windmill live wallpaper

The Galaxy S II live wallpapers to download. These include the beach and the windmill wallpapers and the apk files are named Secret Wallpaper 1 and Secret Wallpaper 2, respectively. 

The XDA poster did note that these will only work on phones with WVGA resolution. In the video showing this off, the wallpapers can clearly be seen working well on a Samsung Nexus S and the EVO 4G has been successfully tested as well. The Motorola Xoom doesn't run them well yet as they most likely haven't been optimized for Honeycomb. 

Check it out after the break and click on the source link for the apk files.

Source: XDA


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I found these on XDA a while ago. I haven't tried the beach wallpaper yet but the windmill wallpaper works perfectly on my Droid Incredible running CM7.

jojoyohan says:

Those are wind turbines, not windmills.

dkotoric says:

doesn't work on my HTC Evo running CM7. Just shows a white screen when I select it.

DirkBelig says:

Got these a week ago and they work fine on my EVO running CM7 with Launcher Pro. I'm concerned about battery use, so I switched to a static wallpaper until I get things sorted.

chrgnthru says:

Work's on my Atrix.

F350Bear says:

I got these a week ago and both run fine on my Droid X. Don't seem to be to bad on battery either, I like the Wind Turbines the best.

dskwerl says:

I'm digging these wallpapers. And they work on my Galaxy Tab.

Meh... Takes a really special over the top LWP for me to go for it. I used to have the Aquarium one on 24/7! when I first got the EVO lol. Now I just like static ones

hanq2000 says:

I want galaxy S II this is best of best !!!

mo-bile#AC says:

This news is about two weeks old. But both work on the Thunderbolt. The beach scene has a slower frame rate though. The windmills work fine.

BDHN1 says:

You know, some of us (like myself) don't have the time to peruse XDA forums, visit multiple Android sites, and leave snarky comments. So, this is the first I have heard of it. Thanks, Android Central, for posting this! I don't really care if it's two weeks old; it's awesome!

tron192 says:

I got the Turbines running on the Epic, stock EC05. I getting great battery life with the screen on and normal battery usage when using app. I'm loving it. It runs smooth and looks great.

Simba501 says:

Awesome....look amazing (*installing now*)

seanp666 says:

These are awesome even though I never run live wallpapers on my phone. I would love to get a hold of that night beach wallpaper but static though. that looks really cool.

ojocell says:

These look cool and I'd like to try them on my Fascinate but I don't know how to get these onto my phone. Could someone do a "Getting These Wallpapers for Dummies"?

tron192 says:

I had no problem installing it. What's ur email. Ill send u the same file I used

philroc says:

Hey Tron, how'd you get that apk to download correct, it tells me that it's not supported. I also have Epic on EC05. Thanks mate.

sookster54 says:

Beach one looks like crap, wind turbine one looks great.

jeffreytz says:

I love new live wallpapers and the turbine ones is really nice. However on my EVO it doesn't seem to be updating at all. When I select it initially it seems to grab the weather and time of day, but then once it hits the update cycle set on the settings screen it always seems to go back to Sunny day, regardless of time or weather. Any tips to get the updating to work on the EVO?

jeffreytz says:

Rebooted and now it seems to be recognizing weather and time. Will monitor. Sometimes its the simple things ... ;)

cjp85 says:

Works great on my Tmo Samsung Vibrant

carlosg2002 says:

how do i load these on my phone i have Tmobile G2 please help