone has USB debugging enabled: Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > make sure it's checked
  • Go to http://revolutionary.io/
  • Select your operating system (Windows or Linux only at this time)
  • The download should start right away and you'll be prompted to obtain a beta key (we'll cover this in a sec)
  • Extract the .zip file
  • Run the file "revolutionary"
  • A command prompt should appear and ask you for the beta key (the serial number should appear right next to this)
  • Go back to the Revolutionary site, select your OS, device, HBOOT version, and enter the serial number from the previous step
  • Generate the beta key
  • Copy the beta key over to the command prompt window, press enter, and wait patiently.  It took a little bit for the phone to reboot into fastboot and proceeded to reboot fastboot 4 times.  On the third time S-OFF was shown.
  • The command prompt window will then ask if you want to download and install ClockworkMod Recovery, type "y" for yes and press enter
  • Congratulations, you have an HTC EVO 3D with S-OFF and a custom recovery installed!  However, you don't have root yet!
  • Reboot the phone.  It may go through the hands free activation process, but just let it do it's thing.
  • Follow this link to download a .zip you'll need to obtain root
  • Transfer it to your SD card
  • Reboot the phone into recovery
  • Flash the zip from there, reboot, and you're all done!

You can now enjoy the spoils of a phone free from a locked bootloader thanks to some awesome developers!


Reader comments

How to get S-OFF, Recovery, and Root on HTC EVO 3D with Revolutionary


Once I run the file revolutionary it shows "this application has failed to start because AdbWinApi.dll was not found". I already DL the adb from the internet. I even move it around folders and change the path for my computer to find it. Pls some help will be much appreciate.

I Have rooted Evo 3D phone and have used this steps above to root the phone but when I try and connect the a computer to my phone it says connected with no internet. The Show log on shows the Activating WiFi interface as failed. How do I fix this?

With this method, I was able to achieve S-OFF, however upon rebooting into the bootloader to flash the root .zip, I received the infamous "red triangle w/exclamation mark" (as if I never unlocked the bootloader). Any tips? I re-tried the process again, but now I receive a "Your phone is not supported." type error message (I guess since I already used this S-OFF method).


I have experienced the same problem as android.islander.
The evo 3d is S-unlocked.
When i responded "Y" at the command prompt window to download and install ClockworkMod Recovery, I kept getting "Download Failed". There was no problem with internet connectivity on my side. Here is the script from the DOS command box: (note that the xxxxxxxxxx's are where I have removed my serial number and beta key info)

| Revolutionary S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.3pre7 |
Brought to you by AlphaRev & Unrevoked. Special thanks to #teamwin for their wor
k on fre3vo!

Waiting for device...
Found your device: PG86100 (shooter-1.40.0000, Android: 2.3.3, ROM version: 1.13

This is a beta release and requires a beta release key.
Please visit: http://revolutionary.io for more information.

Enter beta key [ serial: xxxxxxxxxxxx ]: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Beta key accepted - thank you for participating!

Acquiring root (method 3)...
Sending in Caroline...
Cleaning up...
Rebooting to fastboot...
When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back!

Waiting for fastboot...
Rebooting to fastboot (again)...
Rebooting to fastboot (yet again)...
Rebooting to fastboot (Once moar...)
SUCCESS - Life gave us lemons, we didn't make lemonade!

Do you want to download (Internet connection required) and flash ClockworkMod Recovery? [Y/n] y

Downloading recovery for your phone (shooter)...FAILED.
Retrying download...FAILED.
Retrying download...FAILED.
Retrying download...FAILED.

Unable to download recovery. Please download custom recovery yourself and flash
it over fastboot.
Press (almost) any key to exit.

| Revolutionary S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.3pre7 |
Brought to you by AlphaRev & Unrevoked. Special thanks to #teamwin for their wor
k on fre3vo!

Waiting for device...
Found your device: PG86100 (shooter-1.40.1000, Android: 2.3.3, ROM version: 1.13

Your device is not supported at this time.
Press (almost) any key to exit.

So, i took battery out, reinserted it, and rebooted the phone. Went to Android market on the phone => downloaded & installed the ROM Manager called "Clockworkmod". NOTE, there is NO app called "Clockworkmod Recovery" on the android market that i could find. The CWM app tells you "You must have the CWM Recovery app installed to flash and restore ROMs".

So, I am at a standstill. Any suggestions on how to root the phone? What should I do? Phone still works fine. Thanx in advance!


Could be wrong but I believe your phone is rooted. Get to the boot loader and "S" should be off...as in "S=off". Yes I know that doesn't mean Root but is a good sign the root app worked. You just need to install "Superuser," which should give you access to root.

I'm in your same boat and am doing the above right now. A bit bummed the Clockworkmod Recovery didn't install. Was your phone boot loader .3 or .4? Mine was .3

That might have something to do with it since it took the entire phone offline and it had to reconnect with the Sprint network...not really sure though

Anyone know how to install the recovery app as a stand alone??

P.S. Just installed Easy Tether, works great...even on 3g as this post confirms. Will probably install Wireless Tether as well. Don't think this support wireless connection. first time I've used it though so could be wrong.

Boot Loader was version 1.4

BTW - i don't think my phone is rooted, as I tried to run Titanium Backup and get an error msg "Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application will not work. Please verify that you ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox, and try again."

