Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google was teasing us all earlier by letting us know they had a treat coming for everyone and now -- we know what it is. Google has held quite a few contests in the past but this one is big for those looking to get a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Announcing the Galaxy Nexus Challenge: 10 chances in 10 days for @googlenexus followers to win a tasty Galaxy Nexus w/ Android 4.0 #ICS

Challenge 1 goes live Saturday 11/12 9am Pacific Time. Galaxy Nexus Challenge eligibility: must follow @googlenexus and include @googlenexus in body of posts. Limit one entry per person per day. Galaxy Nexus Challenge open to residents of Australia,Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong,Japan, Netherlands,Singapore, Spain,South Korea, United Kingdom or 50 United States and District of Columbia. Void in certain areas as described in full rules. And speaking of those full rules, you can find them linked here as a PDF.

Source: @Googlenexus / Google+


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Google wants you to win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus of your own - 10 chances in 10 days


With the contest ending on the 21st, that seems like a pretty good bet for a release date if you can't win one!

I echo the anti Twitter feelings. Its pure garbage and it sucks that I have to make an account for this contest. But I'll do it.

Yeah, I won't sign up for yet another stream of adds. I'm on both both Sammy's and Goog's updates for this device early, and now I get no love there at all. Sammy's SGII Keith Urban tripe on facebook was then end for me. they can both soak my cork on this one.

The problem is that there are a million real life issues that people shoild be worried about or coming up with solutions to but instead everyone wants to know what ashton kutcher tweeted or who got kicked off dancing with the stars!!!!!!!!!! Are you f-img kidding me?!?!?!

Jesus, lighten up, and get that stick out of your ass. Not everything has to be serious and problem solving. I'd hate to be a miserable old fart like you.

Sorry that your period panties are in a bunch but aren't you here to find out information on winning a ~$600 phone? Real life issues are something you seem to be detached from.

Chill out its not like twitter comes with accounts that are automatically followed if someone tweets about something that you don't like you click unfollow. Not everyone tweets about Dancing with the Stars or Doucheton Kutcher.

Ha, my birthday's tomorrow. A new Galaxy Nexus would be a freaking killer gift. :D I'm gonna see if I can win one.

Oh Man. If ONLY Google had its own social networking site to have a nexus phone contest on. Someone should get on that for them.

I got a much better idea...


I do sincerely apologize for shouting but like was mentioned in the podcast; Google/Samsung/Verizon better have this thing on shelves the same day as the rest of the world or it is a very high probability that HTC or Motorola get my money. The Razr reviews are looking good & the Rezound has my attention. Now can we get serious with the Galaxy Nexus & stop the B.S. teaser campaign?

I'm so with you on this point. Come on Google. You have to know that the best advertisement is a great product in the hands of happy customers. You can't even get the ball rolling with your current strategy or lack there of... Do yourself and me a favor, tell us when we can purchase the damn phone and on or for what carriers. All Google is doing is playing games. Say what you want about Apple but you have to admit they've got that part of there marketing figured out. I just can't believe with all the intelligent minds over at Google they can't figure out a rhythmic cycle for product releases. At least for the Nexus line of phones. WORK IT OUT GOOGLE!!!

Man this is the Phone that I have been waiting for, it will be my first Android, Heck it will be my first phone that isn't a Blackberry. Hopefully it it comes to my carrier. Looking forward to joining the Android Nation.

I have had a Blackberry since 2006 and finally switched over to the HTC Sensation Monday and loving Android so far. Never had a touchscreen until now and it takes some time to adjust, but I will not go back. Going to enter this contest, maybe I can switch between phones...LOL

10 chances to win but only 7 winner's??

" PRIZES: Seven winning entries will receive a Galaxy Nexus phone as described at (ARV of each individual prize: $500.00 USD). Prize may be subject to terms, restrictions and conditions imposed by Google. The Prize does not include activation or usage fees required to activate and operate the device. All such fees are the responsibility of the winner."

