Galaxy S5 earbuds

You might be pleasantly surprised by what comes in the box with your new Galaxy S5

Something that we don't usually pay much attention to when reviewing new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the stuff that's actually in the box with the phone. Like the earbuds. Sometimes that's with good reason, but in the case of Samsung's latest we maybe shouldn't be so hasty.

Ok, so if you're using a high-end pair of cans right now with your phone, you're not likely to replace them with the free pair that comes with the Galaxy S5. But if all you need a is pair of half decent headphones, they're definitely worth a listen.

They're nothing special to look at, just pretty regular looking earbuds with rubber tips. You only get the one set of tips which may hinder your own comfort a little, but they fit my ears just fine. You also get the handy volume and call buttons on an inline remote. Personally speaking any buds with inline volume controls get a thumbs up, definitely beats taking your phone out of your pocket constantly to adjust.

The most impressive thing is the sound quality. It's nothing super special, but you do get a generally good all round sound. Not too heavy on the bass but plenty enough so you know it's there, clear and crisp everywhere else. Everyone has their own tastes, but I think the Galaxy S5 earbuds outperform Apple's EarPods for sure. And they're much more comfortable to wear.

I swapped out my regular earbuds for these guys for a few days and I didn't find myself really aching to go back. They were good enough that I could get by listening to music and not be too disappointed. They're not as strong as the ones I use regularly and won't replace them, but they're staying in my desk drawer as a backup pair.

So if you've been looking for a solid pair of earbuds without having to fork out, take a look inside your Galaxy S5 box. You might be surprised.

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SpookDroid says:

I've been using the earbuds that come with my phone even on my iPod since the Note 2 :P they're actually quite nice, and they don't hurt your ear so much when lying down. For some reason the ones that came with the Note 3 won't work properly with an iPod/iPhone, so I'm sticking to the ones I got from the Galaxy S4.

worldwide says:

I still have my buds from the Epic 4G and GS3. Excellent quality.

markdowd84 says:

Ugh I'm going to go ahead and disagree with your statement about the gs3's headphones. The base is distorted and sounds tinny. Try buying a pair of earbuds in the $40 range and you'll notice a substantial improvement in quality.

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cjbrigol says:

Jeeze man this article is all over the place. These buds are awesome! They're not that great. The levels are very nice and balanced! The sound you're getting isn't great, but not disappointing.

Yeah, pretty sure none of those lines feature. The point is that they're good, not disappointing to use but they won't beat off a high end pair of earphones? Which is what's written.

I use the ones that came with my xperia s. They are pretty decent as well.

The headphones that came with the HTC one are rally good too.

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dom818 says:

Thanks. I will be finding this out on Thursday when I pick up my M8.

Yeah I was actually about to say the same. I actually put my 80$ kliptch earpieces on holiday after trying the ones which came with the m8. Sound quality is maybe just a tad little bit weaker on these ones but they are so much more comfortable

kjrod98 says:

I would have loved the ones that came with my One if they aren't those in-ear crap. Why can't companies offer normal on-ear headphones with the Mic and volume/call buttons?

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Argh says:

Because 1984 was 30 years ago ( ).

On-ear headphones are likely more expensive to manufacture, larger to fit in the box and harder to carry when not in use. Most people prefer in-ear when outside because of this. I seem to recall that you can get inline control adapters to plug in to your own headphones, but most seem iPhone related, which are different from Android inline controls. I suspect that 3-button controls between different Android manufacturers are probably slightly different as well.

Yeah the m7 and m8 headphones are really good. I think they're pretty Mich the same, however. But still very good.

Steve Hall says:

Not only are they pretty comfortable, and provide good sound, but if you're outside, they do a better than passable job of eliminating wind noise if you're walking (which is when I normally wear earbuds). I was very pleasantly surprised by the HTC One M8 earbuds, and have shelved both my Razer and Sennheiser earbuds in their favor.

carraser891 says:

aren't they the same ones that came with the S4?

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Good question. I've never unpacked the earbuds for mine. Mostly out of pure habit as they always sucked with phones I bought before, especially older Samsung phones.

chonghak says:

They look every bit the same as the ones with S4; at least just by looking. Personally, I hate the in-ear stuff. When you shove a speaker down your ear canal, any crappy speaker is going to sound half decent.

SGSII says:

i was thinking the same.. can someone confirm?

How are they vs HTC m7 buds? being this is android central and not ios central, I have never listened to Apple buds. Thanks

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I use the M7 ones with my M8...

