Android Market 10 billion promotion

Here 'tis, folks. The final day of Google's 10-cent app promotion, celebrating (more than) 10 billion downloads from the Android Market. The final day sadly has a couple more repeat apps, but we're not about to turn down a 10-cent app. Here you go:

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Day 10 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


Wow.. more junk. I really thought we would see more quality apps. With things like Docs2Go and QuickOffice going for free over at Amazon I thought for sure they would show up in the Android Market sale. A few good things went on sale but it was mostly games, some of which I downloaded, and most of which I now realize I won't use often.

Oh well, can't complain about free I guess just wish some better apps would have been out there. Well, not free.. but close enough.

Wow. You get dozens of apps for 10 cents each plus 200 free apps so far from Amazon and all you can do is complain. Wow.

Camera Zoom FX, SwiftKey, Instant Heart Rate Pro, ADWLauncher, Shazam Encore, Soundhound Infinity, Tetris, Aparatus, Blue Skies, Asphalt, Air Sync, Beautiful Widgets, HD Widgets, and so much more.

As of this morning, Day 9 is still available with SwiftKey X.

With feedback like yours they would be stupid to do 200 apps for 20 cents in a few months.

I bet you are fun to buy a present for.

Not complaining about Amazon, they seem to have had a better selection than Google, and they gave them away free. I'm sure a lot of people found Google's sale interesting. Honestly, most of the stuff I wanted I already purchased before the sale. There were a few good ones though like you listed, but not nearly as many as I expected. A lot of games, and a lot of us who visit this site are not necessarily gamers so it really didn't interest us.

Some things I would like to have seen:

Weather Apps
Calendar Apps/Widgets
Social Media Apps
Remote Connectivity Apps

Lots of cool Apps out there besides games.

Maybe we the developers declined to put their app up for 10 cents. I nothing google can do about that.

What a fun 10 days. Even if you don't think you may use them, buy it for 10 cents then delete it. If ever you want it, it will be at the bottom of your MyApps in the Android Market. Just reinstall for free.

Hardly worth the bandwidth and the 10 cents. Of course I am sure many folks will download and enjoy the apps, I just felt there were too many games and not enough productivity or useful apps.

But think about it. Say you are successful with your complaints. Google thinks they were trying to do a good thing put had to put up with these comments. If you win, Google nevers tries anything else like this again. Google can't force developers to participate and we have seen the blogs from some saying they refused. And they can't promote the root apps.

Say Google takes your complaints to heart and does not ever try a 20 for 20 cents or anything like this again.

You win but hurt others who got a list of great apps they would never normally try. So many people had never even put in their credit card number before this. Now that they are set up because of Asphalt or Need for Speed, maybe they start buying apps every once in a while and help support the developers.

If Google's (specifically,those responsible for organizing this) skin is that thin, then they shouldn't be in that position.

I'm sure you realize I'm free to voice my opinions (at least for now). I feel the selection could have been better (the talking dog? seriously?). I'm GLAD Google did something, I just think it could have been better.

To those saying you can't force developers to offer their apps for .10, I agree, nor should they be. But, with so many apps in the store, a better selection could have been made.


(Ok, the horse has stopped moving. We can move on)

i was hoping they were saving the best for last. well at least i was able to pick up Beautiful Widgets, FlightTrack, SoundHound, and Shazam Encore.

Did Google post the criteria for app selection somewhere? I would love to know the thought process that went into this list...

Couldn't agree with you more, Adam. I picked up eight apps this week for $.80! That means, there were about 90 apps I didn't need or want, so I should bitch about that???

Thank you, to whomever made this decision, because some of these apps are really awesome, and for ten cents, unbelievable!

Adam G: Yes, I suppose. However, you would THINK that, to celebrate such a milestone achievement, some useful, productive apps would have been included in this list, to allow us to showcase the capabilities of Android...

Not an app of a dog in a chair that grunts when you poke him in the gut.

I was hoping for Peggle since it was just announced but oh well. I got a good $7 plus worth of apps this week for about $0.60... No complaints here.

I spent about $5 on these 10 days. I do not play many games but i grabbed a handful of them to try out on my CM Nook Color and the only one i use and am now addicted to is "Wheres My Water?".

I was really hoping for more apps. Any of the office suites that Amazon gave away FREE would have been amazing, as i could get one more step away from dependence on the Amazon app store and its annoying notifications.

For such a milestone i figured they could at least offer some stuff that i have received FREE from the Amazon app store.

