Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Note 3

Ahead of the U.S. launch next week, Samsung's latest oversized smartphone the Galaxy Note 3, and its smartwatch companion the Galaxy Gear, have landed at some retailers in Europe. In the UK both are available from Samsung's flagship store at London's Westfield Stratford shopping center, which is selling the Note 3 for £649, the Galaxy Gear for £299 or both together for £848 (a saving of £100.)

Elsewhere, independent retailer Carphone Warehouse has the Note 3 for £629.95 SIM-free, or free on contracts from £47 per month. Both devices should start popping up at more UK and EU retailers over the next week, and we'll have much more Galaxy Note 3 coverage for you before the week's out, so stay tuned!

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Source: Samsung UK, Carphone Warehouse

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Mo ZedEl says:

Bloody expensive!

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G_The_One says:

I hope this means that us Note II owners can start hitting the "Updates - check for updates" button incessantly checking for that elusive update with the Note III features? #eternallyhopeful

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Raptor007 says:

Not until October, that is when 4.3 is supposed to be release for GN2, GS3 and GS4.

Kushan says:

Still waiting on Three to announce their deals on this device.

Three UK have the tariff in store in their booklet thought they are not taking preorder.

It was 38 or 39 on the One plan with £99 for the phone if I remember right

mark XIII says:

here in Serbia, it's 500+€ for note 3 on contract. First buyers get galaxy gear for free.

Rockee kun says:

£299 for the gear?? Thats expensive !!!!

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IceDree says:

Yea , the Note 3 is also now available in Saudi Arabia ... Both regular & 4G models for an equivalent of 800 Dollars . Don't know about the watch though.

Chrizs says:

In the netherlands you can get the note 3 + gear for free with a 2 year contract, but only today

Raptor007 says:

Mine GN3 and GG both in Jet Black are on pre-order with Verizon. I am hoping that the rumors of a 9/29 shipping date are solid and I get it by 10/1 - 10/2. Yes that is a Sunday but the rumor is Fed Ex will release the hounds and begin distribution on that night.

serpico says:

If we could get it for free here, I would trade up from my Note 2.

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speculatrix says:

I saw it cheaper at Clove - www. clove. co. uk/samsung-galaxy-note-3

for a little under £600

slightly cheaper at handtec but they don't have stock yet.