Motorola Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic has made an appearance on Motorola's store page, which would be far more exciting if it had a "Buy now!" button or something. But, alas, it doesn't, and so what we have is yet another tease for the phone that was announced in January (see our initial hands-on) before being sent back to the drawing board for release sometime in September.

A bright side here is that you can get a clean look at the official renders. (Ed. note: We blew them up a tad here if you click for the full resolution.) And it's with little surprise that we once again see that it's thicker than a Droid X, with a noticeable hump for the camera. LTE's like that (for now), folks.

Motorola Droid Bionic

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Droid Bionic shows up on Motorola's store page


i had droid x and droidx2 and this phone looks like droidx just because they both have 4.3 but droidx is square. This phone has the candybar looks, if this phone looks similar to any moto device it is droid 3 or droid 1

Why am I so torn between this phone and the iPhone5? It should be a no brainer, but I'm just not sold on this thing.

Are you kidding??? Ever since I switch to android, I can't do certain things like I could on my iPhone. Like make a PDF from an XLS file. I mean come on, I thought that android was better and could do it all!

Since I would never, and no one I know would ever have a need to save an xls as a pdf you're argument is pointless. If you need to do that, and the iPhone is the only phone that will do it, then buy an iPhone and stay off of android websites. pretty simple really.

I've been waiting for it but now that I see the stats on the Vigor, I may wait. I like HTC stuff better anyway.

i couldnt agree more. i love HTC phones and thats all ive owned since my G1. it really does look like a DX. not hating at all, just saying. dont get me wrong, still a good looking phone i just dont believe in all the hype. haha.

HTC is awesome, they have a very well thought out ui(except their shitty bluetooth alterations) I have a droid x with crappy gingerbread but my last phone was a crappy htc droid eris but aside from the phones hardware I loved the system on it soo much, all gingerbread did was fuck up my senior grad night(thanks moto ota updates!) My favorite little detail on the eris was being able to hold on a picture and choose send! Thats it!, no saving then hunting the photo down then sending....i miss that feature so much....

This phone would be amazing had the Droid X2 not been released. A jump from the X to this would be another big advancement for Motorola hardware-wise. I just feel like the X2 was a very puzzling release for Moto

if anything, the droidx2 should not come out. This phones it is way better than droidx2 more ram, zumo cast omap dual core 1 g of ram ddr2 and the best moto ui :)

Agreed this should have been the DROID x2. Moto would've been kicking some serious ass but o well. Still will be a good device its just how will it compare and hold up to the new devices coming right behind it.

for certain this is the phone i saw the lady playing with on the subway. And in person it was hott hott and fast.

HTC harware is horrible. The recption on three different htc top tier devices has always been half as much compared to my three different motorla devices in the same place with the same carrier. Not to metion the cheap plastic feel of their phones. Although i do like htc sense ui and unlocked bootloaders.

Like i have been saying nobody can compete with moto when it comes to build quality and sound quality and reception :)

So now that I've seen the official pictures of the phone from different angles, the first thing that comes to mind is - this thing is hideous!!!!!

Okay. First things first. Buying an LTE device without being on a grandfathered unlimited plan is going to raise your bill at least $50 dollars a month. And if you use tethering tack on another $30.

My full coverage car insurance was cheaper than my Verizon phone bill.

Lesson to be learned : Faster is not always better

Just doing some pixel measuring (based on a low-ish res picture), here's the dimensions I've extrapolated (from knowing that we have a 16:9 4.3" screen).

Height: 4.98 inches (we'll just say 5)
Body Thickness: .47"
Hump Thickness: .53"

So... not so thin. Obviously, with a low res pic like that there is a margin of error. Take it with a grain of salt.