With all that being said I did like:

Beautiful Widgets (already owned)
HD Widgets
Swift Key (was using Amazon freebie)
Wheres My Water
ADW (i was hoping for Launcher Pro Plus)
AirSync (I have yet to try it)
ReadItLater Pro

In conclusion, I think they really struck out on the app offerings. I understand they really cant do apps like Rom Manager or Titanium BackUp (which i own anyway) because of them needing root, but come on, you could have given us one of the office suites!

If the developer is in your state they charge sales tax. When I purchased Sketch-it I paid $0.11 because Autodesk has an office in Waltham, MA.

Yet another disappointment. :(

Oh well. They started strong and ended super weak.

Hope someone out there enjoys them.

I got a lot of apps through this. Even if I only played or used them once, the few bucks i spent isn't going to put me in the poor house. I bring lunch for a day and that money is made up. Between amazons free apps and googles 10 cent offerings, it makes me real happy to be an android user.

The icing on my happiness cake comes Friday when my nexus arrives.

It will do that until about noon. Then you will see them change. If you manually look them up then it should still be $.10 for you. Hope this helps.

Is the Market having issues again? When I try and purchase an App I get the error has occurred message like I was the other day. Anyone else having the same problem(s).

Google needs to keep the 10 cent special going forever. They need to get people accustomed to actually buying apps rather than just going for the free ones. Once someone sets up the purchasing mechanism, they'll likely eventually buy other apps as well.

A lot of the freeloaders don't setup the credit card payment so never buy an app. App developers are probably making a good $10K or more on the 10 cent day and get a lot of extra reviews so should be worth it to them for just a day.

I saved my thoughts until the last day, but overall, I'd say it was a pretty cool experience. I got a few apps I was on the fence about, a few that I would have never got, and a little excitement each AM when I went to check what they were.

There were probably quite a few factors that went into the selection of the apps, but I'm interested in how/if Google saw this as a chance to strike back against Amazon's app store. The power of Amazon's store was that the free apps got you to install the store, and once installed, there's a lower bar to cross for purchases, since most people have cc information already on file with them... This let Google get a lot of people to put their info on file, and therefore made it more likely for impulse buys as well... I can't imagine out of the 85 or so unique apps, that 19 of them were once amazon freebies... It seemed a good strategy to 'pry' people out of the amazon market. If they included a few of the amazon freebie heavy hitters (plants vs zombies, quickoffice, peggle, etc.) it may have been more effective. I'm sure it definitely put a crimp in amazon's business this week though...

I dont think thats true. Amazon is matching the prices in their own store. Well last I checked they are.

Did it take some? I'm sure it did. Not everyone has the Amazon app store installed. Just letting you know. :)

Yeah but don't count on getting timely updates from Amazon. I went months not knowing there where updates to games I got from them. I have since ditched the Amazon AppStore... downloads took 3x as long for me anyways.

Do you mind sharing what games? This whole 10 cent thing got me thinking about that, and whenever the apps were on both the market on sale and Amazon (which price matched), I checked to see if they were the same version. It looked like EVERY app that was on both, were up to date on both, with the exception of one (name slips my mind) which had an update a day or so before the promotion. There was also an instance (AirSync) where Amazon had a more recent version, one that incorporated the Amazon MP3 store, for obvious reasons. I think the whole 'they are slow to update' thing may have been true originally, but I'm seeing less and less instances of that lately.

Well, I'm not talking about this week's sale #'s as so much as mindshare. There were quite a few people on here that said these were the FIRST time that they bought apps on the market, which means they entered their cc information. That alone makes them more likely to impulse buy than they were previously. For those people, that effectively negated the advantage that Amazon had, the ability to hit a single button on a whim and buy an app. (Assuming most people had amazon accounts and most did NOT have google wallet acccounts)

Then there were people that said they were uninstalling Amazon because they had got enough of their freebies duplicated in market to jump ship. Admittedly, probably only a few people, but for those that did, that was an obvious win for Google... less competition on the device.

Of course, this only applied to people that actually have Amazon market AND google market installed, which is probably a very small number of 'normal' android users in the first place (less so because a lot of AT&T subscribers and Kindle Fire users wouldn't even be in this population)

I can't believe the amount of winers on here. You act as if Google owes it to you to supply exactly the apps you want for 10 cents. This is a celebratory thing... and they put some apps up for sale for 10 cents... to celebrate an App Market milestone. If you like the apps... get it... if not... then don't get it!

I didn't download all the apps... not all of them are for me. But I'm not sitting here bitching that "Wah wah wah... I wanted ______ and they didn't give it to me for 10 cents".

Say, what? Entitled people, living in America??? Gasp!

Couldn't agree with you more, crester. This place is as negative as the webOS pages were for the six months prior to HP pulling the plug!

What a great sale. I got so many cool apps for my new phone and spent less than a buck!