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Here it is, folks. The Motorola Droid X2 on Verizon. Fresh out of the box. So there's nothing spectacular in that respect -- it's your typical Verizon/Motorola retail deal, with the microUSB cable and charger, and that's it.

As for the phone, as we've said before, and we'll say again once or twice before all is said and done, this isn't a big departure from the original Droid X. It's a step up, and some good steps at that. But if you're looking for some gigantic leap into the future, you might be left wanting.

Check out the video above, where we take our first look at the Droid X2 and put it up side by side with the original Droid X, and we'll be back with more soonest.

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Realist says:

i'll be interested when this is compared against the bionic

BL00DYP1R4T3 says:

I'll be interested when they release the Bionic!

Baudelier says:

The X2 basically is the Bionc, sans 4G and front camera.

They both have Nvidia's Tegra 2, dual core processor at 1GHz.
They both have 512Meg Ram, 540x960 QHd displays, 8MP cameras
with 720p recording and, both have HDMI out.

I'm not a fan of video chat, so the lack of a front camera does
not bother me. And as for the lack of 4G, my city will be lucky
if we see it before christmas 2012 and even that is not a sure

Then there is the price. 4G phones are expensive even with
2 year contracts. The HTC Thunderbolt is $249 the Samsung
charge is a whopping $299. Whereas with the X2 you can easily
get it for $149.

gama2 says:

Actually, they found a benchmark listing in which the Droid Bionic was running an Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX 540 GPU instead of the Nvidia Tegra 2. And the Bionic will most likely have some form of AMOLED or TFT instead of PenTile like the Droid X2.

youareme7 says:

Moto makes some decent hardware but they've lost me as a customer until the quit forcing me to use they're shitty software, unlock the bootloaders Moto!!

So Phil, how does one use the camera without the camera button? Is it a touchscreen touch function now? Thanks.

Motosurf says:


S.Meezy says:

Does the Home button still wake it from sleep?

S.Meezy says:

Does the Home button still wake it from sleep?

dverplank says:


dverplank says:


Flip says:

That phone didn't sell me at all, I will continue to wait 4 evo3d

correct me if im wrong, but when you hit keyboard there was swype, multitouch, and DEVICE KEYBOARD...i believe my D1 also says device keyboard and it is refering to the actual HARDWARE. my DX infront of me right now does not say device keyboard and only says swype and multitouch... am i missing something here?

what are the options when device keyboard is selected?

alcor34 says:

wow, not cool, I'm a fan of androidcentral but that review kinda downplayed the phone. Just because the body is the same? The new improvements throughout the phone from camera to keyboard are excellent.

I too am waiting for the bionic so I got best buy buy back for that. But coming from the DX1 to DX^2 there are many improvements in my opinion.

Gingerbread? I was under the impression it was shipping with Froyo and getting updated soon to Gingerbread.

Edit: Nevermind, just looks a whole lot like the gingerbread leak I have on my DX.

He said 2.2! Froyo

Mudvayne622 says:

It is Froyo Just with the updated version of Blur we are seeing on The Gingerbread Leaks. Which I think from the video was .588 which was 2 Leaks ago.

Mudvayne622 says:

Atleast its the GB Blur and not the crappy one from Eclair and Froyo. I can atleast tolerate the GB Blur

oldpueblo says:

Boy I sure am glad Verizon took the time to produce another device just like all the other ones they already had! I really want to keep liking Verizon but Sprint just has better device variety. HTC devices with/without keyboards, Samsung devices with/without keyboards, LG with/without, that Kyocera "thing", best WP7 phone (in my book), etc. Why keep offering the same devices over and over?

@alcor34 this is initial hands on. Not the full review.

ottscay says:

I really want to see how battery life is now.

Timelessblur says:

I want that blur to get ported over to the atrix. Much better than the one that comes with it.

trevx says:

Same? sure.. but how hard was it to compare the resolutions of both-- i mean that and dual core are the spec bumps that should be of been adressed. not going on and on about bloatware and storage.

Dave4321 says:

Can you tell if the screen has a pentile matrix??

kd78 says:

Isn't the screen supposed to be upgraded to qhd? How about showing the comparison of the two screens if so???

dan4patriots says:

bashing the phone because it is the same is unfair, where is the scolding for htc

myriad46 says:

Seriously! All of the HTC phones are the same.

oldpueblo says:

My scolding isn't so much for Motorola as it is for carriers. Stop picking up minor variations of the same devices and excluding REAL variance, spread it around manufacturers. This whole "I want a device that fits XYZ so I guess my only choice is to switch carriers" shit is ridiculous. I don't mind progression, I mind it when it's all on one carrier. Another carrier should be picking up the Droid Incredible 2 or the Motorola X2. And Verizon is a total butt for not picking up more sliders (merge).

fryhole says:

Please stop with the cheesy porn music. Please.

mavricxx says:

Too bad no front facing cam and no dedicated camera button.

ObsidianGT says:

Sounds good to me. I get to continue using my existing (expensive!) DX accessories.