Officially coming out tomorrow, the Droid XYBOARD 10.1 and Droid XYBOARD 8.9 are already for sale in at least one Verizon store.  Packing a dual-core OMAP processor at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, LTE connectivity, and Honeycomb, these look like another great, albeit pricey (starting at $529 for the 10.1-inch 16GB model, and $429 for the 8.2-inch 16GB model), choice for Verizon customers who want a high-performance Android tablet. 

If you're out and about today, drop in your local Verizon store and see if they happen to be on the shelves, and hit the break for a few more pictures and a short video of the 8.2 up and running.

Thanks, Luc!

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Droid XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 on sale a day early at some Verizon stores


my local verizon store had them on friday. the 8.2 is a very nice size. sad that it's over priced. A wifi version would be awesome :D

yeah same here in Peabody,MA....had my hands on it friday. Its nice and thin, but i agree on the price. Little too much for me

I bought mine in N Reading MA 9 AM Friday morning. 8.2/16 GB. Ya, a little expensive but truly awesome. Not a gamer, 4G and dual core does everything I need. This is a really nice Tablet. I would say $300 with the contract would make these sell really well. A HUGE upgrade from my original Galaxy Tab and what the heck, early Christmas gift for myself. Sold the Tab on Craiglist for $175- so I think I made out well.

Imo they are well built and I understand it not having ics that is fair. What i do question is why did they not go for a pentacore this was a bad move. for less dough I can get a asus for 500 and a hotspot card.

pentacore, as in 5 cores, isn't even available yet. so there's no way they could've included one. maybe you meant quadcore?

Correct. The Tegra 3 is a quadcore with a companion core. It is not a pentacore as all 5 cores are never in use at the same time. Calling it a pentacore is misinformation.

Exactly. It is like a 4.1 core (like Dolby 5.1). And for years, having more than two cores will likely make little to no difference in the typical user's experience.

It might help in gaming, but yeah, more than two is pretty much a waste on a phone or tablet given the state of the threading capabilities of Android today.

The simple fact is that you are never really doing that much at the same time. (Even if background tasks are running, who cares if email gets checked this half second or next half second).

That said, gaming on this size tablet will become huge and that's where the cores come in.

"And for years..."

I wouldn't say that, especially when factoring in the speed of this technology and development.

Sure, right now the technology is outpacing developers but it's not like the developer market is fully saturated.

Also, I see big companies (gaming specifically) who will try to take advantage of these cores.

Well,I for one will be waiting for a better priced tablet. How does $99 sound. Bammm.....bring on the Novo 7 Advanced with ICS. This thing reviews extremely well and for the money....ridiculous...get 2.

Got to play around with them on Friday, fairly impressed. Awesome build, tiny with little weight and the screen looked good. I was really disappointed with price though with the Asus Prime coming soon with the Tegra 3.

moto...first the Xoom and then the Bionic. NEVER AGAIN!
Both are POS's. I still regret never returning the Xoom when I had the chance, like I did with the Bionic. Hardware = good. Software = HORRID.

Have no idea what you are talking about. The hardware and software on the Xoom are just fine. I have had zero problem with mine, and I was one of the first to get a Xoom WiFi.

they went on sale when stores opened on friday we pushed the date up to fill the gap from the delayed launch of the nexus.

I was going to say that the store here was selling them Friday. The Sales Rep I talked to on Friday, while another was "fixing" my Fiance's Droid Razr, spent several minutes trying to sell me one. I basically told her it looked like Moto had it's Fingerprints (UI) all over it and I wasn't interested in that. I also told her that the Prime seemed like a better investment to me with the Tegra 3.