Yes, I said it.  You don't have to be a fan of HTC's products to realize they (and Sprint as well, we suppose) have figured out how to send out updates.  We're not talking the quality of the update here, so simmer down everyone unhappy with their Thunderbolt or EVO 4G after the latest software updates.  Nor are we speaking of the timeliness (or lack thereof) of updates.  Just the methods.  When HTC realized one of their system updates borked the Sense 3.0 lockscreen on the EVO 3D, they simply updated the app themselves, and sent it out to users without getting carriers or anyone else involved.  Same thing they did when they noticed HTC Watch needed a little fixing up.  This is how a manufacturer should handle updates to their own code -- focus on the bug and kill it in-house, then send that sucker out to the users ASAP, over-the-air, with little fanfare or fuss.

Let's compare this to the way other manufacturers are handling updates.  I've yet to see anyone else send out a tiny OTA to fix anything, let alone a bug they introduced from the last OTA.  Hopefully they are all working on it, but all we have to go with is their past actions:

Samsung is one of the biggest offenders here.  They were quick enough with the Honeycomb 3.1 update for those Galaxy Tab 10.1's they gave out at Google I/O, but forcing me to sign up through their app and web store to get it is a giant fail.  It's the same mess I had to go through to get a software update for my television, and I wasn't happy about it then, either.  I get enough junk mail thank you very much.  Don't even get me started on forcing users to use KIES.  If you're lucky enough to have never needed to use it, KIES is a crappy desktop application used to flash software on Samsung phones.  It's difficult for the average user, runs like crap on a Mac, and forces Linux users to run Windows in a VM.  It needs to go die somewhere, and never return.  I wonder how many Vibrant owners just said forget it when it came time for their long awaited Froyo update.  I know I would have, because KIES sucks.

Motorola gets no pass here, either.  There's that whole mess of shipping your Xoom off to get the features posted on the box to work -- whenever that happens.  If something's not ready, you either don't sell it or you don't advertise it as such.  You definitely don't tell users they will have to send it away after they gave you their money.  Fixing the SD card is easy -- easy enough that developers did it in short order for those that root and tinker.  If Toshiba can do it, someone like Motorola who has been building Android gear for a while needs to step it up.  And before you tell me "Google is supposed to fix that" remember this: Google didn't take anyone's money, never integrated SD card support in Honeycomb, and didn't tell you what to put in the spec sheet or on the box.  Send out a new kernel and a little magic to the partitions now, not later.  Take care of your customers first, and deal with Google later.

And the biggest offender?  LG.  They just don't do incremental updates, no matter how badly their products need them.  Battery driver issues on the G2X will get fixed with the Gingerbread update, but in the meantime we're still paying full price on our T-Mobile bill for a phone that doesn't work full time.  Look at the CM7 source tree for a fix if you need to.

Maybe I'm off the mark here, and HTC will go back to forcing users to wait forever for small, but crucial, updates (remember that wake-lock bug on the Hero anyone?), but I'm betting they won't.  With Sense.com and their online services to download and update widgets, and pushing out small application updates outside any official update roadmap, they are winning me back.  Now let's see those unlocked bootloaders we were promised so I can throw money at you until you give me a Sensation.


Reader comments

Editorial: The EVO 3D shows how updates should be done


Did you read the article or did you just not get the point?

Anyway I must agree that the turnaround for these fixes were crazy on time. I was impressed

If HTC keeps up the good work with updates, then i'll definitely fell confident in buying an HTC phone again. By the way SECOND TO COMMENT. LOL :-)

I agree, as much as i love my Epic 4G, i have to say that HTC - Is winning in Updates and listening to their Customers, possibly we don't really know why Samsung is being so slow with updates, (possibly alot of paper work has to go through and signed for this to happen) but Im seeing that HTC is about to become my next upgrade brand :).

All I can say is I'm so jelly of you Evo 3D owners. Sprint and HTC really work the best together out of all carriers and manufacturers imo.