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The new ones are now called earpods. And they sound nice

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

The earbuds that came with the Galaxy S3 were pretty good and the volume control was AOSP compliant. I could use the inline volume on my Nexus 5 which is very handy on the NYC subway. I found the S4 headphones didn't sound as good and the volume controls didn't work on my Nexus. Fortunately, the S3's also came with different size ear cushions because the standard size don't work for me. I'll have to see if they have these on Amazon like the older ones. Thanks for the heads up!

Shawn Magm says:

I like my S3 earbuds. The inline remote works with my Nexus 5 and Nokia Lumia 820. Generally, though, I prefer over the ear headphones.

wxrusss8 says:

What music app is that in the screenshot? And \m/ for Tool ☺

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The stock GS5 music app. It's really nice.

Gekko says:

i use the Apple EarPods. $29.

Hammad Sami1 says:

+1 every in ear headset I've ever tried makes so much noise when it rubs against clothing. I don't know how people use those

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DaydreamHero says:

I upgraded from the S3 to the S5, and I gotta say, these are noticeably better.

j_grouchy says:

I'll never understand how people can stand shoving those earbuds into their ear canals. I've never found any that A) were comfortable, and B) stayed in my ear.

Gekko says:

agreed. torture device.

Argh says:

I suppose it must vary between people. The GS3 buds were okay for me (the fit -- the sound quality wasn't good). I have a Skullcandy pair that won't stay in easily. My Sennheiser pair fit well and sound good.

My Jaybird Bluebuds X fit _really_ deeply in the ear canal and hurt a lot if you touch them after they've been in for a while. Unfortunately, I use them when exercising and they're the most sweat-proof pair I have, and I can take a lot of knocks without them falling out. I've heard that Comply foam tips help ease the pain and keep the fit tight, but they cost a lot to get in the UK and I've also heard that they wear out quite quickly (go soft, perhaps?) and need replacing quite often. I'd appreciate any feedback from people who have experience with making Bluebuds X less painful :)

Sidney Humes says:

try some in ear monitors and you will change your mind

twatts723 says: were the ones that came with the galaxy s4. About the equivalent of $29.99 skull candy. Maybe a little less bass, but same clarity and loudness.

dhruvil007 says:

Nice choice of music!!!!

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sublimaze says:

+1 for Schism/Tool
Maynard James Keenan is incredible

Tool! Awe yeah!

hmmm says:

I hate those in-canal earphones. I would much rather have the bud style that just sit in your ear. They are much safer for commuting because you can actually hear your surroundings and more comfortable. I use Yuin PK3 earphones and they are great.

Mergeman#AC says:

I'm using the ones that came with my S4, I think they sound pretty good. Samsung has made improvements to their sound on the S5. I will have to try out the new ear buds. But I will slip them back into my desk and use then as backup

Omar Diaz says:

yeah.. I have to admit..there are pretty decent. .and I could use the volume controls since for some reason the DR.DRE ones you cant control the volume just skip songs..
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Sidney Humes says:

dr dre are crappy and overpriced. try some yamaha, shure or westone

Scott500 says:

Zzzzzzz.... Huh, what... Earbuds? Must be a slow news day.

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gmurphy0487 says:

My AT&T S5 came with 3 different size tips...

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tthaz777 says:

You guys should try Sony MDR-EX100AP/L In-Ear Headset with microphone built-in and microphone for Android smartphone.

NoNexus says:

My beats ear buds that I got free with my rezound just died so I am using the ones from my Note 3.

There is obviously a difference between the two but as the article is written, it is not that huge a drop

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bakakun028 says:

I have never ever used the stock earphones

droidxixis says:

Story says you only get one size tips, but my Verizon S5 (got it less than a week ago) came with different sizes of tips.
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sebuas says:

Maybe becouse i am aspie the earbuds are not good in ear, either feels bad or it will drop. Sound quality propably all major smartphone manuafacters have good but i would personally buy phone with 5 euros drop i price without headphones. European union is not even got phones to sell without chargers, which would be good that people just buy chargers and headphones which they like and there would be less junk. Of course most people use chargers which coe from the box but headphones i can say many of people who i know are not using them.

I think they are awful. I went ahead and bought a pair of Beats earbuds. The difference is stunning.

Of course the difference is worse

FiretrUCK2k says:

They look like the same earbuds that came with the Note 3... I like those. I even use them (plugged into my laptop) to listen to audiobooks and such while online.

Samsung fanboys might go crazy on this, and call me a Sony fanboy. But reality's reality. Since the Z2 comes with a 12mm driver, digital noise cancelling, incredibly well balanced headset, I see no point in this article. How can someone call the Galaxy S5 headsets good, great or horrible without referring to the competition?
I mean, it's not a shocker, they're not HORRIBLY shitty OR the equivalent of pro-grade DENON or Klipsch, I'm sure of it, and those would be good reasons to write about it.
They're PROBABLY (???) slightly better HTC One. That's it.
What I'd like to see is an article/review of the Z2 Headset. Not because I'm a fanboy, but because the Z2 is the only phone on the market that actually comes with high-grade earphones, and moreover, digital noise cancelling ones. That's a first in the mobile business, that's a feature worth a review, just so we know if they really work.

