Droid Pro updateDroid Pro update

A update for the Motorola Droid Pro is now available for all users, but does not seem to be pushing quite yet. Good news is you can install it yourself. The changelog for version 2.26.60 is as follows:

  • Improved audio on voice calls.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • User interface display now refreshes when user switches from GSM/UMTS communication to Global Mode.
  • Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send SMS messages.
  • Global Mode no longer resets when connecting to a USB charger.
  • Visual Voice Mail now detects airplane mode while Wi-Fi is active.
  • Prompt return to full screen brightness after wake-up.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth firmware.
  • Improved interoperability with Microsoft Internet Application Gateway (IAG) configurations.
  • Device string format for Exchange changed to include device name and version number.
  • Upgrade to Google applications Release 7
  • Improved audio during voice calls.
  • Reduced user interface lock-ups.

Run, do not walk, into Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates to download the update manually. Rooted users are reporting that the update removes root, but that z4root works just fine afterward. Get the full rundown at the source link. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, Ron!


Reader comments

Droid Pro update now available, brings slew of bugfixes and improvements


I have had my Droid Pro since shortly after it came out with no issues with the old OS version 2.2, and updated to the new OS version 2.2.1 yesterday afternoon, and everything that I use still works perfectly and have not seen any issues after the upgrade. I am surprised by the length of things it fixed, but never saw any issues prior to the upgrade.

I like the physical keyboard over virtual, as I tried the virtual and was constantly making typos on it compared to the actual physical keyboard. I had thought about the Droid 2 as well as the Global since it had the slider option, but I use the keyboard too often and didn't see the point of always needing to slide it out when I could get the Droid Pro. I haven't had a single issue so far device has been quite responsive and has been a good phone overall. Hope they continue to build on it and make an LTE version of this in the future.

Not a red flag but maybe a yellow one

I have been successfully using my corporate email account under the personal pricing (I have often voiced that there did not seem to be any difference except the price)

After the update my corporate email stopped...I removed and added the account...nothing...

I went online changed my plan to the corporate version, *228'ed my phone and email resumed...

I'll wait a few hours and then change back to personal and report back...

But I wanted to raise the flag in case anyone else experiences the same thing...