HTC has long been my favorite since i made the smartphone jump with my 8525 back in my AT&T days.

I like Motorola second, but nobody's messing with HTC in any arena, even if for nothing else but the hardware alone. [Snapdragaon (infinitely) > OMAP]

and thanks to Verizon's greed bug, now i have a reason to switch to Sprint and get a 4G Shift!

(yes i'm well aware [and hate] that the Shift doesnt have a Snapdragon, trolls. step off! a physical keyboard is a necessity for me.)

i could have sworn the evo shift has a snapdragon... it at least has an underclocked version. same as the G2/desire Z. if im not mistaken.
someone correct me if my information is off?

I had thought it id too. I never really gave it a serious look since i was on Verizon and couldnt get it anyway, had to settle for the Droid 2.

but now that im looking to switch, i checked the specs to see how it stacked up against the other candybar Evo's and find out what my physical keyboard might be costing me.

turns out it doesnt even clock a gig, its got a MSM7630 at 800 MHz.
slightly disappointing, but its not like I do a ton of hard core gaming or anything on my phone. as long as i can watch videos, use my camera, browse the web and run a live wallpaper Ill be okay. I'm kinda hoping HTC comes out with a dual core (or at least a snapdragon) slider before my VZW contract is up tho.

You will LOVE the shift... I highly recommend that you play with one... It is one of the fastest 800 MHz phones I've ever used... It's got a snapdragon scorpion core which is faster in many respects than the 1ghz core found on the evo 4g.... And to top it off it's got a more powerful gpu.

yeah thats exactly what I'm banking on. I'm not letting the 800 discourage me, I'm sure it'll be enough to handle my needs, HTC has yet to disappoint me.

and you're right, it is a Snapdragon core, for some reason i space and just dont considering anything under 1GHz a snapdragon.

Its good to hear its got a better GPU, the OMAP's PowerVR was about the only real advantage it had over the Snapdragon, not that that makes all that much of a difference tho. its not like im playin modern warfare on my phone or anything.

AM trying right now VZW TBOLT,and I see no differents or speed on VZW from Sprint, at all. And all VZW running the old 2.2 android OS,
and Sprint running GB 2.3.3 OS and charging less money, for their phones and their plans. Am still with Sprint, but am going back for my EVO 3D. I made the switch to try and see what everyone is talk about VZW network.I felt bad, TBOLT VZW flagship handset and still running 2.2 and cost $259. and $350. for ETF. Compare to Sprint EVO 3D $ 199.99 and $200. ETF. And $79.99 @ month VZW $119.99 @ month.

Actually the OMAP is better than the Snapdragon. Also HTC actually always has the lowest end hardware out of all the manufacturers.

Actually it doesnt, but they cant compete with Samsung's hardware, or LG Actual hardware... maybe they can compete with motorola cuz they have bad displays... but then again, motorola kicks HTC's ass on batt life...

So yeah, HTC is NOT near the best in hardware...

in my experience...better hardware typically takes more juice to run...so you're kind of arguing against your own "point" with the battery life thing.

besides, Motorola battery life sucks as much as any other, but they DO have better mechanisms built into their ROMs that more successfully conserve battery life. But they were also kinda late to the 8 MP camera party. another thing i hate about giving up my Incredible.

My mom got a Galaxy and I played with it a little while...not bad, but I'd still rather have an HTC.

I honestly can't speak much on LG, never used any of their handsets. They and Samsung got too many other problems for me to even want to try. case-in-point: those mentioned in the article above. But having used them in the past (pre android era), i can say there's a reason why Moto was my favorite for a while.