This just looks like someone who was definitely going to buy the S5 over the Sony or HTC anyway, and decided to brag about some headsets which are more or less equal to what the HTC, iPhone and Sony Z1 have to offer.


Sidney Humes says:

all of those are shitty, same as the music players on most phones. if you like earbuds you need to switch to in ear monitors and get a third party music player.

But there are versions that doesn't come with noise cancelling ear buds. But I really agree with you. I was a fan of sony

BennettBS says:

Schism by Tool :)

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David Horgan says:

Those look the same as the S4's earbuds. Those things fall right out of your ear the second their tugged on with any force. Sad to say this, but Apple makes the best ear buds in my opinion. Apple's are "hooked" to go under what they call the Tragus part of the ear.

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rmcohio87 says:

Best pic ever on all of mobile nations!

tedesco says:

I actually got the two extra (different sized) sets of rubber tips with my phone... Maybe it's a carrier thing

redragn5 says:

I've actually found that Samsung puts some half decent ear buds with their phones - I used the ones that can with my GNex almost daily for about a year and a half until they broke and then I used my SGS3 ones until I accidentally sent them through a full washer/dryer cycle (and they actually still worked for about a month after that). My friend even says the ones that came with her Samsung phones are the only buds she's ever used that didn't hurt her ears.
Granted every set of headphones I've ever actually paid for beat them but as far as freebies go they are noticeably better than I would have expected and make me wish more manufacturers would do the same.
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wsp2009 says:

Nice music choice Richard!

natefish says:

I've been very impressed with the quality. My GS5 isn't playing well with my Plantronics BT headset right now, so I've been using them a lot and haven't been disappointed.

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kilo720 says:

Anybody knows any site or place to buy the m8 HTC one headphone

sequoia462 says:

Yeah Tool!! Richard is very cool now. Favourite band!

prediscover says:

I actually got 3 replacement tips that came in the box with the AT&T model!

daeca says:

They look the same wich comes with galaxy s4 wich are very well in mids and highs but it lacks of bass.

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davew41 says:

Don't forget you can take a picture with the volume buttons on the s5 headphones also..

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Nick Saites says:

My phone came with additional 2 sets of buds, different sizes. They sound pretty good to me!

Like most earbud reviews, this one doesn't mention the quality of the microphone. I generally use these for phone calls, and I don't care as much about how good they are for music. It's hard to tell what the party on the other end of the line is hearing when you speak. Some earbuds seem to work just fine until the people you talk to tell you they can't understand you. A review of this feature and a comparison with other buds would be a useful service that reviewers could easily provide. So far none of my correspondents has complained about this sound from these buds, but does a lack of complaint mean the sound is good? Don't know, and this review didn't help.

I totally agree!! I am very picky with headphones and sound but this earbuds are great. I listen to lots of electronic music and hip hop and I have to say that the sound is very good. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend giving this earbuds a try. Won't disappoint!!

Mine came with 2 replacement sets of rubber buds for the head phones, two different sizes, even.

I just got my S5 today and tried on the Samsung headphones that come with it. I am not kidding I was totally blown away. So much that I don't need my new (slightly over rated) Sound Magic E10 in ear headphones.

Closingracer says:

I have the V-moda XS and M-100 but these are pretty good considering they are free ... Much better sounding then Stuff like Apple Earbuds ( I have yet to try the new Earpods)

The new ones are great and they are designed to hit directly in your ear drums

johnrexb says:

Agree, love the headphones that came with my Galaxy S5... where do I get another set for work?

Can anyone tell me whether the Galaxy S5 Earphones are waterproof ?

For me these ear buds are pretty good but not that great, because of the lack of equalness compared to my new Apple earpods. The only thing that lacks to these ear buds is when I listen to songs I can't really hear the lyrics clearly (btw if you're going to say that why don't you increase the volume? That's because I hear high pitch noise when it's silent, then I went to the hospital have it checked up and the doctor said use earbuds for a week and they should be gone.) The bass is pretty good I can feel a little rumble and I can clearly hear the beats. By the way I don't own an s5 but I own a note 10.1 2014 edition. The noise isolation is great compared to the earpods, they cover my ears I can't almost hear the outside world. Overall I really want these earbuds, but It really lacks a bit of clarity to me. My cousin has an s5, then I asked him what earbuds should I buy, then he let me test the earbuds. So yeah. That's my opinion to these earbuds