Verizon end of life list

We just got slipped a little internal memo, purportedly from Big Red, catching up on some Verizon supply and end-of-life news. Here's the breakdown:

  • Motorola Droid 3: Seeing some backorders. (Not sure if that means non many were ordered by Verizon in the first place, or if it's that popular. We'll hope for the latter.)
  • Samsung Continuum: Good luck finding one. If a store has it, it's likely one of the last few, as "supply is depleted."
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7: In short supply, but not dead yet.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (gray): Supply "expected to be constrained for the next several weeks." Not surprising -- the gray one is hawt.

And devices that are done for, or shall be shortly: Motorola Citus (late August/early September); and the Motorola Droid 2 (August).

Check out the full pic after the break if you wanna see all the dirty details.

Thanks, anon!

 Verizon End of Life


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Droid 3 backordered, slew of devices on Verizon end-of-life list, internal memo says


This isnt an e-mail, just a document typed up in Word... and probably typed up in about 10 minutes. Anyone could have done that.

Actually verizon sends those internal documents as word documents... You can tell by the page behind it that it is legit (thats one of the internal intranet site pages behind it)

D3 has been on backorder online for last few weeks. Heard a few local stores in Phoenix area were all out too.

So, if my D2 dies they would replace it with a D2G. Now the the D2g is about to be EOL, what will they replace it with? I am still under the year warranty, got it last Dec.

Please read the photo more carefully! It says the two alternate colors of the Droid 2 Global (blue and white) are discontinued in August. There is NO mention of the standard black Droid 2 Global, suggesting they will still keep some of the black ones in stock until further notice.

WRONG!! I HAVE a Droid 2 Global that I bought at Costco at the end of May 2011. It is BLACK (or dark grey if your prefer). The white and blue versions were options to the standard black. When I needed to have it replaced recently due to constant rebooting problems, Verizon sent me a replacement Droid 2 Global that is BLACK, just like the one I returned. No need to be so hostile!

verizon never replaces warranty devices with NEW equipment. it is ALWAYS "refurbished" they have stock of the "refurbished" units for long after they quit selling a device. The only exception is if you are within the 14 day "worry free guarantee" period.

Continuum - what a failure. It was out for what, 9 months? I had one and sure am glad I got rid of it. And the Fascinate has been missing from Verizon's lineup for awhile already, no mention of that in the memo. Maybe that was in last month's memo!

it's probably an issue of both underproduced quantity and BOGO in the past 3 weeks. Moto/vzw really didnt expect the D3 to sell.. especially since they didnt do any marketing on it.

they completely forgot abt everyone else on D1's coming out for upgrade, and ofcourse they'll completely disregarding the dev & tech community that focused so much attention on it in the months coming up to release and afterwards.

Im sure glad i was able to get a replacement shipped last wk. Pwr button on the phone was far too tight to press w little to no tactile feedback. Im betting that's going to one of the top issues w the D3, since it's such a reoccurring complaint across all tech reviews.

the two units that i have now are pretty good though. a light press down the middle and you'll feel the click.

Just at Verizon store over the weekend (BOGO Droid X2.) Can't keep Droid 3 in stock. As soon as they get them in they go out the door.

At least on the Droid 3, I have heard from 2 other folks that they are tough to find at this time and if they wanted to order one, it might be a couple weeks at the earliest.