Aww how cute we got a HTC fan girl here. Umm lets see. Evo 4g Crappy display, 1ghz Snapdragon, crappy camera with stuttery pixelated video with audio that sounds like its coming from a camera phone from 2002, crappy Adreno gpu, crappy ffc, horrible battery life, extremely small amount of internal memory. Did I miss something? Both the Droid X and Galaxy S came out around the same time so I think its fair to compare then with the Evo. Basically everything I just said is the opposite for the X and the S. Now lets fast forward to 2011. Evo 3d, Sensation vs the Galaxy S2. Again HTC is in last.

other than any and all technical knowledge about any of the phones, nah i don think you missed anything.

at least you know how to say "crappy" and make vague,empty, baseless "comparisons" (i use the term very loosely) well enough. not that that means anything.

OK now pay attention to this next part, cuz this is how you do it when you want somebody to believe you're worth listening too.

Displays: both 4.3 in. TFT, 480 x 800 Evo, 480 x 854 Droid X (congratulations on your extra 54 pixels, if that really means that much.)

Processors: Snapdragon (when its not outperforming) performs on par with OMAP with hte exception of the GPU. but since nobody's doing anything THAT graphics intensive with a phone anyway, that hardly matters.

Cameras: Both 8MP, both shoot 720p HD

FFCs: oops. Make that FFC, cuz the X doesnt seem to have one. that was easy

Batteries: Droid X -> Li-Ion 1570 mAh 8 hours, Evo -> Li-Ion1500 mAh 5h 12 min
but if you put a bigger bulky battery in the phone it better last longer. Then again, who really spends 8 hours away from a charger anyway?

Memory: same 512MB in each, but EVO also has 1GB ROM

on top of that , EVO does 802.11 b/g/n (Droid X stops at g) and of course, is 4G capable, where Droid X is not.

So...other than your obvious blind Moto fan-boy hate...what else you got?

Love it, I almost quit reading his post when he said crappy display on the Evo 4G. I recently was on my way home from Hawaii and was watching a movie on my Evo. When it was over a guy a row behind me and to the left asked me what phone I had. He had an iphone and couldn't believe how beautiful the movie was on my big Evo screen. He said he wished he had had ear buds plugged into it because he watched the whole thing from his seat without any sound.

pffft youre funny.

all i know is, if i use a live wallpaper on my droid incredible, i can still do anything else just as flawless and smoothly as if it were a static jpg.

My DROID II on the other hand, curls up in a fetal position and shivers.

Give the touch keyboards a chance. Took me some time to get used to it back when i switched from a BB to the EVO 4G on launch. Love it and no turning back now. (Now on EVO 3D)

i have man, I started out with a Droid Incredible, thats how i got Snapdragon spoiled.

I actually became pretty good at typing with the touchscreens, and Swiftkey helped out a lot. I'm actually in love with the X Beta, its nearly perfect...but to a certain degree, i still have to depend on auto correct, and sometimes it just gets annoying.

I took it for granted in the past, but i really need to be able to type and forget for my own personal sanity.

Yes it is. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Snapdragon-vs.-Hummingbird-vs.-OMAP---the... ohh and this

"The T.I. OMAP 3630 is the an SoC produced by Texas Instruments. It is using a Cortex A-8 processor core licensed from ARM. The GPU in the unit is a PowerVR SGX 530 which is more capable that the one found in the Snapdragon. This SoC is also clocked at 1 Ghz and produced using a 45nm process. This will in turn reduce heat and power consumption. The OMAP series of processors also perform better clock for clock when compared to the Snapdragon."

if i were going to use my phone as a playstation 3...i might care about the GPU...but since I'm not...i don't.

The GPU is the ONLY thing better about the OMAP. In general use CPU performance, Snapdragon either beats OMAP or performs on par.

OMAP fan boys always run to that GPU argument cuz thats the only leg they have to stand on. Sorry to burst your bubble, but on this plane of reality, people do more than run graphics benchmarks on their phones all day.

Great article Jerry. And Eggo is right, HTC and Sprint do work very well together, I realized that when they had a joint meet and greet for owners of the EVO 4G here in KC last fall and reps from both companies were there to answer questions and reaffirm their commitment to making high quality products together.

