When it comes to shopping for the best case for your HTC One (M8), you want to be sure you're not only getting the best choice for your specific needs but also the best bang for your buck. That's where we come in.

We've hand-selected our favorite HTC One (M8) cases from ShopAndroid.com and laid them out in this brief guide to help you along with deciding which skin, hybrid, flip case or screen protector may suit you and your HTC One (M8) best. Jump past the break for the full scoop.

Skin Cases for HTC One (M8)

Generally affordable and simple in design, we don't expect much out of these cases except to buffer from unforeseen drops and (maybe) sport a unique design or two. They come in wide variety of colors to choose from and can really set your HTC One (M8) apart from the crowd; in a good way, of course.

Our first pick is the Bugdroid Circuit Case for the HTC One (M8). It features a sleek design without any unnecessary bulk to weight it down. There are a series of circuits embedded into the back of each case that reach from top to bottom as well as access to all the ports, buttons, cameras, you name it. If you'd like, take a closer look at the HTC One (M8) Bugdroid Circuit Case in our brief hands-on review.

For something a little more substantial, the Body Glove Satin Case for the HTC One (M8) is a great choice. This skin is completely wear-resistant and has a unique brushed aluminum finish on the back. High gloss accents around the case set the contrast just perfectly and the toughness of the edges alone will help set your worries aside of ever making a boo-boo.

Flip Cases for HTC One (M8)

This is where style meets functionality. Flip cases are great for consolidating your pocket space and even guarding against scratches and impacts.

Our #1 customer favorite right now is HTC's Dot View Case for the One (M8). For good reason, too. The case's ability to display and interact with most basic features of your device through the front cover is nothing short of awesome. This feature alone eliminates the need to expose your display to the elements when you're just checking the time, weather, or even to answer a call. We also went hands-on with the HTC Dot View Case, so feel free to get all the deets if you so desire.

Next on the list is Seidio's LEDGER Flip Case for the HTC One (M8). While not as fancy with all the bells and whistles as the above mentioned case, it does prove itself in protecting your device with a little extra flare. The Italian polurethane it's made from is extremely soft and comfortable in hand and, on the inside there's even a slot for storing your credit card, cash or ID while on the go.

Hybrid Cases for HTC One (M8)

Those seeking more protection against damage that don't mind the extra layers will find that hybrid cases are your best bet.

Spigen's Slim Armor Case for the HTC One (M8) is a more modern take on your average hybrid case. Aside from its attractive, sleek design the glossy UV protected polycarbonate shell is an instant eye-catcher; no matter the color scheme you choose. The inner TPU core shields against those nasty impacts with a unique and efficient air cushioned absorption system.

For the more rugged-types out there, Urban Armor's Composite Hybrid Case for the HTC One (M8) is top-notch for handling the extremes of outdoor activies and labor. Without a doubt, this case is most appealing for its die-hard looks. It's designed for action, inside and out, able to withstand mostly anything you throw at it. Definitely a solid choice for the hard working HTC One (M8) user.

Body Films and Screen Protectors for HTC One (M8)

For some, cases just don't cut it. Generally it's the compromise in form factor that becomes the deal-breaker. Luckily there are alternatives to preventing wear and tear of your HTC One (M8).

When it comes to protecting your HTC One (M8)'s display from scratches, the BodyGuardz HD Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are a great choice. They're easy to apply, hardly affect clarity and best of all, they help eliminate annoying glare! You get two per package, which is ideal for those who are new to applying them and/or to simply have a backup when the first one gets too worn.

Here's something that the whole HTC One (M8) can enjoy: BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber Full Body Film. Made from a strong PVC base, this film covers the back of your HTC One (M8) with a carbon fiber look and feel that enhances your grip and keeps scratches at bay. Available in black, red and white, this cover is a great alternative if cases aren't your cup of tea.


This sums up our brief guide to cases and covers for the HTC One (M8). If you couldn't find the case you were looking for here, keep in mind there are plenty others to check out at ShopAndroid.com that may suit your needs!

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Reader comments

Cases and Covers for HTC One (M8)


Not putting any monster case on my M8.

My case costs 9 bucks, clear back to show the beauty of the phone, doesn't inhibit putting it into your pocket or make the phone bulky. Not saying where I bought it, because this article is largely just an advertisement article and it wouldn't be fair.

Until you drop it and realize.. o shit aluminum dents and scratches. The M8 is awesome, but I wouldn't be parading it around naked personally.

It depends on the user. I have an M7 from launch date, no case just common sense and it's spotless. To be fair I hate cases, and I think to buy a phone because of looks and to put a case on it, it's just silly if not snobbish.
P.s. the M8 in the top picture just looks pure class.

+1 I have been saying that for a year but apparently I am a Samsung shill for doing it

Posted via Android Central App

Lol don't think anyone purposely drops there phones.. Sometimes accident just happens, no common sense or stupidity necessary to drop a phone.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

So let me get this right, people buy the HTC one for its metal case, and then place it in a plastic case, nice way of wasting $ HTC, guess that is why they are going to produce a plastic HTC one, costs way less to manufacture and does the same thing, which they should have done in the first place, maybe also having the choice to replace the battery would help in selling their flagship phone.
Posted via Android Central App

So all everyone does is talk about the metal and feel in hand and how it's the greatest thing ever and then you tell someone to go cover it up.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

Buy a slippery metal phone and then put a plastic case on it...

Posted via Android Central App/My Galaxy S5

I'd rather have my Supcase than basically any of these. That being said, the UAG I had on my M7 kicked ass.

People put plastic cases on iPhones which have metal materials all the time. I like the phone caseless myself but it always slips out of my hand like soap in a jail shower.

I put my M8 in a case, however I really wish I didn't have to. The phone is beautiful, the design and the metal do feel really good in hand. The screen is tough but just to be safe I put a tempered glass screen protector on it because even the most careful of us have accidents. The only reason I felt the case was needed is the glass over the main camera lens. This glass does not appear to be the same Gorilla Glass 3 that the display is made from and as such it is scratching VERY easily. Now if they made a tempered glass protector for the camera lens I would ditch the case in a heartbeat.