In one section of the rules it says you have to include @googlenexus, in another #googlenexus. So, which is it? Can't imagine both since you only have the 140.

You have to include @googlenexus, because that's what directs your tweet to them. Adding #googlenexus means you're entering the contest.

Example @googlenexus I really want you to pick my entry, so I can win. #googlenexus

Without #googlenexus, you're just sending them a normal tweet. (asking a question or giving a comment)


above the age of majority in the state or jurisdiction where you reside at the time
of entry,
what is that supposed to mean?

I wonder what phone you will get if you win and are in the U.S.? I would think the LTE version, no?

C'mon google!!, Once again a "Global give-away" that doesn't includes South America, then, no Argentinian (and many other countries) applications allowed.

Why the hell do you bother to install (really pretty) offices down here and host 2 days of the "Google Developer day 2011" (19 & 20 Sep.) also here in Buenos Aires, I would know, it was on one of my university's auditoriums (resume of it: Android and HTML 5), just after the one on Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You should learn from AndroidCentral global giveaways/contest (right?)

Good for you that for some reason I still like you, but please don't do this to me again or I'LL BE ALL OVER YOU LIKE A SPIDERMONKEY!!! jajaja

Import laws probably. I have a friend with family in China, she can't legally send them anything electronic more powerful than a graphing calculator.

For ten days they will post "essay question or puzzle of the day" and you have to sudmit a "Solution". And yes they are only giving away 7 phones, but contest is still 10 days long. Anyway it's not as easy as just twitting @googlenexus.

So then so-
3 of the 10 days there will be no winner?
3 of the 10 questions/puzzles are unanswerable?
3 of the 10 actual winners receive another "prize"?

I hope I'm not the only one that doesn't understand how you get "10 days to play, 10 chances to win" and only 7 winner's..

Great, I already have one... although I neglect it. Sorry, sometimes I write things longer than 140 characters.

Does anyone remember the contest last year? Thos puzzles were hard af!!! lol Or maybe it was just me....
They were hard in the sense of you really had to be use your brain to solve the riddles

Twitter, huh? Thanks a pantload.
And for all you twitheads flaming out in self-defense: Move out of your mom's basement and get a life...

I'm stunned by the number of (supposedly) techie folks that would hang out on a site like this yet don't use Twitter. Really guys? You definitely lost some nerd points. Now if it was Facebook then I'm with you, but there's really nothing onerous or spammy about Twitter. Plus it's a great way to keep up with other tech-elite types.

it says to Submit Challenge 1 response as: "#GalaxyNexus is well-traveled, coming to @googlenexus from [answer]" do i put @google nexus in front of that? or is it fine where it is?

Sooooo......would anyone like to help me out and share what the 6 little Androids with dots are supposed to be telling me? :-)

Yeah. Trying to translate as flag semaphores, but still tough, Yellow letters would be "J" which doesn't make sense.

if you look at the common answers, they could just be other copycats duplicating the same incorrect answer. A wrong answer could have been intentionally tweeted a bunch of times to throw people off, then clueless people tweet the same wrong answer til it snowballs.

i think if we have 10 days to solve it, and have no clue how to solve it, wait a little bit to see if someone shows how it's solved before you post your one tweet allowed.

The answer has been found!

**About puzzle #1.

If you use signal flags to fit in each android figure (each time the two ends of flags represented by dots, but with having multiple in each figure), you get the following message: "what did J Cook call Hawaii".

So the answer must be the Sandwich Islands or Owyhee. The first of course relating to ICS.

I think you can say it has been solved. Unfortunately someone already tweeted the Sandwich Islands 3 hours ago (all-in-all only a few people)

signal flags:

Prizes will be awarded within 12 weeks? (See the Prizes section of the Rules.) I thought I read somewhere that winners would have their phones before the general release, and I had worried that this meant that the release couldn't therefore be 11/21.

This is good news, as it doesn't rule out 11/21 as the release date.