I installed BuysBox ==> instantly told me that my phone is not rooted.

Any ideas on how to intall "Superuser"?. Just FYI i also download "Superuser" from Android Market. I followed the directions, but ultimately I still get the "red triangle"...aka the icon of defeat...LOL.

Is "S" off or on? Regardless here is what I would do without prior experience with this situation but especially if S=On. I would get to the Bootloader and pick "Factory Default" or some such item. Believe that is what it is called. Regardless it turns the phone back to factory specs.

NOTE: Not sure what will happen if "S" is off.

From everything I've read it is basically unheard of to brick a 3D so that is what I would do. If that does take it back to default I would do the following.

1. Delete any apps (from computer) starting with "HTC", most importantly Sync (Yes I know you can disable but I like to be thorough)
2. Delete SDK (If Installed on Computer)
3. Delete Android Drivers (from computer)
4. Restart Computer (without phone plugged in)
5. Reinstall (revolutionary speced) Drivers (Without phone plugged in) After drivers installed hook-up phone
6. Restart Computer with phone hooked up
7. Start "Revolutionary" process all over again

Of course I am not telling you to do the above. Just saying what I would try :)

What does everyone else think???

UPDATE: Successfully fully rooted the EVO 3D after successfully going from S-ON to S-OFF, but having been unable to get the original Clockworkmod Recovery program to download from the DOS command box.

Here's how I got past the problem whereas: After running Revolutionary.exe and all the subsequent flashes to the EVO 3D, the phone successfully changes from S-ON to S-OFF, but ultimately Clockworkmod did not load into the phone via the cable-to-PC method => I ended up having to do a PermaTempRoot to get things to finally jive together.

Make sure the Applications Development settings on the phone is set for debug mode.

1. Go to Android Market and get ROM Manager (by ClockworkMod). If you try to actually install it, you get warnings that your phone is NOT rooted and that you need CWN Recovery also. Don't worry, because once you do a PermaTempRoot, you will be able to run the CWM prog and also the CWM Recovery program that comes with it. The new version ends up being (as of 6 August, 2011).

2. Do a PermaTempRoot:
Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQnBQHuGJ7M

Follow the instructions & download the "evo3dpermatemproot.zip" file from this link:

3. Follow the directions on youtube video. Pause video at 3:08.
If you followed the steps, phone is now temporarily rooted. You can run the app ROM Manager and the warning messages about an unrooted phone no longer show up. Now disconnect the phone-to-PC USB cable.

4. Next, I disconnected the battery; then reconnect it. Go into HBOOT mode but don't do anything else yet.
Now reattach the phone-to-PC USB cable. Your computer will give you notification sounds that the HTC phone is recognized.

5. Through windows file explorer program, look at the directory of the SD-card on the phone (remember to have previously set the phone to be in debug mode).

6. Now copy the superuser file named "su-" from your PC hard-drive to the root of the SD-Card. (NOTE: This file was already placed on the hard drive directory in the steps before typing "Revolutionary.exe" from the DOS box command prompt).

7. Now disconnect the phone-to-PC USB cable.
Disconnect battery from phone; then reconnect it and press the "Down Volume" button & Power Button to get back into HBOOT mode.

8. Follow the YouTube video steps from the original "How to Permanently Root the HTC EVO 3D" video from timepoint 9:10.
Here is link to that video:

9. Follow step by step directions in the video. Pause video player and replay to verify what you need to do.

10. Upon selecting "Recovery", the phone goes to a bright white background with HTC logo; and then you're taken directly into the ClockworkMod Recovery program (mine is version and has orange-on-black display).

11. Same as step 9. Follow Max's directions exactly.

Warning, the "su-" file is all the way down BELOW the bottom of the orange-on-black screen. You have to keep clicking the "Down Volume" button for it to finally come into the viewable part of the screen.

So, this was the only way i could get the permanent root to work since the original way failed when the Revolutionary.exe program crashed as it attempted to download the CWM Recovery.

No guarantees of course, but my EVO 3D is rooted permanently and have been successful in using the Superuser apps. Phone and apps work fine.

Thank you for all your tips. It certainly took a LONG time to figure this out (Am new at this). Most insightful tip came from a posts from "Patrick" and "Chad" regarding trying the PermaTemp root method. The rest I sort of did trial and error.

Good Luck for those users that got into the rut I was in.

Glad it worked out! I didn't go the PermTempRoot path. After ClockworkMod Recovery failed to install I

1. downloaded the image file to my PC
2. Open up a command prompt and browse to the directory:
3. cd \rootevo3d
4. Hooked phone to PC via USB
5. Got phone to Boot menu and switched to fastboot
6. Typed @ command prompt on my PC from proper directory: (fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- That was the name of the image file for the EVO 3d

ClockWorkMod installed flawlessly :)

From there I tried to install SuperUser from Adroid Market...that was a mistake. Realized it wouldn't work and I would need an updated file. Started looking for one and found a few but chose su- Things did get a little sticky because it said it "aborted" so I kept trying :) Don't do that!!! Just reboot your phone and Voila it worked.

Proud owner of 1 week old HTC EVO 3D - Perm Root & S=off

It really was a challenget putting the pieces together. Glad we didn't have to come up with the Revolutionary.exe program! Imagine how tough that was. Got to give those guys props. Hopefully they know how much we appreciate their efforts.