At best all the other manufacturers ARE TOTAL JOKES when anything concerning an UPDATE is suppose to happen. I am on my second HTC DEVICE the first was the EVO 4G from June 4th 2010 to June 24th 2011 and the next is my current EVO 3D as of June 24th 2011. My Evo 4g was the most supported device from an update standpoint as far as any other android device. It shipped with 2.1 then got the 2.2 update in August as well as other updates then got 2.3.3 in Feb of 2011 what a great ride that was. I purchased my EVO 3D because #1 industry wise and spec wise it is the best on the market and secondly it will be supported by htc and sprint from day one. In my world the EVO BRAND IS ANDROID and HTC is android evryone else takes a back seat way in the back. People can say whatever they want about SPRINT and their coverage or network one thing is forsure they make the rest LOOK LIKE GARBAGE AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED ESPICALLY THIS ENTIRE YEAR. The next BIG GOOGLE DEVICE WILL BE ON SPRINT BEFORE ANY OTHER CARRIER THAT'S FORSURE. I would NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN HTC DEVICE AND WOULD NEVER CHANGE CARRIERS FROM SPRINT....

Jerry hildenbrand<<< I came from the HTC EVO 3D to TBOLT to try it out on VZW network,on the 3G VZW network slower that Sprint in some points,and I get no more bars more than what I use to get on my EVO 3d,the VZW 4G is good but to be honest with you I never reached on TBOLT download more than 6 mgb. on my OG EVO 4G in chicago, I got up to 8 mgb. Am taking TBOLT back to Best Buy, and go back to my EVO 3D. The different in here Sprint charging $79.99 @ month and $200. ETF VS VZW $119.99 @ month and $350.0 ETF.
And one more thing,on Sprint whene you can`t make a call always you can send text or send a e-mail. On other carriers no calls no TEXT NO MSG too.I use to drive big truck and I can tell where is the coverage and where is not,I drove all over the 48 state and Canada too. The test you depend on just in the big city not somewhere els.Yes SPRINT DOES HAVE GOOD NETWORK.

I'm not a customer or either, so I have no comment. I just like to have a wider view, where people have different choices and reasons to like whatever it is they like, and not demean everyone who doesn't agree.

bro, your making the rest of us Sprint/Evo owners look bad. theres no reason you should be getting quite that passionate..

HAHAHAHA! Can you be any more stupid?! THE number one most updated phones are the Nexus phones. Period. They get every update, no matter how insignificant. Nexus One? It started with 2.1 and received update after update, even to the current 2.3.4. Can't really say that about ANY other phone on the market, can you? Also, your dates are clearly wrong. You stated the Evo 4G "got 2.3.3 in Feb of 2011". This is undeniably WRONG. A quick Google search of "evo 4g gingerbread update" yields no results before JUNE 3RD, a full FIVE MONTHS before the crap you spewed out. Check your facts before saying such ridiculous BS. Another thing, you say "the evo brand is Android", when it most definitely is NOT. And if your "world" only consists of Evo branded devices, well that's a tiny, insignificant little world you live in. That's only 3 devices compared to the HUNDREDS in existence all over the world. What a joke.

well...Google is directly responsible for the Nexus line since it IS THEIR phone...it would just be irresponsible for Google's own hardware to be lagging behind in updates.

Which is exactly my point. Richard stated "My Evo 4g was the most supported device from an update standpoint as far as any other android device." That entire sentence is as ludicrous and untrue as it gets. "Any other Android device" are his exact words, and to me, that includes the Nexus phones. Phones that are THE most updated no matter what carrier/manufacturer. No contest. As usual, he's so stupidly wrong, he doesn't even see it. That's all I'm saying.

first of all, learn to turn off the caps lock and second the most supported device so far has been the nexus one, third the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the best spec wise on the market, fourth the other carriers make sprint's network look like garbage as i only topped out at 1.2 Mb/s down and about 111Kb/s up on sprint but verizon i get 22 Mb/s down and 8 Mb up on average, fifth google releases GSM nexus before a CDMA one

dan4patroits<< Where did you get that high download? Am on VZW in Detroit,MI area with TBOLT, I never passed the 6 MB/S thats the top on 4G, but on the 3G I get blow 700 MB/S. PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. Uless you are ROOTED?

