The Sprint Epic 4G is the latest Android phone to get rooted before it's even available for sale.  The new root method developed by Sebastian Krahmer used to root the Droid 2, the Evo 4G, and the Motorola Backflip looks like the long sought universal root many of us have been waiting for, unless I jinxed it by talking about it.

The hackers over at SDX-Developers have the root method working, and are in the process of simplifying things for those who aren't total Android nerds.  If you are a total Android nerd and want to offer to lend a hand, or just curious about the progress have a look at the source link. [SDX-Developers] Thanks Rufflez!

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dragonol2 says:

LOVE the developer community! Only good things can come of this...

d3xn2o says:

I dont like the term Nerd...

Nerds are the Jocks of the interwebs... We will be known as Android Jocks :P

sydeshow says:

Title grammar check: its* or released*

/signed Android nerd + grammar nazi =)

But spell check said it was good! lol gracias, and fix'd

jordanetodd says:

Sdx devopers is my other android daily web page.

cea1203 says:

This phone looks like such a piece of crap !!! I hate anything Samsung makes !! EPIC Failure

Adam Sawyer says:

We've got a hater in the building :P

BoNg420 says:

I dunno, the phone sounds great specs and all, looks great, but I held the vibrant and feels cheap and plastic.

hellzlegend says:

It FEELS plastic but it holds up as well as if not better than other phones.
Can't believe people still go by the feel.

Well, this obviously came from an EVO fan boy that is pissed a better phone is coming out and he is now stuck with his EVO for the next 2 years. Every maker has its bad phones so if you are going to throw Samsung under the bus you better toss HTC under there too. HTC Hero Dust under the screen, HTC ERIS poor call reception, HTC Mogul I don't even know where to start, HTC Touch Pro yet another fail with all of the connection, reception, gps you name it problems. EVERY manufacture has good and bad phones. To say this phone is bad before it is ever released just shows you are an ignorant douche bag.

HAAS599 says:

Headline should have been "Epic 4G - Rooted before Reviewed" ;)

apyoung88 says:

The overall look of the epic reminds me of my Samsung Moment, which make me hate it with an extreme passion! I will wait until this phone gets into the hands of the masses to pull the trigger on it.

mattallica76 says:

I got my hands on one of these a couple days ago and I'm sold on it. I'm currently a Moment user, and although it is a lot lighter than the Moment, it feels more sturdy at the same time.

rdogg197699 says:

Im an Evo owner from the start but that being said im very non biased and would love some legit responses. I love my Evo huge. Yet the Epic shockingly has me considering it. I can already get full discount for new phone Feb 1st I think. There ARE things about Evo I really love
And after purchasing Smart Keyboard (identical to Iphone) im flying on it typing. I know rumors of already HTC is working on as a follow up to Evo but much props to Sprint even having me consider it. Samsung has really worried me with their smartphone attempts but this looks like a homering. I like htc will be making their own screens too eventually so never shortage. But I may be smart and give it few months to see Epics performance. Dont let anyone with an Evo lie..its enticing. In my perfect world since htc has been amazing for me I would love a Evo and Epic to have a child eventually! Regardless the Epic is gorgeous and u hope it lives up to its name and hype!! Go Sprint!!

Petey#AC says:

Playing with a Galaxy S (i9000) at the moment and reckon it'd be damn near perfect with a qwerty slider. Bring on the rest of world version, or UK at least. Now if they'd just stop dicking about with the crappy capacitative buttons and put the real deal hardware version on, we'd be sorted!

dante501 says:

@FawnDelmajunc it's every year with sprint not 2 years. And the epic is a great phone better I don't think tested it receiption it's a problem again. Then both cameras on the phone are weaker no dual flash. I get one for my fiance screen is great and I think for people that love keyboard it is the only logical choice to get but it wouldn't make me switch and out of 4 reviews only one says that it is better then the evo. I give the evo slightly the edge. Both are excellent phones right now. I do personal think HTC and Android is the best combination.

c3PreO says:

yowzah! now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!

dj2big says:

Samsung has been in the cutting edge of cellphones since forever. If you guys remember helio the ocean phone was pretty much an android but in 2007.

Techman#AC says:

The epic 4g only has 340mb of ram not the 512 that sprint and samsung claim.