Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's UK launch is nearly upon us, with Londoners getting the first chance to buy Sammy's latest tablet tomorrow afternoon local time (we'll be there!). Samsung is wasting no time in drumming up a little hype around the Tab 10.1, with three new British TV ads for the device showcasing its thinness, lightness and speed compared to an unnamed, fruit-themed competitor.

These ads similar to what we've seen from Samsung in other territories, but they at least show the manufacturer's committed to directly pursuing the iPad's market share on an international scale. Check the new ads for yourself after the jump.

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner, lighter, faster in new UK TV ads


I wish I had the money to purchase this thing. I live here in the States where I've played with one at a local Best Buy a few times and really enjoyed it. Sadly I've just got too many other things I need (not want) to spend my money on. Still I'm probably going to go to the NYC Samsung event tomorrow to see the new touchwiz interface and just enjoy myself.

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Vodafone and Three are quietly rolling out HSPA+ and neither is making the slightest fuss about it. I think Voda's calling it "3G+", which is actually an accurate representation of what it is.

The need becomes apparent when you own one.

Having the larger screen makes all the difference when viewing email, websites, media, and documents.

It's not a complete laptop replacement, but if you own one you will undoubtedly, use your laptop less and less.

Also, owning a tablet almost makes owning a smartphone a waste. Many people have purchased a tablet, purchased "an under achieving phone" (that's political correctness), and saved considerably on their monthly mobile cost.

For me, I own an Evo 4G, and the Tab 10.1.

I had the same feeling, but got a tablet anyway, just for fun. I've been surprised at how much I use it. It doesn't really replace the computer for me, but everything I used to do with my phone while at home (save calls) I now do on the Tab, as well as news reading and probably more game playing than before. There is something much more satisfying about reading the news on a thin tablet that you hold in your hand and touch directly. Hard to describe. But all in all, as I said, it has found a big niche in my life.

These things need to released with mobile data already an option. I might have purchased one were it available with this. For now the G-Slate is doing a damn good job.

What is that racing game he is playing on the Tab? I'd like to know of any cool HD racing games that are worth grabbing for the Tab.

Also looking forward to the new TouchWiz update. First time I've ever looked forward to a manufacture's UI overlay. lol


I had hero then nexus one, but wanted something bigger for reading and browsing. My sight is 20/20+, but just wanted more viewing size.
So I got the galaxy tab 7"....perfect...stopped reading and browsing on the nexus
Then I got a galaxy S II and stopped using the tab because it was slower.
now, I have a xoom and its too heavy.

Right now, the galaxy sII and tab 7" are my preferred pair.

So...the new tab is sounding perfect...complimentary to the S II.

Bye bye xoom and tab 7"

When I see the iPad adverts in the UK and compare it to this rubbish. . . . Seriously, words fail me.

Samsung should stick to hardware and hire the director who made the Apple adds - fast!

I hope the product lives up to the hype s I have ordered/am awaiting one from Amazon...fingers crossed it's going to arrive today and I can have a play!

Getting mine in the post TODAY after a long drawn out purchase !!!
Hope i'm not disappointed with the product too !!

Been reading mixed reviews today which has also alarmed me..!!

Still excited though!! :)


Well Brian I got mine yesterday and I'm finding it a bit tricky to get to grips with tbh, the charger takes about a year to charge it, it's made of three parts, it wont sync with my mac(simply for file transfer) and as there's no USB that's really important!!

How are you getting on with yours?

@ Maeveb and Brian - I'm really interested in getting the Galaxy, trying to get some real feedback from users who have just bought one. The size appeals as I travel a lot but I've read that the grip is a negative which for long hours of use is not ideal, would you agree with this? @ Maeveb - I also have a mac so please let me know you get it to Sync (massively important)