I'm a Tbolt owner and can verify his speed claims. I'm in Minneapolis and just ran a speed test in my living room (middle of the day) that yielded 25MB/s down and 8MB/s up. What other network can match that?

There's passionate, and then there's obsessive. And when the object of your obsession is a smartphone "line" (in this case Evo), youuuu've got a problem. The world is more than essentially 3 devices (4G, 3D, and View). You may not like all those other things that are not in your "world", but that doesn't mean they don't exist or you can blow them off as "useless". When you can delude yourself into believing that all that matters is a phone or tablet, you need serious help and a new life. Also, there's "haters" and then there's objective, unbiased people who don't mind trying out new things and actually possibly liking them. It's called being "well rounded". Something you don't quite seem to be and Dick Yarrell definitely is not.

I'm not totally sold on the 3D, I'd like to see what the Moto Photon brings to the table... But one plus on the EVO 3D's side is definitely Sprint/HTC's support. The EVO 4G didn't get any incremental updates like this I think, but it did receive more than half a dozen OTAs in the span of a year.

What other phone has received so many updates?? Two of the OTAs corresponded to new Android versions (Froyo & GB) but the rest were aimed squarely at small bug fixes and optimizations... And the EVO 4G didn't launch with any more bugs than most phones, so HTC & Sprint were clearly taking care of their baby.

Two of the OTAs were pre-Froyo, even tho it barely took three months to push out Froyo, how many manufacturers would've bothered with even a single update in that same timespan?

@richard, which got gingerbread first? Motorola X or Evo? Snapdragon better than omap? Pretty sure it's been heavily proven TI omap processors are superior. By the way the only reason I'm pointing out these faults in your post is your incessant use of caps as if your life depends on you making some point.

vvvv What he said down there was what i was going to say about the GB update for the Droid X. I heard it completely ruined a lot of people's phones. Rather wait a few weeks and have a true update, than to get it first and have a ton of problems.

Atleast HTC admits there are issues, Motorola ignores a 70(ish) page thread on there support forums about DroidX reboots

Well I have to play Devils advocate here, the froyo update destroyed the battery life (evo 4g) and the gingerbread update was a total disaster. Updates are supposed to make things better, not break things. Sorry, it's just how I feel.

When making a comment like that you should add, it messed up things on MY phone. It did fix issues on a majority people's phones. After Froyo and GB, the majority of people saw improved battery life. I always see these blanket statements from people on here, because they had an issue they think it involves every phone.

If people would do the updates the correct way, there would be a lot less users with issues. I can't say it enough times, wipe your phone before installing updates. It works. They can't possibly test these updates with all the different apps that people use. They cause problems, so reset your phone. I guarantee you'll have less problems. There's a reason Apple does it, it works.

^what he said.
If you dont wanna wipe your phone, at least try some other way to determine whether or not any of your apps are causing problems.

you dont run Windows 7 applications on a 98SE box and expect it to work...why do the same with your phone?

Speak for yourself. Overall the gingerbread update made my phone better and the things it did mess up were fixed with an update several days later. Again showing how htc releases update a whole lot better than other companies. In regards to battery, that is something that can vary per user as there are lots of programs that can ruin your battery life.

@firespyer What?? The updates were great for me. And now with gb my EVO goes for 1.5 to 2 days between charges. And it is super stable. I fee like the people who had issues were the ones with tweaked-up custom kernels and such. Lots of the custom stuff leads to instability.

HTC and Sprint is proving to be a dynamic duo. For now, I will stick with this combination - at least until the trend changes...

