Motorola Droid Bionic

Turns out that Motorola support page may have been right after all

After a puzzling update to Motorola's support documentation for the Droid Bionic that indicated it would receive Jelly Bean in Q2 2013, soak test registration emails are being sent out to some users for the update. Soak tests, if you're not familiar, are a last level of testing with a small portion of users willing to give new firmware a try before it moves out to everyone. Like previous soak tests, this is a good indication that we're headed towards an official release of the update to the general public soon. 

Remember though, Q2 just started a couple of days ago, so if previous updates are any indication we may be waiting a little while to see it all out there officially. The soak test registrations go out to a small number of people and won't be available for long, so keep an eye on your inbox if you're expecting to see one.

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Droid Bionic Jelly Bean soak test invites rolling out now


Might help with a few of the CM "bugs". Likely to uninstall safestrap, take the ota update, then wait for a new version of safestrap and CM 10.1. But...when the OTA updates I may reject it for a few days to see if it can be rooted or not.

Looks like Moto has changed it's behavior in response
To the people. Maybe able to redeem it's standing with the loyal consumers.

I have the HTC Rezound from Verizon that I stopped using because I am so sick of waiting for the Jelly Bean update. Another reason I am not a big HTC fan. Talk about dicking you around, I bought that phone outright when it came out, $700, Disgusted about it. Usually root and flash a custom rom with my phones, that phone I have left completely stock waiting for the updates. Waste of money.

I have been using Motorola Products for around 40yrs, New Car Radio many moons ago,
It was Brilliant, Until Some Swine Stole it from me, & That was a lot of money back then,
They must of had Good Taste in Music Audio Sounds ,
In all that Time, I Can't fault there Products.
Being disabled I got my It man to get me a Tablet,, Thank God he came back with a Zoom
Oh Boy & do I love it.
Motorola Carry on the Great work Please, oh & Thanks for great Products