Cellular South Xoom

Regional American carrier Cellular South has announced that it will be offering the Motorola Xoom "soon." No price is mentioned, but a little sleuthing reveals a bullet point near the bottom of their page explaining that the tablet can connect to the Internet via internal WiFi or using a Cellular South MiFi (sold separately, of course). This would make it likely that the carrier will actually be selling the standard WiFi-only Xoom and will try to convince customers to get a MiFi in addition. As for price, that is still up in the air, but we would imagine that the WiFi Xoom's $599 MSRP would be a starting point for the combo deal. [Cellular South] Thanks to David for the tip!


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Cellular South to sell Motorola Xoom WiFi and MiFi combo


Too bad they still get crappy phones. I won't be purchasing one of these at all b/c I have no use for it, but I certainly wouldn't purchase one from CS.

Just want to point out that the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire that they carry are two very nice and capable Android devices.