Droid Bionic

The information for the Motorola Droid Bionic is flowing more heavily as well we move closer and and closer to seeing it finally arrive. The folks over at TechnoBuffalo appear to of have gotten their hands on all the spec information and as such have posted it up for all to see:

  • 4.3-inch qHD display
  • Webtop Apps/Wireless Printing - Just like the Motorola Photon and the Droid 3 MotoPrint is on board. As well, Bedside mode, HDMI-out with mirroring and availability of a laptop dock just like the Motorola Atrix has
  • Zumocast - Is pre-loaded for streaming of content from the Droid Bionic
  • Camera - 8MP with LED flash, Front facing cam for video chat
  • Three Microphones - For enhanced call quality and noise control
  • Mobile Hotspot - Allowing up to 8 devices to be connected simultaneously

The info, looks as though it came from a user-guide or marketing material since it outlines each and every spec while telling you how exactly to work such things. You can find some more pics past the break.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Droid Bionic Droid Bionic Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic Droid Bionic Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic Droid Bionic Droid Bionic

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IceDree says:

I was about to send you this in guys , but my browser crashed

You forgot to mension that DROID BIONIC will come with a 16GB SD card in addition to the internal 16GB storage

One More thing , ... First

Hand_O_Death says:

You had me until that last stupid word.

ricbon says:

C'mon its always fun to be first......if you aint first your last!!

corymcnutt says:

This very exciting...must mean the actual release is coming VERY soon. I wish some videos would get posted!

IceDree says:


IceDree says:

I hope they make a GSM variant of the DROID BIONIC

moonzilla says:

i used to use Zumocast back in my iPhone days. When they were bought out by Motorola though, it was removed from the App Store. Hopefully, Moto puts this on the Android Market so non-Moto android users can take advantage.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zumocast, it's basically an Air Video alternative, but also lets you stream your videos through their website (in a flash container).

Hand_O_Death says:

Had to look it up at http://www.zumocast.com but:

"ZumoCast turns your computers into a personal cloud, enabling you to access all of your files and media without having to upload. Now you have access to all your content with zero effort.

Streams video of any format (mp4, avi, mkv, divx, and more). No conversion necessary. Video can be streamed over any connection, even 3G.

No more syncing music to your phone. ZumoCast streams your entire music collection to you with a familiar interface. It even supports your iTunes playlists.

ZumoCast is designed for your mobile devices. The mobile app adapts media to work with any connection. It also lets you download media to the device for offline access. "

That would be great -- if we didn't have the God-awful tiered data plans. The whole concept of streaming (vs. local storage) only works when you have unfettered access to wifi or unlimited wireless.

KillerG says:

Exactly! I hate that I'm going to end up with only 2GB of data every month, that's not nearly enough if I want to do something like this. To watch a movie is 1GB by itself. Plus I have Google Music, which has all my music uploaded to the cloud right now. This is great though if I'm on WiFi over at someone's house or something though. No way I'd run Google Music or this over the air, waste of data. Also we're going to have 32GB of storage coming with the thing, so I can easily drop 16 or so GB of music onboard. I only listen to about 8GB of my 20GB anyways.

Jude526 says:

If you have the unlimited data prior to the tiered data plans, you are SAFE and grandfathered in. Verizon cannot make you switch to a tiered plan.

already outdated! Plus Pentile screen blows! SGII or Vigor please!

PingaDulce says:

Whats gonna blow is your battery life on those. Pentile screens look great and they are awesome battery savers.

eallan says:

Look great is subjective.

And to me and others, they certainly don't look great. They look awful.

um dude i owned the Droid 3 and gave it to my dad because the screen was terrible with greens and reds especially. also battery life wasn't great on it either.

CarLunchBox says:


patfactorx says:

Have used the qHD screen? I have it and I love it. SAMOLED is oversaturated.

tndank says:

Sounds like a Photon with a memory card.

pDoG says:

How much does the evo 3D come with on onbsord storage?

cafutter says:

I was hoping it would include NFC. I still like this phone (so far) as long as the battery is reasonable. My Blackberry Storm (I) is driving me crazy!

1LoudLS says:

i was "weathering the storm" since my contract ran up back in feb waiting for this phone, i couldn't handle it any more so i had to buy my sisters old Dinc to hold me over for the last couple of months, and boy am i glad i did.

topseeded says:

Where is the 'bionic' in the Droid Bionic? I was hoping it had a fingerprint reader like the Atrix does, but I guess not. So, where is the 'bionic' in the Droid Bionic?

Hand_O_Death says:

The same section that the Photon has the Photonic processor in.

Fingerprint reader would technically be BioMetric.

topseeded says:

Good answer. I guess I'll have to wait for an improved version of the Atrix. I read that the screen was difficult to read in the sunlight. I spend a lot of time outdoors.

So, do we have an actual launch date yet? I've only been waiting with my crappy iPhone 3G since, oh, January...

KillerG says:

Still rumored for Sept 8th. Sounds legit enough.

RETG says:

Motorola? After they way they have treated the X owners with the GB problems and now a GB update with problems, I find it amazing anyone would purchase a phone that says Motorola.
In three months I have turned from a Moto lover to a Moto hater, and I don't believe I'm the only one.
So, this so-called Bionic could launch with warp drive, but won't be in my future.

durthquake says:

I have a Droid X and have had all the leaked GB updates, and now all the OTA ones, and have nothing but good things to say about them! I like motorola, yes this phone would have been killer if it launched when it should have, but it is still good!

progers says:

I also have the DROID X with all GB updates. Run ADW LAUNCHER EX and piles of games and apps downloaded. This is the best phone I've had. It always works, everytime. Have not had even one problem. DROID X has been a hit for me. Just Sayin

mtva24#WN says:

Look! it's a 4.3 inch lte droid 3 minus the keyboard!

MathDroid says:

My contract for a Droid 1 expires on 8/28, so I should have no problems getting a discount price. What makes me hesitate slightly to go with the Bionic are three issues.

1. The weight
2. The possible upcoming release of the Droid HD.
3. The upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy II.

With regard to (2), I don't want to wait forever for the HD to be released.

In terms of (3) I've heard that the Verizon version of the Samsung is not identical to the version released abroad and is more like the Epic 4G.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and/or information folks can share with me.