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The Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) is making its way to Virgin Mobile. Yes, the Galaxy S2. Virgin Mobile has been reclaiming older devices and offering them at reasonable prices since Sprint has started moving to LTE and offloaded its WiMax network to prepaid operators. It started with devices like the Evo 3D coming to Virgin, and it will continue today with the Galaxy S2. We're going to go ahead and assume this device is going to look the exact same as Sprint's Galaxy S2 (Epic 4G Touch) from mid last year -- if the Boost Mobile variant is any indication -- save for probably a different logo on the back.

The device will be $369.99 without a contract, in both silver and white, from November 15th. Virgin Mobile "Beyond Talk" plans start at $35 per month for unlimited messaging and data.

Source: Virgin Mobile Newsroom


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Galaxy S2 coming fashionably late to Virgin Mobile


I guess there are some still on the $25 plan that don't want to lose it. I just can't imagine someone wanting to keep their $35 plan and getting this phone, unless they don't have either AT&T or T-Mobile coverage worth a damn in their area.

-Switch to T-Mobile pre-paid: $30/month. Only 100 minutes, and only 100MB of data.
Compare to Virgins 300 minutes and 2.5GB of data for $5 more.
-Switch to Straight Talk: $45/month. $10 more/month than Virgin and Straight Talk has shit service with terrible reviews.
-Are there other pre-paid services you can take your phone to I'm missing?
-Not everyone cares it isnt a new phone. Is it better than the Optimus V I currently have? I'd hope so. So whats the problem? It will be a good phone that will do what I need it to do.

Is virgin mobile the name of some third world country that hasn't heard of what a sg3 or a one x is. It must be otherwise they would never do something this crazy. I saw one of my friends buy a brand new s2 just recently and had to give him a good grilling. Why would anyone in their right mind do that

Yeah idk Virgin Mobile... You screwed me on this HTC EVO V (3D). Bought it on the first day and 3 of them later it's still a piece of crap. Definitely not the phone I had on Sprint. I shouldn't have to root my $300 phone to make and receive calls/texts. Nexus 4 here I come!

Is there a way to flash a Sprint GS2 for use with VM? Since Sprint supplies the network VM uses, it's not as if they're technologically incompatible. I'm getting a Nexus 4 and could give my g/f my GS2 for her to use on her VM account if this could be done; get her off that puny Optimus V thing.

The HTC EVO V is a solid phone! the radio problem that prevented texts and calls from going through is being addressed next week! it's an HTC issue not virgin! the sprint model had the same problem. the GS2 will be identical to the Boost mobile version! hope the ROM is more stable than Boosts'. the battery drain issue and the sluggishness hopefully will be fixed in the GS2 on Virgin! its a great phone but not a fan of Touch Wiz or Keis. Love the camera though!

i have the evo v and its fine if you get s-off and switch radios... as for the update... virgin has been pushing out radio updates for a while now and non have fixed the issue so far... what makes you think that this update will bring magic... bieng an owner of the phone, i have hope but they have tried before and always failed with fixing the error...
as for the samsung galaxy 2... its not much of an upgrade... its thinner... ill give them that... processors are virtually equal.. ram is the same... dont know about battery life on the s2 but its got a better battery so s2 wins there (i think)... camera is a mixup cause evo v users give up dual flash and 3d (i dont use it much) while getting an 8 mp cam with single flash... storage is not too much of an issue since both have sd-card slots and app devs are now doing a great job letting us move apps to sd... software doesn't matter to me as both phones have a well formed developer base and anything can be changed...