New Motorola Droids

Verizon dropped three new Motorola Droids on us this morning. We've had a good look at the Droid MAXX, the Droid Ultra and the Droid Mini, but sometimes a video is worth a thousand words ... errr pictures. Dan got to spend some quality time with a presenter and the new Droids, and we've got 8 minutes of video for you.

Things like the new camera, Droid Zap and the new lost phone features are covered, and there's also a good look at active notifications. It's something you'll not want to miss, so head past the jump and have a look.

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A895 says:

Why no microsd card slot? They were one if the last holdout companies who had them.

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Darth Spock says:

Micro SD is no longer supported by Android. The OEM's that include it are specifically engineering the code to support it on their own.

NoNexus says:

You are wrong, most of the code is still there, it just needs to be finished off.

The Maxx is close to the perfect phone right now.

I think that with 32GB on board and the size of the battery, it is close.

You really do not need the SD card here....

Darth Spock says:

Really? I have a full compile from my Nexus 7 and it's simply not in there. They didn't write code to disable it, it's just not included. It IS in older versions, so it's not hard to add for OEM's, but 4.1 and 4.2 AOSP both include nothing in the way of direct support.

TheDu9du says:

Apps on tablets are bigger than phone apps.

NoNexus says:

because it is legacy code, it isn't that they didn't have to write it to disable it, it was already written.

I do not have the code snippets to point you towards because I am not on my production machine, but you can agree that the Xoom is a pure android tablet, it is on JB and it has a 32GB SD Card slot.

t0ked says:

Not surprised. Motorola is now google... Google seems to really hate the little sd cards...

PressureDrop says:

#wantdroidmaxx :-)

miwaca says:

So I'm guessing this is Verizon's Moto X.

NoNexus says:

Nah, Verizon will get the X. Just not right away, think the way they dealt with the One

miwaca says:

After I saw the identical feature set on the Droid series it made me curious.

toddjy says:

You'd think so. How stupid is it to release three big deal phones, then wait half a month to release the even bigger deal phone. How many phones are going to be coming back for exchange?

And if they don't get the Moto X as soon as all the other companies get it, how many customers will they lose to the carriers who have the Moto X?

ConTejas says:

Oh, about ZERO.

miwaca says:

So I'm guessing this is Verizon's Moto X.

TheDu9du says:

You're wrong a second time!

TheLegoman says:

The Moto X will come later in August. There is a leaked sheet on here somewhere that tells when Verizon will get it.

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dplane says:

Like the DNA this phone appears to be a lot prettier than it appears in press shots

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MasterElwood says:

Specs? And why are there 3 minutes of music at the end of the video?

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reeper55 says:

I was wondering that as well

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XavierMatt says:

I love that song. Let's not complain.

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original00 says:

What is up with that wrist flick to open the camera? What genius came up with that? How in the world is that any easier than pressing the app button or having a lock screen short cut. Sometimes you wonder if the engineers ever use the device in a real world setting....

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kgh00007 says:

Sweet, any further info on the X8 chip set?

AbuYazeedUK says:

Looks pretty much vanilla Android. This have the same features as the Moto X i take it?

zero.efx says:

I really wanted the Maxx. I'm not sure to cry about space or anything but something seems... Off... All the videos I've watched the gimmick features like send to TV and swipe up to share a picture in the vicinity of someone seems laggy... Why not just shoot them a text instead or an email? I mean, seriously. Will this swipe up to share feature work with my friends S4 or do all my friends have to have a Motorola phone of this variety. I feel like everything is so vague... Why the 720p screen? Why?! 1080 would have looked gorgeous on that big display. I feel like I'm settling if I went and picked this up. Like I'm secretly in love with the girl next door who loves me back but I'm marrying Jane Doe down the street cause she saved me from choking on a hot dog.

I don't know... I'm really not trying to cry and complain especially since I'm still probably going to buy it but still... I'd like some more answers.

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ijKs says:

Yeah you and I are in the same boat. I really want to love it, I really do.. but.. nothing really stood out to me. Will wait for more info on the X8 chip.

Johnny Z says:

Still 293ppi. Hold it next to a 1080p device and tell me you can see the difference at a normal distance. If you say you can you're lying. Now there's more battery life, cuz of less pixels to render something you probably care more about. Your welcome.

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ConTejas says:

Well said, but I believe 300ppi is the point the human eye cannot detect pixels at a normal viewing distance : p

d.moss says:

i can answer at least one of your questions. the droid zapp feature (swiping with two fingers to send pic) will be available on other devices via an app from the play store. however, its limited. if you don't have a moto phone with droid zapp pre-installed, or if you have a phone of any other brand, then you can only receive photos via the app. you won't be able to swipe up to send in gallery or zapp app. this is not to say that it couldn't be enabled via a future software update or hack. i like it.

harle83 says:

I don't think I heard 32 gigs tossed in there anywhere. I did hear all where 16. Am I wrong ? If so I'll be looking at the S4 with that sweet SD Card slot and 32 gigs of onboard.

yenyob says:

32GB on the Maxx, 16GB on the Ultra. I'm almost positive that's what they said...if not here, I've read it somewhere.

Shawheim says:

still running Google Talk? how can a new phone from Google/Motorola not have the newest version of a Google app?

Naruvam says:

It's simple play update so whats the fuss?:-)

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Shawheim says:

Its a brand new phone! it shouldnt need an update that happened 2 months ago!

Does anyone know what that device is that is used for miricast streaming? The guy picked it up for a second. I also have a nexus 10 that could use it and I'm curious and interested

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fightcrazy says:

Verizon's Network in the Boston area is so freaken bogged down. It just drags ass. Top speeds on their LTE is around 5 if you can get it, that just sucks.
Those new phones made by Google lack internal memory IMO, same old shit with Google, trying to use their cloud system. I will not buy any phone without plenty of int memory.

col_krismiss says:

Lucky you, I have never even reached 2 anywhere in Washington or Oregon. I'm so pissed at Verizon LTE

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hmackenz says:

Glad it's not just me. Underwhelmed by Verizon in Boston. Friend's iPhone 5 on T-Mobile was easily matching me in speed tests and another friend's nexus 4 was getting solid reception in places I was getting nothing. If I ever lose unlimited data it's T-Mobile for me.

joepocky says:

All I can hear is some annoying girl harping on the Razr. Shut. Up.

t0ked says:

Turn. Off. Video.

SeattleBrad says:

Ok this is the third story I've read about these phones and still my question is, how big are the friggin screens?!

tx_tuff says:

5 in on the ultra and Maxx, 4.3 on the mini

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LegacyEvoAce says:

Actual screen size & type would be nice to know.

KidCuda says:

This will be my phone if the next Nexus is not Verizon.

the3388 says:


Fields3212 says:

I was thinking the maxx, it's badass. I love the color scheme. It looks pretty awesome. Unfortunately I don't ha e an upgrade for quite some time so I'm waiting for the X phone. If it's cheap enough I'll definitely be buying it. Meaning $350 or less. I guess I could do Verizons new deal where they rape you and charge you monthly for the phone..... Wait I won't do that. Def not getting charged twice for a phone. Might be sticking with my s3 for a while if the X phone disappoints

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davidnc says:

So I'm guessing this is Verizon's Moto X. :p

Abionic says:

The demoed features seemed rather laggy...

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travaz says:

It seems that all the new phones a full of gimmicks and no specs. I want an sd card for my 5 million songs!