FWIW - Just picked up the Sprint EVO View to go with my Sprint EVO 4G. Awesome stuff.

the new tbolt update took too long and in the end it's not all that great, especially the new radio. as far as the evo 3d.. i wouldn't say htc is soo great about pushing updates. wheres that unlocked bootloader? i feel sorry for those guys as it looks as htc is leaving them in the dust. the only chance they have is if a dev cracks it which is unlikely.

i also firmly believe htc/verizon needs to push the official GB update for the tbolt asap.

Since I don't have a website (like you do) it's nice to hear someone else give Samsung a FAIL on the 10.1....damn thing gave me PTSD way more than 2 tours in Afghanistan did.

I agree with the article. I also see that all EVOs get updates before the Thunderbolt. Why? Because Verizion is a pain in the ass. Great network and the fastest in the US but they have a God complex. Sprint doesn't and so the EVO gets updates while TB people sit and wait. HTC should be able to do what is mentioned in the above article. I used to be a Samsung fan because the build quality is stellar but they are pathetic on updates so I went to the EVO 4g then the Arrive and now the EVO 3d. All are great builds and get updates in a timely manner.

The EVO 4G is my first ever contract phone and HTC has won my praises since I will be getting the EVO 3D phone soon, though I've heard that people with glasses can't really see the 3D effect can any one verify that since that might be a deal breaker for me.

I think it's a case-by-case thing. I know a guy with glasses who sees it fine. But I saw someone post online that if they leave their glasses on they get headaches, but if they take them off they can see them just fine. I'd recommend going test one out in a store, and if you have problems try adjusting the 3D settings.

This post made me smile. I own an EVO 3D, and I agree that Sprint & HTC are taking the right steps with this device.
For the Thunderbolt users, ask both Verizon & HTC where GB is. Mainly Big Red, I read about the last update, and It sucks that the TB still has yet to be upgraded to Gingerbread.

This post made me smile. I own an EVO 3D, and I agree that Sprint & HTC are taking the right steps with this device.
For the Thunderbolt users, ask both Verizon & HTC where GB is. Mainly Big Red, I read about the last update, and It sucks that the TB still has yet to be upgraded to Gingerbread.

I've only owned HTC phones, and I have no reason to own anything other, but HTC phones. if they continue with great products and great support, they'll continue to get my $. Nice article by the way.

I said it before and I'll say it again, HTC is the number one Android OEM in my book. I had the Original Droid from Motorola. After That my Android phones have been strictly HTC. From the Gl, Next the Incredible, Then The Nexus One, After That The EVO 4G & Now the EVO 3D. HTC, in my humble opinion has the best combination of software & hardware of Any Android OEM. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II to come out on Sprint, But Samsung's totally lack of respect for their customers was the biggest deal breaker for me. HTC for LIFE BABY!!

Hope LG is taking note of this....close to three months and still waiting....just want the bugs ironed out on my device, not a money spitting machine. Guess the the joke was on me huh. Might have to give HTC some real consideration on my next purchase.

I do agree HTC really seems to take update at least somewhat seriously and they seem to get out update in a fairly quick fashion.

However, I have to admit that I did purchase the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 and it is a really great piece of hardware.

I would prefer SENSE to TouchWiz but cest la vie.


Great article! Thank you. For monthes I have been limping along with my POS BB Curve waiting for the new generation of Sprint phones. I almost jumped on the EVO 3D (still might), but IMO HTC rushes product to market (except Thunderbolt)and lets the consumer do the QC-not cool. Plus the Evo 3D reviews while good weren't spectacular.(chill fanboys) Then we start seeing more and more reviews about the GS2. Every review is better than the last and I'm in pure lust! For me this is the perfect choice and I WAS willing to wait for it til my wheels fell off. Until we get ANOTHER reminder of how Samsung conducts (aka messes up)it's business-what a shame. All I can say is "Earth to Samsung! Earth to Samsung! Do you read me/us?"

I'm curious why you used the Thunderbolt as an example of HTC NOT rushing a product to market. Part of that phones criticism was that it had only a single core and was "behind the times."

