Sony Internet TV

Why would we want to root Google TV? Because it exists, of course. And one step in that process is being able to get into recovery mode. Yes, just like on your Android phone, there are recovery partitions on Google TV devices. And as you'll see after the break, getting to it on the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray player is pretty simple. [via Phandroid]


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How to boot Sony Internet TV into recovery


Meh....I wouldn't. Its one thing to dink around with a phone. Worse case you are out $500. But a TV...if it gets fooked up you are out several grand, because I'm pretty sure if you return it and say its not working they ARE going to look into the issue, unlike a carrier rep who will just hand you a new phone in many cases. Now a stand alone system like the Logitech Revue....maybe. Much less of a pocket book hit if something goes wrong.