Droid Froyo updates

So the Droid X isn't launching with Android 2.2. That's a bummer. And and it's not going to be available until "late summer." That's what we were told at Verizon's Droid X event, and it's what Verizon's saying in the internal document you see above. But the doc also says that the original Droid will get Android 2.2 (and Flash 10.1) sometime in July, which kind of goes against what we (are pretty sure we) heard today -- that the Droid and Droid X would get their updates together. But let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, m'kay? We'll take some Froyo for the Droid just as soon as we can get it. Big props to you know who.


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Droid set for Android 2.2 in July, and Droid X to follow?


No. It's a great phone. Besides, your 2 year contract will run out before 2.2 comes out anyway. Look at the garbage Google is pulling with the N1 users.

Oh, I always buy the unsubsidized phone. That way, you can bail on any carrier at any time and sell your old phone.

Yeah, they had to wait until today for official OTA 2.2, a mind-numbing excruciating four hours after they released the final source code to the rest of the world.

Four hours. The horror.

people with Incredibles and Evos, you all knew that with Sense you werent gonna get updates for months! the Droid is stock, so its easier!

You should change that to people with "stock" evo's and incredibles. Because us rooted Evo users have been running Froyo for a little bit now. Well not sure what to say about the incredible, i can only imagine they will get it at some point.

A bit worried about the 2.2 rollout for the Milestone. Not that Motorola won't have an internal build for it at the same time as the Droid, but that with all the carriers involved with the Milestone it will slow things down something awful.

That, and 2.2 may well break the current Milestone rooting method.

Personally, once I heard "late summer", my mind immediately said September. Remember... summer months are usually July, August, September. It's gonna be a while...

I don't care how long it takes, so long as it supports HTTP proxies when it comes out. I can't browse on my corporate WiFi, and am miserable.

it probably wont be a TRUE 2.2 update. When droid got 2.1 update, it was some cheap-ass version of it. not really looking forward to it, if it happens , it happens. And what does that mean for droid 2 coming out? That is gonna be shipped with 2.1, so the frist droid will have a cheap ass 2.2 upgrade and the droid 2 2.1? sounds backwards to me

Moto Droid user
Sweet Froyo cant wait
Question tho when it's time for the update will i have to redownload my apps?

I know it's still Jul, but getting a little impatient for my Droid Froyo update. Also ticked that Seidio came out with a 1750mAh same size battery for the Droid Eris & Droid Incredible & still not one for my Droid.....whine off.