Can you be specific? I hate how people think someone who really likes a company that does things right is automatically a fanboy. All I know is that this article just shows how a company releases upgrades and updates in a timely manner unlike other companies. Don't be mad that the phone you bought last year has never gotten an update.

If you mean me, you're way off the mark. I have refused to buy an HTC phone since the mess they called the G2. So much wasted potential.

But I know a bit about software patches and bug-fixing, and HTC is doing it the right way. The rest needs to take a page from their book. Needed software patch breaks the lockscreen, issue fixed and rolled out to users with a weeks turn-around time? That's how it needs to be done.

No clouded judgment, just facts. Samsung doesn't upgrade phones in a timely manor. That's a fact. Hell, they won't even bring the sg2 to the states! Lol! But if u like them or anyone else that's fine and is your choice. I for one don't believe in manufacture loyalty and will go with whatever phone intrests me. I do however love having things that are future proof and do different things and not just the same things as others. That's why I have the EVO 3d, HTC not only updates their phones but they always put some feature that separates their phones from others! Yes I bought it because of 3d. Yes, it has all the specs that your sg2 or your photon extra. Have and an extra feature to enjoy and show off! I love it and so far , I love HTC!

Great article, Jerry. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Also, not only does HTC work well with Sprint, but GOOGLE, they too havea great existing relationship with the Big Yellow.

I'm happy to be with the carrier that really stands for it's users and builds a very strong support base. Hell, even the Sprint facebook page will tell you that.

Sprint is the only carrier that responds to I'd say 90% of their user feedback on the wall (regardless of how insignificant some of you may feel Facebook is)

I'm happy :)

This article is on the mark. Another example on how htc stays on top of updates, they just announced that in august they will start sending updates to the sensation international,sensation tmobile and evo3d that will unlock their bootloaders. HTC is just getting better and better. They may not have amoled but the qhd is just as good to me. Plus these updates and htc sense keep me coming back to htc. Overall htc is a great company. Its not just one thing that brings me to them.

Maybe the reason my EVO 4G suddenly "Decided" to disable Launcher Pro and re-enable Sense as default UI is because HTC sent out a "secret update"? I guess that's possible. I still don't like sense, but since my phone apparently will no longer allow me to use Launcher Pro, I'll just deal with it for now.

Never really liked HTC phones, but I always thought they did updates well. And Jerry, I'm a bit scared of what you said about Samsung... my only Samsung device has been the Nexus S, so I have no experience with KIES/ODIN, but my Tab is getting here soon. It never occurred to me that it wouldn't work in Linux. At all. Luckily I still keep a 5GB Win7 partition around for things like this, but it's still a big annoyance.

I've never owned an HTC phone and Sprint service is crap where I live and work. From everything I've read about HTC, I agree they do updates well on Sprint, but they don't always hit the mark on hardware - batteries and cameras come to mind.

I wish the Android universe had some solid examples of phone manufacturers and networks that provided solid hardware, good software and support, and good network coverage/customer service. Seems like no matter what phone and network you choose, best you can do is 2 out of 3.

I'm on Sprint and have been debating what to get next: Evo 3D, Photon, Galaxy S 2 (if it ever happens), etc ... this like this keep pushing me toward the Evo

My first post here.

One very important question (for me) - is this an Android-related website? or is it an Exclusive-American-Android-related website?

Don't hate americans, but no point reading a website which is exclusive to americans? We here don't care about phones like TB/Epic etc., Nobody here bothers to discuss about these. And nobody here care about carriers either, all phones are unlocked. We can use ANY phone on ANY network and always purchase our phones without a contract. Carriers don't fill the phones with crapware and places where galaxy S updates are as fast as a Ferrari.

EDIT: Still wondering why americans choose to tie themselves to carriers. No wonder they don't have the GS2 (doubt it will ever reach their shores). You guys are so rich, can't you just spend 700/800 bucks for a phone? Just to save 500-600, don't think it's a good idea to go on a contract.